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Personal and Professional Papers of
James Mickleborough Greenwood
Ms Collection G1

Amanda (McDaniel) Greenwood

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James Mickleborough Greenwood, son of Edmond and Jeanette (Foster) Greenwood, was born November 15, 1837 in Sangamon County, IL.  His parents moved to Adair County, MO in 1852 where, after completing his public school education at age 16, he began teaching in the county rural schools.  He later attended the Methodist Seminary at Canton, MO, then taught again in Adair County schools as well as those in Knox and Scotland Counties, MO and Adams County, IL.

In 1867, Joseph Baldwin recruited Greenwood to teach mathematics, logic and natural philosophy at the Normal School he was organizing in Kirksville.  He hired Greenwood’s wife, Amanda (McDaniel) Greenwood (1840-1904), as head of the model school and teacher of botany and history.  Other than a six month stint at Mount Pleasant College in Huntsville, the Greenwoods remained on Baldwin’s faculty until 1874 when he accepted the position of Superintendent of the Kansas City Public Schools.

During his years in Kansas City, Greenwood, a prolific writer and lecturer, became one of the leading figures in state and national public school education.  He served one term as President of the Missouri State Teachers Association and was honored with a doctor of laws degree from the University of Missouri in 1896.  He was an extremely active member of the National Education Association, serving as its Treasurer, 1890-95, and President, 1898.

Upon his retirement in May 1913, he was appointed Advisor to the Board of Education and continued this work until his death, at his office desk, on August 1, 1914.

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At the time the Greenwood Papers were “reprocessed” and the finding aid created (1997-98), the records of how and when the collection had been acquired no longer existed.  It was probably the gift of his daughter Ada (Greenwood) MacLaughlin, as all manuscript items dated after 1914 and several of the books belonged to her.  It was received no later than 1942, when Dr. Pauline Knobbs, the College Archivist, transcribed Greenwood’s incomplete History of Missouri manuscript.  [See G1/7:7 for the manuscript and MoColl F466 G74 for Dr. Knobbs’ transcript]

Documents in the Papers fall roughly into these categories:

Personal and business correspondence

Correspondence and publications of National Education Association and other professional and civic organizations with which Greenwood was affiliated  

Greenwood’s writings, research and speaking notes on various educational topics 
  Items related to the Kansas City School System and to school administration in general


Publications on educational topics

Provenance of the Collection has been lost.  It appears from filing notes left in the folders that Dr Knobbs created the organization as we found it, though it is possible she merely inserted unfiled items into a system originally created by Dr Greenwood.  Since she did not finish processing the Papers, we began where she left off, continuing her basic organization but with a few changes resulting primarily from the condition of the materials.  

Newspaper clippings were, for the most part, brittle beyond salvage as were a few letters and other documents.  Preservation photocopies of these items were made for file and the originals, which could no longer be handled, were discarded.

Most of the Collection’s numerous books, pamphlets, and article reprints have been removed from the folders and catalogued to the “Greenwood Collection” on the library’s online catalog.  They are shelved next to the manuscript items so that the whole Collection remains together as a unit.   

Periodicals in the collection were all single or random issues (there was no run of any title) and their condition was fragile, at best.  Issues already held by Pickler Library were discarded and note of the action, with the Library’s location and call number for the title, were made so that issues may be “retrieved” by the researcher.  In two instances, Greenwood’s issues filled gaps in Pickler’s run of a Missouri publication; these were added to the Library’s Missouriana set and appropriately noted. These notes are available upon request.

Researchers using materials from this collection might also be interested in two related collections at the Kansas City Public Library.  Finding aids for personal and professional papers of Greenwood and his second wife, a long-time Kansas City teacher and school principal, may be found on the Web:

