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Primary Sources - guide for Art 222

Primary sources are generally considered to be firsthand accounts of an event or the actual documents associated with an event.  Firsthand accounts can be found in diaries, memoirs, letters, speeches, autobiographies, scholarly articles giving the results of research, etc.  Documents might be laws, treaties, transcripts of hearings, court cases, etc.

Keyword searches

The word sources or documents or documentary usually occur on records for anthologies or collections of primary source material.  Use those words in a keyword search to bring up collections of documents.

 art and history and (sources or document*)

medieval and (letters or correspondence)

 greek and s:sources            The s:  limits the term sources to the subject field.

The library also has this series Sources And Documents In The History Of Art

Use the Library catalog to find these in our library.  Use MOBIUS or WorldCat  to see what other volumes might exist that you could borrow. 



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