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This extensive collection of recordings and music scores was the gift of retired school teacher and Truman State University alumnus, Darold K “Tiny” Davis (BSE ’50, MA ’53) of Hannibal, MO.  There are over 270 music books and sheet music, dating from the 1880s through the 1940s (some later), and more than 340 recordings from the 1900s through the 1970s.   The scores are primarily classical and popular arrangements for music students; the records, which are mostly pop, also include classical, juvenile, jazz and country-western.

The older items are from the music library of David Tod & Catherine (Firestone) Stump, Davis’ parents-in-law.  Before beginning his teaching career in the 1920s, Mr Stump studied music at the Lindner School of Music, New Castle, PA, Dana Conservatory in Warren, OH and in Europe.  One of his early teaching positions was instructor of violin, orchestra and chorus at Cottey College, Nevada, MO, 1924-29.  The Stumps were both music teachers, and most of the scores were apparently collected for use with their students, as they consist of a variety from simple piano and violin pieces and beginners' lesson books to multi-instrument arrangements for small orchestras and bands. Some of the early sheet music had also belonged to Mrs Stump's sisters, Onez and Allegra.

The recordings of later years were collected by Mr Davis and his children and many are radio station copies of the popular music of the 1950s, 60s and 70s. 

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Miscellaneous Books & Documents
  August Division of the Class of 1953. Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Kirksville, Missouri.  Commencement Program.
  Fingering Chart for Cornet, Trumpet, Alto Horns and Mellophone. Elkhart, IN: Pan-American Band Instrument and Case Co., nd.
  How to Hold the [Drum Stick].  Kansas City: J.W. Jenkins Sons’ Music Company, 1930.
  Illustrated “5-Minute” Saxophone Course.  np:nd.
  Musical Instruments for the Modern Band and Orchestra. [poster] Elkhart, IN: Pan-American Band Instrument and Case Company, 1939.
  Teachers College Index 40:22 (13 Oct 1948) & 45:18 (29 July 1953).
  Williams, John M.  John M. Williams’ “Flash Cards” to be used with the John M. Williams’ Very First Piano Book.  Boston: The Boston Music Company, nd.


Music Scores (273) - for piano or piano & voice unless otherwise noted
  Accolay, J.B.  Concerto No 1 in A Minor.  Schirmer’s Library Vol 905.  New York: G. Schirmer, Inc., 1907.  (violin & piano)
  Adair, Mildred.  I Go Sailing.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co, 1936.
  Agghazy, Carolus. By Moonshine.  St Louis: Art Publication Society, 1913.
  Anderson, Will. R.  Selection from Take It from Me.  Geo J. Trinkaus, arr.  New York: Carl Fischer-Witmark, nd.  (orchestra)
  Archer, Joseph.  Alice, Where Art Thou?  Henry S.Sawyer, arr.  Chicago: McKinley Music Co., 1909. (violin & piano)
  Bach, Johann Sebastian.  Two part Inventions.  Schirmer’s Library Vol 850.  New York: G. Schirmer, Inc., 1904.
  Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel.  Solfeggietto.  Hartford: C.C. Church and Company, nd.
  Baines, William.  Twinkletoes.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1938.
  Barbour, Florence Nell.  Wooden Shoe Dance.  Boston: The Arthur P. Schmidt Co., 1912.
  Barnard, George D.  Merriment Polka.  Cincinnati: The Fillmore Bros. Co., 1913.  (1-4 BClarinets)
  Bartholdy, F Mendelssohn.  Rondo Capriccioso.  Chicago: McKinley Music Co., nd.
  Bass, George.  Chansonnette.  Boston: The Boston Music Co., 1923.  (violin & piano)
  Bauer, Marion, transc.  A Little Treasury of Classics as Duets.  Vol 1. New York: Heritage Music Publications, 1953. (piano 4-hands]
  Beattie, John W., comp. The Golden Book of Favorite Songs.  18th ed, rev. Chicago: Hall & McCreary Company, 1923.
  _________. The Golden Book of Favorite Songs.  19th ed, rev. Chicago: Hall & McCreary Company, 1923.
  Beaumont, Paul.  Paquerette.  Chicago: Clayton F. Summy Co., 1892.
  Béla, Kéler.  Der Sohn der Haide.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1904. (violin & piano)
  Bellini, V. and G. Rossini. Italian Overtures. Presser Collection Vol. 208 [209]. Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., nd. (piano 4-hands)
  Beethoven, Ludwig von.  Adagio Cantabile from the Septet Op. 20.  Gustav Saenger, arr.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1915. (3 violins & piano)
  _________. Concerto Op 61.  Carl Fischer’s Music Library No. 311.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1903. (violin & piano)
  _________. Fur Elise.  Moissaye Boiguslawski, arr.  Chicago: Moderne Publications, 1936.
  _________. Minuet in G.  Henry S. Sawyer, arr.  Chicago: McKinley Music Co., 1918.  (violin & piano)
  _________. Sämmtliche Sonaten.  Band 1. Edition Steingräber Nr 120. Leipzig: Steingräber Verlag, nd.
  _________. Symphonie No 9 Op 125.  Leipzig: Verlag von Breitkopf & Härtel, nd.  (orchestra: 27 parts)
  _________. Three Favorite Sonatas: Pathetique, Moonlight, Sonata Op 26.  Frederick Boscovitz, ed.  Chicago: McKinley Music Co., 1900.
  Bien, Gustav.  Dream Shadows.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co.  1933.
  Bixby, Allene K.  Twilight Bell.  New York: G. Schirmer, Inc., 1929.
  Bizet, Georges.  Selection from Carmen.  Theo. Moses-Tobani, arr.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1895.  (orchestra)
  _________.  Menuet from L’Arlesienne Suite No 2.  William M. Felton, arr.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1932.
  Bland, James A.  Carry me Back to Old Virginny.  N Clifford Page, arr. Boston: Oliver Ditson Company, 1919. 
  Bliss, Paul.  Tumble-weed.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1930.
  Blodgett, Fred. L.  Foundation to Trombone Playing.  Rev ed by Simone Mantia. New York: Carl Fischer, 1932.
  Blumenstengel, A.  Scale and Arpeggio Studies for Violin.  Book 2. Boston: The B.F. Wood Music Co., nd.
  Bohm, Carl.  The Bee.  Gustav Saenger, arr.  Superior Ed 3075.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1910. (piano & violin)
  _________. La Fontaine.  Chicago: McKinley Music Co., nd.
  _________.  Impromptu-Mazourka.  Boston: Evans Music Co., nd.
  Borch, Gaston, arr.  The Carl Fischer Favorite Trio Album.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1914. (violin, cello, piano)
  Bragdon, Sarah Coleman.  Little Breeze.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1940.
  The Brass Choir.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1933.  (1st & 2nd B Trumpets, EHorn, Trombone or Tuba)
  Brockway, Edith, arr.  Sing-a-Rhyme Picture Book.  Racine: Whitman Publishing Co., 1942.
  Bryson, Hugh F.  In Sylvan Shadows.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1938.
  Burk Gene and Louis A. Hirsch.  Selection from Ziegfeld Follies 1915.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1915. (small orchestra)
  Burleigh, Cecil.  Hills.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1915.  (violin & piano)
  Buys, Peter.  Adagio and Tarantella.  New York: Belwin, Inc., 1936.  (B clarinet & piano)
  Cain, Noble.  Jonah Swallowed the Whale.  Flammer Choral Series.  New York: Harold Flammer, Inc., 1963. (piano & duet voices)
  Carlos, comp.  Tips on Taps.  Book I. New York: Edward B. Marks Music Corporation, 1937. (music w/ tap dance choreography)
  Chaminade, C.  Scarf Dance.  New York: Century Music Company, nd.