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The Greenwood Papers

G1/0   Administrative & Biographical
◙ 1991 Inventory of books in the Greenwood Collection ◙ Biographical sketches of James M Greenwood and his brother Peyton F Greenwood photocopied from The United States Biographical Dictionary, Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri, and similar works
G1/1:1 Miscellaneous Financial Correspondence, 1874-1913
◙ Passbook for account with Baird, Melone & Co, Kirksville, MO, 1874 ◙ SM Pickler, Kirksville, MO, 1876 ◙ Report of the Condition of First National Bank, Paris, IL, 15 Sept 1902  ◙ Creevey & Rogers, Counselors at Law, New York, 1906, re dividends from bankrupt United Educational Company ◙ RM Ringo, Kirksville Savings Bank, 1906-08 ◙ Will Griffin, Kansas City, 1912 ◙ J Dallas Bowser, Kansas City, 1913 ◙ Charles W Becker, Wishart, MO, 1913 ◙ German-American Bank, Kansas City, 1913
G1/1:2 Louisiana State Lottery Drawing, 15 March 1887
Receipt for purchase of lottery tickets, four (4) tickets and report of numbers drawn  
G1/1:3 Correspondence from E.L. Cothrell, Evansville, IN, 1891-97
Concerning property at 39th & Grand, Kansas City, owned jointly by Greenwood, EL Cothrell, M Charles McDougall, Mr Mollering, Mr Prince[?], WE & Lizzie E Coleman and possibly others
G1/1:4 Correspondence from Lizzie E (Mrs. WE) Coleman, Warrensburg, MO; 1893-95
Concerning property at 39th & Grand, Kansas City, owned jointly by Greenwood, EL Cothrell, M Charles McDougall, Mr Mollering, Mr Prince[?], WE & Lizzie E Coleman and possibly others
G1/1:5 Masonic Correspondence, 1893-1914
◙ Masonic Benevolent Association of Central Illinois, 1893 ◙ Communications notice, Kansas City Lodge 220, 9 Jan 1903 ◙ Kansas City Lodge 220 AF&AM. Master’s Address / Secretary’s Report / Roster of Members. Jan 1914. ◙ Correspondence, Statement and Receipt, 1913 Dues
G1/1:6 Notebooks and Miscellaneous Items
◙ Rathbun’s Perpetual Calendar, ©1908 ◙ New York Dental Co. advertising card ◙ Santa Fe Rail Road “Vacation Trips” advertising brochure, 1906 [top half only] ◙ Customer’s Check for meter inspection, Kansas City Gas Co, 21 Mar 1906 ◙ Ink blotter ◙ Bible Lesson Card, 1905  ◙ Grocery store account book containing recorded checkers moves ◙ Goodyear’s Flat Open Notebook containing miscellaneous loose notes  ◙ “Stearns’ Latest [Checkers Game] Problems”, 1903 ◙ Acknowledgment of contribution to National Board, Young Women’s Christian Association ◙ Dominion Educational Association, Victoria, BC, Membership card, 1909 [member’s name not entered]
G1/1:7 Clippings and Correspondence re History of Utah and the Mormons, 1913
◙ Emmeline B Wells re request for information about her 1848 trip to Utah from Missouri ◙ The Deseret News transmitting proceedings of the latest Conference of the LDS Church [proceedings not in file] ◙ Horace H Cummings re polygamy [pages 2 & 3 only] ◙ Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Independence, MO, re request for information   ◙ Clippings published in The Deseret News during National Education Association meeting in Salt Lake City ◙ Notes on dancing
G1/1:8 JF Genung. “Literature and the Christian Ministry”. Clipped from the 14 Dec 1893 Issue of The Congregationalist
G1/1:9 Correspondence re Religion, 1899-1913
◙ Rev Stephen A Northrop, Pastor First Baptist Church, Kansas City, 1899, transmitting clippings ◙ Ralph Watson Brokaw, Pastor First Presbyterian Church, Utica, NY, 1904 ◙ Burris A Jenkins, Pastor Linwood Boulevard Christian Church, Kansas City, 1913 ◙ CA Shepard, Board of Stewards, Troost Avenue Methodist Church, Kansas City, 1913 postmark [mimeographed form letter to membership
G1/1:10 Correspondence from Victor H Greenwood [son] and Lee Greenwood [grandson], 1897-1914
G1/1:11 Correspondence from Ada (Greenwood) MacLaughlin [daughter], Henry MacLaughlin and Thomas MacLaughlin [grandsons], 1898-1913
G1/1:12 Correspondence with Amanda (McDaniel) Greenwood [wife], 1893, 1899-1901
G1/1:13 Correspondence from Peyton Foster Greenwood [brother], 1896-99, 1903-04, 1913-14
G1/1:14 Correspondence from Jeannette “Nettie” (Greenwood) Lewers [daughter], 1886, 1903, 1913-14
G1/1:15 Correspondence from Relatives, 1901-14
◙ James P Hatfield [nephew], Jacksonville, AR, 1901  ◙ John P Foster [cousin], LaCrosse, MO, 1904 ◙ Mary Ann “Pollie” Greenwood King [sister], Brashear, MO, 1913-14  ◙ Norma King Summers [niece], Kirksville, MO, 1913-14  ◙ “Pollie” [cousin], Kansas City, MO, 1914 postmark ◙ JM Foster [cousin], Bowling Green, MO, 1914
G1/1:16 Correspondence from Ell W Withrow, 1895-96, 1913-14
G1/1:17 Correspondence, 1889, 1891-92
◙ William Ferrel, Kansas City ◙ CC Everett, Cambridge, MA  ◙ Effie V Dickey, Mahern, OH ◙ WHV Raymond, State Board of Education, Sacramento
G1/1:18 Correspondence, 1894-96
◙ WN Hailman, Supt of Indian Schools, Dept of the Interior, Washington, DC ◙ Laura E Giddings, Somerville, MA ◙ Wilbur S Jackman, Cook County Normal School, Chicago, (3) with Jackson’s pamphlet Correlation of Science and History ◙ George P Wilson, Attorney-at-Law, Minneapolis ◙ Mrs Edwin Holb, Philadelphia ◙ John R Kirk, Missouri State Superintendent of Schools (3)
G1/1:19 Correspondence, 1897-99
◙ Thomas M Johnson, Osceola, MO ◙ Judge John W Wofford, Kansas City ◙ Harry G Wilson, [Kansas City] ◙ Missouri Governor Lon V Stephens ◙ Grace M Ross, Macken & Ross Electric Railways, Colorado Springs (2) ◙ Lou D---, Hopkins, MO ◙ Ida M Ruse, Bayard, KS ◙ Charles Beal, Kansas City  ◙ Webster Davis, Assistant Secretary of the Interior, Washington, DC ◙ Margaret DeWitt, Charlottesville, VA ◙ Emily A Weaver, Fond de Lac, WI ◙ DA McMillan, Mexico, MO ◙ Sister Walburga, Loretto Academy, Loretto, KY  ◙ John R Musick, Kirksville, MO ◙ Ellen LeGarde, Providence Public Schools, Providence, RI ◙ Major B Albert Luberman, US Army, Camp Columbia, Havana, Cuba ◙ Charles F Clarke, Missouri House of Representatives (2) ◙ SM Pickler, Kirksville & Missouri House of Representatives (2) & reply (1) ◙ John R Kirk, Missouri State Superintendent of Schools (4) ◙ Joseph Baldwin, University of Texas (2) ◙ Lydia F Luce, San Francisco
G1/1:20 Correspondence, 1901-02
◙ Greenwood to the Children of Dekalb, MO Elementary School ◙ Frank A Hill, State Board of Education, Boston (3) ◙ Charles DeGarmo, Cornell University, Ithaca (2) ◙ WP Finch[?], New York City ◙ George W Howe, Illinois State Normal School, Normal, IL, w/ article [photocopy] re John W Henninger, Supt Jacksonville Schools ◙ Aaron Schuyler, Kansas Wesleyan University, Salina, KS ◙ JA Foshay, Los Angeles City Schools ◙ CL Ennis, Southern California Teachers Association, Los Angeles ◙ LeRoy Dibble, Kansas City w/ article re HG Wells clipped from Medical Record (Dec 13, 1902) ◙ James L Hughes (while visiting in Salt Lake City) ◙ WH Payne, Ann Arbor ◙ George Bruce Halstead, Washington, DC ◙ Edith Weber, Denver ◙ William McAndrew, Brooklyn ◙ Maude M Myers, Iboilo, Philippine Islands ◙ JF McCullough, Chicago ◙ FH Sears, Oakland & Riverside, CA (2) ◙ AJ Baber, First National Bank, Paris, IL ◙ WB Smith, Round Table Club [Kansas City] ◙ Dr Oronhyatekha, International Order of Foresters, Toronto, w/ IOOF membership application forms ◙ RM Ringo, Kirksville ◙ John R Kirk, Missouri State Superintendent of Schools (2)
G1/1:21 Correspondence, 1903-04
◙ Richard A von Minckwitz, DeWitt Clinton High School, New York City ◙ Bishop John F Hogan, Kansas City ◙ JH Paul, Brashear, MO ◙ ME Dolphin, New York City ◙ Walter H Ficklin, Littleton, CO ◙ GL Swiggett, University of Missouri, Columbia ◙ Greenwood to Simon Newcomb, Washington, DC with his handwritten response at bottom ◙ Sarah Louise Arnold, Simmons College, Boston ◙ William H Wallace, Attorney-at-Law, Kansas City ◙ JM Rice, Society of Educational Research, [New York City] w/ membership brochure ◙ Lenora Yeater, New York City ◙ Missouri Governor AM Dockery (2) ◙ EF Terry, The Journal, Quincy, IL ◙ JT Craig, Manila, Philippine Islands (2) ◙ J Warren Smith, Los Angeles ◙ JWA Young, Chicago ◙ GV Buchanan, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St Louis ◙ OT Corson, Ohio Educational Monthly, Columbus ◙ Frederick E Bolton, State University of Iowa, Iowa City ◙ Chaplain Thomas J Dickson, US Army, Ft Sam Houston, TX w/ extracts from Official Records relating to Dickson ◙ Winnie Louise Littlefield, Chicopee, MA ◙ DC Allen, Liberty, MO ◙ Eugene Bouton, Boston ◙ BJ Mullaney, Armour & Co, Chicago ◙ Thomas M Johnson, Osceola, MO ◙ John R Kirk, Normal School, Kirksville (4)
G1/1:22 Correspondence, 1908-12
◙ Clifford W Barnes, Legislative Voters League , [Chicago] ◙ Walter Gidinghagen, Kansas City ◙ Stanley Brown, Township High School, Joliet, IL ◙ Greenwood to LJ Cooper, Kiowa, OK (carbon) ◙ Will Lisurbee[?], Cherokee, KS ◙ Susie Hillingsworth, Hot Springs ◙ Carl Gleeser, Deutsch-Amerikanischer National Bund, Kansas City, w/ Greenwood’s reply ◙ George West Maffet, The Clan Moffatt in America, Lawrence, KS ◙ Manfred J Holmes, National Society for the Scientific Study of Education, Normal, IL ◙ Greenwood to Kansas City Journal ◙ Greenwood to unidentified recipient (carbon of memo or press release) ◙ Greenwood to EM Violette, Normal School, Kirksville ◙ John R Kirk, Normal School, Kirksville
G1/1:23 Correspondence, 1913
◙ Stella Lee Leman, Milan, MO ◙ Charles A Bruun, Attorney-at-Law, Kansas City ◙ JW Darnel, Lincoln Institute, Jefferson City ◙ William P Cutler, American Manufacturers’ Association of Products from Corn, Chicago ◙ Frank W Balleu, Cambridge, MA ◙ WC Bagley, Public School Publishing Co, Urbana, IL ◙ Montana Hastings, Eugene, OR ◙ JP Huston, Wood & Huston Bank, Marshall, MO ◙ WG Howell, MD, Peoria, IL ◙ Frederick N Judson, Attorney-at-Law, St Louis ◙ William H Haupt, Topeka ◙ Mary W Voss, Hubbard, NE ◙ DAN Grover, Kansas City ◙ RM Hitch, Medill High School, Chicago (2) w/ samples of 1913 Chicago high school entrance subject examinations ◙ Bishop Sidney C Partridge, Diocese of Kansas City ◙ William H Allen, Bureau of Municipal Research, New York City ◙ JH Brady, picture postcard from Mt Lowe, CA ◙ FM McMurry, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City ◙ Juanita Watson, Neosho, MO ◙ TL Trawick, New Orleans ◙ Lotus D Coffman, University of Illinois, Urbana ◙ GE Kimball, The Kimball Company, Kansas City ◙ PD Woodlock, Davisville, MO ◙ Greenwood to the Kansas City Star ◙ Jacob Billikopf, Jewish Educational Institute, Kansas City ◙ John R Kirk, Normal School, Kirksville (5) ◙ H Clay Harvey, Versailles, MO
G1/1:24 Correspondence, 1914
◙ WC Bagley, Public School Publishing Co, Bloomington, IL ◙ Dr John R Hall, Marshall, MO, & Greenwood’s reply ◙Joe E Herriford, Lincoln School, Kansas City ◙ Frederick N Judson, Attorney-at-Law, St Louis ◙ Grace C Strachan, Interborough Association of Women Teachers, Brooklyn (2) ◙ William C van Antwerp, Investments, New York City ◙ ME Hill & OA Ballinger, Novelty, MO ◙ LA Halbert, Board of Public Welfare, Kansas City ◙ HL Preston, Produce News, New York City (2) ◙ Greenwood to Sshelby M Cullom, Springfield, IL ◙ Mathilde Edith Holtz, Minneapolis ◙ Harriet Holtz [Minneapolis] ◙ AE Winship, Journal of Education, Boston ◙ GV Buchanan, Supt of Schools, Oklahoma City ◙ Edward F Buchner, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore ◙ Judge Willis Brown, visiting in Berkeley (2) ◙ Nellie Cromwell Bumbarger, Benjamin, MO ◙ Henry King, St Louis Globe-Democrat  ◙ Winifred Gardner, American Society for Thrift, Chicago, w/The Ways of Thrift Bulletin No 6 ◙ William Maxwell, Thomas A Edison, Inc, Orange, NJ & Greenwood’s reply ◙ John R Kirk, Normal School, Kirksville (4) ◙ John R Kirk, Normal School, Kirksville, enclosing letter from HB Brown, Valparaiso University
G1/1:25 Correspondence from Henry Sabin, Iowa Superintendent of Public Instruction, later with The Educational Exchange, 1896, 1902, 1914
G1/1:26 Correspondence, 1876
◙ RD Shannon, Missouri Superintendent of Schools ◙ JVC Karnes, Attorney-at-Law, Kansas City ◙ “Your Friend” Craig, Kansas City
G1/1:27 Correspondence re Greenwood/Foster Genealogy, 1903, 1913-14
◙ Minta Foster, Seattle, 1903 ◙ D Greenwood, Greenwood Gum Co, Youngstown, OH, 1913 ◙ Frederick Greenwood, TT Greenwood Furniture Co, East Templeton, MA, 1914
G1/1:28 Correspondence re Michael Angelo McGinnis, 1912, 1914
G1/1:29 Correspondence re JD Wilson’s Position as Superintendent, Missouri Training School for Boys, 1912-13
G1/1:30 Correspondence with Nicholas Murray Butler, Editor of The Educational Review and President, Columbia University, 1891-97 to 1891-98
G1/1:31 Correspondence with IC McNeill, President, Superior [WI] State Normal School, 1894-99
G1/1:32 Correspondence with IC McNeill, President, Superior [WI] State Normal School, 1901-09, 1914
G1/1:33 Correspondence, Personal & Professional, from Dr George Bruce Halsted, Vice President of American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1902-03, with Enclosed Publications
◙ “Halsted’s Geometry in Hindustan”.  Reprint from Indian Engineering 21:24 (12 Jun 1897).  ◙ Some Recent Publications of George Bruce Halsted [resume and bibliography], 1902.  ◙ Henri Poincaré.  “The New Mechanics” translated by George Bruce Halsted. Reprint from The Monist, [c1902].
G1/1:34 Correspondence re Kansas City Civic Projects, 1901, 1908, 1913
◙ Greenwood’s recommendation for new appointment to Board of Education, 1901 ◙ Lincoln Memorial Society, 1908 ◙ Board of Public Welfare Social Center, 1913
G1/1:35 Correspondence from Edward A Fredenhagen, General Superintendent, Society for the Friendless, Kansas City, to Society’s Board of Directors, 1914
G1/1:36 Correspondence from National Civic Groups, 1913-14
◙ Women’s Auxiliary of the Massachusetts Civil Service Reform Association, transmitting sample copies of pamphlets The Merit System in Municipalities and A Primer of the Civil Service and the Merit System [both catalogued] ◙ National Civic Federation
G1/1:37 Petition for Military Pension to the US Congress from the Adair County, MO Members of 86th Regiment, Missouri Enrolled Militia 1862-64, “Foster’s Provisional Company”, 1913
◙ Draft of the Petition for petitioners: Newton Corbin, James M Smith, Samuel Dunham, QR Dunham, Sterlin Mills, JW Zeigler, JM Moore, Moses Hall, DN Thomas, Solomon Anspach, Phillip Lambert, DJ Mikel, WM Bragg, George Dodson, George Cain, George Nichlas, IM Crow, John Fegley, JM Greenwood, David Curtis, George Waddill, Samuel Waddill, John Flynn, Henry Sohn  ◙ Correspondence with Newton Corbin, Kirksville; WR Moore, St Louis; & WO La Motte, Armstrong, MO re the Petition  ◙ Clipping, “Parliament: Old Age Pensions, Second Reading Debate”, The [London] Daily Telegraph, 21 July 1908.
G1/1:38 Responses to Requests for Government Materials, 1903-04, 1913-14
G1/1:39 Speech Reprints from The Congressional Record, 1910-13
◙ Reed Smoot, Senator from Utah. Exchange Value of Farm Products, 1911-1896.  26 Aug 1912 & 27 May 1910 [2c]  ◙ EA Hayes, Representative from California. The Tariff and Republicanism. 19 Feb 1912  ◙ Samuel W. McCall, Representative from Massachusetts. Against a Third Term for the President of the United States. 6 Feb 1912  ◙ PP Campbell, Representative from Kansas. Roosevelt on Taft. 24 June 1912 ◙ Walter L Hensley, Representative from Missouri.  Naval Holiday. 13 Nov 1913
G1/1:40 Correspondence from US Congressmen and Senators from Missouri, 1895-96, 1902, 1914
◙ Senator FM Cockrell, 1895 ◙ Representative Robert T Van Horn, 1896 (3) & 1902; re nomination of a candidate to the US Naval Academy & transmittiang Regulations Governing the Admission of Candidates Into the US Naval Academy as Cadets (1895) [catalogued] ◙ Senator William J Stone, 1914 “Dr Butler Sees Hope for Republicans”, New York Times, 13 Nov 1912.
