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Forest Cemetery Association Records
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Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery in Kirksville, Missouri has been the city’s public burial ground since the 1840s.  The Forest Cemetery Association was originally organized in 1906 for the purpose of caring for Forest, the adjacent Llewellyn Cemetery, and all additions to either.  Mrs. Elizabeth Laughlin was President of the Association in 1975 when it created an endowed maintenance fund with the balance of the treasury then turned it and responsibility for the cemetery over to the City of Kirksville.

Mrs. Laughlin used the Association’s records to compile Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery (1976, revised 1983), a survey of the grave markers and burial records of Forest-Llewellyn, and all its various sections:

Llewellyn, Sections A-G
Potter’s Field

Forest, Sections A-D
Old [Kirksville] Cemetery

She donated the Association records in her possession to Pickler Memorial Library after completing the revision of her book.  Mrs. Laughlin notes in the introduction to the revised edition that two volumes of old sexton’s records (F1/3 & F1/4) were discovered in 1977, after the book was first published.  Not all entries in these old records were included in the revision, however.

F1/1  Forest Cemetery Association Minute Book, 1940-1962, 1964, 1974 Minutes and financial statements from 15 Oct 1940 (reorganization meeting) through 16 May 1962; additional documents laid in: 13 May 1964 Financial Statement, 26 Feb & 25 Apr 1974 Minutes; two articles about Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery photocopied from the 28 Apr 1974 Kirksville Daily Express.

F1/2  Forest Cemetery Association Payment Records, 1926-1951 Indexed ledger of Association dues/maintenance donations; separate page for each member, most including lot number or name of the person whose grave is being cared for.

F1/3  Cemetery Records of Kirksville Cemetery, 1880-1895, 1904-05, 1932-52 Sexton’s indexed burial register beginning with entries made by Sam Morgan whose name appears on the flyleaf. Most burials are within the dates shown above but some from other years (the earliest being 1872) appear out of order, seemingly inserted when information about a previously unrecorded burial was found. Entries (some incomplete) include name of deceased; age in years, months, days; sex; nationality; marital status; date of burial; grave site (block, lot number, addition); cause of death.

F1/4  Llewellyn Cemetery Register, 1832 [1880s-1910s] 1950 The primary purpose apparently was to record grave location (block & lot no) and entries are not consistent as to other information provided; some are name only, some include age or dates of birth & death, others include notes such as occupation or familial relationships. The earliest death date shown is 1832 and the latest is 1950; most are 1880s-1910s. Although burials in this register span a period of nearly 120 years, all entries are in the same handwriting, indicating they were copied from another source.

According to a note on the inside of the front cover, the register contains records for Llewellyn, Oakland, Sherwood, Beeman and Old Cemetery but that Forest is not included; some pages are labeled “Forest”, however, and “Forest” is noted by some of the names on the index pages.  Each section of the cemetery has its own section in the ledger.  The “index” seems to be partially index and partially complete entry (not all burial entries are indexed and not all index entries appear in the appropriate section).


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