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  Berenice Bertha Beggs (1887-1978), a native of Moberly, MO, graduated from Moberly High School in 1906 then taught in a rural school for two years before beginning her own college education at the First District Normal School (later Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, now Truman State University). That same year she began working for the Moberly schools, teaching elementary grades, 1908-16, junior high, 1916-21, and high school, 1922-27.

After attending college on a part-time basis for 14 years, Berenice finally completed a Bachelor of Science in Education in 1922 and immediately began work on a Master of Arts at George Peabody College for Teachers, completing it in 1927. She then joined the faculty at Northeast as Assistant Professor of Education, 1927-32, and Assistant Professor of English, 1932-57.

Berenice was a poet as well as author of elementary level educational materials.  Her works include Little Folks Poetry Kit , published 1934, and Education Marches on: An Educational Revue, 1867-1942, a pageant produced by Northeast's Department of Education in 1942.  She continued contributing to professional journals after retirement and stayed active as a Consultant to the English curriculum committee for Moberly Schools.  She was a member of American Association of University Women, the Missouri Teachers Association and Kappa Delta Pi, education honorary.  The Berenice B Beggs Memorial Scholarship for pre-elementary education majors was established at Northeast after her death.

B6:1 Biographical & Personal
  1:1 Biographical Sketches
    ◙ Untitled short autobiographical sketches which appear to be blurbs for publication with articles or speaker introductions (3)
◙ “An Interview with Miss Berenice Beggs” by James L Stone, Missouri state Chairman, National Poetry Day Committee, Inc., nd.
◙ “Women of Distinction, PEO” (2 drafts)
  1:2 Miscellaneous
    Newspaper clippings from campus & Moberly papers re teaching/writing career, lectures, publications, etc
Flyer for Mark Twain Conference, Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, June 1959; Beggs was a presenter
  1:3 Pages from Scrapbook belonging to Emma Beggs [Berenice’s mother]
    ◙ Moberly High School Grade Reports for Bernice & Beulah Beggs, Freshman Year, 1903 [Beulah was Berenice’s twin sister]
Articles from the Moberly paper re the twins in their senior year, 1906
Resolution of Respect & Condolence at the death of Thomas H Beggs, Pattonsburg Lodge 65, AF&AM, March 1905 [Berenice's father]
Miami Medical College of Cincinnati Class of 1895 Commencement Invitation with class roster & enclosure card for Edward J Emmert [Emma’s brother]
◙ “Salutatory”, editorial from the first issue of The Maitland Monitor, Maitland MO, October 8, 1885; Thomas H Beggs, Editor
B6:2 Works
  2:1 Poetry [Original type- or manuscripts; some noted as having been published]
    ◙ Advice to a Son Nearing Manhood
◙ Autumn in Missouri
◙ Ballad of Tom and Huck
◙ Heritage (2 drafts)
Hickory Nut Time
A Look at Yesteryear
Proud State of the Prairie
The Group Activity Poetry Book  Introduction 76 short read-aloud poems for choral & group reading
  2:2 Plays & Stories for Children [typescripts]
    The Best Gift of All
Dicky Duncan and the Circus Pony
Tom and Huck Come to Life
Untitled skit about girl writing a Mark Twain composition for school
Education Marches on: An Educational Revue, 1867-1942; A Pageant Presented by Northeast Missouri State Teachers College Students and a cast of boys and girls from the Greenwood and Ophelia Parrish Demonstration Schools Printed program for performance, May 20-21, 1942
  2:3 Articles, Lectures & Essays [Original type- or manuscripts; some noted as having been published; some in draft or outline version]
    Are Teachers Equal to It?
A Classroom Teacher Speaks Up
◙ Is Your Child Creative?
◙ A Mark Twain Mural
◙ Opportunities Unlimited
◙ Trail Blazer in Women’s Magazines
◙ An Unforgettable Trip
◙ Untitled Articles re
Sarah Josepha Buell Hale What life might like if you’d never read a story in childhood Today’s housewife Conservation Culture
  2:4 Published Articles
     “The Best Gift of All”, PEO Record (Dec 1970)
 “Creating a Mental Bank Account”, School and Community (April 1971) [original title: Is There a Poetry Gap?]
 “Creating Excitement in Learning”, School and Community (Jan 1973)
 “Mark Twain – the Abraham Lincoln of American Literature”, School and Community (Nov 1964)
“Thanksgiving Day … From a Hit and Miss Beginning” [handwritten note indicates this was printed in “the paper”, Nov 19, 1974 but does not indicate which paper – Moberly?]
“Training Ground in Democracy”, Missouri Schools (March 1955)
“Women Writers in Northeast Missouri”, Nemoscope (Fall 1952)
“Writers from Northeast Missouri”, Nemoscope (Winter 1952)
B5:3 Correspondence
  3:1 Publishers
      Ruth Birdsall, The Instructor magazine, Aug 8, 1954
 Ann Johnson, Editor, PEO Record Sept 24, 1970 June 29, 1971
  Inks Franklin, School and Community Dec 4, 1970
  Berenice S Dry, NMSU, to “the Editor”, recommending Beggs’ “Little Poetry Kit” for publication, nd
  3:2 Professional Colleagues
    ◙ W A White, The Emporia Gazette, Emporia, KS, Jan 10, 1929
P O Selby, Northeast Missouri State Teachers College June 5, 1959 July 20, 1967
Virginia Schwartz, Kirksville, re Mark Twain Mural in Ophelia Parrish Building, May 8, 1971
Minnie Brashear, Kirksville Apr 12, 1959 May 13, 1959
Beggs to Sally and Guy Patton, Overland Park, KS, Aug 15, 1975 [copy]

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