G1/1:41 Correspondence from Joe E Herriford, Kansas City  re Negro Education, 1908
◙ Letter from Joe E Herriford, Kansas City, 1908
G1/1:42 Miscellaneous Organization Rosters, By-laws and Programs
◙ Leavenworth Public Schools General Meetings for Teachers 1906-1907 ◙ The Nehemgar Club Program, Sedalia, MO, 1907-1908 ◙ Missouri Valley Horticultural Society Program for 1908 ◙ By-Laws and Roster, Sicilian Lodge No 39, Knights of Pythias, 1911 ◙ Constitution and By-Laws, Missouri State Immigration Society, 1912
G1/1:43 Book Publishers’ Catalogues, 1912-14
The Book Buyer: A Monthly Review of American and Foreign Literature 37:6 (Sept 1912), Charles Scribner’s Sons. Partial Catalogue No. 24: Henry Barnard’s Books, G.W. Bardeen, nd. Partial Catalogue No. 37: Stories of School Life, G.W Bardeen, nd. Portrait Catalog: School Efficiency Series, World Book Company, 1914.
G1/1:44 Correspondence re Opposition to Frank Deerwester’s Presidency of the State Normal School at Maryville, MO, 1907
◙ CH Dutcher to Howard A Gass (copy) ◙ Frank Deerwester, President State Normal, Maryville (3) ◙ Howard A Gass, State Supt of Education (3) ◙ HA Denton, Missouri Christian Missionary Society, Maryville ◙ James B Robinson, Nodaway Valley Bank, Maryville ◙ Greenwood to Frank Deerwester
G1/1:45 Correspondence from WT Carrington, State Superintendent of Schools, and EB Craighead, President Second District State Normal School, Warrensburg, re Election of James E. Ament as Craighead’s Successor, 1904  
G1/1:46 Correspondence from WT Carrington, State Superintendent of Schools, and Members of the Missouri House and Senate re Proposed Educational Legislation Before the 42nd General Assembly, 1903, with Copies of Bills
◙ HB35, providing free text books ◙ HB38, creating school district board of directors  ◙ HB57, providing for poor & indigent children and for truant officers ◙ HB75, adopting county supervision of schools  ◙ HB78, creating free public library commission  ◙ Senate Joint and Concurrent Resolution No 2, amending article on taxes for schools  ◙ HB194, concerning county school superintendents [draft, carbon & print copies] HB214 prohibiting football in state supported institutions HB218 amending articles concerning teachers’ institutes HB 408 adopting uniform course of text books HB466 providing for selection of text books HB469 defining powers, duties & compensation of textbook commission SB202 providing for classification of high schools, state aid & tuition for non-resident students
G1/1:47 Correspondence from WT Carrington, State Superintendent of Schools, 1902-03
G1/1:48 Newspaper Clippings re JM Greenwood, 1913
G1/1:49 Miscellaneous Biographical Information
G1/1:50 Correspondence from Katherine D Blake, 1913-14
G1/1:51 Correspondence from Fannie McGee, 1894-1902
G1/1:52 Correspondence from Harriet L Davis, 1895 & undated
G1/1:53 Minutes of the Third Annual Meeting of the Superintendents of Missouri and Kansas [April 1910]
G1/1:54 Teacher’s Certificates Issued to J.M. Greenwood, 1858-66; Professional Associations Dues, 1910-11
G1/1:55 Addendum: Letters to Ada MacLaughlin, Following Greenwood’s Death, 1914
G1/1:56 Addendum: Newspaper Clippings re Greenwood’s Death and Funeral, Aug 1914
G1/1:57 Addendum: Memorials to Greenwood, 1914-15
◙ Ben Blewett. “In Memoriam --Superintendent James M. Greenwood”.  Address Before the National Council of Education, 22 Feb 1915.  School and Society 1:12 (Mar 1915).  Memorial to James M. Greenwood, Deceased; Resolution Adopted by Kansas City Lodge 20, AF&AM, 24 Aug 1914.
G1/1:58 Addendum: Celebration of 100th Anniversary of Greenwood’s Birth, 1937
◙ Invitation to Anniversary Commemorative Program, Board of Education and Teachers’  Co-operative Council, 15 Nov 1937, Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City [2c]. ◙ “J.M. Greenwood”, Kansas City School Service Bulletin 10:2 (15 Nov 1937) [2c]
[1][Second copy of Bulletin has E.M. Violette’s signature at top and was likely transferred to this collection from the Violette Papers by Dr Pauline Knobbs; it has been catalogued; invitations were gifts of Drs Knobbs and Selby.]
G1/1:59 Addendum:  Pauline D Knobbs.  The Contributions of James Mickleborough Greenwood to the History and Development of Public Education in the Middle West.  Typescript,  [1942].
◙ Working copies [2] with corrections and typed note cards
G1/1:60 Addendum: Greenwood Biographical & Genealogical Data Compiled by Paul O Selby
◙ The Greenwoods genealogy chart.  ◙ PO Selby. “The Greenwoods”, from Bits of Adair County History. Kirksville Daily Express, 29 Oct 1970.
G1/1:61 Addendum: Ada Greenwood McLaughlin’s Materials on The War [WWI]  
◙ “Come On! I’m Insured”. Poster by Private GF Rohlfing, Co M, 354th Infantry. ◙ Old Penn 16:11 (14 Dec 1917). ◙ American War Mothers Fourth National Convention Program, Kansas City, 29 Sept-5 Aug 1923.
G1/1:62 Addendum:  Miscellaneous Items from Ada Greenwood MacLaughlin
◙ Publisher’s advertisement for Greenwood’s book The Principles of Education Practically Applied ◙ Ben Jaudon, comp. Information to Tax Payers. Kansas City: City Treasurer, 1921. ◙ handwritten geometry problems ◙ 1929 Christmas cards from Leopold & Rose Czerny, Vienna, & George Sass ◙ Note from ES Willcox, Public Library, Peoria, IL, 1941 transmitting June 1914 newspaper article re archaelogical search for old fort at Creve Coeur & inventory of library books ◙ By-laws, Association of High School Women, Kansas City, 1918 ◙ Photo of Ada Greenwood MacLaughlin ca 1918
G1/2:1 Correspondence, Officials of Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, Proposing National Education Association Meeting and Exhibit in Conjunction with the 1915 Exposition, 1912-13
G1/2:2 Correspondence, Dr NA Galkins to National Education Association Treasurer Greenwood re Expenses of 1891 Meeting in Toronto and Plans for 1892 Meeting
G1/2:3 National Education Association Correspondence, 1891-92, re Location of 1892 Meeting
◙ RG Young, Board of Education, Helena, MT (2) ◙ EH Cook, NEA President, Flushing, NY (4) ◙ Barnard Brown, North Drum Lummon Gold and Silver Mining Company, Helena (2) ◙ RW Stevenson, NEA Secretary, Wichita (2) ◙ Robert C Walker, Helena Board of Trade ◙ Article re Greenwood’s vote for Helena clipped from --- 14, 1892 Helena Journal
G1/2:4 National Education Association Correspondence, 1894-95  
◙ NA Calkins, NEA Journal Editor ◙ EE White, Columbus, OH ◙ Henry Sabin, IA Supt of Public Instruction ◙ Z Richards, NEA Manager, Washington, DC
G1/2:5 National Education Association Correspondence, 1897
◙ Charles R Skinner, NEA President (4) ◙ John Addison Porter, Secretary to President William McKinley ◙ Henry Sabin, IA Supt of Public Instruction ◙ FA Wadleigh, Rio Grande Western Railway, Salt Lake City, transmitting complimentary pass #A1963 for 1897 ◙ TE Swain, Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, Denver, transmitting complimentary pass #413 for 1897 ◙ IC McNeill, West Superior, WI (3), one transmitting 1895-96 audit report of Accountant Charles C Hoyt ◙ J H Miller, The North Western Monthly, Lincoln, NE w/ flyer for magazine
G1/2:6 Correspondence re Submission of Advertising Proposal to National Education Association by Educational Press Association of America, 1897
G1/2:7 National Education Association Correspondence, 1898-1900
◙ Wilbur F Gordy, Hartford, CT ◙ Irwin Shepard, NEA Secretary (2) ◙ Newspaper clipped without paper name or date re Greenwood’s election as NEA President ◙ Charles R Skinner, NY State Superintendent of Public Instruction (2) ◙ E Graham Lyte, First Pennsylvania State Normal (2)
G1/2:8 National Education Association Correspondence, 1902-05
◙ Irwin Shepard, NEA Secretary (4) ◙ Resolution to Amend Article 7, Sec 1 of the NEA Constitution, adopted 11 July 1902 ◙ LD Harvey, WI State Superintendent of Public Instruction ◙ George T Murphy, NEA Manager, St Louis ◙ James H Canfield, Columbia University ◙ Augustus S Downing, New York Training School for Teachers ◙ Henry P Emerson, Superintendent of Schools, Buffalo, NY ◙ James H Baker, University of Colorado ◙ Elmer E Brown, University of California, Berkeley, w/ Greenwood’s reply
G1/2:9 National Education Association Correspondence, 1907-08
◙ Joseph Swain, Swarthmore College (3) ◙ Gilbert B Morrison, William McKinley High School & NEA President, St Louis (2) ◙ John W Carr, Dayton Public Schools ◙ MG Brumbaugh, Philadelphia Public Schools (2) ◙ Report of the Committee on Cooperation of Educational Organizations in Other Countries
G1/2:10 National Education Association Board Minutes, 2 July 1910 Meeting (draft with correction notations)
G1/2:11 National Education Association Correspondence, 1913
◙ GD Strayer, Chairman, Committee on Standards & Tests ◙ Joseph Swain, NEA President (4) ◙ Financial Documents: Resolutions (2) re appropriation of funds; Invoice from Kansas City Schools; Estimate to print Proceedings; Expense Account (submitter not named) ◙ MG Brumbaugh, Philadelphia Board of Education (2), with proposed Round Table agenda ◙ Ben Blewett, President NEA Dept of Superintendence (3), w/ Greenwood’s reply ◙ Thomas W Bicknell, International Congress of Education (3)  
G1/2:12 National Education Association Correspondence, 1914
◙ Reed B Teitrick, PA Department of Public Instruction (2) ◙ AC Matheson Utah Department of Public Instruction ◙ Thomas D Wood, NEA National Council of Education ◙ CG Schulz, MN Department of Education ◙ CM Jordan, Minneapolis Public Schools ◙ William E Chancellor, The School Journal, Darien, CT (2) ◙ Arthur Henry Chamberlain, California Teachers’ Association (3) ◙ Edward M Bainter, Porto Rico [sic] Department of Education ◙ LJ Boughner, Minneapolis Tribune ◙ Joseph Swain, NEA President (4) ◙ Thomas W Bicknell, Director, NEA Campaign for a Million Dollar Fund (2) ◙ Henry B Favill, American Medical Association Council on Health and Public Instruction ◙ Robert J Aley, NEA National Council of Education (3) ◙ JY Joyner, NC Supt of Public Instruction (2)
G1/2:13 Correspondence, J Stanley Brown, Chairman of the Board, National Education Association, 1913-14
G1/2:14 Correspondence, Durand W Springer, Secretary, National Education Association, 1913-14
Includes ◙ Materials re Commerical Exhibits hall, 1914 annual meeting ◙ Commission on International Congress of Education, Executive Committee meeting Minutes, 28 Mar & 23 May 1914 ◙ Copy of letter to Springer from Woodford D Harlan, Washington, DC
G1/2:15 Official Programs of the National Education Association Annual Convention, 1908-09, 1914
Also, NEA Official City Map, Buffalo [NY], 1896.
G1/2:16 Programs of the National Education Association Department of Superintendence, 1908-09
G1/2:17 Programs and Reports: State Teachers’ Associations & Other Education Organizations
◙ Announcement of the Fadville [Iowa] Public Schools: A Course of Study for 1911-12 ◙ Report of Committee on the Organization of Graded Schools. New England Association of School Superintendents, 1899  ◙ Albert M. DeVoe. “The Relation of Our Public School System to the Problems of Country Life”.  Annual Address of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to the Iowa State Teachers’ Association, 1910. ◙ The Twenty-first Educational Conference of the Academies and High Schools in Relations  with the University of Chicago, Nov 1908
G1/2:18 Materials on William Torrey Harris, 1909-10
◙ Francis E Cook. “William Torrey Harris in the St Louis Public Schools”. Reprint from Annual Report of the Superintendent of Instructions, 1909-10. [compliments of D.H. Harris & the author; 2nc copy catalogued] ◙ JM Greenwood. “William Torrey Harris--the Man”. Educational Review 40:2 (Sept 1910) and Typescript, [1909].  ◙ JM Greenwood. Dr William Torrey Harris, Educator, Philosopher and Scholar. 6 handwritten pages, similar but not identical to beginning of Greenwood’s address to the Missouri State Teachers’ Association, St Louis, 28 Dec 1909. [catalogued]
G1/2:19 Correspondence, William Torrey Harris, US Commissioner of Education, 1890-1907
G1/2:20 Articles by William Torrey Harris, 1888-1907
◙ “What Kind of Language Study Aids in the Mastery of Natural Science?” [article removed from The School Bulletin, Dec 1907]. ◙ The Western Journal of Education NS 7:9 (Sept 1902); contains “The Dangers of Using Biological Analogies in Reasoning on Educational Subjects” by Harris and “Geography Begins at Home” by Greenwood
G1/2:21 Abstracts of Addresses, National Education Association Convention, 1914
G1/2:22 Correspondence, Elmer E Brown, US Commissioner of Education, 1908-11  Primarily pertaining to NEA’s proposed International Council of Education
G1/2:23 Correspondence with Editors of Education Journals, 1913-14
◙ William E Chancellor, The School Journal ◙ AE Winship, The Journal of Education
G1/2:24 Correspondence re Teachers’ Institutes, 1894, 1897
◙ RB Fulton, University of Missouri ◙ EW Rouze, Lyons, KS ◙ AA Kincannon, MS Department of Public Education
G1/2:25 National Education Association Reports and Publications
◙ Statistical Table of Membership in the National Educational Association, 1884 to 1902 ◙ Treasurer’s Report, 1 July 1896 to 1 July 1897 ◙ Treasurer’s Report, 1 July 1912 to 30 June 1913 ◙ Annual Report of the Board of Trustees, 1913  ◙ Reports of Committee on Cooperation of Educational Organizations in Other Countries. Typescript, 1908 ◙ A Discussion of School Gardens at the NEA Meeting at San Francisco, Cal., July 1911 ◙ NEA Bulletin 2:1 (Sept 1913), 2:5 (Apr 1914), 2:6 (June 1914) (3 issues)
G1/2:26 International Committee on Moral Training, Committee for the United States, Correspondence, 1897-1907
◙ Charles DeGarno, Swarthmore College ◙ Louis P Nash, Holyoke, MA Public Schools (3)    William J Shearer, Elizabeth, NJ Public Schools ◙ Manfred J Holmes, National Society for the Scientific Study of Education; Greenwood to Holms ◙ Joseph Swain, Swarthmore College (5) w/ Greenwood’s reply ◙ William L Bryan, Indiana University (2) ◙ Clifford Webster Barnes, US Committee Secretary (4); Greenwood to Barnes (2) ◙ George L Hess, La Junta, CO Public Schools transmitting proposed questionnaire ◙ John W Carr, Dayton Public Schools (2) ◙ MG Brumbaugh, Philadelphia Public Schools  ◙ James T White, Patriotic League, New York City ◙ Greenwood to the Committee
G1/2:27 International Committee on Moral Training, Committee for the United States, Correspondence, 1908
◙ John W Carr, Dayton Public Schools; Greenwood to Carr (5)  ◙ Clifford Webster Barnes, US Committee Secretary  (11) w/ Barnes’ “Moral Training Thru the Agency of Public School”, Reprint from The Forty-fifth Annual Volume of Proceedings, National Education Association; Greenwood to Barnes (3) ◙ William L Bryan, Indiana University (5); Greenwood to Bryan ◙ Joseph Swain, Swarthmore College (7); Greenwood to Swain (2) ◙ Greenwood to the Committee (4) ◙ MG Brumbaugh, Philadelphia Public Schools; Greenwood to Brumbaugh (3) ◙ Committee questionnaire “Inquiry Into Moral Instruction and Training in Schools” (2c)
G1/2:28 International Committee on Moral Training, Committee for the United States, Correspondence, 1909-10
◙ Greenwood to MG Brumbaugh, Philadelphia Public Schools ◙ BN Baker, Moral Education Board, Baltimore, transmitting “Extracts from Chester, Pa., 7th Grade Compositions on ‘What I Am Going to do When I am Grown Up’” ◙ Ernest F Buchner, Johns Hopkins University ◙ William L Bryan, Indiana University ◙ John W Carr, Bayone Public Schools to William L Bryan transmitting Tentative Report of the Committee
G1/2:29 Materials on Moral and Character Education
