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In 1990, the Missouri Transportation Corporation Act was created to allow quasi-governmental agencies called “transportation corporations” to seek alternate funding for and oversee highway improvement projects.  In 1998, when the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) deferred 4-lane expansion plans for US Highway 63 from Macon to Kirksville until at least 2020, Kirksville citizens decided to take advantage of that act in order to move the project forward.    

A Highway 63 Taskforce was formed by the Kirksville Area Chamber of Commerce, and with the cooperation of MoDOT, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission (MTHC), the citizens of Adair and Macon counties and other interest parties and organizations, the Highway 63 Transportation Corporation (H63TC) was incorporated in 1999. 

According to the Articles of Incorporation, the purpose of the new corporation was “To fund, promote, plan, design, construct, maintain and operate, or assist therein, the … construction of two additional lanes on Highway 63 … from Route KK in Adair County to Route DD in Macon County … to issue revenue bonds and refunding revenue bonds … to pursue additional funding … to secure and obtain rights-of-way … [in] a Cooperative Agreement with the Commission, the County of Adair and the City of Kirksville.” 

Alternative funding, including a .5% city sales tax increase approved for 10 years by the voters of Kirksville, was found, and design and construction engineers were hired.  The official groundbreaking for construction was held in May 2003 with a projected completion date of Fall 2005.  The ribbon cutting ceremony was held at four sites along the route (Macon, Atlanta, La Plata & Kirksville) and the new lanes officially opened to the public in October 2005 – right on time.  

The Highway 63 Transportation Corporation will continue to operate until all funds from the sales tax have been collected, expended and accounted for, all debts paid and its business finalized.  However, with its main task having been successfully completed, the Board decided that a permanent repository for the records should be found.  In June 2006, the 1998-April 2006 records, 4 volumes and nearly 2 linear feet of documents, were given to the Special Collections Department of Pickler Memorial Library, Truman State University.  Additional files will be added to the collection as they become inactive over the remainder of the Corporation’s life.

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Processing Note:  all newspaper clippings in this collection have been photocopied for preservation purposes

H3/0 Collection Administration
0:1 Administrative Documents
  ◙ Deed of Gift, June 26, 2006 Inventory of Documents Received

H3/1 H63TC Board Documents & Records (3-ring binders)
1:1 Kirksville Area Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Subcommittee: Highway 63 Taskforce / Kirksville Transportation Corporation (Pre-H63TC), 1999-2001
  Documents, correspondence, research & meetings re planning & follow-up to Highway 63 4-Laning, including ◙ Kirksville Transportation Policy Statement ◙ MoDOT Transportation Construction Projections, Underlying Assumptions map & documentation (draft), March 8, 1999 (Hiway 63, Macon-Kirksville, 4-lane in “beyond 2020” category) ◙ MoDOT Innovative Finance Program Guide ◙ Kirksville Transportation Corporation Board Meeting Agenda & Packet, Oct 1999, including H63TC incorporation documents (photocopies) Articles of Incorporation (Secretary of State filing stamp) Certificate of Incorporation Certificate of Corporate Good Standing Correspondence
1:2 Agreements
  I◙ Section 1: Bylaws ◙ 2: Memorandum of Understanding ◙ 3: Sales Tax Agreement ◙ 4: Legal & Consulting Services Agreement ◙ 5: Attorney Fee Agreement, Dec 14, 2001 ◙ 6: Cooperation Agreements, Mar 18, 2002 MHTC Koch Performance Roads ◙ 7: Amendment to Cooperation Agreement: MHTC Preliminary Project Design, Nov 20, 2003 ◙ 8: Amendment to Cooperation Agreement: Koch Construction Management Services, Dec 12, 2003 ◙ 9: First Supplemental Cooperation Agreement: MHTC Project Design Consultant Acquisition, June 4, 2002 ◙ 10: First Supplemental Cooperation Agreement: Koch Preliminary Project Design, June 4, 2002 ◙ 11: Second Supplemental Cooperation Agreement: MHTC Preliminary Project Design ◙ 12: Second Supplemental Cooperation Agreement: Koch Project Design ◙ 13: Third Supplemental Cooperation Agreement: MHTC Preliminary Project Design, Sept 3, 2003 ◙ 14: Third Supplemental Cooperation Agreement: Koch Project Design Amendment, July 16, 2003 ◙ 15: Fourth Supplemental Cooperation Agreement: MHTC Preliminary Project Design, Nov 7, 2003 ◙ 16: Fourth Supplemental Cooperation Agreement: Koch Construction Management Services, Nov 17, 2000 ◙ 17: Fifth Supplemental Cooperation Agreement: Koch Construction Management Services, Aug 18, 2005 ◙ 18: Fifth Supplemental Cooperation Agreement: MHTC [Note: Section 18 listed on Table of Contents but not included in binder] ◙ 19: Pavement Warranty: MHTC Project Design Consultant Acquisition Agreement, Nov 18, 2003 ◙ 20: Correspondence
1:3 Board Meetings, January 2001-May 2003