  _________.  Scarf Dance.  Moissaye Boguslawski, arr.  Chicago: M.M. Cole Publishing Co., 1936.
  Chopin, Frederick.  Minute Waltz.  Moissaye Boguslawski, arr. Chicago: Moderne Publications, 1926.
  Christiani, Emile Foss.  Valse Impromptu.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1913.
  Connell, Grant.  Reflections at Dusk.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1938.
  Conte, Paolo.  A Twilight Dream.  Boston: The B.F. Wood Music Co., 1921.
  Copeland, Berniece Rose.  Scarecrows’ Frolic.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser, 1940.
  Cottenet, R.  Chanson-Méditation.  New York: G. Schirmer, 1909.
  Crescent Folio: A Collection of Medium Grade Pieces by Standard Composers.  Book 1.  Philadelphia: Eclipse Publishing Co., nd.
  Crosby, Marie.  Waltz of the Flower Fairies.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1909.
  Dancla, Charles.  Six Easy and Brilliant Trios.  Gustav Saenger, arr.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1900.  (3 violins & piano; 2c of 3rd violin)
  d’Alessio, Camillo.  Dance of the Dolls.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1922.  (3 violins & piano; 4th violin missing)
  d’Ambrosio, A.  Canzonetta.  New York: G. Schirmer, 1926. (violin and piano)
  de Boisdeffre, René.  Au Bord d’un Ruisseau.  New York: George Fischer, 1915.  (2 violins & piano)
  De Ville, Paul, arr.  Pleasant Hours: A Collection of 20 Standard Melodies.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1906. 
  Delibes, Leo.  Intermezzo from Naila.  Theo. Moses-Tobani, arr.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1913.  (orchestra)
  _________.  Pizzicati from ‘Sylvia’.  William Conrad, ed.  Hartford: C.C. Church and Company, nd.
  Devaux, Jules.  Danse Carnavalesque.  Boston: The B.F. Wood Music Co., 1912.
  Diabelli, Anton.  Rondo Militaire.  M. Greenwald, rev.  New York: Century Music Company, 1912. (piano 4-hands)
  Dicks, Ernest A.  Cantabile.  Boston: The Arthur P. Schmidt Co., 1914.
  Dittersdorf, K. von.  Scherzo.  Kreisler, arr.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1910.
  Donizetti.  Sextet from Lucia.  C Bohm, arr,  Philadelphia: Eclipse Publishing Co., 1907.
  Dorn, E.  Il Trovatore Fantaise.  Philadelphia: Eclipse Publishing Co., nd [ca 1902].
  Drdla, Franz.  Notturno.  Boston: The Arthur P. Schmidt Co., 1925. (violin & piano)
  _________.  Serenade.  D.W. Markham, arr.  Jefferson City: D.W. Markham, 1925.  (B♭cornet, clarinet or trombone & piano) [Signed by Markham]
  Ducelle, Paul.  Feather Dance.  Boston: The B.F. Wood Music Co., 1901.
  Durand, Auguste.  Chaconne.  Frederick Boscovitz, ed.  Chicago: McKinley Music Co., 1896.
  Dvořak, Anton.  Humoreske.  Rubolph Thaler, ed.  Philadelphia: The Popular Music Pub Co., 1911.
  _________.  Indian Lament.  Fritz Kreisler, arr.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1914. (violin & piano)
  _________.  Largo from New World Symphony.  Carl Richter, arr.  Boston: Bach Music Company, 1931.
  _________.  Largo from New World Symphony.  Karl Rissland, arr.  Boston: Oliver Ditson Company, 1914. (violin & piano)
  _________.  Silhouette in F# Minor.  Bernard Wagenaar, arr.  New York: G. Schirmer, Inc., 1926. (violin & piano)
  Emerson, De Witt G., arr.  The Masters and Their Melodies.  Cincinnati: The Willis Music Company, 1930.
  Ernst, Heinrich W.  Elegy.  Calvin Grooms, ed.  New York: Century Music Publishing Co., 1924. (violin & piano)
  _________.  Ungarisch Melodien.  Leipzig: C.F. Peters, nd.  (violin & piano)
  Evans, Everett J.  Sweet and Dainty.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1937.  (B♭clarinet & piano)
  Ewing, Montague.  ‘Mid the Tulips.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1935.
  Favorite Duets for Cello and Piano.  New York: Oliver Ditson Company, 1910.
  Fergus, Phyllis.  The Usual Way.  Chicago: Clayton F. Summy Co., 1914.  
  Fink, L.J.  Souvenir de Bourbeuse.  B. Wyllie, arr.  Union, MO: L.J. Fink, 1923.
  Fiorillo, Federigo.  Thirty-Six Studies or Caprices.  Henry Schradieck, arr.  Schirmer’s Library Vol 228.  New York: G Schirmer, 1895. (violin)
  Flotow.  Martha.  A Dietz, arr.  Chicago: McKinley Music Co., 1907. (piano & violin)
  _________.  Selection from Martha.  Theo. Moses-Tobani, arr.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1890.  (orchestra)
  Fontaine, L.J. Oscar.  Vivacity.  Philadelphia: Theo. Presser Co., 1911.
  Foster, Stephen.  A Treasury of Stephen Foster.  Ray Lev & Dorothy Berliner Commins, arr.  1st printing. New York: Random House, 1946. 
  Frey, Hugo, ed.  Victory Song Book for Soldiers, Sailors and Marines.  New York: Robbins Music Corporation, 1942.
  Friml, Rudolf.  Crépuscule.  Boston: The Arthur P. Schmidt Co., 1908.
  Friml, Rudolf and Herbert Stothart.  Selections from Rose Marie.  Harold Sanford, arr.  New York: Harms Incorporated, 1924.  (orchestra)
  Fritsche, E.  March Rondo.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1899. (4 violins)
  Frost, Bernice.  At the Piano.  Book 1.  Boston: The Boston Music Co., 1935.
  Gautier, Leonard.  Le Secret.  Chicago: McKinley Music Co., 192?. [date partially obscured]
  Gebauer, M.  Twelve Easy Duets.  Carl Fisher’s Music Library No 300.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1902. (2 violins)
  Gilbert, Russell Snively.  In a Canoe.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1944.
  Godard, Benjamin.  At Morn.  Hartfort: C.C. Church and Company, nd.
  Goldman, Edwin Franko.  Jupiter.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1914.  (cornet & piano)
  Gospel Songs.  Grand Rapids: Zondervan Music Publishers, Inc., 1956.
  Grant-Schaefer. G.A.   Southwinds.  Boston: The Arthur P. Schmidt Co., 1905.
  _________.  Twilight. Boston: The Arthur P. Schmidt Co., 1905.
  Greenwald, M.  Arrival of the Guests.  New York: Century Music Publishing Company, 1910.  (2 violins & piano)
  Grieg, Edvard.  Anitra’s Tanz from “Peer Gynt”.  New York: Century Music Pub. Co., 1906.
  _________.  Peer Gynt Suite.  Theo. Moses, arr. New York: Carl Fischer, 1898.  (orchestra)
  Gresham, John.  Sunset.  Boston: The Arthur P. Schmidt Co., 1920
  Gurlitt, Cornelius.  The Beautiful Easter Morn.  W.S.B. Mathews, rev.  St Louis: Art Publication Society, 1913.
  Haberbier, Ernst.  Awakening of Spring.  St Louis: Art Publication Society, 1913.
  Hackett, Henry.  Chanson du Soir.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1914.
