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Documents of
Adair County Public School District

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The Adair County School District was created in 1853 under the Kelly Act which established the country district system in Missouri.  By 1968, consolidations had left the county with only three sub-districts so the County District was dissolved and three independent districts were created: Novinger R-I, Brashear R-II and Kirksville R-III. The district documents in this collection were acquired after dissolution of the District; source is unknown. 
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A1:1 Public School Data, 1880-1886, 1915-1921, 1938-1976  
  Enrollment statistics with rosters of local superintendents, principals and teachers for Kirksville, Novinger, Collinsville, Brashear and Porter sub-districts (Kirksville is only district included each year)
A1:2    Rural Education Day in Adair County, 1929-1952: a Scrapbook kept in the County Superintendent’s Office
         Primarily newspaper clippings; also includes original printed programs for Adair County Educational Day, 1932 & 1937 [Scrapbook was falling apart so was dismantled and documents placed in archival folders; photocopies of news clippings were made to replace yellowed & brittle originals.]
A1:3 School Record: Sub-Districts of Township 63, Range 16, County of Adair, 1866-70 [ledger]
  Includes ◙ Certification of Sub-district Trustees & Clerk, 1866-68 ◙ Minutes of the Directors & Annual Enumeration, 1866-69 ◙ Orders to the Township Clerk, 1867-69 ◙ Board Resolution of Apr 1870 to dissolve sub-district 3 & divide it for consolidation with sub-districts 1 & 2 ◙ Thomas J Novinger, Loyalty Test Oath, 8 Nov 1867 ◙ Accounting ledgers & warrants,1867-69 ◙ Receipt for funds received from Adair County Treasurer for 1870
A1:4 School Record, Sub-District 3, Township 63, Range 17, County of Adair, 1870-81 [ledger]
  Includes ◙ Record of Annual School Meeting & School Director’s Oaths of Office, 1870-75 ◙ Proceedings of School Directors, Apr 1870-Apr 1872 ◙ List of Tax Payers for the Years 1867-69, 1877-79 ◙ Expenditures of School Funds, Oct 1968-Oct 1871 ◙ Estimate of School Expenses with list of persons in sub-district owning personal property subject to taxation, 1870-75 ◙ Teachers’ Contracts & Record of Certificates, 1870-84 (additional contracts tipped in or entered on pages labeled “Record of Special School Meetings”) ◙ Register of Teachers Employed 1870-78 ◙ Alphabetical lists of what appears to be student names on pages labeled “Rules and Regulations Adopted” & “Expenses Incurred”   Financial Records Register of School Orders, 1870-82 Expenses Incurred, Township Clerk’s Exhibit of District Funds, 1871-72, 1881 ◙ Sub-District Clerk’s [Statistical & Financial] Report, 1870-72, 1875-76, 1878-79, 1881

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