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Helen Rosemary Cole (1906-1964) joined the faculty of Northeast Missouri State Teachers College at the end of a long career teaching French in high schools and universities in Iowa, Missouri, Michigan and Ohio.  She was Professor of French at Northeast (now Truman State University) from 1959 until her death in 1964.  The daughter of Harvey Wellington and Mabel (Miller) Cole, Dr Cole was a native of Maxwell, Iowa and received her education in that state’s universities.  She earned a BA in French (1927) at Iowa State Teachers College and her MA and PhD (1948) at the University of Iowa.  Along the way, she did additional graduate level work at several institutions, including L’Alliance Francaise in Paris.    

This collection consists of a typed working draft of the 743 page dissertation Dr Cole submitted for her PhD along with some of the research materials she collected while studying and traveling in France.  There is no title page, but the introduction begins “This is the story of Véselay …”

The University of Iowa holds the final version of this dissertation as it was submitted and approved. The University Archives maintains a non-circulating copy but researchers will need to access the Library’s InfoHawk electronic catalogue to determine availability of a circulating copy.  

C2/0 Administrative
  Correspondence and biographical research 
C2/1-5 The Dissertation
  DedicationTable of Contents Introduction Chapters 1-6 Conclusion Appendices Bibliography 
C2/6 Published Research Materials
  ◙ Nigard, R.L. Suite de Bois Grave sur Vézelay.  Auxerre: l’Imprimerie Moderne, 1923. [numbered and signed by the artist]
Le Pèlerin de Vézelay 6:46 (Aout-Octobre 1937).
L’Abbaye de Vézelay.  Paris: René Kieffer, nd.
Vézelay: Photographies de Jean Roubier.  Paris: M.J. Challamel, 1948.
Vézelay: Photographies d’Eliane Janet Le Caisne.  Paris: Les Éditions du Chêne, 1947.
◙ Despiney, M. le Chanoine. Guide-Album de Vézelay.  Vézelay: Magasin du Pèlerin de Vézelay, 1930.
◙ Micheli, L.  Pour Voir ... Vézelay et Avallon.  Collection Hélios.  Paris: Maison de Livre Francais, 1932.
◙ Despiney, Chanoine.  Le Narthex de Vézelay: Eglise des Pelerins.  Vézelay: Magasin du Pèlerin de Vézelay, nd.
◙ Doncoeur, Pere.  Graduel de Vézelay.  np: Fredericus, 1946.
Itinéraire de Vézelay (21-22 Juillet 1956).  Paris: Pax Christi, [1956].
◙ Porée, Charles.  L’Abbaye de Vézelay.  Paris: Henri Laurens, nd.
◙ Morel, Abbé Maurice.  Vézelay.  Paris: Editions de Cerf, nd.
C2/7 Photographs and Postcards
  ◙ Postcard booklets: Vézelay Basilique de Sainte Madeleine: Chapiteaux des Hautes Voutes Vézelay   Souvenir de Vézelay: Dix Cartes d’Art en Heliogravure   Vézelay: Basilique de la Madeleine. Chapiteaux des Nefs Basilique de Vézelay: Chapiteaux de Narthex Vézelay: 10 Cartes Artistiques par Yvon [1 missing]
◙ Black & white picture postcards (31) Basilique de Madeleine, interior & exterior views The town of Vézelay Cathedral at Reims
Mes Photos de Vézelay, a folder of 12 2x4” black & white photos the basilica,the town surrounding countryside
                                                                                                                                            Lévy et Neurdein Réunis, Paris

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