  Hall, John T.  Wedding of the Winds.  Detroit: Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1904.
  Hamer, George F.  Forest Nymph.  Boston: The Arthur P. Schmidt Co. 1897.
  _________.  Titania.  Boston: The Arthur P. Schmidt Co. 1917.
  Hammerel, Victor and John Wiegand, arr.  The Young Artists.  Vol. 1. New York: J. Fischer & Bro., 1900. (2 violins & piano)
  _________.  Modern Recital Pieces.  Vol 2  New York: J. Fischer & Bro., 1912. (2 violins)
  Hartmann, Adolf.  Sylvan Dance.  Boston: The B.F. Wood Music Co., 1914.
  Haydn, [Franz Josef].  20 Célèbres Quatuors. Collection Litolff No 375. Braunschweig: Henry Litolff’s Verlag, nd (2nd violin & viola)
  Heins, Carl.  Gitana.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1901.
  Heller, Stephen.  Tarentelle.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., nd.
  Herbert, Victor.  Suite of Serenades: No 2 “Chinese”. np:nd. (orchestra)
  Hier, Ethel Glenn.  Top o’ The Mornin’.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1940. (4-hand piano)
  Hirsch, Louis A.  The Rainbow Girl.  Lester Brockton, arr.  New York: M Witmark 7 Sons, 1918. (orchestra)
  Hirsch, Theodor.  Hunting Butterflies.  Boston: Oliver Ditson Company, nd.
  Holst, Eduard.  Dance of the Demon.  New York: Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1906.
  Hopson, Elizabeth L.  Spring Blossoms.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1938.
  Hubay, Jenö.  Before Her Picture.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1907. (violin & piano)
  Humperdinck, E.  Selection from Hänsel and Gretel.  Chas. J. Roberts, arr.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1910. (orchestra)
  Kern, Carl Wilhelm.  Dream of Pierrot.  Philadelphia: Carl Presser Co., 1940.
  _________.  Sunbeams Gavotte.  Edmund Severn, arr.  Cincinnati: The Willis Music Co., 1921. (violin & piano)
  Kern, Jerome.  Medley of Songs introduced in “The Girl from Utah”.  New York: T.B. Harms & Francis, Day & Hunter, 1914. (orchestra)
  _________.  Selection from Oh Lady! Lady!!.  Stephen O. Jones, arr.  New York: T.B. Harms Co., 1918. (orchestra)
  King, Karl L. Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite.  Oskaloosa: C.L. Barnhouse, nd (1st B clarinet)
  _________.  Princess of India Overture.  Hand scored. (2nd & 3rd clarinet parts only)
  King, Stanford.  At Sundown.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1937.
  _________.  Dancing Marionette.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1937.
  Klickmann, F. Henri.  Hawaiian Moonlight.  Chicago: Frank K. Roots & Co., 1917.
  Köhler, Louis.  Studies in Easy Passage Playing.  Schirmer’s Library Vol. 540.  New York: G. Schirmer, 1898.
  Kreisler, Fritz.  Tambourin Chinois.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1910.  (violin & piano)
  Kreisler, Fritz, trans.  Viennese Popular Song.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1915.  (violin & piano)
  _________.  Viennese Popular Song.  Charles J. Roberts, arr. New York: Carl Fischer, 1934.  (band)
  Kreisler, Fritz and Hugo Kreisler. trans.  Farewell to Cucullain (Londonderry Air).  New York: Carl Fischer, 1922.  (violin, cello & piano)
  Krogman, C.W.  Nadia.  Boston: The B.F. Wood Music Co., 1912.
  Kühn, Robert.  Cinderella.  Boston: The Arthur P. Schmidt Co., 1919.
  Lack, Theodore.  Song of the Brook. M. Greenwald, ed.  New York: Century Music Company, 1908.
  Lake, M.L.  Among the Roses.  New York: Carl Fischer, 1916.  (orchestra)
  Lange, Arthur. Faust: Excerpts from the Opera by Gounod. Rhythmic Paraphrases of the Classics.  New York: Arthur Lange, Inc., 1925.(orchestra)
  _________. Il Trovatore: Excerpts from the Opera by Verdi. Rhythmic Paraphrases of the Classics.  New York: Arthur Lange, Inc., 1925.
  Lange, G. Heather Rose.  Chicago: McKinley Music Co., nd.
  La Rue, Edgar.  Morning Star Waltz.  Henry S. Sawyer, arr.  Chicago: McKinley Music Co., 1921.  (violin & piano)
  Lemare, Edwin H.  Andantino.  Adolf Schmid, arr.  New York: G. Schirmer, 1924.  (orchestra)
  Lerman, J.W. In the Barn.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1917.
  Levant, Oscar and Sidney Clare.  My Dream Memory.  New York: Harms Inc., 1929.
  Leybach. J.  Fifth Nocturne.  A Dietz, arr. Chicago: McKinley Music Co., 1907.  (violin & piano)
  Lichner, H.  The Tulip. Chicago: McKinley Music Co., nd.
  Liliuokanlani, H.M. Queen.  Aloha Oe.  Chicago: Forster Music Publisher, 1908.
  Lincke, Paul.  Glow-Worm.  L. Sugarman, arr.  New York: Edward B. Marks Music Corporation, 1947.
  Logan, Frederic Knight.  Italian Vespers.  Walter J. Goodell, scorer.  Chicago: Forster Music Publisher, Inc. 1921. (orchestra)
  Ludebuehl, J.P.  Danse d’Amour.  Boston:  The B.F. Wood Music Co., 1916. 
  Lynes, Frank.  Fifth Mazurka.  Boston: The Arthur P. Schmidt Co., 1909.
  _________.  Spring’s Greeting.  Boston: The Arthur P. Schmidt Co., 1909.
  MacDowell, Edward.  To a Wild Rose.  Arthur Hartmann, trans.  Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1907.  (violin & piano) (2c)
  Mansfield, Phyllis.  The Sleepy Soldier.  New York: Schroeder & Gunther, 1940.
  Martin, Florence M., arr.  Christmas Carols for Treble Choirs.  Chicago: Hall & McCreary Company, 1941.
  [Mason, Lowell].  Nearer My God to Thee.  Hand scored.  (4 clarinets)
  Mathews, W.S.B., comp.  Standard Graded Course of Studies for the Pianoforte: Grade III.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1919.
  Mazas F.  Brilliant Studies.  Schirmer’s Library No. 487-489.  New York: G. Schirmer, 1898. (violin)
  Mazas. F. und Ad. Grünwald.  Études Brillantes.  Collection Litolff No 1217. Braunschweig: Henry Litolff’s Verlag, nd.  (2nd violin)
  Metcalfe, Bruce.  Danse Hongroise.  Boston: The B.F. Wood Music Co., 1914.
  Moore, John, arr.  Big Note Favorites.  Boston: The Boston Music Co., 1948. 
  Moses, Theo., arr.  Moment Musical by F Schubert; Marche alla Turca by Mozart and Alla Polacca de la Sérénade Op 8 by Beethoven.
     New York: Carl Fischer, 1892. (band & small orchestra)
  The Most Popular Violin Pieces.  New York: Hinds, Noble & Eldredge, Publishers, 1907.
  Mozart, W.A.  Menuett.  Willy Burmester, arr.  New York: G. Schirmer, Inc., 1909.  (violin & piano)
  Mtynarski, E.  Mazurka.  Otto I. Schill, ed.  New York: G. Schirmer, Inc., 1905. (violin & piano)
  Murphy Howard A., et al, ed.  Music for Study: A Source Book of Excerpts.  2nd ed. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1973.
