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Samuel Washington (Wat) Arnold Papers

Arnold Papers

MS Collection A4: Box 3

Speeches: Part 1 
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  • September 18, 1948.  General Republican Speech.
  • September 18, 1948.  Pattonsburg-Grand River Speech
  • September 23, 1948.  Grand River Speech, Pattonsburg, Mo.
  • n.d. Rotary.
  • September 30, 1948.  “Women in Politics” Women’s Republican District Convention, Trenton, Mo. [includes misc. material: correspondence, drafts, etc.]
  • n.d. Accomplishments of the Eightieth Congress
  • October 2, 1948.  Speech (at Pollock) to the Annual Production Marketing Administration Picnic
  • n.d. Speech to “Mrs. Hunt[?] and Friends”
  • n.d. Speech Before Service Clubs
  • September 30, 1948.  Grand River Speech, Trenton, Mo.
  • October 2, 1948.  Speech at Pollock
  • September 2, 1948.  Glenwood Speech, Glenwood, Mo.
  • September 18, 1948.  Committee men and women of Adair County
  • n.d. Opponent’s speech.
  • July 22, 1948.  Speech to “Mr. President, Members of Kiwanis Club, and Guests”


Speeches: Part 2  
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  • July 3, 1948.  Report of the Work and Activities of the House Committee on Agriculture for the 80th Congress. 
  • n.d. Speech Before Service Clubs
  • n.d. Accomplishments of the Eightieth Congress
  • October 2, 1948.  Speech at Pollock
  • September 18, 1948.  Committee men and women of Adair County
  • September 10, 1948.  Speech to the Annual Production Marketing Administration Picnic, Baring, Missouri
  • August 31, 1948.  Radio script on Chariton River Flood Control Project over KIRX
  • August 18, 1948.  Old Settlers Reunion, Shelbyville, Mo.
  • August 28, 1948.  Shelbyville Speech.
  • July 17, 1948.  Gallatin, Missouri.
  • July 19, 1948.  Callao, Missouri. [Parent Teacher Organization]
  • February 11, 1948.  Lions Club, Hannibal, Missouri.
  • n.d. Foreign aid speech.
  • October 25, 1948 [stamped]. Truman’s Idea of Freedom Sounds Like Freedom to Control
  • October 25, 1948 [stamped]. Suggested Speech for Women
  • October 25, 1948 [stamped]. Republican Speech.



Photographs and Clippings 
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Photographs (20)
  • January 14, 1948.  Banquet, National Small Business Men’s Association.  Wardman Park Hotel, Washington
  •  n.d. Arnold [Head Shot-Side].  Unretouched Proof.
  •  n.d. Arnold [Desk Shot].  Proof Only. 
  •  n.d.  Arnold [Head Shot-Front].
  •  n.d. Arnold [Head Shot-Side].  Unretouched Proof. 
  •  September 30, 1948.  Group Photo: Arnold, Leroy Miller, Ray Vanmeter. 
  •  n.d.  IA 1905-1910. 6 Group Photos.
  •  n.d. Group Photo.  F.A. Benning, Ga. (penciled on back)
  •  n.d. Arnold with Secretaries.  2 Photos.
  •  n.d. Arnold [Desk Shot].
  •  n.d. Photographs for publication in American Lumberman.  4 Photos.
Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings.  June 1945, October 1948. 

Correspondence re Photographs:

  • 2 Letters. October 11, 13, 1948.  Correspondence between Arnold and Ray VanNeter (Trenton Republican Times).
  • 1 Letter. January 27, 1947.  Paul W. Watson to Arnold.

  • 1 Letter, 2 Lists. May 1948.  Joseph King to Arnold.



Post-Election: 1942, 1948  
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CONTENT:  64 Letters, 1 Telegram, 1 Election Result tabulation, 1 Cartoon

DATE:  October 5, 1942-November 24, 1948

CORRESPONDENTS: Arnold, South Trimble, Randall H. Hagner & Company, Shannon & Luchs Company, Weaver Brothers, Cafritz Company, Dwight H. Brown, Justus R. Moll, Floyd E. McCaffree, Fred A. Virkus, Joseph W. Martin, Jr., Chester D. Swope, Herbert Brownell, Jr., Ellsworth B. Foote, Forrest Donnell, Clarence E. Kilburn, Les C. Arends, James C. Auchincloss, Norris Cotton, Parke M. Banta, Joseph W. Martin, Jr., Edward H. Rees, Richard B. Wigglesworth, William P. Elmer, Henry Green, V.G. Musselman.  

