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Points of View  - Periodicals

Many news and opinion magazines try to give differing viewpoints.  Others promote the ideas or philosophy of a particular group or institution.  The following list of periodicals with their particular political or cultural slant will help you find articles with different views.  You must remember that these are generalizations only and that the positions of some these periodicals may be liberal on some issues and conservative on others. 

Periodical Title Point of view**
Advocate Liberal (Gay/Lesbian)
America Catholic Jesuit
American Enterprise Conservative
American Spectator Conservative - Libertarian
Christian Century Moderate to liberal Protestant
Christianity Today Conservative Protestant
Commentary Moderate Jewish
Commonweal Catholic
Dissent Liberal
Human Events Conservative
Humanist Liberal
Monthly Review Socialist
Nation Liberal
National Review Conservative
New Republic Moderate to liberal
Progressive Liberal
Tikkun Liberal Jewish
Utne Liberal
Weekly Standard Conservative

**The point of view listed here comes from Magazines for Libraries by William Katz or the University of Washington Libraries Web site.



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