  Music Lovers’ Duet Book.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1918.  (4-hand piano)
  Musin, Ovide.  Mazurka de Concert.  New York: Edward Schuberth & Co., 1915  (violin & piano)
  Nicholls, Heller.  Tambouritza.  Boston: The BlF Wood Music Co., 1915.
  Nordman, Chester.  The Grasshoppers’ Parade.  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1937.
  Oberndorfer, Anne Faulkner and Marx E Oberndorfer, comp.  The New American Song Book.  Pan-American Edition.  Chicago: Hall &
      McCreary Company, 1933-41.
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  Paderewski, J.I.  Menuet a l’Antique.  Philadelphia: Eclipse Publishing Co., 1907.
  _________.  Menuet a l’Antique.  Philadelphia: Jos. Morris, 1908.
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  Pleyel, Ignace.  Six Petits Duos. Boston: The B.F. Wood Music Co., nd.  (2 violins & piano)
  _________.  Six Petits Duos. Schirmer’s Library Vo. 297. New York: G. Schirmer, 1894.  (2 violins)
  _________.  Six Petits Duos. Schirmer’s Library Vo. 833. New York: G. Schirmer, 1905.  (2 violins)
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     (violin, cello & piano)
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  Rimsky-Korsafoff.  Chanson Arabe.  Fritz Kreisler, trans.  Boston: Carl Fischer, 1922. (violin & piano)
  _________.  Chanson Indoue.  Fritz Kreisler, trans.  Boston: Carl Fischer, 1919. (violin)
  _________.  Danse Orientale.  Fritz Kreisler, trans.  Boston: Carl Fischer, 1922. (violin & piano)
  _________. Extracts from the Ballet-Suite Scheherazada.  Otto Langey, arr.  New York: G. Schirmer, Inc., 1917. (orchestra)
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  Sarasate, Pablo de.  Caprice Basque.  Efrem Zimbalist, ed.  Schirmer’s Library Vol. 1485.  New York: G. Schirmer, Inc., 1924
     (violin & piano)
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  _________.  Too Bad!  Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co., 1939.
  _________.  When the Light Are Low.  Chicago: McKinley Music Co., 1924.  (violin & cello)
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  _________. Piano Course C: The Purple Book.  New York: Belwin Inc., 1945.
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  Schubert, Franz.  Ave Maria.  August Wilhelm, arr.  New York: G. Schirmer, Inc., 1918.  (violin & piano)
  _________.  Schubert’s Serenade.  Franz Liszt, arr. Philadelphia: Eclipse Publishing Co., nd.
  _________.  Three Sonatinas.  Ferd. David, ed.  Schirmer’s Library Vol 921.  New York: G. Schirmer, 1909.  (violin & piano)
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Sound Recordings
**Not for Sale (Previews, Samples, Disc Jockey Samples, Promotional Discs, etc)


Recording dates were taken from various sources including, but not limited to:  Discographies of individual artists or record labels; The Online 78rpm Discographical Project; Jazz Discography Project; The Internet Movie Database; Toontracker: Home of the Lost Cartoons; Pittsburgh LP Collection; Classic 45’s: Top40db Music Service They are provided for frame of reference only; accuracy is not guaranteed or implied.


78rmp 10" Discs (82)
  Artist(s) Title(s) (Label & No, Date) - Remarks
  Louis Armstrong Listen to the Mocking Bird - Chlo-e  (**Decca 28524,1952)
  Fred Astaire & Jane Powell How Could You Believe Me - Too Late Now  (M-G-M 30316, 1951)
  Eileen Barton & New Yorkers If I Knew You Were Comin’ … - Poco Loco …  (Mercury 5392)
  Jack Berry Mister Bungle -The ‘Make-Lika’ Song  (Decca 88204, 1953)
  Paul Biese Trio  Frankie and Johnny - I Ain’t Nobody’s Darling  (Columbia A3459, 1921)
  Henry Burr - Charles Harrison Oh! What a Pal Was Mary - Waiting  (Columbia A2786, 1919)
  Al Caiola Anna - Cachita   (**RCA Victor 20-5252, 1953)
  The Clevelanders The Moon is - If You Were All My Own  (Oriole 1919, 1930)
  Bing Cosby In My Merry Oldsmobile - School Days - Sunbonnet Sue  (Decca 2700, 1939)
  _________ My Isle of Golden Dreams - To You, Sweetheart Aloha  (Decca 2775, 1939)
  _________ When You Dream About Hawaii - Sail Along, Silv’ry Moon  (Decca 1518, 1937)
  Bing & Gary Crosby The Call of the South - Cornbelt Symphony  (**Decca 2914)
  Frank Crumit I’m a Lonesome Little Raindrop -Margie  (Columbia A3332, 1920)
  Vic Damone Wonder Why - I Can See You  (Mercury 5669)
  Bernardo & Nino Di Pace Berceuse from Jocelyn - Humoreske  (Columbia A2353, 1917)
  Eddy Duchin ‘S Wonderful - Somebody Loves Me  (Columbia 36078, 1941)
  Billy Eckstine I’ll Be Faithful - Everything I Have is Yours  (**M-G-M 10259)
  Cliff Edwards All Alone - It’s All the Same to Me  (Perfect (Star Series) 11558, 1924)
  _________ Charley, My Boy! - I Wonder What’s Become of Sally  (Perfect (Star Series) 11556, 1924)
  Ziggy Elman Orchestra Moon Nocturne - Lover Come Back to Me  (M-G-M 10955, 1940)
  Percy Faith Orchestra Delicado - Festival   (Columbia 39708, 1952)
  Eddie Fisher A Girl, A Girl - Anema E Core  (**RCA Victor 20-5675)
  Ella Fitzgerald You’ll Have to Swing It, Parts 1 & 2  (**Decca 28774, 1952)
  Ralph Flanagan Orchestra Roo Roo Roo Kangaroo - Angela Mia  (**RCA Victor 20-5676)
  Garber-Davis Orchestra O Sole Mio - If You Knew   (Columbia A3547, 1921)
  Alma Gluck & Louise Homer Contes de’ Hoffmann-Barcarolle (Victor  87202, ca1914) - single side
  Ross Gorman & Virginians You’re the One for Me - I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover  (Velvet Tone 1350-V)
  Nov Gorodinsky & Gypsy Ensemble The Only Girl - A Gypsy’s Dream  (Sonora 1049)
  Phil Harris The Persian Kitten I Guess I’ll Have to Change My Plan  (**RCA Victor 20-5730)
  Woody Herman Orchestra Caldonia - Happiness is a Thing Called Joe  (Columbia 36789, 1945)
  ________ Everywhere - The Goof and I  (Columbia 38369, 1946-47)
  _________ Put That Ring on My Finger - Bijou  (Columbia 36861, 1945)
  _________ Your Father’s Mustache - Gee, It’s Good to Hold You  (Columbia 36870, 1945)
  Harry James Orchestra East Coast Blues - Understand   (Columbia 38059, 1947)
