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  • Purpose: Indexes four types of Congressional publications:
    • Hearings - transcripts of testimony, discussions, research papers, etc.
    • Reports - Legislation in final form and recommendation for passage.
    • Committee prints - Research in specific areas
    • Other publications - Miscellaneous documents such as a presidential message outlining the need for a piece of legislation, etc.
  • Notes:  This is a CD-ROM database which  covers 1789-1969. When you have your print-out look at the dates and CIS numbers (such as H-371).

  • Hearings end in the number 1.  To locate the hearings  before 1982 use the CIS number in the CIS microfiche.  For hearings 1982+,  you must use the Y4 numbers on your printout.  They are shelved with the other government microfiche documents.
    Items ending with 0,  3,  4,  5 are part of the Serials Set. These are filed with the CIS microfiche.  The Serial Set includes Congressional journals and administrative reports, Congressional reports on public and private legislation, reports resulting from Congressionally commissioned or conducted investigations, annually submitted reports from federal executive agencies, etc.
    If we don't have a needed item, we will get a microfiche copy for you. Consult with the Interlibrary Loan office.
  • Finding aids for locating microfiche
  • Purpose: Published daily while either house is in session. Provides a more or less verbatim transcript of the legislative debates and proceedings, subject to revision of their remarks by individual legislators.
  • Location:  1873-1990 Microfilm J 11 R399.  1989-1996 Microfiche Cabinet 60, Drawer 7 (X1.1)
    1989-Full text on  Thomas (Library of Congress site) look for CR links
    1985-Full text on LexisNexis Congressional  (Available on Truman network only)


  • Purpose: This is a monthly periodical which focuses on controversial topics currently   before Congress. Gives history, political implications, etc. Includes a section in which the pros and cons are argued by debaters involved in the subject.  Each monthly issue is devoted to one topic.
  • Not a government publication.
  • Location: Periodicals JK 1 C65 Library has 1921+
    Online full-text 1985+ available through EBSCOhost Academic Search Elite. (Available on Truman network only)
  • CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY WEEKLY REPORTS.  News service offering a weekly summary of Congressional action and developments.  Quarterly indexes cumulate annually.
    Located in Periodicals JK 1 C152.  Library has 1967+.
    Online full-text 1990-2003 available through EBSCOhost Academic Search Elite.   2004+ indexing only.
  • CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY ALMANAC.  Each volume offers a survey of legislation for one session of Congress.  Major Congressional action is summarized in sections dealing with categories of  legislation (e.g.:  agriculture, crime & justice, education, etc.) subdivided according to specific topics. Includes voting information on individual measures.

  • Most recent are kept in Reference Ref JK 1 C662.   Library has 1966+.
  • CONGRESS AND THE NATION.  Offers a survey of U.S. politics and government based on material from the CQ ALMANAC (above). First volume covers 1945-64. Subsequent volumes each cover one  presidential term.   Ref  JK 1 C662
LEXISNEXIS CONGRESSIONAL    Generally 1970+  (Available Truman network only)

      Provides comprehensive access to U.S. legislative information from the Congressional Information Service. You can find        
  • Congressional publications, hearings, etc.
  • Bills, laws, and regulations
  • Members and committees
  • Inside Washington
  • Hot topics in Congress


  • Purpose:  Describes major American legislation
  • Location:  Reference KF 154 M35 2004   (3 vols)

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