◙ J.M. Greenwood. How Far is Formal Systematic Instruction Desirable in Moral Training in the Schools? Typescript: [1908]. ◙ Untitled essay by Lenora Frances Warneson, Sanford B Ladd School, Kansas City, nd. ◙ Program for Papers on Moral Education, First International Moral Education Conference, 25-29 Sept 1908, London, England. ◙ Program for the Massachusetts State Moral Instruction Trip, 1912. ◙ Conditions Precedent the Limit of Human Activities. np:nd. ◙ Report of the Work of the Character Development League. Typescript, 1912. ◙ International Committee on Moral Training: A Movement to Promote Moral Training and the Development of Good Citizenship Through the Agency of the Public Schools. [London]: the Committee, nd ◙ E.J. Schellhous. Inadequacy of a Legal Standard of Morality: A Higher Standard Necessary. np: the author, nd. ◙ Book IX, Parts 1-7 (pp 148-161) removed from Character: A Moral Text-Book.
G1/2:30 Notes on Moral and Character Education
Greenwood’s handwritten & typed [speaker’s] notes and speech/article drafts
G1/2:31 Report of the Committee on Economy of Time in Education to the National Council of Education. Typescript, July 1913.
G1/2:32 A History of the Inner Life of the National Council of Education. Typescript, nd.
G1/2:33 American Association for International Conciliation Materials, [1896] 1912-14
◙ Quarterly Report to the Council of Direction for the quarters ending June 1913, Dec 1913, Mar 1914 and Sept 1914. ◙ HJ Resolution 335, 62d Congress, 2d Session proposing a “joint assembly of the national legislative bodies of the nations ...”, 9 July 1912. ◙ Pan American Division memoranda, Apr 1914, re purpose of division and  sponsored trip of South America.  ◙ “To His Imperial Majesty The German Emperor [William I]”; printed letter of congratulations for “... maintenance of twenty-five years of unbroken peace ...”, ca1896. ◙ Photo of a painting; subject unknown [2c]
G1/2:34 American Association for International Conciliation Correspondence, 1906, 1914
◙ Nicholas Murray Butler, Columbia University ◙ Henry Erwin Bard, Director Pan American Division (2) ◙ NM Stanley, Stanley Manufacturing Co, Dayton
G1/2:35 Correspondence re the American School Peace League, 1910-12, 1914
◙ WF Gordy, Springfield, MA, transmitting information for History Committee ◙ John W Withers, MO State Teachers’ Association (3) ◙ Manley O Hudson, University of Missouri School of Law ◙ Ben Blewett, St Louis Public Schools, transmitting roster of St Louis members of the League ◙ EH Scammell, Canadian Peace Centenary Association transmitting transcript of his address to the  American School Peace League dinner, 10 July 1914
G1/2:36 James M Greenwood. The National Education Association. Manuscript, nd.
G1/2:37 James M Greenwood.  An Abstract of The Impeachment Trial of Judge Albert Jackson of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit.  Typescript, nd.
G1/2:38 Missouri State Teachers’ Association Correspondence, 1902-14
  WT Carrington, State Superintendent of Schools Fannie L Lachmund, St Louis, Chairman of Department of Elementary Schools DH Harris, St Louis William P Evans, State Superintendent of Schools EM Carter, Association Secretary, Cape Girardeau CA Phillips, Association President, Warrensburg Program for Forty-Sixth Annual Session, 1907
G1/3:1 Requests for Data for Research Projects, 1902-14
◙ Relation of women’s clubs to public schools, DR Hatch, Arapaho County, CO ◙ Children’s occupations & pastimes, Alex B Coffey, Columbia University Teachers College ◙ Diseases of children, JW Van Derslice, MD, Oak Park, IL ◙ Physical exams of students by school systems, Josephine A Andrews, Columbia University Teachers College ◙ Bingham paintings for thesis on Missouri artists, Fern Rusk, Columbia, MO ◙ Development of high school curriculum, John E Stout, Cornell College (2)
G1/3:2 Correspondence re Greenwood’s Books, 1897, 1902, 1913-14
G1/3:3 Correspondence re Greenwood’s Articles, 1893-97
G1/3:4 Correspondence re Greenwood’s Articles, 1901-04
G1/3:5 Correspondence re Greenwood’s Articles, 1910, 1913-14
G1/3:6 Articles/Papers by JM Greenwood, Manu- /Typescripts
◙ “Words! Words! Words!” [typescript and clipping from Superintendent’s Report to the Board of Education] They Wanted It Bad  Reversed Views The Cub Pilot in Education  Examinations The School Hygiene Congress The White Man in the Tropics Manual Training in the Elementary Schools Hegel Some Reflections Extracts from The Science of Thought
G1/3:7 Notes and Outlines
◙ Conditions of Knowledge ◙ College Movements ◙ Subject for Lectures: Principals and Teachers ◙ Subjects for Addresses ◙ Quote from Life of Benjamin Jowett, Vol 1, pg 186 ◙ The School and the Church ◙ Work ◙ Collegiate Characteristics ◙ Two Teachers ◙ Protection of Life and Property ◙ Modern Philosophy ◙ Ideals of Life ◙ Quotes from Religion and Other Essays by Schopenhauer ◙ The Learning Process ◙ The Hebrews ◙ Encouragement and Progress ◙ Habits ◙ Laws That Exist ◙ Faith in the Seen and Unseen ◙ To High School Graduates ◙ Questions Before Us ◙ The College ◙ College and University Requirements and Dangers ◙ Some Things for Educators to Consider ◙ Skill from College Training ◙ Kant’s Practical Reason-Ethics ◙ Kant ◙ Hume ◙ The Flag ◙ Hegel’s Logic ◙ Extracts from Amiel’s Journal
G1/3:8 JM Greenwood. Public Library and How to Use It. Typescript, nd.
G1/3:9 Responses from Kansas City Public Schools Normal School Students to the Question “What Is the Aim of Education?” June 1914
G1/3:10 Clippings from The Board of Education Superintendent’s Report
◙ Paper Read Before the National Educational Association Held in Washington, D.C., July 7, 1898 by J.M. Greenwood ◙ “How to Prepare an Arithmetic Lesson” by Miss Lillian Shonert’s 6th Grade, Hyde Park School ◙ “Form and Spirit in Music” by Bessie M. Whiteley, Webster School Studies  ◙ “Value of Art in the Schools” by Josephine Heermans
G1/3:11 Clippings from The Board of Education Superintendent’s Report
  “The Dress Proclaims the Man” by Eileen Wickizer, Madison School Principal  ◙ “Teachers’ Institute Addresses--Subjects Discussed [1892-3 thru 1903-4]” submitted by Esther Crowe, Secretary  ◙ “Foreign Schools” by Sue Thatcher Fluhart
G1/3:12 Contents of a Small Envelope Labeled “Items of Various Kinds” in Greenwood’s Handwriting
◙ “Pioneering in Southeast Missouri” clipped from a St Louis newspaper, 22 Jan 1914  ◙ “The Montessori System Analyzed by Laura Fisher” clipped from unidentified source ◙ “The Need of More Teachers” clipped from School, 5 Dec 1907 ◙ Outline for “A New Course of History Making” ◙ Business card for Hôtel La Trémoille, Paris ◙ Receipt from Bank of Grand Avenue, 7 Dec 1896, in the amount of $14.80 for £3 draft on Paris Bank, London, issued to Francis Hodgson ◙ “My Sweetheart”, poem clipped from unidentified source ◙ Speech outline[?] listing virtues exampled by historic figures  ◙ “Outline of Political Parties 1787-1896” clipped from unidentified source
G1/3:13 WE Benson. “The Public Schools and Roster of Principals From Organization, 1867, to June 30, 1906”. The Board of Education Superintendent’s Report, [1906]. [With Greenwood’s Notes for 1907 Update]
G1/3:14 Kansas City Schools Teachers’ Meetings
G1/3:15 Articles/Papers by JM Greenwood, Typescripts [nd unless otherwise noted]
◙ [Marquis de] LaPlace  The Physiology of Habit  The Kingdom of Little Things, 10 July 1914 ◙ “The Old Blue Back” [typescript and clipping from The Superintendent’s Report ]   Why Children Strike?  Home and School Learning Compared
G1/3:16 Notes and Outlines, nd
◙ Collegiate Snobbery ◙ Literature is the Expression of Society ◙ Some of Herbert’s Ideas ◙ Commerce ◙ Prof Charles Kendall Adams on History ◙ The Virginian Declaration of Rights, June 12, 1776 ◙ Misdirected Energy ◙ The True Object of Tests  ◙ Sour Words ◙ Notes on Mr Michel E Sadler’s Address ◙ Reasons for Adoption of Principles of International Law  ◙ National Ideals  ◙ Ideals in Life
G1/3:17 Savonarola - The Immortal by Alba C Piersel, 1902
Typescript, letters of transmittal, and flyer
G1/3:18 Articles/Papers by J.M. Greenwood, Typescripts, nd
Woman in Politics Fate and Freedom in Art and Literature School Myths Football as Social Murder Major Henry A. White A Separate School for Incorrigibles ◙ “Not in the Tabular Arrangement” [typescript and clipping from The Board of Education Superintendent’s Report] To Public Mind: Commissioner E.M. Bainter’s Report [on Puerto Rico Schools]
G1/3:19 EM Chesley. “The Ideal Philosophy of Leibnitz”. [and] BO Flower. “Fra Elbertus and the Roycrofters:
A Social Study”. “Original Essays” section removed from The Coming Age, nd.
G1/3:20 Notes Taken by Rose Baxter In the Course “General Method” Taught by Dr Charles McMurray, Summer Session, Columbia University, nd
G1/3:21 Lectures by JM Greenwood at Spalding’s Commercial College, Kansas City
Value of Education in Business, 9 Feb 1912  ◙ Not titled [on subject of “Time”], 7 Mar 1913  Opportunity and Progress, 14 Nov 1913  ◙ Souvenir Program, Forty-First Anniversary, Spalding’s Commercial College, Kansas City, MO, 18 Dec 1906 [lists Greenwood as speaker]
G1/3:22 Oliver P Cornman Article on Retardation and Related Correspondence, 1908
◙ “The Retardation of the Pupils of Five City School Systems”. Reprint from The Psychological Clinic 1:9 [1908] [original catalogued; photocopy in file]  ◙ Correspondence among Superintendents of the “subject schools” re validity of data in the article James E Bryan, Camden NJ Roland P Falkner, New York City William H Maxwell, New York City Oliver P Corman, Philadelphia ▪ James M Greenwood, Kansas City
G1/3:23 Retrospection (a Class Poem) by Nettie Randleman, nd  
G1/3:24 Committee Reports on Arithmetic Courses, Kansas City Schools, 1909
G1/3:25 Reprints from The Congressional Record, 1911-12
◙ “Economy and Efficiency” from Speech of Acceptance of President Taft, 1 Aug 1912. ◙ “The Crime of This ‘New Age’”. Speech of Acceptance of Vice-President Sherman, 21 Aug 1912. ◙ “The Best Tariff Speech Ever Recorded”, from Speech of Charles B. Landis of Indiana, 59th Congress, 1st Session. ◙ “Popular Recall Without Adequate Hearing”, message of President W.H. Taft, 15 Aug 1911. ◙ “Socialism: The Propaganda for the Satisfaction of Unrest: A Vision of the Impossible”, from Speech of Acceptance of President Taft, 1 Aug 1912.
G1/3:26 Clippings re The Montessori Method of Teaching [Sources/Dates Not Given]
◙ “An Experiment in Pedagogy”, review of Maria Montessori’s book The Montessori Method  ◙ Frederic W. Coburn. “Kindergarten and More”
G1/3:27 Miscellaneous Clippings  [Sources/Dates Not Given]
◙ Untitled series of articles on the “habits, customs, and amusement of Illinois settlers” by Mr Haines, a member of the Illinois State Historical Society  ◙ Missourians Dine Together in New York / Senator Stone, R.C. Kerens, Gus Thomas and Others Spoke at the Annual Banquet / Address by the Former  ◙ The Deeper Meaning of New Orleans  ◙ Levees Along Both Rivers / Plan of  S. Waters Fox to Prevent Flood Damage Here [Kansas City]  ◙ Need of an American History  ◙ Contemporary Comment: Missouri and the Pension Roll  ◙ Missouri Points: Some Early Missouri Lawyers  ◙ A Letter From Ex-Senator Vest
G1/3:28 The Greenwood Club, 1900-1908
◙ E.M. Perdue. The Value of Pure Water. Typescript.  Address, 1 Nov 1907.  ◙ The Greenwood Club Program 1907-1908. ◙ Clippings about the Club, date/source unidentified. ◙ Addresses by J.M. Greenwood Lewis Fields Linn: Physician and Statesman (1900) and Col. Robert T. Van Horn: His Life and Public Service. Address (1905) [catalogued)
G1/3:29 Articles/Papers by JM Greenwood, Typescripts, nd
The Moral Phase of Playing Keeps The Outlook  Thoroughness Not an Attribute of Childhood  Agitation is Life  The Soda Pulp Process  ◙ Untitled paper on underfed children ◙ Finger Tip Scribbling. [clipping and typescript]
G1/3:30 JM Greenwood. Elements of Geometry. [Textbook] Manuscript, nd
JM Greenwood. Sketch of the Public Schools of Kansas City, Including Their Organization and Progress from 1867 to 1908.  Manuscript, nd.
Article clipped from unidentified publication (possibly Superintendent’s Report) with hand-written revisions ◙ composite photo, members of the “Board of Education, Kansas City, MO, From 1867 to 1904”, DA Thomson, Photographer; also clipped from unidentified source ◙ scrap from manila envelope with note “Manuscript on the Public School System prepared for Mrs Carrie M Whitney, June 20, 1908, by JMG”
G1/3:32 Research Correspondence for a History of Missouri, 1913-14
◙ W F Keyser, Secretary, Missouri Bankers Association. Sedalia ◙ Edmond A Nickerson, Attorney-at-Law, Warrensburg ◙  II Cammack, Superintendent of Instruction, Kansas City Public Schools ◙ George S Young, Holden ◙ Heman C Smith, Historian, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, Lamoni, IA (2) Bishop Eugene Russell Hendrix, Methodist Episcopal Church South, Kansas City
G1/3:33 Clippings from The Board of Education Superintendent’s Report
◙ Address of Hon JL Norman to the Teachers, Pupils and Patrons of the Franklin School, 25 May 1898  ◙ “Education and the Public Schools” by Dr John Fee, May 1893
G1/3:34 Dr. AE Winship. “Is Vertical Writing Slow?” Reprint from New England Journal of Education, 13 Feb 1902.
Includes correspondence from D.C. Heath & Co. re Greenwood’s review of the editorial.
G1/3:35 Articles by and Correspondence from EJ Schellhous
The Delusions of Mankind and How They May Be Dispelled. Typescript, nd. ◙ Life’s Uses and Purposes: What is Success in Life. Kansas City: F.T. Riley Pub. Co., nd. ◙ “Consciousness Not Knowledge”. Typed copy of Chapt 5, Gleams of Light Along the Pathway of Life. Vol. 5. ◙ Correspondence 1908, 1914.
G1/3:36 E.J. Schellhous.  My Experience in the Schoolroom.  Manuscript, nd.
[Gift of the author  to J.M. Greenwood, 6 Feb 1908]
G1/3:37 Earl Barnes’ Lecture Series Women and Progress, nd
◙ No 1: “What it Means to be a Woman, or The Place of Sex in the Development of Life” ◙ No 2: “Woman’s Heritage or Rising on Stepping Stones of our Dead Selves” ◙  No 3: “Women in Education or The Feminization of Culture”  ◙ No 5: “Woman’s Relation to Political Life or What Participation in Politics Gives and Costs” ◙ No 6: “The Family of the Future or The Value of Monogamy and Domesticity” ◙ Announcement of  Saturday night classes on History of Art, Philadelphia, 1912.
G1/3:38 Teachers’ Examination: Record of Grades, Aug 1908
◙ Katherine Blanton ◙ Alice Gushurst ◙ May Merrill ◙ Amelia Franeus ◙ Anna May DeMoss ◙ Catherine Elliott ◙May L Walker; ◙ June 1907 for Miss Walker
G1/3:39 Outlines and Notes
◙ The Scope and Aim in Psychology ◙ Some Problems in Teaching ◙ Industrial Training ◙ The Value of Education for Business ◙ Increasing Our Efficiency ◙ Political Economy ◙ Personal Needs ◙ The State ◙ Elements in Labor  ◙ A Wider Outlook ◙ Commercial Geography  ◙ Life ◙ A Plan of Carrying on Your Work ◙ How People Lived ◙ The Three Great Gifts-The Three Great Soul Attributes ◙ The Value of Time  ◙ Diagram of Natural Philosophy ◙ Language Studies ◙ Bacteria and Insanity ◙ Important Data in Teaching ◙ Debate Resolution re High School Curricula with Regard to College Preparation ◙ Exposition and Illustration in Teaching [for NEA speech]
G1/3:40 Thomas D Wood.  Preliminary Statement: Health Statistics of Rural School Children. Presented Under the Auspices of the Committee on Health Problems in Education of the National Council of Education and the American Medical Association.  Typescript, 1914.
G1/3:41 JM Greenwood.  Impressment of Seamen.  Typescript, nd.
G1/3:42 JM Greenwood.  Pericles.  Typescript, nd.
Draft and revised versions.
G1/3:43 Materials & Correspondence on Sociology and Evolution
◙ Sociology [outline]  ◙ Is Sociology a Science? ◙ Evolution--What It Is and What It Is Not. [letter to the Editor of The Star]  ◙ Correspondence Answering the Question “Is Sociology a Science?” ▪ Frederick W Moore, Vanderbilt University ▪ George E Vincent, University of Chicago  ◙ Notes cards: The Principle of Unity vs Chaos  Evolution and Sociology  Criminology  Where We Live There Are Many Mansions