  _________ Moten Swing [sides 1&2]  (Columbia 37351, 1946)
  _________ Truly - Doncha Go ‘Way Mad  (Columbia 38682, 1949)
  _________ You’ll Never Know - Keb-Lah  (Columbia 37264, 1946)
  Al Jolson - Harry Fox Alexander’s Band is Back in Dixieland - Who Played Poker with Pocahontas   (Columbia A2787, 1919)
  Frankie Laine The Cry of the Wild Goose - Black Lace  (Mercury 5363)
  _________ Rose, Rose, I Love You - Jezebel   (Columbia 39367)
  _________ Swamp Girl - A Kiss for Tomorrow  (Mercury 5390)
  Sam Lanin Orchestra I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover - My Baby’s Back  (Regal 8241, 1927)
  Mario Lanza Call Me Fool  - You Are My Love  (**RCA Victor 10-4211)
  _________ Granada  - Lolita  (**RCA Victor 10-4213)
  Mario Lanza & Elizabeth Doubleday Serenade - Deep in My Heart Dear  (**RCA Victor 10-4218, 1954)
  Ted Lewis Band Milenberg Joys - The Roof Blues  (Columbia 439D, 1925)
  John McCormack Dear Old Pal of Mine  (Victrola 64785) - single side
  Tony Martin Angels in the Sky - Boulevard of Nightingales  (**RCA Victor 20-5757)
  _________ The Closer You Are - Prologue from Pagliacci   (**RCA Victor 20-4276, 1961)
  Constance Meaning Why Do I Love You? - So Dear  (Columbia 1552D, 1928)
  Marie Michailowa Ave Maria  (Victor 61131) - single side
  Lee Morse & Blue Grass Boys He’s a Good Man to Have Around - I’m Doing What I’m Doing for Love  (Columbia 1866D, 1929)
  Patrice Munsel The Melba Waltz - Is This the Beginning of Love  (**RCA Victor 20-5360, 1953)
  MacKenzie Murdoch Annie Laurie - Prince Charlie’s Favorite Killarney – Last Rose of Summer - Irish Whiskey  (Columbia A1679)
  Turk Murphy Jazz Band Waiting for the Robert E Lee - Struttin with Some Barbecue  (Good Time Jazz 12, 1950)
  Neapolitan Trio The Herd Girl’s Dream - Happy Days  (Victor 16967, 1911)
  Jan Peerce How Do I Love Thee - Once  (**RCA Victor 20-4318)
  Will C Pepper - Harry Kronold Dinky’s Patrol - To the Evening Star  (Columbia A222, 1906)
  Perez Prado Orchestra Syncopated Clock Mambo - Broadway Mambo  (**RCA Victor 20-4196, 1951)
  Prince's Band The Regiment’s Return - On Review  (Columbia A2536, 1917-18)
  Prince's Orchestra Serenade (Moszkowsky) - Serenade (Jensen)  (Columbia A2193, 1915)
  _________ Canzonetta - Evening Chimes  (Columbia A2197)
  Arthur Pryor's Band The Stars and Stripes Forever March - El Capitan March  (Victor 35389) - 12" disc
  Tito Puente Orchestra Tuxedo Junction - Lare Lare  (**RCA Victor 20-5752)
  Henri Rene Chorus & Orchestra The Happy Wanderer - My Impossible Love  (**RCA Victor 20-5715)
  Edmundo Ros Orchestra Lovers Tango - Military Samba  (**London 1472) 
  David Rose Orchestra Harlem Nocturne - On a Little Country Road in Switzerland  (M-G-M 30582)
  Sauter-Finegan Orchestra Love is a Simple Thing - Nina Never Knew  (**RCA Victor 20-5065, 1952)
  Sextette from ‘Hunger’ Indian Simmer - Waitin’ for the Station to Leave (MacGregor 1012)
  Dinah Shore Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo - / Keep It a Secret  (**RCA Victor 20-4992, 1952)
  Frank Sinatra Why Try to Change Me Now - The Birth of the Blues  (Columbia 39882, 1952)
  Art Tatum Poor Butterfly - Lover  (ARA 4502, 1945)
  The Three Suns Busy Holiday - Flower Dance  (Majestic 7142, 1945)
  Al Trace Orchestra I Wish You All the Luck in the World - Mexicali Rose  (Cole 100)
  Victor Male Chorus Tannhauser: Pilgrims’ Chorus - Anvil Chorus  (Victor 17563, 1914)
  Victor Salon Orchestra All Alone - Memory Lane (Victor 19505, 1924)
  Frank Weir Orchestra The Never-Never LandThe  Little Shoemaker  (**London 1482)
  John Barnes Wells - Alan Turner The Rosary - For All Eternity  (Victor 17234, 1910,1912)
  Paul Whiteman Orchestra ‘Taint So, Honey, ‘Taint So - That’s My Weakness Now  (Columbia 1444D, 1928)
  David Whitfield Laugh - Mardi Gras  (**London 1397)
  Evan Williams Lead Kindly Light  (Victrola 64092) - single side
  Victor Young Strings The Song from Moulin Rouge - Ruby  (**Decca 28675, 1952)|


45rmp 7" Discs (125)
  Artist(s) Title(s) (Label & No, Date) - Remarks
  Bob Adams Thanks a Lot - I Missed Me  (Country & Western Hits 227)
  Aki Voodoo Drums - Fall in Love with Me  (**Reprise R-20,006)
  Louis Armstrong Someday You’ll Be Sorry / Muskrat Ramble  (**Decca 9-29280)
  Tex Beneke Orchestra Star Dust & Lazy River - Lazy Bones & Rockin’ Chair  (RCA Victor EPA-267)
  Carole Bennett & Dick Hyman If You Feel Like Singing, Sing - Saynara - Too Late to Cry - My  Heart Reminds Me  (**Out of the Blue Programs 17-18) - USAF Recruiting Service
  _________ I’ll Meet You - How Deep is the Ocean? - When Your Lover Has  Gone - I Surrender, Dear  (**Out of the Blue Programs 29-30) - USAF Recruiting Service
  _________ There’ll Be Some Changes Made - A Very Precious Love Way Down Yonder in New Orleans - Mr Wonderful  (**Out of the Blue Programs 19-20) - USAF Recruiting Service
  Bernadette & the Swinging Bears When You’re Dancin’ with Me -Crazy Yogi  (Beach B1001)
  Tom Blair & Westcoasters West Cost - With My Hand on My Heart  (Decca 31233)
  Bob & Carol One Out of Seven - Every Time the World Goes ‘Round  (**Warner Bros 5229)
  Johnny Brown & Gary Sherman Walkin’, Talkin’, Kissin’ Doll - Sundown  (**Columbia 4-41959)
  Ruth Brown It Tears Me All to Pieces - Anyone But You  (Atlantic 45-2104)
  Billy Bryan Bonnie - All Summer Long  (**Everest 19420)
  Bob Bush & Generation III Great River Country - Hannibal Town  (Great River GRR-102)
  Billy Butterfield Orchestra How Am I to Know? / More Than You Know  (Capitol F815)
  Cab Calloway I’ll Follow You - Dancing Man   (Coral 62244)
  Castle Sisters Bad Boy - Love Me  (Triodex 108)
  Frank Chacksfield Orchestra Catalan Sunshine - Voyage of the Mayflower  (London 45-1749)
  _________ Waltzing Bugle Boy - Ebb Tide  (London 45-1358)
  The Charms Hearts of Stone - Who Knows  (DeLuxe 45-6062)
  The Chips Bye, Bye My Love - What a Lie  (**Ember E-1077)
  Savannah Churchill Sin - I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow  (RCA Victor 47-4280)
  Ike Clanton When Did You Leave Heaven - A Penny for Your Thoughts  (Ace 604)
