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Library 111

Use of Information Resources - Glaubitz
Use of Information Resources - Lockhart
Use of Information Resources - McGurk
Use of Information Resources - Rearick


AGSC108 - Introduction to Agricultural Systems

Art 127: New Majors Seminar
Art 222: Caves to Cathedrals
Art 223: Art in Europe & America from the Renaissance to the Present Day
Art 325: Modern Art
Art 327 Egyptian Art
Art 328: The Art of Greece and Rome
Art 429: Historical Methods
Art 672: Issues in Visual Arts

Athletic Training
AT 120: Introduction to Athletic Training

Biology 145 - Freshman Biology Seminar

Industry & Company Research
Marketing - (useful for BSAD 325 & 360)

Chemistry 145 - Freshman Chemistry Seminar
Joseph Baldwin Academy - Chemistry

COMM 170: Public Speaking
COMM 455: Communication Law
COMM 382: Communication Theory

Communication Disorders
Communication Disorders 200 - Introduction to Communication Disorders
Graduate Students

ECON 479: Senior Seminar in Economics
Economics: Extended Truman Week Courses

Joseph Baldwin Academy - Writing Nature and Nature Writing

Exercise Science
ES 190: Foundations of Exercise Science (Extended Truman Week)
ES 190: Foundations of Exercise Science (Evonne Bird, Extended Truman Week)
ES 190: Foundations of Exercise Science (Worksheet)


HLTH 245 Substance Abuse Prevention
HLTH Sciences: Extended Truman Week

HIST 132 & 133  - World Civilizations - Film & History

HIST 354 - Modern European Women
HIST 365 - Empire and Migration
HIST 366 - Modern European Diplomatic History
HIST 390 - Andean History
HIST 422 - Frontier & West in US History
HIST 436 - European Industrial Age

Individual Studies
INDV190 SEE Program Writing Workshop

Cultural Crossroads-Cairo
Cultural Crossroads-Jerusalem
JINS 332 Death & Dying
JINS 388 Hunting in America

Military Science
MS 100: Extended Truman Week

Nursing 185 - Dimensions of Professional Nursing

Philosophy and Religion
PHRE 387:  Religion and Science (Jennifer Jesse)

Political Science
POL: Extended Truman Week Courses
POL 300: Methodology
POL 300: Research Links (John Quinn)
POL 345: Public Policy

Physics 145 - Freshman Physics Seminar

Scholastic Enhancement Experience
INDV 190 SEE Program Writing Experience


Encouraging Discovery