G1/3:44 Notes On Economics
◙ Agricultural or Rural Economy ◙ Capital and Its Increase ◙ Definitions of Work ◙ Capital ◙ Working Years ◙ Mineral Products ◙ “The Earth’s Money” [unidentified clipping]  ◙ Labor--Strength ◙ Labor--Skill ◙ Gifts of Nature ◙ Business Rules ◙ Improvement and Success ◙ Employment and Service ◙ Energy and Works ◙ Man and Environment ◙ What the World Owes a Man ◙ Demand and Supply and Work ◙ Want ◙ Political Economy ◙ Sociology and Political Economy ◙ Government and Laws ◙ Statistical Table of Sustaining-to-Dependent Population
G1/3:45 Walter Bagehot.  Extracts from the English Constitution.  Typescript, nd.
G1/3:46 Clippings on Education, 1913
◙ The British Education Association Meeting, Birmingham England, Sept 1913, including President Sir Oliver Lodge’s Address, from The Daily Telegraph. ◙ Gertrude Stevenson. “Newburyport Girl Evolves Amazing New Educational System / Katherine Tingley Here Explains Life Work and Aims”. [source not identified]  ◙ Articles re death of Andrew Sloan Draper “Dr Andrew Sloan Draper Taken by Death in Sleep”. The Knickerbocker Press, 28 Apr 1913. Impressive Tribute paid to Dr Draper / Scenes at Funeral of Late Dr Andrew Sloan Draper, State Education Commissioner, at First Presbyterian Church, Albany, Where Distinguished Throng Paid Final Tribute”, The Knickerbocker Press, 1 May 1913[1][1]
G1/3:47 JM Greenwood. Hog and Man Psychology.  Kansas City: the author, [1907]. Includes(correspondence from readers. [2 copies; 1 catalogued]
G1/3:48 Materials on Education and Teacher Requirements
◙ Syllabi for Child Study, Lewiston Normal Training School, nd. ◙ William McAndrew.  Some School Snobbery. Boston: The New England Publishing Company, 1908. [2c, 1 catalogued] ◙ EJ Schellhous. The Seeming of Reality an Impassable Barrier to a Higher Civilization. Kansas City: the author, nd. ◙ “Some Elementary Principles”. [pg 5 of unidentified publication] ◙ List of Suggestions ◙ Notes re The Lesson, “Recitation and Educational Principles ◙ History and Principles of Education, Ed.B., 1st Semester, January 26, 1906 [sample exam?] ◙ “Age and Schooling Certificate”, Cincinnati, OH School District [blank form] ◙ On Education [outline]  ◙ Pages from several typed papers [none complete and on different topics; possibly pulled together as a “note” to something on the page]
G1/3:49 Articles by JM Greenwood in Education[2][1]
◙ “The Home and School Life”, Parts 1-2, 31:3 (Nov 1910) & 31:4 (Dec 1910). ◙ “Progress of Pupils Through Elementary and High Schools”, 29:5 (Jan 1909).  ◙ “The Evolution of the Arithmetic in the United States”, 20:4 (Dec 1899).
G1/3:50 Articles by JM Greenwood in Educational Review
◙ “Book Review of  ‘Some Fiscal Aspects of Public Education in American Cities’ by Edward C Elliott”, 31:3 (Mar 1906). ◙ “School Reminiscences”, Parts 1-2, 20:5 (Dec 1900) & 21:4 (April 1901). ◙ “Some Reflections on Method in Teaching”, 28:3 (Oct 1904). ◙ “President Hall’s Work on Adolescence”, 29:4 (April 1905); also reprint. ◙ Review of ‘Inductive Versus Deductive Methods of Teaching’ by W.H. Winch”, 46:4 (Nov 1913). ◙ “Contributions to the History of American Teaching”, Part 5, 40:1 (June 1910). ◙ “Discussions: Come to Books, Mr Repeater!”, 41:1 (Jan 1911).
G1/3:51 Manuscripts for Education and Educational Review Articles
◙ Abstract of  “The Home and School Life”.  ◙ Handwritten draft of book review of Inductive Versus Deductive Methods of Teaching.
G1/3:52 Proposed History of Jackson County
Prospectus for the book and stock certificate for 4 shares of “Old Settler’s Publishing Company” sold by the author, W.L. Webb, to finance publication.
G1/3:53 Notes on Early Schools in Missouri for Greenwood’s History of Missouri
G1/3:54 Annual Address to the Teachers of Kansas City
◙ 11 Sept 1897 [incomplete], clipped from Report of the Superintendent.  ◙ 5 Sept 1910, print & typescript [2d copy catalogued] ◙ “The Relationships of the Teacher”, typescript, nd
G1/3:55 E.J. Schellhous. A Synoptic Report Being the Result of the Life-Long Work of a Teacher in the School Room in Which Are Considered the Three Conceptions of the (1) Subject Matter to be Taught, (2) The Method of Teaching and (3) The Mode of Discipline”. Manuscript, nd.
[Gift of the Author to J. M. Greenwood]
G1/4:1 Materials on the Study and Teaching of English Grammar & Spelling
◙ JM Greenwood. Directions for Teaching Pupils How to Know Sentences: to Analyze and to Classify Them. np:nd. ◙ A.S. Higgins. The Franklin Composition and Exercise Blanks. No.1. New York: Taintor Brothers, Merris & Co., 1880. ◙ JM Greenwood, compiler. Extracts from Some Noted Men on the Value of the Study of English Grammar. Typescript, nd. ◙ Elizabeth Work. Grammar. Manuscript, 1912. ◙ William W Black. The Report of the Joint Committee on Grammatical Nomenclature: A Criticism. np:[1914]. [note: see G1/2:16 for “The Report”] ◙ CJ Brooks. Language.  Typescript, nd. ◙ Suggestions for Teaching Language and Grammar. Minneapolis Public Schools, 1912. ◙ List of grammatical definitions  ◙ Untitled monograph by Greenwood on teaching English  The Words We Spell. News release re Ayers’ article. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Education, [Feb 1913].  ◙ Correspondence from Dean, University of Missouri School of Education, re simplified spelling, 1913.
G1/4:2 Materials on Literature
◙ Notes on John Morley’s address on the study of literature ◙ Literary definitions ◙ Notes on books and reading
G1/4:3 Advertising Brochures from Text Book Publishers
G1/4:4 Materials on Teaching Arithmetic by JM Greenwood
◙ Teaching Arithmetic [notes] ◙ Mental Arithmetic. Typescript, nd [1867-74]. ◙ Common Sense in Teaching Arithmetic: Some Fundamental Principles in the Theory and Practice of Teaching Arithmetic. Typescript, nd. ◙ Outline as a Basis of Number Work [cut-and-paste working draft]  ◙ Abstract of Outline as a Basis of Number Work  ◙ On Teaching Mathematics [Outline]
G1/4:5 Materials on the Teaching of Arithmetic and Mathematics
◙ Math Problems ◙ “Report of the Committee on the Course of Study in Mathematics”. The Chicago Board of Education Bulletin 1:36 (27 Jan 1908). ◙ Supplementary Arithmetic: Community Problems for the Eighth Grade. Indianapolis: Indianapolis Public Schools, nd. ◙ George E Rose. Mathematical Geography. np:nd. ◙ Martin G Brumbaugh, The Course of Study in Arithmetic for the Public Schools of Philadelphia. Philadelphia: Walther Print, 1910. ◙ Courses of Study in Arithmetic, Public Schools of the District of Columbia. Washington, DC: Norman T Elliott Printing Co., [1907]
G1/4:6 Mathematics Testing
◙ Untitled/undated chart of results in specified categories from arithmetic tests at various Missouri schools, Jan 1907  ◙ Standard tests used by Normal School, Boston, MA, 1914  ◙ Report of Grades Made on a Set of Test Questions Submitted by E.R. Ray, Superintendent of  Schools, Indianapolis, nd.
G1/4:7 Memoranda of Agreement (2) with Joseph H Markley & George S Longan re Arithmetic Textbooks to be published by Globe School Book Company, 1905 [drafts]
G1/4:8 Correspondence re Mathematics, 1888-1914
◙ WI Thomas, University of Tennessee, nd ◙ Charles Winston, University of Virginia, 1888 ◙ SP Sanford, Macon, GA, 1888 (2) ◙ WH Benedict, Port Henry, NY, 1889 (2) ◙ IE Hendricks, Des Moines, 1892 ◙ Artemas Martin, The Mathematical Magazine, Washington, DC, 1895 & 1899 (2) ◙ David Eugene Smith, Columbia University, 1901 ◙ JM Rice, The Forum, New York City, 1902 ◙ George R Dean, Rolla, MO, 1903 ◙ Wilberforce James, New York Public Library, 1903 ◙ -- Edwards, Globe School Book Co, Indianapolis, 1904 ◙ Greenwood to ER Ray, Indianapolis Public Schools, 1907 ◙ PD Woodlock, Davisville, MO, 1913 (2) ◙ Eleanora Harris, Kansas Association of Mathematics Teachers, 1914 ◙ Dominican Sisters, St Peter’s Convent, Steubenville, OH, 1914 ◙ Joseph Ficklin, re his arithmetic text books, 1874, 1888
G1/4:9 Correspondence from Alexander Forbes, Butler, Sheridan & Co., 1902
G1/4:10 Clippings and Correspondence re Science & Sex Education, 1912-13
◙ Draft of partial letter to Dr (AE] Winship, nd ◙ CWG Hyde, editor, School Education, 1912 ◙ William A McKeever, Kansas State Agricultural College, transmitting signed copy of his pamphlet Instructing the Young in Regard to Sex. (Home Training Bulletin No. 8. np: the author, 1912) ◙ Three (3) clippings re Aug 1913 Hygiene Congress from Buffalo Express
G1/4:11 JM Greenwood. Physical Culture. Typescript, nd.
G1/4:12 Correspondence with Dr WF Gordy, 1901, 1910, 1914
G1/4:13 Notes and Outlines on History
◙ In Teaching History: Elementary Schools ◙ Peace Issues ◙ Democracy and Reaction ◙ Subject Matter of Political Economy ◙ Theories of Man in History ◙ History Scheme ◙ Thoughts on History ◙ Accuracy of History ◙ Interpretation of the Facts of History
G1/4:14 Correspondence re Industrial Education/Trade Schools, 1897, 1908, 1910-14
◙ ER Booth, The Technical School, Cincinnati, 1897 ◙ James M Kent, Electrical & Mechanical Engineer, Kansas City, 1908 ◙ Greenwood to JA Atkinson, Employers’ Association, Kansas City, 1908 ◙ Gustave Straubenmüller, New York City Public Schools, 1910 ◙ Alice Daussin, David Ranken Jr School of Mechanical Trades, St Louis, 1910 ◙ Carroll G Pearse, Milwaukee Public Schools, 1910 ◙ MG Brumbaugh, Philadelphia Public Schools, 1910 ◙ William J Berkowitz, Berkowitz Envelope Co, Kansas City, 1910 ◙ JG Edgerby, Fitchburg, MA Public Schools, 1910 ◙ FB Dyer, Cincinnati Public Schools, 1910, 1911 (2); Greenwood’s reply, 1911 ◙ George S Burgess, Boston Public Schools, 1910 ◙ Greenwood to Walter Root, Kansas City, 1911 ◙ Edwin T Armstrong, Charles City, IA Public Schools, 1912 ◙ Frank M Leavitt, University of Chicago, 1912 (2) ◙ William C Ash, University of Pennsylvania, 1212 ◙ VD Hawkins, Cleveland Technical High School, transmitting his resume, 1912 ◙ CA Prosser, National Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education, 1913 ◙ W H Maxwell, New York City Public Schools, 1913 ◙ Livingstone McCartney, Hannibal, MO Public Schools, 1913 ◙ CE Chadsey, [Detroit Public Schools], 1913 ◙ Elizabeth Cleveland, Detroit Public Schools, 1913 ◙ Clarence A Blocher, Kansas City Public Schools, 1913, transmitting 1912 night school enrollment & attendance statistics ◙ Francis G Blair, Illinois Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1913, transmitting Conference Vocational Educational Bill. Chicago: Conference of Representatives of Organizations in Illinois, [1913]. ◙ Robert J Fuller, NEA Committee on Vocational Education and Vocational Guidance, transmitting questionnaire, 1914 ◙ John C Grainger. Elements of Industrial History. Draft typescript, 24 April 1912
G1/4:15 Proposals to the Kansas City Board of Education re Vocational Training, nd
◙ Trades School  ◙ A Plan to Use the Local Environment of School, Home and Community as Educative Material for Industrial Training
G1/4:16 Vocational Training in Kansas City Schools, 1906-11
◙ Manual Training High School 1906 Fall Announcements ◙ Fall Announcement, Manual Training High School, 1907 ◙ Report [to the Board of Education] of Committee on Vocation Schools, 9 May 1911
G1/4:17 Materials on Vocational Training
◙ [WAL] An Important Extension of Industrial Education in the City of St. Louis. Typescript, carbon copy, 1910. ◙ GWA Luckey. Harmonizing of Vocational and Cultural Education. Typescript, nd. ◙ Lewis Gustafson. The Trade School and Manual Training. Typescript, nd.  Announcement of Apprenticeship Course. [St. Louis]: Barry-Wehmiller Mach. Co., nd. ◙ Blank Contract for Apprentice Course Agreement. ◙ Vocations for Boston Boys. [questionnaire for employers] The Vocation Bureau, Boston. ◙ Homer H Seerley. Harmonizing of Vocational and Cultural Education. Typescript, 1914.  ◙ Vocational Training [notes]
G1/4:18 James M Greenwood.  Vocational Guidance in High School. Manuscript, [1914].
Three drafts: handwritten manuscript, typescript with revisions, and “final” with handwritten revisions, stamped “Received Feb 27 1914, Eschenbeck Printing Co., Easton, Pa.”
G1/4:19 Materials on Vocational Training in Germany
The Study of Some Typical European Industrial Schools. Massachusetts Commission on Industrial Education, nd.◙ CG Rothmann. The Progress of Vocational Training in Germany. Typescript, 1910. [note: this was a carbon copy on yellow newsprint-quality copy paper; photocopy made for file & original discarded]
G1/4:20 Laws of Business. Lessons 4 & 5. Kansas City: Business Men’s Association, Law Department, nd.
G1/4:21 Materials on Psychology, Aptitude and Retardation
◙ John Dewey. Psychology of Imagery / Symbols. Typescript, nd. ◙ NA Harvey. The Influence of Darwinism Upon Psychology. Ypsilanti: Michigan Academy of Science, 1909 ◙ The Value of Psychology [notes]  ◙ List of Definitions, 11 May 1907 ◙ Record Blank for Revised Binet Tests and Medical Evaluation Report Form. Division of Medical Inspection, Cleveland Board of Education. ◙ “Testing Capacity and Aptitude of Pupils”. [unidentified newspaper clipping]
G1/4:22 Correspondence re Regarding Psychology and Sociology as “Science”, 1902, 1911-12
◙ Franklin H Giddings, Columbia University, 1902 ◙ EJ Schellhouse, Kansas City, 1912 (2)
G1/4:23 Bulletin of the Kansas City School of Social Science, 1909-1910.
G1/5:1 Emma Serl.   Report of Visit to Schools of Memphis and Birmingham and Springfield Normal School, nd.
G1/5:2 Superintendent’s Report to the Kansas City Board of Education
◙ Semi-Annual Report of the City Schools, typescript, 15 Feb 1912.  ◙ Report re expenditures, 11 Sept 1913. [typed report & handwritten draft]  Report on Salaries Paid Elementary Teachers in Sixty Seven Different Cities. [Kansas City]: Board of Education, 26 May 1904.
G1/5:3 Correspondence from N Eileen Wickizer, 1896-98, 1913
Includes “Horton Extension Window Air Filter”, advertising flyer written by Miss Wickizer
G1/5:4 Memorials
◙ Remarks by JM Greenwood on the death of Professor Bailey, nd. ◙ “In Memorium / Warner Lipscomb”. Reprint from The Presbyterian of the South (11 Aug 1909). ◙ Resolution in Memory of Henry C Kumpf, Kansas City Board of Education, 26 Apr 1904. ◙ Resolution in Memory of Robert L Yeager, Kansas City Board of Education, 25 Nov 1903.  ◙ Tribute to JU Underwood, Principal of Humboldt School, 1 Jan 1909.  ◙ Resolution in Memory of Joseph Lafayette Norman, Kansas City Board of Education, 28 Sept 1909. ◙ Memo re Death of Dr Joseph Ray, Editor, Ohio Journal of Education, 16 Apr 1855. ◙ Notice of the death of Professor Carl Betz, Supervisor of Physical Culture, and Kansas City Journal article “Carl Betz Laid to Rest” as printed in The Board of Education Superintendent’s Report, [1898].
G1/5:5 Supervisor’s Report for Kindergarten Teachers Submitted by Cora L English, 4 June 1910 & 5 June 1911
◙ 1910 Only ▪ Mita Biggar ▪ Blanch Chouteau ▪ Leonora Meyer ▪ Henrietta Van Patten ▪ Eula Pennington ▪ Florence Russell ▪ Tessie Smith ◙ Both Years, 1910-11 ▪ Marguerite Alexander ▪ Elizabeth Baker ▪ Mary Bowman ▪ Ruby Bradshaw ▪ Geneva Chandler ▪ Ethel Chapman ▪ Martha Dixon ▪ Elizabeth Gorham ▪ Patience Hocker ▪ Clara Hoering ▪ Grace Hook ▪ Florence Hooper ▪ Nellie Hurst ▪ Bernice Kirtley ▪ Mary Madden ▪ Elizabeth Moss ▪ Adelaide Randolph ▪ Katherine Ridgeway ▪ Mabelle Rogers ▪ Pauline Seeger ▪ Clara Stearn ▪ Mable Steele ▪ Anna Stophlet ▪ Annie Street ▪ Alberta Talbot ▪ Mary Temple ▪ Beatrice Tomes ▪ Ethel Walker ▪ Ethel V Walker ▪ Marjorie Wilcox ▪ Onie Wintrode ◙ 1911 Only ▪ Murial Algeo ▪ Alma Betz ▪ Nellie Hurst  ▪ Zerlina Rufer  ▪ [no given name] Shores ▪ Lelia Warwick ▪ Elizabeth Whitney