  Buddy Clark - Georgia Gibbs Linda  - Kiss of Fire  (**US Army OSS 1728) - US Army Recruiting Service
  Buzz Clifford & Jack Pleis The Awakening - I’ll Never Forget  (**Columbia 4-42019)
  Clyde & Joe Can’t Get Enough - Summer Fever  (Vassar V-311)
  Cozy Cole Ala Topsy: Parts 3 & 4  (Artistique 602)
  Perry Como My Little Baby - The Girl with the Golden Braids  (RCA Victor 47-6904)
  Bobby Comstock & The Counts The Wayward Wind -Everyday Blues  (Mohawk 124)
  Ray Conniff Orchestra Midnight Lace Parts 1 & 2  (**Columbia 4-41800, 1960)
  Carol Connors & Jimmie Haskell You Are My Answer - My Diary  (**Columbia 4-41976)
  Warren Covington Payday - The Hum De Doo  (Decca 31247)
  Floyd Cramer - Peggy Lee I Can Just Imagine - Yes, Indeed  (**USAF Programs 169-170)
  Bing Crosby Silver Moon - Nobody  (**Decca 9-29493)
  Bertell Dache Love Eyes - Not Just Tomorrow, But Always  (United Artists UA290)
  Sammy Davis Jr Goodbye, So Long, I’m Gone - French Fried Potatoes & Ketchup  (**Decca 9-30300)
  Doris Day What Does a Woman Do - Daffa Down Dilly  (**Columbia 4-41791, 1960)
  Denny Martin Quite Village / Llama Serenade  (**Liberty F-55162)
  Lonnie Donegan Whoa Back Buck - Fort Worth Jail   (Dot 45-15953)
  Lee Dorsey Lottie-Mo - Lover of Love  (ABC–Paramount 45-10192)
  Easy Riders Young in Love - Saturday’s Child  (**Kapp K350X)
  Duke Ellington Orchestra Warm Valley - Bluejean Beguine  (Capitol F2546)
  _________ Jam with Sam - VIP’s Boogie  (Columbia 4-39670)
  The Enchords Zoom, Zoom, Zoom - I Need You Baby  (**Laurie 3089*)
  Evarts Goin’ Back Home - Ya Ya  (**Roulette RDJ-7183, 1978)
  Cucien Farrar & Joe Reisman My Dream - Yea Yea, Hmm Hmm   (**Roulette R-4331)
  The Fireballs Quite a Party - Gunshot   (Warwick M644)
  Eddie Fisher Any Time - Never Before  (RCA Victor 47-4359)
  Tennessee Ernie Ford Bless Your Pea Pickin’ Heart - Down Deep   (**Capitol F3868)
  The Four Voices Bim Bam Baby - Let’s Write Our Own Love Story   (Columbia 4-40699)
  Dave Gardner Fat Charlie / White Silver Sands  (OJ Records 1002)
  Phil Gordon Get a Load of that Crazy Walk - Strip Polka  (**Decca 9-29601*)
  Stuart Hamblen Hell Train - A Few Things to Remember   (RCA Victor 47-6465)
  Toni Harper Blacksmith Blues - Don’t Send Me Home  (Columbia 4-39671)
  Jimmy Heap & Perk Williams Mingling - This Song is Just for You  (**Capitol F3543)
  Ted Heath Siboney - The Man With the Golden Arm  (London 45-1644)
  "Cousin" Herb Henson Up the Path and in My Door - Up Yaander  (**Decca 9-30383)
  Johnny Hodges Orchestra Jeep’s Blues - Castle Rock  (Mercury 8944-X45)
  Homer and Jethro I Guess Things Happen That Way - Lullaby of Bird Dog   (RCA Victor 47-7342, 1958)
  Hugo & Luigi Bimbombey  - La Pachanga  (RCA Victor 47-7868)
  Dick Jacobs Orchestra Butternut - Main Title & Molly-O (Man w/ the Golden Arm)  (Coral 9-61606, 1956)
  Johnnie & Joe Over the Mountain; Across the Sea - My Baby’s Gone, On, On  (Chess J-1654)
  Louis Jordan Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying - Caldonia - Run Joe  - I’m Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town  (**Mercury MG20242)
  Claude King Sweet Lovin’ - Big River, Big Man  (**Columbia 4-42043) 
  Teddi King & Dick Hyman Them There Eyes - Magic Moments - How Little We Know Imagination  (**Out of the Blue Programs 5-6) - USAF Recruiting Service
  Frankie Laine Kisses That Shake the World - Here She Comes Now  (**Columbia 4-41787)
  Mario Lanza Sylvia - Some Day  (**RCA Victor 49-4224)
  Cappy Lewis & The Olympics Bull Fight - Little Pedro  (Arvee 5023)
  Eddy Link Combo Big Mr C - The Man with the Golden Arm  (**Reprise R-20,002)
  Hank Locklin The Rich and the Poor - Goin’ Home All By Myself   (RCA Victor 47-6867)
  Alan Logan Corsican Dance / The Carioca  (**M-G-M 11800)
  Bob Luman All Night Long / Red Cadillac and Black Mustache  (**Imperial X5705)
  Darrell McCall Pins and Needles [both sides]  (**Columbia 3-10296, 1976)
  Gene McDaniels The Secret - Tower of Strength  (**Liberty F55371)
  McGuire Sisters Tango Boogie - Sincerely  (**USAF Programs 3-4)
  Ray McKinley Orchestra Wanderlust Blues - Crazy Boogie  (Dot 45-15413)
  Bill Mack Waiting for the River to Rise - The Smoke, The Bottle, The Wine  (D Records 1176)
  Bobbi Martin Why Should - Cry / Wooden Heart  (Coral 62285)
  Freddy Martin Orchestra April in Portugal - Penny Whistle Blues  (RCA Victor 47-5052)
  Vince Martin & The Tarriers Cindy, Oh Cindy) - Only if You Praise the Lord   (Glory 45-247)
  Jose Melis & Richard Maltby The Arthur Murray Waltz - Prom Waltz  - Starlight Bouquet - A Waltz (Repertory AD-10)
  Glenn Miller Orchestra Anchors Aweigh - On Army Team  (RCA Victor Collectors Issue 27-1052)
  _________ My Buddy - On the Alamo  (RCA Victor Collectors Issue 27-1053)
  Jack Montana - Johnny Singer Bad News Shows Through - I Don’t Love You Anymore  (Country &Western Hits 272)
  Art Mooney Orchestra The Phonograph Song - Is There a Teen Ager in the House?  (**M-G-M K12190)
  Vaughn Monroe Orchestra The Butterscotch Mop - Goodnight Mrs Jones  (**RCA Victor 47-5943)
  Rose Murphy Trio Big Noise from Winnetka - Dinah  (Decca 31257)
  Mike Pedicin Quintet The Hot Barcarolle - Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum  (**RCA Victor 47-6150)
  Perez Prado Orchestra Cucara Cha-Cha-Cha - Calypso Man  for Alice  (RCA Victor 47-6960)
  _________ Skokiaan - The High and the Mighty  (**RCA Victor 47-5838)
  Elvis Presley I Got a Woman - I’m Counting on You  (RCA Victor 47-6637, 1956)
  Arthur Prysock & Ray Charles Temptation - My Mood  (Decca 9-28867)
  Marvin Rainwater Whole Lotta Woman - Baby, Don’t Go (**M-G-M K12609)
  The Renowns My Mind’s Made Up - Wild One   (Everest 19396)
  Rockin' Saints Half and Half - Cheat on Me, Baby  (Decca 9-31144)
  Sauter-Finegan Orchestra Love is a Simple Thing - Nina Never Knew  (RCA Victor 47-5065, 1952)
  _________ Now That I’m in Love -Yankee Doodletown  (RCA Victor 47-5248)
  _________ Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum - Stop Beatin’ ‘Round the Mulberry Bush  (RCA Victor 47-5166)
  Georgie Shaw Too Proud to Cry - At the Get Acquainted Dance  (**Decca 9-30359)
