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Plan & Plat of Works at Lamine Bridge

1812-1825, 1864-1879

Musdp Collection D1

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This collection consists of three documents donated with a few Civil War artifacts to The EM Violette Museum by the Darrow family some time prior to 1947 as well as some items found in an old house and donated by another individual at a later date.  It includes an account book maintained by Joseph Darrow, a court summons issued to Mr. Darrow; also a Civil War diary and account book maintained by his grandson, Lt. Edwin Darrow.  Typed transcripts of Joseph’s account book and Edwin’s diary accompany the originals, but it is unknown who completed them or when they were added to the collection.

Joseph Darrow was born in West Lebanon, NY, March 27, 1775, and moved to Stow, OH in 1799.  He was a surveyor by trade and, as one of Summit County’s early pioneers, surveyed many of its roads and townships.  He was also the founder of Darrowville and made many other contributions to the development and heritage of Stow and the surrounding area.  He served in the Ohio Militia in the War of 1812.  Joseph Darrow died November 13, 1856 at the age of 81.

Edwin Darrow was born in Summit County, OH, July 28, 1829, and moved with his parents to Adair County, MO in 1854.  He began his military service with the Fiftieth Regiment, Enrolled Missouri Militia in 1862, later serving in the Second Provisional Regiment, State Troops.  In 1864, he was commissioned First Lieutenant of Company A, 39th Infantry, Missouri Volunteers.  He was mustered out with the rank of Lieutenant July 19, 1865 at St. Louis.  Following his military service, Darrow twice held the office of sheriff and collector for Adair County.  In 1882, he was elected President of the First National Bank and later served as director of The Kirksville Savings Bank.  Edwin Darrow died October 27, 1887 and is buried at Forest Cemetery, Kirksville.

D1/0 Administrative & Biographical [photocopies]
  ◙ Selected pages from A Darrow Family Record & Related Families by Janis H. Miller and Stowaways: Memories of the Past (courtesy of Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library, Stow, OH); ◙ Edwin Darrow biographical sketch in History of Adair, Sullivan, Putnam and Schuyler Counties, Missouri (Goodspeed, 1888);  ◙ Edwin Darrow obituaries; Kirksville Democrat, 27 Oct 1887, and Kirksville Weekly Graphic, 28 Oct 1887
D1/1 Joseph Darrow, Stow, OH
1:1-2 Accounts Book, 1812-1825, with transcript
  Personal and business accounts for merchandise and services including sale of a wagon to Canfield; accounts maintained for Loomis, A & P Baldwin, Oviatt, Comb & Gimblet, Robert Darrow, W. Newel, J. Lappin, W. Gallaway, Hogg, George Powers, F. Drake, David Powers, Charles Shelmon, J. Starr, Lenas Kent, J. Stewart, John Brean, David Prior, Andrew Stewart, J. Williams, George Darrow, Christian Cackler, G. Welch, R. Walker, John Marior, James Fenton, G. Kilbourn, Ruggles, Bodwell, Caroline Hutchinson, Esq. Woodward, Esq. Water, J. Whortons and John Burderks
1:3 1:3 Court Summons, July 26, 1847
  Issued to Joseph Darrow to testify in the cause of Jared Jennings[?] vs Pollos A. Newell[?] et al, Summit County, OH
D1/2 Lt. Edwin Darrow, Missouri State Militia
2:1-2 Civil War Diary and Account Book, Aug 24-Dec 16, 1864, with transcript
  ◙ Military entries summarizing troop movements from home [Kirksville] to Hamilton, MO with references to Jefferson City, Providence, Lamine Creek (bridge repair & subsequent loss), Glasgow, Boonville, Macon, Hannibal, Clarence, St. Joseph; also mentioned are Price’s defeat, variola (small pox) outbreak, and a bushwhacker court martial;  ◙ Items of a personal nature include his 12th wedding anniversary (10/03) and son Charley’s almost fatal illness (10/23) and recovery (10/27);  ◙ Of special interest, Map and description of work done at the Lamine Bridge showing rifle forts on the east side of the creek wall, location of camps, of 39th & 49th MO Volunteers, a burial ground for soldiers*, and Genl Fisk or Col Kutzner's Hdqtrs;  ◙ Individuals mentioned:  Jasper May (11/04); Jim Dye (11/05); Newton May (11/05); Sanford Snyder (11/05); Anthony Smith (11/06); Tom Marrow (11/07); Otis Linder (11/09); Bill Linder (11/09); Barnabas Ballau (11/13); I.W. Snell (11/13); Greenup Prather (11/25); Charles Patterson (12/05); Corporal Conkel (12/08); also members of  (accounts of clothing issued to) Captain John C. Allen's Company, MO 2nd Provisional Regiment E.M.M. (See Appendix A), men on furlough (See Appendix B), and men who died at Centralia and whose knapsacks were returned to the Quarter Master at Macon (See Appendix C) 

*Only two names were found at the burial ground:  McNais and “I. Clobough aged 22 died Jan 20 1862"; see No 3 in sketch (above) for location of graves
2:3 Inventory Book for Missouri State Militia Stationed at Kirksville, MO, Sept 1862-Sept 1863 [ledger]
  Commissary record of provisions received and distributed  
2:4 Edwin Darrow’s Civil War Pension Application, Aug 9, 1879
  Claim of Officer & Soldier for Incvalid's Pension, with attached statements Edwin Darrow Col. Ed. A. Kutzner Dr. A.P. Willard
D1/3 Edwin Darrow, Adair County Collector
3:1 County Collector’s Township Clerks Book, 1868-1869 [ledger]
  Record of tax monies received from Township Clerks, Sept 1868–Dec 1869

Appendix A: Captain John C. Allen's Company

Appendix B: Men Given Furlough

Appendix C: Men who Died at Centralia


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