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The Ann Haynes Chapter was founded February 9, 1907 and received its charter on April 4 of that year.  In July 2007, the summer of its Centennial year, the Chapter donated this collection of scrapbooks and  reference materials to Pickler Memorial Library’s Missouri Collection.

D6/1 Photo Album, 1897-1918, compiled by Dola Caldwell
Fifty-five black and white snap shots of Adair County sites and events

◙ Balm of Gillead Tree ◙ Wm H Sheeks House (oldest house standing in Kirksville in1918) ◙ Michael Weber’s Mill at Yarrow during overflow, 1897 ◙ New Adair County Courthouse, 1898 ◙ Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers ▪ Thomas Lay ▪ James Fletcher (2) ◙ Site of Ft Madison, Salt River (2) ◙ House ruins after the Kirksville Cyclone, Apr 17, 1899 (5) ◙ Ward booths on the court house lawn for the 3rd Liberty Loan Drive, Sept 29, 1918 (4) ◙ Red Cross Day Parade, May 19, 1918 ▪ a Sherman Tank ▪ Cannon from Battle of Kirksville ▪ Liberty Loan Committee ▪ ASO Surgical Dressings Class (2) ▪ Contingent of horse back riders ▪  Red Cross “Army Knitters of 1861” (Mrs Henry Goodwin & Mrs Daniel Kent indentified) ▪ ASO Hospital float (3) ▪ Kirksville Girl Scouts ▪ Kirksville Boy Scouts ◙ Mrs John Boyd Caldwell’s Birthday Party, Aug 15, 1914; pictured ▪ Mr & Mrs Caldwell; Mesdames ▪ Mollie Sharp ▪ GE Evans ▪ Valentine Miller ▪James Kinnear ▪ Samuel M Guthrie ▪ BF Heiny ▪ SS McLaughlin ▪ Nannie T Baily ▪ Andrew Ellison ▪ Ben F Henry ▪ Miss Sarah Foncanon ◙ Normal School “Science Hall” ruins after fire of Sept 18, 1918 (3) ◙ Harrington Theatre ruins after fire of Sept 9, 1918 (3) ◙ Presentation of Distinguished Service Crosses to Adair County soldiers, Nov 22, 1919, Courthouse steps (6) pictured ▪ Lt Ben Turner, ▪ Capt Dale Heiny ▪ Mrs Lettie McAninch (mother of Sgt Levi Griswold, KIA ▪ Col John H Parker ▪ Lt Col James E Reiger ◙ World War I Solders from Adair County (probably taken at DSC ceremony) (3) ▪ Lt Edward N Howell w/ 2 unidentifieds ▪ Lt John M Peterson ▪ Pvt Ray Fiscus ◙ Still family graves, Llewellyn Cemetery ▪ family monument ▪ George Still headstone ▪ Andrew Taylor Still funeral (grave covered with flowers), Dec 14, 1917 ◙ Teachers College orchestra and chorus ◙ Teachers College student body, [old] Baldwin Hall Auditorium ◙ Baldwin Hall ruins after fire of Jan 29, 1924 (3)

D6/2 Scrapbook of letters from Adair County servicemen as published in Kirksville papers, 1918-19
[Note: Writers are from Adair Co unless otherwise noted. Some of the men are from “from" Adair in that they had been students at the First District Normal School or American School of Osteopathy. Most articles were clipped without source or date of publication.]