  Shandi Sinnamon Rainbow in My Heart - Be Easy  (**Asylum E-45303)
  Hank Snow My Arms Are a House - Tangled Mind  (RCA Victor 47-6955)
  Jo Stafford You Belong to Me - Pretty Boy  (Columbia 4-39811)
  Kay Starr The Good Book - The Things I Never Had  (RCA Victor 47-6617, 1956)
  Kenny Starr Tonight I’ll Face the Man [both sides]  (**MCA-40524*) 
  April Stevens Aw C’mon - And So to Sleep Again  (RCA Victor 47-4283)
  Bill Stubblefield Whistlin’ Rock and Roll - Suez  (**Imperial X5447)
  Mel Tillis That’s Where the Hurt Comes In - Hearts of Stone  (**Columbia 4-41986)
  Sue Thompson Never Love Again - Norman  (**Hickory 45-1159)
  Johnny Tillotson Never Let Me Go - Why Do I Love You So  (**Cadence 1372)
  The Toppers The Purple Hills - Stashu Pandowski   (**Decca 9-30209)
  Travis & Bob Baby Stay Close to Me - Give Your Love to Me  (**Mercury 71797)
  Jack Valentine There’s a New Moon Over My Shoulder - Ragtime Cowboy Joe  (**M-G-M K12044)
  June Valli & Joe Reisman Street of Memories - Another Man Gone  (RCA Victor 47-6957)
  Billy Ward Orchestra & Chorus Please Don’t Say No - Behave Hula Girl   (**Liberty F-55181)
  Brucie Weil The World That We Live In - Be Kind to Your Parents  (**RCA Victor 47-5884, 1954)
  Tabby West Send Me Somebody Like Joe - Texas Millionaire  (**Decca 9-30332)
  Kay Whittaker & Jerry Allen I’m Sending Red Roses to You - Dream of Love  (Cardinal 1033)
  Larry Williams Band Short Fat Fannie - High School Dance  (Specialty 608)
  Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra Blue Violins - Fandango  (RCA Victor 47-4997) 
  _________ Land of Dreams - Song of the Barefoot Contessa  (**RCA Victor 47-4888, 1954)
  Victor Young Beyond the Sea - Comme Ci, Comme Ca  (Decca 9-27027)
  _________ Pigalle - Speak to Me of Love  (Decca 9-27026)
  _________ The River Siene - La Vie en Rose  (Decca 9-24816)
  Studio Artists Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe - Georgie Porgie  (Treasure 2428)
  Various Artists Remember - When Day is Done - One Alone - Birth of the Blues  (RCA Victor EPA-514) 


33-1/3rmp 12" Discs  - Single & Multi-disc Albums (135)
Stereophonic unless otherwise noted       [M] = 10” monaural         [H] = HiFidelity  
  Artist(s) Album Title (Label & No, Date) - Remarks
  Los Admiradores Bongos   (Command RS809SD, 1959)
  Agape & St Paul’s School Choir Behold the Word  [H]  (Mace MXX10046)
  Laurindo Almeida Guitar from Ipanema  (Capitol ST2197, 1965)
  Herb Alpert w/ The Tiajuana Brass & Baja Marimba Band A Treasury of . . .  (Longines Symphonette LWS500-504) - 5-disc boxed set
  Nancy Ames Let It Be Me  (Liberty LST7400, 1965)
  Ray Anthony Plays for Dream Dancing [H]  (Capitol T723, 1956)
  The Archies Greatest Hits (Kirshner KES109, 1969)
  Lee Arnold & Guests Country Cookin’  Programs 205-208  (**Narwood 73779/80, 1975) - 2-disc album; US Army Reserve radio show
    Country Cookin’  Programs 225-228  (**Narwood 74141/42, 1975) - 2-disc album; US Army Reserve radio show
    Country Cookin’  Programs 297-300  (**Narwood 75095/96, 1977) - 2-disc album; US Army Reserve radio show
  Terry Baxter Orchestra Song Sung Blue: Best Loved Songs of ’72  (Columbia DS1010, 1972)
  The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour (Capitol SMAL2835, 1967)
  Jeff Beck Truth (Epic BN26413, 1968)
  Elmer Bernstein Blue & Brass  [H]  Decca DL8686
  Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper The Live Adventures of . . .  (Columbia CS9742/9765, 1968) - 2 disc album
  Boston Pops w/ Arthur Fiedler Pops Varieties [H]   (RCA Custom RD3-98) - 9-disc album for Readers' Digest
  Box Tops Dimensions  (Bell 6032, 1969)
  The Brothers Four The Brothers Four Song Book [H]  (Columbia CA1679, 1961)
  Arthur Brown The Crazy World of Arthur Brown  (Track Record SD8198, 1968)
  Dave Brubeck Quartet Dave Brubeck Quartet at Carnegie Hall [H]  (Columbia C2L26, 1963) - disc #1 of 2
  The Carpenters A Song for You  (A&M SP3511, 1972)
  Barbara Carroll Trio Have You Met Miss Carroll? [H]   (RCA Victor LPM1137, 1956)
  James Carroll Orchestra Show Tunes USA [H]  (Golden Tone C4057)
  Chambers Brothers Shout!  (Vault LP120, 1968)
  Ray Charles Singers Songs for Lonesome Lovers  (Command RS874SD, 1964)
  Chase Ennea (Epic KE31097, 1972)
  Dave Clark Five Weekend in London  [H]  (Epic LN24139, 1965)
  Perry Como When You Come to the End of the Day [H]  (RCA Victor LPM1885, 1958)
  Ray Conniff Singers En Español!  [H]  (**Columbia CL2608)
  Larry Coryell Spaces   (Vanguard VSD6558, 1970)
  Bing Crosby Old Masters [H] (**Decca DX152, 1955) - 3-disc album in 8-page comb-bound book
  Miles Davis Agharta   (Columbia KC33967, 1976)
    Miles Davis’ Greatest Hits  (Columbia CS9808, 1969)
  Deodato Whirlwinds   (MCA 410, 1974)
  Every Mothers Son Every Mothers’ Son  (Mercury SE4471, 1957)
  Maynard Ferguson M.F. Horn Two  (Columbia KC31709, 1972)
  Eddie Fisher May I Sing to You  [M]  (RCA Victor LPM3185, 1954)
  Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong Ella and Louis Again [H] (Verve MGV4006-2, 1957)
  Tennessee Ernie Ford Ol’ Rockin’ Ern   [H]    (Capitol T888, 1957)
  Pete Fountain Lawrence Welk Presents Pete Fountain [H]  (Coral CRL57200, 1957)
  Peter Frampton Frampton Comes Alive!  (A&M SP3703, 1976) - 2-disc album
  Don Francks, narrator Halley’s Comet: the Complete Adventure [H]  (PAM 080921899)
  Benny Goodman The Great Benny Goodman [H] (**Columbia CL820, 1956)
  Eydie Gorme It Was a Good Time  (Mercury SE4780, 1971)
  Robert Goulet My Love Forgive Me [H]  (Columbia CL2296, 1964)
    This Christmas I Spend with You [H]  (Columbia CL2076, 1963)
  Grand Funk Railroad Grand Funk  (Capitol SKAO406, 1969)
    Live Album  (Capitol SWBB633, 1970) - 2-disc album
  Phil Harris That’s What I Like About the South [H]  (RCA Camden CAL456, 1958)
  Richie Havens Richard P Havens 1983  (Mercury SE4700, 1970) - disc #2 of 2
  Jimi Hendrix The Cry of Love  (Reprise/Aits MS2034, 1971)