RE:  Includes miscellaneous materials pertaining to Arnold’s elections, relating primarily to business matters (i.e. obtaining stationary, finding real estate) and other general questions that arise when a new position is attained. Correspondence contains re-election pamphlets/”letters” from Arnold to voters, as well as letters to Arnold from his constituents and from colleagues in Washington.  Also included are a copy of the Congressional Record and The 1st District News.



Voting Record  
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CONTENT:  5 Letters, 4 Voting Records, 3 Publications.  Contains Arnold’s voting records for the 78th, 79th, and 80th Congresses.  Includes Record Votes in the 79th Congress, Record of the 79th Congress (First Session) by Richard M. Boeckel, and What the House Did.  


Forest Research Center 
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CONTENT:  35 Letters, 1 Telegram, 1 Pamphlet, 1 Press Release, 2 Bills, 1 Speech

DATE:  January 28-August 3, 1948

CORRESPONDENTS:  Arnold, the United States Department of Agriculture (E.I. Kotok), St. Louis Chamber of Commerce (Hugh Steavenson), James P. Kem, the American Forestry Association (A.G. Hall), Missouri Conservation Commission (I.T. Bode), Statewide Forestry Committee/Conservation Federation of Missouri (E.M. Stayton), Missouri Division of Resources and Development (H.H. Mobley), National Retail Lumber Dealers Association (H.R. Northup), the law offices of Lombardi, Robertson, Fligg, McLean, the Long-Bell Lumber Company (M.B. Nelson), Claude Bakewell, Hobbs Western Company (R.C. Hobbs), Everett M. Dirksen

RE:  the establishment of a forest research center in Missouri—including requests to appear before committees, obtaining favorable support from Arnold, a speech to the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce, appropriations for the center, and other forestry legislation (esp. forest fire control)



Miscellaneous: Kirksville Airport, Rent Control-Kirksville, Rev. Russell E. Otto, Miscellaneous Clippings  
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    Kirksville Airport 

  • 13 Letters. January 24-September 28, 1948. Correspondence between Arnold, I.E. Markham, the Department of Commerce/Civil Aeronautics Administration (H.A. Hook), the Kirksville Municipal Airport/American Aviation Co. (B.A. Clutter, Jr.), and Edith Nourse Rogers regarding the Veterans Administration’s decision on educational funding for flight training and improving services offered by the Airport.  

    Rail Travel Credit Agency

  • 7 Letters, 1 List. March 10-November 26, 1948.  Correspondence between Arnold and the Rail Travel Credit Agency regarding rail travel cards.

    Rent Control-Kirksville 

  • 5 Letters, 2 Memos. September 3, 1947-January 30, 1948.  Correspondence between Arnold, E.E. Cason, H. Greene Simpson (Graphic Printing Company), Margareth Brostrup, and the Office of the Housing Expediter (Richard Ashby) regarding rent control and establishing a Rent Advisory Board. 

    Rev. Russell E. Otto 

  • 11 Letters, 1 Pamphlet.  February 7, 1947-March 4, 1948.  Correspondence between Arnold and Russell Otto, regarding church matters, the Rotary Club, and other general topics. 

    Miscellaneous Clippings

  • Apprx. 71 clippings. Newspaper clippings, ranging from 1945-1948, that either focus on Arnold (his campaign, elections, political opinions) or are articles thought worthy to save.



Missouri Valley Authority  
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CONTENT:  2 Letters, 1 Resolution

DATE:   August 3, 5, 1944 

CORRESPONDENTS:  Arnold, William Sentner

RE:  Missouri Valley Authority Correspondence.  To accompany the book One River, One Plan (Mo Coll F598 O54 1944). 


Individual Voting Record by Roll Calls in the United States House of Representatives.  78th-80th Congress. Content:  3 Records [bound]  
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1948 Republican National Convention badge mounted on blue velvet, approx. 6" x 1.75" 
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