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The Gebhart Invitation, 1877
Musdp Collection G1

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This collection consists of a single document, a formal invitation to a reception hosted by the City of Louisville, KY in honor of President and Mrs Rutherford B Hayes during a presidential tour of the southern states in September 1877.  It is addressed to Mr and Mrs J F Gebhart of New, Albany, IN, a small city directly across the Ohio River from Louisville.

John Frederick Gebhart (1831-1907) was owner of the New Albany Woolen and Cotton Mills and was one of his city’s civic leaders as well as long-time choir director of his home church.  Some of his civic activities included projects that were joint efforts of the two cities, thus his invitation to the reception.  He and his wife, Rosalinda Biddle (Ridgway) Gebhart (1844-1933), were the parents of two sons, John Reuben (1875-1934) and David Ridgway (1876-1948). David was Professor of Music at the First District Normal School (now Truman State University) at the time he donated his parents' invitation to the school’s history museum.  He was with the Normal eleven years, 1905-16.



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