◙ Individual letters from ▪ F C “Phog” Allen (ASO) ▪ Paul Barnett ▪ William Bentley (Junction City, KS) ▪ O F Brassfield ▪ Jesse H Brown ▪ R C Callison ▪ H M Crowder ▪ Pearl Darnell ▪ Joe M Davidson ▪ Carl Davis ▪ Harry L Davis ▪ Purdy Davis ▪ M S Denton ▪ Joseph Doyle ▪ Ralph Eggert ▪ George S Elkins (ASO) ▪ Herbert English (Macon) ▪ Arthur Fay ▪ Roy Figge ▪ Ernest William Fisher ▪ J Raymond Ford ▪ Elmer E Fortney ▪ Milton Frogge ▪ Ray Fryhoff ▪ Lloyd Gardner ▪ Raymond Geoghegan ▪ Derby Glynn ▪ Orville E Gordon ▪ Ora Grear ▪ Ezra C Grim ▪ Ralf Hanks ▪ Herman H Heck ▪ John Dale “Jack” Heiny ▪ Loys Hotchkiss (Normal) ▪ Earl W Howey ▪ G C “Pat” James ▪ Wm F Johnson ▪ Adlai Jones ▪ Eddie E Joyce ▪ Louis G Kachulis ▪ Pete Kachulis ▪ Orrin Landes ▪ Wilson A Law ▪ James E Lees ▪ Edward Lowe (Queen City) ▪ Francis McCabe ▪ William V McMurray ▪ Lewis V March ▪ Raymond Marquess ▪ Luther P Martin ▪ Clifford Morrow ▪ Kenneth E Newton ▪ Floyd Patrick ▪ Noel H Petree ▪ Duff G Phillips (Moberly) ▪ Charley R Piersee ▪ Albert M Quinn ▪ Roy F Ratliff ▪ D L A Rausch (ASO) ▪ Eugene E Raynor (ASO) ▪ Otta R Reynolds ▪ James E Rieger ▪ A P “Mack” Rotta ▪ R M Runion (ASO) ▪ I [J] M Runyon ▪ John T Rutherford ▪ Harlan W Sachs (ASO) ▪ Guy O Sallade ▪ Charles R Schmidt (ASO) ▪ J E Schofield (Edina) ▪ James F Self ▪ Sherman Sevits ▪ L J Sherwood ▪ Roy Skaggs ▪ Walter J Slover ▪ George E Smithy ▪ Earl E Stinson ▪ F M Stoffer (ASO) ▪ Glen True ▪ William E Turner ▪ Elmer Waffle ▪ James Ward ▪ Ethren Watson ▪ Ben T Weaver ▪ John Wells ▪ George Wilmort (ASO) ▪ Vance K Yeager (ASO) ▪ Cpl Zerwis [no given name]  ▪ Dewey [no surname] ▪ Edgar [no surname] 

◙ Group Letters from ▪ Ben Craig, Glenn C James, P J Cole, HE Benedict,  James O Miller (thanks for candy & cigars) ▪ Herman E Tippett, Edgar J Ward, James G Rabbitt, Clarke Cater, Roy E Figge, Ross M Warden, Sam Kennedy (arrived at Army School safely) ▪ Grover Stuckey, Russell S Riley, Mike Killday, John Oval Evans, Dennie Foster, Americo Rotta, Guy Sallade, Isaac Turner, D M Blake, W N Blake, O T Rickard, R C Callison (thanks for the send-off) ▪ Grover Wilcher, Fred Sullivan, Ray I Bozarth, Chester Featheringill, Jesse E Sawyer, Charles G Bozarth, Charlie H Moore, R G Shockey, Matt Anderson, Claude Clark, Paul Butler, Sandy  Minno, John Smith, George Douglass, Jares Lodwick, Ed Green, Ralph Hanks, Pearl Barnhart  (proud to be from Adair County, enjoying Camp Dodge)
D6/3 Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings, 1919
[Note: this album is in extremely poor condition and cannot be photocopied but most local articles are dated so can probably be found and copied from newspaper microfilm]

◙ Ceremony to present Distinguished Service Cross to 3 Adair County men, Nov 22, 1919 ◙ Demobilization of County Service Flag ◙ Returning soldiers (arrivals & plans) ▪ Harry E Bywater ▪ Earl Miller ▪ Frank Ward ▪ Elmer Fortney ▪ Nurse Eva Jane Ferries (Moberly) ◙ Memorial services & burials of soldiers who died overseas ▪ Thomas Eugene Barnett ▪ Clarence Edgar Thompson ▪ Wilford W Martin ▪ Fred Brokaw ▪ Hallie D Hibbitts ◙ Jane Sholly (Civil War Nurse) ◙ State & National events also included ▪ Attempted trans-Atlantic flights ▪ Senate passage of Suffrage amendment ▪ Plans for Missouri statehood centennial ▪ General John J Pershing’s return to US (and to Missouri) ▪ Death of Theodore Roosevelt ▪ Peace Conference ▪ League of Nations

D6/4 Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings, compiled by Dola Caldwell
Miscellaneous clippings re history of national & state events & topics from Colonial times through World War I plus “current” local events

Items of local interest ◙ Law suit against Estate of Sallie Wood ◙ Overseas activities of local soldier Guy Miller ◙ Poetry by Charles Bertram Johnson, Principal of Lincoln School ◙ George Underwood & Nick Sparling aviation activities ◙ Battle of Kirksville anniversary (1912) ◙ AT Still death & funeral (1917) ◙ Adair County Historical Society 2nd annual meeting (1918)

D6/5 Genealogy Reference Materials

◙ Burk, Tennie Selby.  Transcript of Schedule 1, Federal Census, 1850, for Adair County, Missouri.  Typescript, nd.
◙ Clemens, William Montgomery.  Virginia Wills Before 1799.  2nd ed. Baltimore: Southern Book Company, 1952.
◙ Ferguson, Joseph T.  A Short History of Ohio Land Grants. NP: State Supervisor of School and Ministerial Lands, ca 1945.
◙ Stevens, Walter B.  Missourians One Hundred Years Ago.  Columbia: State Historical Society of Missouri, 1917.


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