  The Hi-Lo's Suddenly It’s the Hi-Lo’s [H]  (Columbia CL952, 1957)
  Al Hirt Al Hirt at the Mardi Gras [H]  (RCA Victor LPM2497, 1962)
  Al Hirt, Boots Randolph, Dana Valery Horns of Plenty  (RCA Special PRS372) - Surefine Foods Promotional
  Don Ho You’ll Never Find Another Kanaka Like … [H]  (Reprise PRO322)
  Paul Horn Inside  (Epic BXN26466, 1968)
  The Invitations Hawaii Calls   (Sunset SUS5183, 1967)
  Grant Johannsen Chopin: 8 Polonaises  (Vox STPL514,190, 1972)
  Bert Kaempfert Blue Midnight [H]  (Decca DL4569, 1964)
    Strangers in the Night  (Longines Symphonette LWS299-303) - 5-disc boxed set
  Danny Kaye Danny Kaye Presented by Your Rambler Dealer  (Dena Pictures XTV92557, 1963)
  Danny Kaye & Louis Armstrong The Five Pennies  [H] (Dot DLP9500, 1958) - Soundtrack
  Stan Kenton Orchestra Stan Kenton Today   (London BP44179-80, 1972) - 2-disc album
  Kingston Trio At Large [H]  (Capitol T1199, 1959)
  Leadbelly w/ Josh White & Sonny Terry The Legend of Leadbelly  (Everest 2093, 1969)
  Timothy Leary You Can Be Anyone this Time Around  (Douglas 1, 1970)
  Oscar Levant [Levant Plays Gershwin] [M]  (Columbia ML2073, 1950)
    Oscar Levant Plays Popular Moderns  [M]  (Columbia ML2018)
  Ramsey Lewis The Movie Album  (Cadet LPS782, 1967)
  Ramsey Lewis Trio Sound of Christmas  (Cadet LPS687X)
  Enoch Light & The Light Brigade The Many Moods of . . .   (Longines Symphonette LWS274-277) - 4-disc boxed set
  Limeliters The Slightly Fabulous Limeliters [H] (RCA Victor LPM2393, 1961)
  Nils Lofgren Grin 1+1   (SpindizzyZ31038, 1972)
  Botho Lucas Chorus Germany Sings [H]  (Capitol T10389)
  Lulu To Sir, With Love  (Fontana SRF67569, 1967) - Soundtrack
  Joe McDonald War War War  (Vanguard VSD79315, 1971)
  Bob McGrath Bob McGrath from Sesame Street  (Affinity A-1001-SA, 1971)
  Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds of Fire  (Columbia KC31996 - 1972)
  Henry Mancini This is Henry Mancini   (RCA Victor VPS6029, 1970) - 2-disc album
    A Warm Shade of Ivory  (RCA Victor LSP4140, 1969)
  Bob Marley & the Wailers African Herbsman  (Trojan TRLS62, 1973)
  Dean Martin I Can’t Give You Anything But Love  (Pickwick SPC3089, 1967)
  Johnny Mathis Heavenly [H] (Columbia CL1351, 1959)
    Smiling Softly  (Columbia CS8023)
  Lee Michaels Barrel   (A&M SP4249, 1970)
  The Mothers Just Another Band from LA  (Reprise/Bizarre MS2075, 1972)
  Nilsson Nilsson Schmilsson  (RCA Victor LSP4515, 1971)
  Original Cast House of Flowers [H]  (**Columbia Masterworks ML4969, 1955)
  Ignace Jan Paderewski Concert [H]  (Everest X926)
    Plays Chopin  (Everest X902, 1966)
  Patti Page So Many Memories [M]  (MNO Rhythm 25210, 1954)
  Victor Papanek Liszt  (Peerless PC63, 1973)
  The Partridge Family Up To Date  (Bell 6059, 1972)
  Plymouth Symphony Orchestra Porgy and Bess [H]  (Plymouth P12-148)
  Billy Rowland [aka “Knuckles” O’Toole] “Knuckles” O’Toole Goes South of the Border  (Grand Award GA33-342, 1955)
    “Knuckles” O’Toole Goes to Paris (Grand Award GA33-347, 1955)
  St Paul's Youth Choir The Winds of God: A Youth Folk-Mass  (Century 27269)
  Sauter-Finegan Orchestra Memories of Goodman and Miller [H]  (RCA Victor LPM1634, 1958)
  Andres Segovia Mexicana  (Decca DL710145, 1967)
  Frank Sinatra Swing Easy [M]  (Capitol H528, 1954?)
  Bruce Springsteen Born to Run  (Columbia PC33795, 1975)
  Kay Starr The One-The Only [H]  (RCA Victor LPM1149, 1955)
  Cat Stevens Catch Bull at Four  (A&M SP4365, 1972)
  Traffic The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys  (Island SW9306, 1971)
  Vienna State Opera Orchestra & Dallas Symphony Funk & Wagnalls Family Library ...  Album 9: Rachmaninoff   (RCA Special FW309, 1976)
  Andy Williams Call Me Irresponsible [H]  (Columbia CK2171, 1964)
  Roger Williams Songs of the Fabulous Forties [H]  (Kapp KCL5003) - 2-disc album
  The Who Live at Leeds  (Decca MG712421, 1970) -
What appear to be original documents & correspondence about 'The Who' and other groups, from files of  British music producer/agent, Christopher “Kit” Lambert, 1964-69, are enclosed in the album
  Studio Artists Auld Lang Syne: 56 Favorite Ballads . . . [H]  (RCA RD4-58, 1968) 4-disc boxed set for Readers' Digest
    Chevrolet Sings of Safe Driving and You [H]  Columbia Special CSM838**
    Down Memory Lane: 65 Years of Song Hits [H]  (RCA RD4-40) - 10-disc boxed set for Readers' Digest; #4 missing
    Puff, The Magic Dragon [H]  (Happy Time HT1027)
    Snoopy vs The Red Baron [H]  (Peter Pan LLP2038)
    Songs Children Love [H]  (Treasure LP401)
    Songs from Walt Disney and Others [H]  (Happy Time HT1004)
  Various (multiple) Artists  All Star Spectacular [H]  (RCA Camden SP33-18, 1959)
    Back Home for Christmas [H]  (RCA RD4-100) - discs 2 & 4 of 4-disc boxed set for Readers' Digest
    Believe in Music  (K-Tel TU227, 1972)
    Christmas Greetings (Columbia Special CSS1499) - A&P Supermarkets Promotional
    Easy Does It  (Columbia Special CS873) - Sherwin-Williams Promotional
    Gershwin: An American in Paris & Rhapsody in Blue  (Columbia Masterworks ML4026)
    Great Original Hits of the ‘50s and ‘60s [H]  (RCA RD4-182, 1974) - 9-disc boxed set for Readers' Digest
    Great Russian Masterpieces  (Vox VPS 10) - 5-disc boxed set
    Love Those Goodies [H]  (Checker 2973, 1958)
    Music Minus One: Volume 2  (MNO Rhythm 440A)
    The Original Hootenanny [H]  (Crestview CRV806, 1963)
    Scheherazade [H]  (RCA RDR-68) - 10-disc album for Readers' Digest; #3 missing
    Sounds Fantastic!  (RCA Victor PRS210, 1966)
    Starflight   (K-Tel TU2820, 1979)
    Stereophonic Spectacular  (Grand Award GA400SD, 1958)
    A Treasury of Organ Music  (Murray & Hill S2379) - 5-disc boxed set
    Woodstock  (Cotillion SD3-500, 1970)
  Various Arts w/ Steve Allen, Narrator Space Age Stereo  (**Packard-Bell PB71475)
  [Sound Effects] The Big Sounds of The Sports Cars! [H]  (Capitol T2004, 1964)
    Sounds of Sebring 1962 [H] (Riverside RLP5027, 1962)

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