G1/5:6 GI Harvey vs JM Greenwood, Including Charges by CW Thompson, 1897-98
◙ Official complaint against Harvey filed with Board of Education  ◙ Letters & envelopes [“evidence”] listed in the Board’s charges against Harvey ◙ Deposition of Florian Klee [official transcript and unofficial copy]  ◙ Transcript of Klee’s “diary” of Harvey’s actions  ◙ Thompson’s Allegations of misconduct  against Greenwood ◙ Refutation of Thompson’s charges  ◙ Correspondence related to Thompson’s charges  ◙ Statements of Greenwood  and Dr VW Mather re incident with Kate Spencer  ◙ Greenwood’s letter to Board of Education re Thompson’s charges, 25 Feb 1897 ◙ Clippings re Thompson and Harvey vs Greenwood, Kansas City World [See also G1/1:33, McNeill Correspondence 1894-99]
[Harvey filed this damage suit against Greenwood and others after he had been charged with misconduct by the Board of Education. He charged conspiracy to ruin his character and reputation.  Thompson, who had been fired from his position as Principal at another school, did not sue but mounted a vigorous campaign in the newspapers charging Greenwood with conspiracy, plagiarism, misuse of influence, along with sexual, political & fiscal misconduct.]
G1/5:7 Testimonials for Greenwood re Harvey vs Greenwood
G1/5:8 JM Greenwood. Some of the Boards of Education of Kansas City That I Have Known.  Typescript, [1908].
History of the Kansas City Board of Education with biographical sketches of some of its members
◙ Col WE Sheffield ◙ Edward H Allen ◙ Henry C Kumpf ◙ Henry Switzer ◙ James Graig ◙ Charles A Chace ◙ Frank A Askew ◙ Major Linn K Thacher ◙ Robert L Yeager ◙ Col Robert H Hunt
G1/5:9 Letters of Application and/or Recommendation for Employment in the Kansas City Public Schools, 1891, 1894, 1902-03, 1908-09, 1913-14
◙ EP Norton for LW Norton, Allen, MO, 1891 ◙ RD Shannon, Joplin, 1894 ◙ Hal Gaylord, Kansas City Journal, for Fanny McGee, 1902 ◙ EA Gastman, Decatur, IL Public Schools, for A Anna Ward, 1902 (2) ◙ JM White, University of Missouri, 1903 ◙ Willis P King, MD, Kansas City, for Miss Allen, 1903 ◙ Wilbur H Bender, Iowa State Normal, for Alta Mathews, 1903 ◙ Annie McCullough Brownlee, Edina, MO, 1903 (2) ◙ AJ Baber, First National Bank, Paris, IL, re Alva H Cline, 1903 [letter of introduction only; not recommendation for employment] ◙ Alice Lucy Gushurst, Kansas City, 1908 ◙ Nell Pigg, Kansas City, 1910 ◙ May Merrell, [Kansas City],m 1908 ◙ Helen McDonna, Kansas City, 1908 ◙ Anna May DeMoss, Kansas City, 1909 ◙ Anita Baird, Kansas City, 1908 ◙ Hazel Cantonwine, Kansas City, 1908 ◙ Fay Garner, Kansas City, 1908 ◙ Ruth Spicey, Kansas City, 1908 ◙ RF Palmer, Chicago, 1909 ◙ Verna L Dunagan, Centre Point, IN, 1913 ◙ Ella M Chadwick, Ft Smith, AR, 1913, & Ft Dodge, IA, 1914 ◙ Harry Howard, Kansas City, 1914 ◙ John B Scott, University of Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy, for his daughter, 1914
G1/5:10 Requests and/or Thanks for Letters of Reference, 1898, 1902, 1912-14
◙ WH Small, Chelsea, MA Public Schools, re George I Harvey, & Greenwood’s reply, 1898 ◙ Lulu Blackburn, Brooklyn, 1902 (2) ◙ George R Dean, Rolla, MO, 1912 ◙ Verna L Dunagan, Centre Point, IN, 1914 ◙ Medora H Ingraham, [Kansas City], 1914 ◙ Mary Harrington-Schwarz, Kirksville, MO, 1914 ◙ Ella M C [Chadwick], Ft Smith, 1913 ◙ AE Wardner, Norman, OK, for Julie Wardner, enclosing letters of reference from University of Oklahoma professors, 1914 ◙ John Milner, Albuquerque Public Schools, re OA Wood, 1914  
G1/5:11 Reports to the Kansas City Board of Education
◙ Milton Fairchild, National Institution for Moral Instruction. Report to the Kansas City Board of Education Regarding Special Visual Moral Instruction in Grammar Schools, 11-27 Mar 1913.  ◙ JH Markley and FS Casey. Report on Swimming Pools and Gymnasiums, 28 Oct 1913. ◙ JS Markley. Report on Primary and Kindergarten Schools, nd. ◙ [Proposed] Amendment to Rule 49, Rules and Regulations of the School District of Kansas City, Missouri, nd.
G1/5:12 Retirement of J. Crawford James from Kansas City Board of Education, 1912
◙ JM Greenwood. The Service of J. Crawford James as a Member and Officer of the Board of Education.  Typescript, nd.  ◙ Letter to the Board from James re his service and retirement.
G1/5:13 Letters of Resignation or Dismissal from the Kansas City Public Schools, 1892, 1901, 1913
G1/5:14 Papers by JM Greenwood re School Administration, Typescripts, nd
The Relation of the Superintendent to the Board of Education [draft and final versions] ◙ City Superintendents of Some Schools. Letter to the [Kansas City] Star.  School Organization, Administration and Instruction  ◙ “Supervision of  Schools” [typescript and clipping from The Superintendent’s Report]  Supervision of City Schools  Supervision  Supervision in General. Manuscript, nd. ◙ The Monopolizing Woman Teacher
G1/5:15 Papers re High Schools, Manu- /Typescripts, nd
◙ JM Greenwood. Influence of the High School [incomplete, final page(s) missing] ◙ JM Greenwood. The Character of Instruction in the High Schools  ◙ JM Greenwood. Thoughts on Improving High Schools  [Draft and incomplete typescript with final page(s) missing]  ◙ JM Grenwood. Untitled manuscript re class sizes in high schools ◙ Benjamin C Gruenberg. What is the Matter With Our High Schools?  np: the author, nd.   [“Compliments of the author”]
G1/5:16 Greenwood Articles Clipped from Journal of Education
◙ “School Problems” (28 Nov 1912) ◙ “The Achievements of Fifty Years” (15 Aug 1912) ◙ “Simplicity in Graduating Exercises” (7 Mar 1912) ◙ “Some Guides to be Applied” (11 Sept 1913) ◙ “Laying in a Stock of Learning” (27 Mar 1913)
G1/5:17 Papers by JM Greenwood re Philosophy and Purpose of Education, Typescripts, nd
A Training Department  What Schools Are For  What Is the Object of Education
G1/5:18 Outlines on Various Topics Including Teaching, School Administration, Philosophy and Purpose of Education, Students
◙ Life and Education ◙ Teachableness ◙ The Lesson ◙ Some Standards of Measurement in Education ◙ Higher Education ◙ The Scope of Education ◙ Habits of Thought ◙ The Thinking Process ◙ Temperance ◙ Life As a Development ◙ --- Literature [beginning of title torn off] ◙ How Shall the Child Study? ◙ World Building-World Measures ◙ Attitudes of Teacher and Pupils in Recitation ◙ On Drawing ◙ Hanus’s and McMurry’s Tests ◙ Christianity
G1/5:19 Correspondence re Greenwood’s Retirement, 1913-14
◙ Greenwood to Board of Education (2) ◙ JK West, Kansas City ◙ Frank A. Fitzpatrick, Boston  ◙ JB Jackson, Jr, Secretary, Board of Education ◙ Louis M. Dillman’s business card w/ noted clipping from Kansas City Star, nd
G1/5:20 Resignation & Death of Central High School Principal Edwin C White, 1906-07
◙ “Resignation of Dr Edwin C White” clipped from Superintendent’s Annual Report; includes White’s letter of resignation, the Boad’s Resolution of Respect and Greenwood’s tribute ◙ Clippings re death of Edwin Clay White, retired Principal of Central High School, [Kansas City Star, 1907]
G1/5:21 Departmental Reports to the Superintendent Clipped from The Board of Education Superintendent’s Report
◙ Music 1897, 1901, 1903, 1904  ◙ Physical Culture/Calisthenics 1890, 1891, 1893 [incomplete], 1901, 1903, 1904  ◙ Kindergarten 1901, 1903, 1904  ◙ Drawing 1897, 1903, 1904
G1/5:22 Articles and Papers by JM Greenwood, Typescripts, nd 
[unless otherwise noted]
◙ School Statistics - No Uniformity  On Education  The Social Function of the School and Getting At It  The Educational Movement  A Seven Year Course for Elementary Schools and a Five Year Course for Secondary Schools  A Plea for Universal Education  The Organization and Classification of Schools for Exceptional Children, 31 Oct 1910
G1/5:23 Questionnaires
◙ To Principals of Kansas City Public Schools re Pedagogy  ◙ To Principals re Schools and Education  ◙ To Students re Favorite Classes and Books
G1/5:24 Papers Read Before the Principals’ Section, 24 May 1906
◙ Louise Birkenhauer. What Kind of School Work the People Should Expect of Principals and Teachers. ◙ Elizabeth Buchanan. What Should the People Expect of Principals and Teachers?
G1/5:25 Kansas City School District Map, 1912
G1/5:26 Student Statistics, Kansas City Schools
◙ Humboldt School, 20 Oct 1910  ◙ Martin School, 9 Apr 1913
G1/5:27 Reports from Kansas City High Schools re Size of Classes, 1914
◙ Central High School, Second Term, 1913-1914  ◙ Central High School, 2 Mar 1914  ◙ Northeast High School, 11 Mar 1914  ◙ Westport High School, 10 Mar 1914  ◙ Lincoln High School, 19 Mar 1914  ◙ Manual Training High School, 24 Mar 1914
G1/5:28 Programs of the Kansas City High Schools, 1911-14
◙ Westport High School ▪ Sept 1911 ▪ Sept 1913 ◙ Central High School ▪ First Term 1911-12 ▪ Second Term 1913-14 ◙ Northeast High School, First Term 1913-14 ◙ Announcement and Courses of Study of the Northeast High School, 1913-1914 ◙ Hand-written schedule for unidentified school, Second Term 1914, written on the back of  “Text Books Authorized by the Board of Directors for Use in the High Schools of Kansas City, Mo., June 1, 1912” ◙ [Manual Training High School], 23 Jan 1914 [2 sheets] ◙ “Text Books, 1913-14, Authorized by the Board of Directors for Use in the High Schools of Kansas City, Mo., with Prices”
G1/5:29 Reports on Failures in Kansas City High Schools, 1912-14
◙ Westport High School Failures, 17 Jan 1913 and 23 Jan 1914 ◙ Westport High School Freshman Failures, 19 Jan 1912, 17 Jan 1913 and 23 Jan 1914 ◙ Manual Training High School Freshman Failures, First Term 1912-1913* and 1913-1914; *accompanied by  Frank Cushman, Jr. First Year Failures in High School - Causes and Remedies, 1913. ◙ Central High School Freshman Failures, 1913-1914 ◙ Central High School Failures, 1913-1914
G1/5:30 Report by JM Greenwood to Superintendent II Cammack on Kansas City High Schools, 21 May 1914
Includes handwritten draft and final typed report
G1/5:31 Materials re Medical Inspection in Public Schools, 1907-08
◙ Questionnaire from Committee on Physical Welfare of School Children, 1908. ◙ Memo to Chairman of the School Committee from MA State Board of Education, 1908. ◙ Articles from The Minneapolis Journal re medical inspection of students at Franklin School, nd. ◙ Dr JW van Derslice re questionnaire for American Medical Association’s project on “The Present Status of the School Child” ◙ HP Lewis, Worchester, MA Public Schools ◙ AK Whitcomb, Lowell, MA Public Schools
G1/5:32 Responses to Greenwood’s Survey re Dental Inspections in City Schools, 1912
◙ From Superintendents in Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Chicago, St Louis. ◙ “Rules and Regulations of the Department of Hygiene”. [St Louis] Public School Messenger 10:3 (Jan 1912).
G1/5:33 Correspondence from Dr Joseph D Elliff, High School Inspector, University of Missouri Teachers College, 1908
G1/5:34 Petition by JM Greenwood, FD Tharpe and II Cammack to Kansas City Board of Education re Changes in Administrative Procedures, 10 Oct 1912
G1/5:35 Report to the Committee on Shortening the School Term in Kansas City, Missouri, 1911
Includes chart of local temperatures for June and Sept, 1888-1911
G1/5:36 Correspondence from Kansas City Teachers, Former Teachers and Other Employees, 1895-98, 1901, 1903
◙ Henry A White, Los Angeles, 1895-96 (2) ◙ Grace M Ross, [Kansas City], 1896, Colorado Springs, 1898 (2)  ◙ C Hoffman, [Kansas City], nd ◙ Mary Riekman, Helena, 1897 ◙ Sarah Elizabeth Crinch, Kansas City, 1897 ◙ JW Shelton, [Kansas City], 1897 ◙Bettie Walker, Fayette, MO, 1897 ◙ Josephine Heermans, Ridgeway, MO, & South Bend, IN, 1897 & Corning, NY, 1897 (3) ◙ GW Armstrong, Kansas City, 1897 ◙ Ella (Superintendent’s Office Clerk), Kansas City, 1898 ◙ Jennie C Houghton, Wood’s Hole, MA, 1901 ◙ Rose Baxter, Warrensburg, MO, 1903
G1/5:37 Correspondence from Elizabeth Buchanan, 1892, 1897-99
G1/5:38 Copies of Pre-employment Letters Written to AE Wardner in 1890
G1/5:39 WE Griffin.  The Recitation.  Manuscript, nd.
G1/5:40 Outlines on Various Topics Including School Administration, Teaching, Philosophy and Purpose of Education, Students
◙ Administration of Education ◙ Examinations of Teachers and Pupils ◙ Advice to Pupils ◙ Civilization ◙ The College Student and His Problems ◙ The Curriculum of Looseness ◙ The Teacher ◙ Conferences ◙ Purpose of the Recitation  ◙ Subjects for Lectures - Principals and Teachers ◙ Education is Conscious Evolution ◙ Sketches from Concord and Appledore by Frank Preston Stearns ◙ The Teaching Process
G1/5:41 Materials on Geography
◙ Notes & Outlines ▪ Geography as a Basis of History ▪ Value of Political History ▪ Conditions of Society That Make History ▪ Egypt  ▪ Greece
G1/5:42 Notes and Outlines on Various Topics
◙ Interesting and Fundamental Questions ◙ Suggestions to All Teachers ◙ Normal Schools ◙  Problems of Philosophy ◙ Some Phases of Education ◙ Some Thoughts from Ritchie ◙ Writing  ◙ Where Aggregations of People are Formed ◙ Principles Governing the Selection of Reading Books for Children; Stages of Investigation ◙ Kinds of Knowledge ◙ Facts, Things and Fancies in Education ◙ Some Things to Observe in the Recitation ◙ Christopher Dock’s Rules ◙ Old Ebenezer ◙ Sizing Up a Teacher ◙ Estimates of Self ◙ Inequalities ◙ Habits ◙ Reading ◙ Kinds of Reading ◙ Knowledge and Logical Method ◙ Chicago Principles on the Recitation ◙ Waste in Reading ◙ Educational Tendencies ◙ Experimental Studies ◙ A Normal Child ◙ The Value of Psychology ◙ Practical and Theoretical Education ◙ The Successful Teacher’s Way ◙ Teacher’s Qualifications ◙ Kindergarten Theory ◙ Coultour Culture ◙ Administration of Education ◙ Genius vs Vanity ◙ Misdirected Energy ◙  Some Simple Arithmetical Exercises
G1/5:43 Abstracts of Papers Presented at an American Prison Association Conference re Problem Children, Misfits and Criminals, nd.
◙ George Vidal, The Role of Punishment  ◙ Dr Gennat The Death Penalty The Families of Prisoners  ◙ Mr Brueck-Faber Special Penalties Supplementary Sentences Conditional Sentences Anticipative Liberation The Families of Prisoners Conspiracy in Crime Tramps and Beggars ◙ Hartvig Nissen, The Death Penalty  ◙ JV Roos The Death Penalty in the Transvaal The Indeterminate Sentence ◙ Sir Evelyn Ruggles-Brise, Supplementary Penalties ◙ Dr Rusztem, The Indeterminate Sentence ◙ Ugo Conti, The Indeterminate Sentence  ◙ Giustino de Sanctis The Indeterminate Sentence The Classification of Criminals  ◙ Ernest Friedman, The Indeterminate Sentence ◙ Gabriele Napodano, The Indeterminate Sentence ◙ R Garraudm, The Indeterminate Sentence and Conditional Release ◙ ADH Fockema, Conditional Liberation ◙ Axel Smedal, Conditional Liberation ◙ Robert Jacobsen, Suspended Sentence ◙ Alfred de Doleschall, Sentences Pronounced by Foreign Tribunals ◙ E Zürcher, Concerning Sentences Pronounced by Foreign Tribunals ◙ RW Branthwaite, The Treatment of Intemperate Criminals ◙ HB Donkin, The Treatment of Habitual Drunkards ◙ James S Gibbons The Borstal System Intemperate Criminals: How They are Treated in Ireland ◙ Dr Legrain, Special Institutions for Intemperate Criminals ◙ Paul Angyal de Sikabony, Prisoners’ Families ◙ Paul Neander Abnormal Children with Vicious Propensities Children Born Out of Wedlock  Idleness and Mendacity in Children Juvenile Courts ◙ Henry H Goddard, Feeble-Minded Children with Dangerous Tendencies ◙ J Chr. Hagen, Special Institutions for Children with Dangerous Moral Tendencies ◙ Dr Decroly, Special Institutions for Children with Dangerous Moral Tendencies
◙ Arthur Charles Szilagyi, Illegitimate Children ◙ Rosa M. Barrett, The Children’s Act  ◙ JD Robertson, Juvenile Delinquents ◙ Albert Vidal-Naquet, Juvenile Delinquents ◙ Dr Godin, Juvenile Delinquents ◙ Aurel Lengyl, Juvenile Delinquents ◙ Eugene de Balogh, Juvenile Delinquents [2c] ◙ Simon Van Der Aa, Juvenile Delinquents ◙ Mr de Casabianca, Juvenile Delinquents ◙ AS Goldenweiser, The Procedure for Juvenile Delinquents ◙ Abbe Alexander Bianchi ▪ The Reformation of Juvenile Offenders ▪ Idleness and Begging Among Children  ◙ DO Engelen, Vagabonds and Beggars ◙ Ernest Bertrand, Juvenile Vagabonds ◙ F de Finkey, Vagabondage and Begging ◙ C Eardley-Wilmot, Vagrants and Beggars ◙ Serge Posnischeff, Vagabondage and Mendacity ◙ Cesar Perozzi, Conspiracy in Crime ◙ E Garçon, Accomplices in Crime ◙ Amedee Mourral, The Effects of Modern Penal Legislation  ◙ Fernando Cadalso, The Modern Penitentiary System ◙ Segelke Thrap, Industries in Small Prisons ◙ Leon Bathes, Work in Small Prisons ◙ N Loutchinsky, Work for Small Prisons
G1/5:44 Correspondence re Oklahoma Education Association Department of Superintendents’ Meeting, April 1914
◙ Stratton D Brooks, University of Oklahoma ◙ GV Buchanan, Oklahoma City Board of Education (2) ◙ JL Lindsay, University of Oklahoma ◙ SM Barrett, University of Oklahoma ◙ Program of Roundtable Discussions for Department of City Superintendents
G1/5:45 Responses from College Presidents and Public School Superintendents to Greenwood’s Questionnaire re Subjects to be Taught in Elementary Schools, 1913
Presidents ▪ Nicholas Murray Butler, Columbia ▪ G Stanley Hull, Clark Univ ▪ Harry Pratt Judson, Univ of Chicago ▪ Robert J Alay, Univ of Maine ▪ EH Lewis, Lewis Institute ▪ Hill McClelland Bell, Drake ▪ Arthur T Hadley, Yale ▪ CG Pearse, State Normal School, Milwaukee ▪ Henry Louis Smith, Washington & Lee ▪ CH Stockton, George Washington, Washington, DC ▪ Charles G Maplus, Professor of Education, Univ of Virginia ▪ AW Harris, Northwestern ▪ JP Greene, William Jewell ▪ Homer H Seerley, Iowa State Teachers College ▪ George R Rose, DePauw ▪ HB Hutchins, Univ of Michigan ▪ Robert E Blackwell, Randolph-Macon ▪ Joseph H George, Drury ▪ MW Stryker, Hamilton College ▪ Harry A Garfield, Williams College ▪ James R Day, Syracuse ▪ I Wolf, St Benedict’s College ◙ Superintendents ▪ John P Garber, Philadelphia ▪ Ella Flagg Young, Chicago ▪ J H Francis, Los Angeles ▪ Frank D Dyer, Boston ▪ JAC Chandler, Richmond ▪ JM Gunn, New Orleans ▪ JMH Frederick, Cleveland ▪ CE Chadsey, Detroit ▪ Henry P Emerson, Buffalo ▪Lawton B Evans, Augusta ▪ William H Maxwell, New York City ▪ Ben Blewett, St Louis ▪ AB Toland, Newark AW ▪ MC Paine, St Paul ▪ James H Van Sickle, Springfield, MA ▪ William H Smiley, Denver  ◙ President unavailable, “no response” reply sent by secretary ▪ Hill, Univ of Missouri ▪ Smith, Univ of Pennsylvania ▪ Wheeler, Univ of California ▪ Van Hise, Univ of Wisconsin ▪ Vincent, Univ of Minnesota ▪ James, Univ of Illinois
G1/5:46 Review of Dr Frank M. McMurry’s Elementary Schools and Standards.  Typescript, nd
◙ Four Drafts ▪ Manuscript ▪ Typescript with handwritten revisions ▪ Author’s finished typescript ▪ Publisher’s edited draft ◙ Related correspondence with The Educational Review.
G1/5:47 Articles by Greenwood re Elementary Schools, Typescripts, nd
The Administrative Side of Graded Schools Relation Between High School and Ward School Studies Strengthening the Work in the Elementary Grades (draft & final versions)
G1/5:48 Lewis Gustafson.  A New Task for the Public Schools. Typescript, nd
G1/5:49 Materials on School Statistics
Preliminary Census of Exceptional Children, Elementary Public Schools of New Orleans. NO Board of Education-Tulane University Study, Form A, 1 Feb 1913. ◙ Oliver P Cornman, Philadelphia Public Schools, 23 Apr 1908. ◙ CC Starr’s Survey on numbers of text books, by category, used in north central United States Schools, 1913. ◙ Roland P Falkner. “Some Uses of Statistics in the Supervision of Schools”. Reprint from The Psychological Clinic 3:1 (Jan 1909); with letter of transmittal  Some Interesting Statistics [Missouri Taxes and Education]. Typescript, nd.
G1/5:50 JM Greenwood. Correlation of Studies.  The author: nd.
[2nd copy catalogued]
G1/5:51 Articles re Study by Greenwood, Typescripts, nd
Directing Teachers and Pupils How to StudyProfessional StudyTime to Stop and Think!
G1/5:52 Teacher Rating Forms [blanks]
G1/5:53 Articles re Teachers by Greenwood, Typescripts, nd
The Teacher To the Teacher The Kansas City School Teachers The Scarcity of Trained Teachers Licensing Teachers Qualified Teachers What Teachers Can Do for Pupils Suggestions to Teachers
G1/5:54 Notes and Outlines re Teachers
◙ Management and Teaching [possibly draft for an exam] ◙ Teaching and Social Service ◙ “Basis for Judging Teachers” [unidentified clipping] ◙ The Task of the ◙ Thoughts for Thoughtful Teachers [unidentified clipping]
G1/5:55 Correspondence and Newspaper Clippings re Jackson County Medical Society’s Charges That Greenwood Provided Names of  “Deficient” School Children to Patent Drug Company for Commercial Use, 1897-98
G1/5:56 Correspondence and Newspaper Clippings re Textbook Controversy, 1897
G1/5:57 Responses from Public School Superintendents to Greenwood’s Questionnaire re Hours Schools Are in Session, 1911
◙ Samuel Andrews, Pittsburgh ◙ JH Collins, Springfield, IL ◙ Printed schedule in lieu of written response, Cincinnati ◙ Frank Rigler, Portland, OR ◙ Gerard T Smith, Peoria ◙ RB Dudgeon, Madison ◙ William O Riddell, Des Moines ◙ CM Jordan, Minneapolis ◙ Gustave Straubenmüller, New York City
G1/5:58 Professional Organizations Meeting Programs
◙ Second Meeting of the Missouri Society of Teachers of English & Modern Languages, 26-27 Dec 1907 ◙ Eighteenth Annual Session of the Southern Educational Association, 26-28 Dec 1907 ◙ Seventh Annual Meeting of the Missouri Society of Teachers of Mathematics and Science, 5-6 May 1911 ◙ The National Council of Teachers of English, 1911-1912 ◙ The Conference for Education in the South, 3-5 Apr 1912.
G1/5:59 Articles About Children by JM Greenwood, Typescripts, nd
The Child  Playthings for Children  Whipping Bad Boys  To Young People in School  What Children Know Rushing Children Through School
G1/5:60 [Superintendent, Brooklyn Public Schools].  How to Help the Backward Child. Typescript, nd. [Note: the first line of this article is, “As far back as 1887, when I became superintendent of schools in Brooklyn, …”.  This identifies the author as William H Maxwell who was Brooklyn’s Superintendent of Public Instruction in 1887.  Maxwell, Supt of New York City Schools in 1911, made an address to his Principals using the same title but not identical text.  A copy of that speech is in the catalogued collection.]
G1/5:61 Correspondence re Complaints About Administration of Kansas City Schools, 1897, 1912
◙ James Patterson, Kansas City ◙ JL Root, Root Grain Co, Kansas City; Greenwood’s reply
G1/5:62 Correspondence re Education for Negro Children, 1903, 1913-14
◙ G Stanley Hull, Clark University ◙ George T Wassom, Attorney-at-Law, Kansas City ◙ Joe E Herriford, Lincoln School, Kansas City ◙ Bessie Locke, National Kindergarten Association ◙ Extracts from an address by PP Claxton, US Commissioner of Education
G1/5:63 Greenwood’s Letter to the President of the United States [Woodrow Wilson] re Use of Negro Troops in War with Mexico
◙ Letter to the President, 21 Apr 1914 ◙ Acknowledgment of Receipt from the US Adjutant General, 1 May 1914 ◙ Clipping of Greenwood’s letter printed in a Kansas City newspaper  ◙ Two negative responses to clipping, one each from a black man and a white man, 22 Apr 1914
G1/5:64 Articles by Greenwood re Principals
◙ Memo to Principals and Teachers re “Professional Study”, 15 Oct 1912  Supervision by Principals. Manuscript, nd. ◙ How Superintendents and Principals Can Help Teachers.  Qualifications of Principals. Typescript, nd
G1/5:65 Clippings re Greenwood’s Choice of The New York Journal As a Supplementary Text in Kansas City Public Schools, 1897
Includes letter from Stephen Jenkins, New York City
G1/5:66 Correspondence with Lotus D Coffman Soliciting Greenwood to Write a Book on School Supervision for DC Heath & Company, 1913-14
G1/5:67 Missouri Legislation Related to Education, 47th General Assembly, 1913
◙ Memo from Legislative Committee, State Teachers’ Association listing proposed legislation, 25 Jan 1913 ◙ HB201, adding Labor Day and New Years Day to school holidays ◙ HB275, re provision for teacher-training courses ◙ HB 350, re organization of consolidated and rural high schools ◙ Carbon copy draft of SB118, re free education for certain age groups ◙ Resolution to the General Assembly re constitutional amendments and other legislation pertaining to education by James A Robeson, Liberty, MO and Arthur Lee, Clinton, MO  ◙ Report of the Attorney to the City of St Louis Board of Education re recommendations to the General Assembly for legislation concerning free education of 5-6 year old children, 14 Jan 1913 (galley proof)
G1/5:68 Articles re Education by Greenwood, Manuscripts, nd
Education Is a Large Subject Building Up Knowledge in the Pupil’s Mind [incomplete]   Educational Unballast ◙ “Educational Notes”; list of 43 points on the definition, philosophy and importance of education
G1/5:69 Transcripts of Articles from the Kansas City Times re 1878-1883 School Board Elections
G1/5:70 GT Johnson. “The Pollard Method of Reading” The Board of Education Superintendent’s Report, nd
G1/5:71 JM Greenwood.  “What Some Children Know About Common Things”.   The Board of Education Superintendent’s Report, nd.
G1/5:72 Greenwood’s Opinions of Candidates Being Considered for High School Principalships, 17 Mar 1913
G1/6:1 JM Gwinn.  The Scholastic Function of the School to the Community It Serves, New Orleans: Typescript, 1914.
Includes correspondence re the paper
G1/6:2 Greenwood’s Report to Superintendent Cammack on Kansas City High Schools, [1914]
G1/6:3 Employment Forms Used by Hannibal, MO Public Schools
◙ Application for Teacher’s Position ◙ Letter of Inquiry [request for reference] ◙ Notification of Election and Teacher’s Contract  ◙ [application for] Teacher’s Health Certificate
G1/6:4 Materials re Courses of Study
Course of Study for the High Schools of Chicago. Chicago: Board of Education, 1912. ◙ JM Greenwood. Courses of Reading for School Children, Teachers, and General Readers. Kansas City: Ramsey, Millert & Hudson, nd. ◙ First Grade Reading. np:nd. ◙ Adelaide V Finch. Syllabi for Child Study. np: Lewiston Normal Training School, nd. Accompanied by “Criticism Blank”.
G1/6:5 Articles by JM Greenwood re Courses of Study, Typescripts, nd
The Course of Study  Specialism in Course of Study  Outline Course of Study [for the] Tarr and McMurry New Geographies
G1/6:6 Materials from Teachers’ Institutes
◙ Program for Annual Institute of the Teachers of the City and County of San Antonio, Dec 1910 ◙ State Teachers’ Institutes Series of 1898-99: Outline. Lansing, MI: Department of Public Instruction, 1898. ◙ State of Indiana County Institutes 1913. [calendar] Indianapolis: State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1913. ◙ Circular for the Teachers’ Institutes. Madison: The Institute Committee of the Board of Regents of Normal Schools, 1899. ◙ Program of the Conference of [Wisconsin] High School Teachers, 1902 ◙ Program for Cambridge City [state?] Teachers’ Institute, 17-21 Aug 1908 ◙ Program for the Teachers’ Institute of Reading, Pa, 1908 ◙ Program for the Sullivan County [MO] Teachers’ Institute, nd
G1/6:7 Reports and Correspondence re Visits to Schools in St. Louis, Cleveland, Boston, New York, Detroit, Milwaukee & Chicago, Jan 1913
G1/6:8 Correspondence from Public School Superintendents (Missouri)
◙ J Fairbanks, Springfield, 1904 ◙ WF Jamison, Chillicothe, 1897 ◙ JA Burnside, Bosworth, 1914 ◙ RG Kinkead, Kirkwood, 1902-03  ◙ EB Neely, St. Joseph, 1889, 1895, 1902 ◙ AR Coburn, Chillicothe, Business card accompanying flyer “Credit Given to Chillicothe High School Students for Home or Continuation Work”, nd  
G1/6:9 Correspondence with Public School Superintendents (Other States)
◙ Edwin P Seaver, Boston, 1903 ◙ Edward Brooks, Philadelphia, 1895  ◙ Asst Supt FV Thompson, Boston, 1911 ◙ William M Slaton, Atlanta, 1912-13 ◙ Frank L Smart, Davenport, 1913 ◙ EG Cooley, Chicago, 1901, 1904 ◙ Albert G Lane, Chicago, 1894-96, 1904 ◙ Ella Flagg Young, Chicago, 1913  ◙ R Randolph Jones, Petersburg, VA, 1913 ◙ Aaron Gove, Arapaho County, CO, 1896, Denver, 1904  ◙ AJ Smith, St Paul, 1904 ◙ John W Carr, Dayton, 1908, Bayonne, 1913 ◙ Martin G Brumbaugh, Philadelphia, 1908 ◙ GB Milnor, Lycoming County, PA, 1914 ◙ Francis Cogswell, Cambridge, MA, 1903 ◙ George B Neff, Libby, MT, 1913 ◙ CS Risdon, Independence, KS, 1913 ◙ James H Van Sickle, Springfield, MA, 1913 ◙ EH Mark, Louisville, 1904 ◙ JH Collins, Springfield, IL, 1904 ◙ John W Barton, Deming, NM, 1903 ◙ Louis P Nash, Holyoke, 1903 ◙ CB Gilbert, Newark, 1896 ◙ Joseph C Hisey, Council Bluffs, 1896
G1/6:10 Correspondence from LE Wolfe, Superintendent of Schools, San Antonio, TX and Memphis, TN, 1897, 1903, 1912-1914
Includes reprint of Thrift: The need Among the Rising Generation of America, Wolfe’s Address to the National Brick Manufacturers’ Association, 1914.
G1/6:11 Correspondence from Frank A Fitzpatrick, Superintendent of Schools, Omaha & Leavenworth, later Textbook Editor, American Book Company, 1881-1904
G1/6:12 Correspondence with F Louis Soldan, Superintendent of Instruction, St. Louis, 1895, 1902-04, 1907
G1/6:13 Correspondence with William H Maxwell, Superintendent of Schools, New York City, 1899, 1913
G1/6:14 Correspondence with Ben Blewett, Superintendent of Instruction, St. Louis, 1910-14
Includes copy of SB118, 1913 [see G1/5:73 for typed draft of this bill]
G1/6:15 Correspondence with Howard A Gass, Missouri State Superintendent of Schools, 1907-10
Includes Special Message of Governor Joseph W. Folk Concerning Reform in Taxation, Including Report of Tax Commission, 16 January 1907.  Jefferson City: The Hugh Stephens Printing Company, 1907.  
G1/6:16 Correspondence with State School Superintendents (Other States), 1889-1914
◙ John Hancock, Ohio, 1889 ◙ AA Kincannon, Mississippi, 1897 ◙ Thomas J. Kirk, California, 1899 ◙ LD Harvey, Wisconsin, 1901 ◙ CR Cary, Wisconsin, 1903 ◙ Alfred Bayliss, Illinois, 1904 ◙ Andrew S Draper, New York, 1904 ◙ Herbert S Weet, New York, 1913 ◙ Francis G. Blair, Illinois, 1914 ◙ Maine Teacher Certificate Forms from WW Stetson, 1901
G1/6:17 Correspondence with Public School Principals, 1890-1914
◙ Calvin Patterson, Brooklyn Central School, Brooklyn, NY, 1890 ◙ John T Buchanan, Boys’ High School, New York, NY, 1897 ◙ CM Woodward, Washington University Manual Training School, St Louis, MO, 1902 ◙ Wilbur H Bender, Iowa State Normal School Advanced Training School, Cedar Falls, IA, 1902 ◙ Reuben Post Halleck, Male High School, Louisville, KY, 1903 ◙ Arthur M. Wolfson, DeWitt Clinton High School, New York, NY, 1903  ◙ George M Phillips, West Chester, PA, 1907 ◙ Edward Rynearson, Fifth Ave High School, Pittsburgh, PA, 1913 ◙ George S Bryant, Central High School, Independence, MO, 1914 ◙ William J. Brogan, Albert G Lane Technical School, Chicago, IL, 1914
G1/6:18 Correspondence from William McAndrew, Principal Washington Irving High School, New York, NY, 1902, 1907
Includes New Things in Education.  Address to the Schoolmasters’ Club, Typescript, 1907
G1/6:19 Inquiries re Opening of the Kansas City Superintendent’s Position Due to Greenwood’s Retirement, 1913
G1/6:20 Correspondence from Alex B Coffey, Columbia University, 1903
G1/6:21 New York Schools, Special Events, 1912
◙ Program for Anniversary Festival at the Brooklyn Training School for Teachers in Honor of William H. Maxwell, 1912  ◙ Invitation and Program for Dedication of New York State Education Building, 15-17 Oct 1912
G1/6:22 Correspondence Between Henry Sabin and Nicholas Murray Butler re Butler’s Editorial on the Leadership of the National Education Association, 1897 [2c]
G1/6:23 Materials on Metropolitan School Systems
Official Proceedings.  Grand Rapids: Board of Education of the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1913. ◙ “$15,000,000 Budget for the Schools / What the Chicago Public Schools Will Cost for 1911”. [unidentified newspaper clipping]  Report of Special Committee on Reorganization of [Mount Vernon, NY] High School, 1912.
G1/6:24 Greenwood’s Reviews of Publications re New York City Schools, Typescripts, nd
Dr Ernest Carroll Moore’s ‘How New York City Administers its Schools’; typed draft with handwritten revisions and publisher’s edits; stamped “Received Jul 26 1913 Eschenbach Printing Co. Easton, Pa.” ◙ The New York City School Report for the Year 1911; typed draft with handwritten revisions; stamped “8 AM Mar 20 1912” on back of last page copy of the report  Thirteenth Annual Report of the City Superintendent of Schools, 1910-11. New York: Department of Education, The City of New York, 1911.
G1/6:25 Syllabi and Other Publications re the Philadelphia Public Schools
The Course of Study in Geography for the Public Schools of Philadelphia, 1908. ◙ Course of Instruction in Sewing Including Pattern Drafting for the Girls of the Public Schools of Philadelphia, 1909. ◙ Instructions for the Teaching of Penmanship in the Philadelphia Public Schools, 1909. ◙ The Course of Study in Language for the Public Schools of Philadelphia, 1908.  The Course of Study in Physiology and Hygiene for the Grammar Grades of the Public Schools of Philadelphia, 1911. ◙ Philadelphia Teachers Association.  To the Board of Public Education. Document No. 4. December 1911. ◙ School Lunches in Philadelphia: Third Annual Report 1912-1913. Philadelphia: School Lunch Committee of the Home and School League, 1913. [note: “Third” Annual Report on cover; “Second” on title page]  Public Education Association of Philadelphia 25th Annual Report.  Philadelphia: the Association, [1906].
G1/6:26 Connecticut School and Public Library Documents
Arbor and Bird Day Annual for April 18, 1913. Connecticut School Doc No 3-1913. ◙ Scheme of State Examinations. Connecticut School Doc No 6-1908. ◙ Catalogue: State Normal-Training School, New Haven, Connecticut, 1912-1913. Connecticut School Doc No 8-1912. ◙ Bills Relating to Schools Presented to General Assembly January Session 1913. Connecticut School Doc No 2-1913.  Address of Simeon E Baldwin, LLD, at the Laying of the Corner-Stone of the Connecticut State Library and Supreme Court Building, Hartford, 25 May 1909. Connecticut Public Library Doc No 1-1910.Hartford: Connecticut Public Library Committee, 1910.  
G1/6:27 Correspondence re Gary, IN Public Schools’ System of Education, 1913-14
G1/6:28 Materials on Cincinnati Schools
Cincinnati High Schools Course of Study, Boundaries of Districts, Text Books and General Information, 1910-1911. Cincinnati: Board of Education, 1910.◙ Cincinnati High School Inquiry”, survey by Henry S West, University of Cincinnati, nd. ◙ Cincinnati Evening Industrial Schools, nd. [catalogue/brochure] ◙ Cincinnati Evening Schools, nd. [catalogue/brochure]  Catalogue of Lantern slides for Use in the Public Schools of Cincinnati, Ohio, 1909-10. ◙ Memo from the Committee on Continuation Schools to the Board of Education re recommendations for 1911, along with Concerning the Child Labor and Compulsory Education Laws [information pamphlet c1910], and Child Employment Certificate form.
G1/6:29 Correspondence with Canadian and British Educators
◙ JA McLellan, Ontario Normal College, 1897 ◙ James L Hughes, Toronto Public School Inspector, 1892, 1913 ◙ John Adams, University of London, 1913-14 ◙ Alfred Mosely, London, 1907 ◙ HJ Silver, Protestant Board of School Commissioners of Montreal, 1910.
G1/6:30 Materials re Education and Schools in Canada, Britain & Germany
◙ Programme and Announcements: Dominion Educational Association [Annual Meeting], 13-16 July 1909. ◙ [Program of the] Ontario Education Association “Jubilee Year”. [Ottawa]: Public School Department, OEA, 1910. ◙ Public School Department Resolutions, 1907.  Ontario Educational Association. ◙ Calendar: Provincial Normal College Session 1911-12. Truro: Novia Scotia: the College, 1911. ◙ EW Thomson. “South African Schools: The Big Issue Facing the New Government”. The Ottawa Transcript, nd. [clipping] ◙ G.T. Johnson.  Abstract of F. Louis Soldan’s Paper “The Economic and the Social Sides of the German Schools”. Typescript, 1897.
G1/6:31 Correspondence from EE White, 1891, 1893, 1901
Includes “The Grube Method” and “The Grube Method, Again”. Reprint from Indiana School Journal [1891].
G1/6:32 Correspondence from College and University Officials, 1888-1914
◙ President William R Harper, University of Chicago, 1903 ◙ President William H Black, Missouri Valley College, 1914 ◙ Principal Daniel B Hagas, State Normal School, Salem, MA, 1888 ◙ Chancellor Robert B Fulton, University of Mississippi, 1902-03  ◙ Vice President OP Kinsey, Valparaiso University, 1910 ◙ President WT Carrington, Fourth District State Normal School, 1908 ◙ Principal John W Withers, Harris Teachers College, 1913-14 ◙ Registrar CM McConn, University of Illinois, 1914 ◙ President George L Osborne, Second District State Normal School, 1897 ◙ President Rush Rhees, University of Rochester, 1903 ◙ President William J Milne, New York State Normal College, 1894 ◙ President EB Craighead, Second District State Normal School, 1904 ◙ President Andrew S Draper, University of Illinois, 1902-03 ◙ President HJ Waters, Kansas State Agricultural College, 1913-14 ◙ President G Stanley Hull, Clark University, 1902 ◙ President RH Halsey, State Normal School, Oshkosh, 1902 ◙ Dean Charles Hughes, University of Kansas School of Education, 1912 ◙ President Edmund Dandridge Murdaugh, The Normal School for Oklahoma, 1898 ◙ President Lynn Glover, Oklahoma State Institute of Technology, 1914
G1/6:33 Correspondence from Foreign Educators, 1902, 1910
◙ Ivan Gheorgov, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1910 ◙ MF Sadler, London Board of Education, 1902 ◙ MJ Patterson, Department of Public Instruction, Bohol, Philippine Islands, 1902
G1/6:34 Correspondence with Leonard P. Ayres, Russell Sage Foundation, 1913-14
G1/6:35 Correspondence from James H. Canfield, Professor of History, Kansas State University; later Columbia University Librarian,  1891, 1902-03
G1/6:36 Materials re Speaking Engagements, 1903, 1908, 1913-14
◙ Quincy, IL Teachers, 13-14 May, 1903 [correspondence] ◙ Henry County [MO] Teachers’ Association Annual Session, 24-26 Oct 1907 [programme] ◙ South Central Minnesota Teachers’ Association Annual Convention, 13-15 Feb 1908 [programme and notes] ◙ Eldon [MO] High School Commencement, 23 May 1913 [programme and notes] ◙ Kinsley [KS] High School Commencement, 21 May 1914 [programme and correspondence] ◙ Clinton County [MO] Teachers’ Institute, 31 Aug-4 Sept 1914 [correspondence] [Note: Greenwood accepted this last engagement, but died 1 Aug 1914]
G1/6:37 Frank Strong. Economy of Time in Education. Paper Presented to the National Council of Education, 6 July 1914.  Typescript.
Includes letter of transmittal from the University of Kansas Chancellor’s Office.
G1/6:38 Bright’s Language [Reading and Grammar] Lists
G1/6:39 Correspondence re Geography Text Books
◙ Jacques W Redway, re unnamed geography, 1897 ◙ Alex E Frye, re Primary Geography, 1894 ◙ Clarence A Blocher re Tarr and McMurry’s geographies, 1912 ◙ Milwaukee Public Schools Report re Natural Geography, nd ◙ JA Greene, re Natural Elementary Geography, 1897
G1/6:40 Correspondence from School Superintendents re Quality and Effectiveness of  “Essential Studies in English” Text Book Series by Carolyn M. Robbins and R.K. Row, 1912
Includes Row, Peterson & Co.’s advertising brochure for the series.
G1/6:41 Correspondence with Text Book Publisher, American Book Company, 1893-94, 1896, 1900, 1903-07, 1913-14
G1/6:42 Correspondence from Text Book Publishers, 1876, 1894, 1897
Includes advertising flyers
G1/6:43 Correspondence from Text Book Publishers, 1902-04
G1/6:44 Correspondence from Text Book Publishers, 1912
Includes “A List of Three Hundred and Seventy Grammars That Have Come into Competition with Reed & Kellogg”
G1/6:45 Correspondence from Text Book Publishers, 1913
Includes advertising flyers
G1/6:46 Correspondence from Text Book Publishers,  1914
Includes advertising flyers
G1/6:47 Correspondence and Invoices from Used Book Dealers, 1912-14  
◙ Henry Hutzler, Cincinnati  ◙ CW Kroeck, St Louis  ◙ John Britnell, Toronto
G1/6:48 Materials re Text Book Selection
◙ “Air School Book Charges”, Letter from DE Barnes, American Book Company, Kansas City Board of Education published in a Kansas City newspaper ca June 1913 ◙ The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth. [D.C. Heath & Co., ca 1913]. ◙ “To Recommend Books and Supplies” [unidentified typescript]
G1/6:49 Teachers’ Associations Annual Meeting Programs, 1907-12
◙ Southeastern Iowa Teachers’ Association, 1907 ◙ Eastern Ohio Teachers’ Association, 1907  ◙ Eastern Public Education Associations, 1908 ◙ Northeast Kansas Teachers’ Association, 1908, 1909 ◙ Kansas State Teachers’ Association, 1910 ◙ Southern California Teachers’ Association, 1910 ◙ Central Association of Science and Mathematics Teachers, 1908 ◙ California Teachers’ Association, 1910 ◙ North-West Kansas Teachers’ Association, 1911 ◙ Northern Colorado Teachers’ Association, 1909 ◙ Missouri State Teachers’ Association, 1912  ◙ Northern Minnesota Educational Association, 1908 ◙ Southern Educational Association, 1906  ◙ Northern Indiana Teachers’ Association, 1907 ◙ Southwestern Indiana Teachers’ Association, 1910  ◙ Nemaha County [KS] Teachers Association, 1911
G1/6:50 Minutes of the First Meeting of the Missouri Conference for Education, 28 Dec 1912
G1/6:51 Correspondence from Publishers Soliciting, or Reporting on Status of, Manuscripts, 1913-14
G1/6:52 Correspondence from Howard A. Gass, Editor Missouri School Journal, 1913-14
G1/6:53 Correspondence re Awards to Greenwood and Kansas City Schools, 1895, 1902
G1/6:54 Materials re School Supervision
◙ S.R. Shear. “Supervisory Duties of a Superintendent”.  ◙ Avery W. Skinner. “Some Dangers in Too Strict Supervision and Minute Prescription”  [both removed from undated (c1907) issue[s] of American Education]
G1/6:55 Miscellaneous Administrative Correspondence, 1898-1914
G1/6:56 Henry H Vail’s Letter Presenting Copy No 14 of his book, A History of the McGuffey Readers. to Greenwood, 1910
[The book itself has been catalogued; see Appendix]
G1/6:57 RD Patel.  Prospectus of  ‘A Treasury of Modern Education’.  Rajkot, India: the author, 1913.
[Author’s signed presentation copy]
G1/7:1 College and University Catalogues, 1906-14
Catalogue of the Montana State Normal College, 1913-1914  ◙ Announcement: Chicago Normal School, 1911-1912. ◙ “Division of Education 1908-09”. Official Register of Harvard University 5:20 (June 1908). ◙ “Division of Education 1909-10”. Official Register of Harvard University 6:11 (Apr 1909). ◙ The Clark College Record 1:4 (Oct 1906). ◙ William P Burris. [Report of] The College for Teachers, University of Cincinnati. 1 Dec 1908.
G1/7:2 Columbia University Catalogues, 1909-12
Teachers College Bulletin: Dean’s Report 1913 University Bulletin of Information: Summer Session Announcement 1909 University Bulletin of Information: Summer Session Announcement 1910 Teachers College Bulletin 1911-1912
G1/7:3 Catalogues and Brochures from Vocational Training Schools, 1909-12
◙ The Scarab 1:8 (April 1910), Quarterly Magazine of Technical High School, Cleveland, OH; and samples of items printed in school print shop. ◙ The Cleveland Technical High School: Its Inception, Building and Equipment, Together with an Outline of the Course of Study. Cleveland: Board of Education, 1910. ◙ Flyer for The Union School of Salesmanship, Boston, MA, nd. ◙ Prospectus of Technical Day School for Boys, School Year 1909-10. London: The Borough Polytechnic Institute, 1909. ◙ Prospectus and Time Table ... Technical Day School for Boys, Day Trade School for Girls and Domestic Economy Day School for Girls ... London: Shoreditch Technical Institute, 1909. ◙ Chicago Public Schools Free Evening High Schools. Chicago: Board of Education, 1912. ◙ Trade School Bulletin; newsletter by School Committee of the City of Boston; Nos. 1-5 (1910-1912). ◙ Elementary Industrial School, Cleveland Public Schools. Cleveland: The Board of Education, 1910. ◙ Advertising card for Spalding’s Commercial College, Kansas City. ◙ Catalogue of the Philadelphia Trades School. Philadelphia: The Board of Education, 1910. ◙ Prospectus of the Milwaukee School of Trades. Milwaukee: the School, 1909. ◙ The Boston Home and School Newsletter: Vocational Guidance Number 3:1 (Jan 1912). ◙ The Stuyvesant Evening Trade School Season of 1910-1911. New York: Department of Education, 1910.
G1/7:4 Duplicate Kansas City Schools Manuals
Course of Study and Syllabus of Grade Work of the Kansas City Elementary Schools.  [Kansas City Board of Education], 1910. ◙ Manual and Directory of the Public Schools of Kansas City, Mo. Kansas City: [Board of Education] Secretary, 1910-11, 1911-12 (3 c), 1912-13. (each contains Greenwood’s notes re teacher ratings & personnel changes for the next year; Greenwood’s personal, leather bound copies have been catalogued]
G1/7:5 Personal Daily Diaries, Notebooks and Scrapbooks
◙ Leather bound pocket day book “Compliments of H.C. Cheney, Manager for Charles Scribner’s Sons, Chicago” ▪ 1905 ▪1907 ▪1910  ◙ The National Diary, 1911; “Important Educational Clippings, J.M. Greenwood / 1913” in Greenwood’s handwriting on cover  ◙ Date Book ▪ 1912 ▪1913 ◙ Red 4.x6” Loose-leaf 4x6” binder. [Notes on school visits, 1908; alphabetized by school]  ◙ Institute Note Book, American Book Company (4) ◙ Salesman’s ‘dummy’ of Evangeline  ◙ Patterson’s Complete Composition Book. ◙ The Pencil Factory of Johann Faber, Nuremberg. (1893). ◙ Scrapbook  ◙ Greenwood’s leather wallet
[Note: These books aren’t always used solely for their intended purposes; day books, for example, may have appointments noted but may also be used as scrapbooks or notebooks for outlines and random thoughts]
G1/7:6 Chace School Register, 1905-06
1905-06 annual register for Chace School used as a scrapbook & labeled “Educatorial / Aug 24, 1911 / J.M. Greenwood”; newspaper clippings on educational topics have been glued over entries in the first half of the register; visible entries show 1905-06 attendance records for pupils in the classes of: Misses ▪ Burton (girls’ page only) ▪ Elledge ▪ Hide ▪ Jullian ▪ Baker ▪ Moore ▪ Sisson ▪ Donovan ▪ Young ▪ Vance ▪ Burke ▪ Patton ▪ Jones; Principal, G.W. Armstrong.  Information provided for each student: Name, Age in years & months, Date of Admission, From What School admitted, Grade, Class, Name of Parent or Guardian, Occupation of Parent or Guardian, Residence Address, Student’s Birth place, Date Pupil Left Class and Reason, Vaccinated, Attendance Record for First and Second Terms and Totals for Year.
G1/7:7 James M. Greenwood. History of the People of Missouri. Original Manuscript (incomplete)
[See typed transcript in MoColl F466 G74]
G1/7:8 Greenwood Family Photos
Photo album added to the collection by the Greenwood Family in 1968; see Appendix for contents  ◙ Framed portraits of James M. and Amanda Greenwood, gift of Jeanette Greenwood Lewers [located in Special Collections art storage]

Appendix: Contents of the Greenwood Photo Album (G1/7:8)


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