◙ Section 1: Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Supporting Documents ◙ Section 2: Financial Information Sales Tax Collections Reports & Analyses Budgets Banking Services ◙ Section 3: Miscellaneous Items & Correspondence ◙ Section 4: Motions to Hold Closed Session

1:4 Board Meetings, June 2003-July 2005
  Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Supporting Documents
1:5 Board Meetings, August 2005-April 2006
  Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Supporting Documents
H3/2 Background
2:1 Bid Proposal Process, 2001

◙ Correspondence David Clithero, H63TC Chair MHTC ◙ Newspaper clippings ◙ Preliminary Proposal Subcommittee Documents Recipients of Request for Preliminary Proposal Invitation to open meetings for presentation of proposals by Koch Performance Roads & HDR Engineering Meeting Agenda  ◙ Koch Materials Sample Request for Proposal Route 63 Cost Project Summary US 63 Preliminary Proposal brochure Koch Performance Roads, Inc. informational portfolio ◙ HDR Materials US 63 Preliminary Proposal brochure (cover only) ◙ H63TC Presentation Portfolio to Governor Bob Holden (2c)


Koch Inspection Manual  

  2copies (1 bound, 1 loose) 
2:3 Reports / Proposals, 2001-02

◙ Presentations to MHTC, Agendas, Presentations, Reports; MHTC meetings of Sept 20, 2001 Nov 2, 2001 Feb 1, 2002 ◙ Innovative Finance Application Appendix B: MoDOT Innovative Finance Application Form Sections Prepared by MoDOT Correspondence ◙ H63TC Meetings, Agenda Packet (incl Minutes of previous meeting) May 22, 2001 May 29, 2001◙ Presentations & cost data from Potential Bidders HDR Engineering Sherwood Construction Koch Parsons Brinckerhoff  ◙ Proposals for Legal Services Wright & Gray King Hershey ◙ Miscellaneous Documents Confidential Review: Elements to Consider Hiway 63 Time Line: Macon to Kirksville Route 63 Location Study,  map w/ Preferred Alignment for Additional Lanes ◙ Correspondence w/ USBancorp Piper Jaffray, Sept-Oct 2001

2:4 TEA-21: Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (1998), 1999-2000

◙ One Year Anniversary Highlights of Accomplishments, 1999 ◙ Information and correspondence re TEA-21, related legislation & programs ◙ US Department of Transportation Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 1997-2002

2:5 Surveys

◙ Rural Economic Transportation Study, City of Kirksville and Adair County (1997), 2000

H3/3 Celebrations
3:1 Groundbreaking, May 2, 2003

◙ Planning Documents Vans Map (layout of stands, parking site) Boy Scouts Honor Guard Ground Rules Evening Event Agenda 2003-04 Board Members ◙ Program (3c) ◙ Invitations Groundbreaking (letter)   “An End to the Beginning” recognition dinner  ◙ Publicity “Highway 63 Groundbreaking Ceremony”, Kirksville Daily Express, Apr 27, 2003 (full page ad) “Highway 63 Holds Various Meanings” & “’Our Community Digs In’ to Break Ground for 63”, Kirksville Daily Express, May 4, 2003 “Highway 63 Groundbreaking a Huge Success”, Koch’s Highway 63 Newsletter No 8 (Apr/May 2003) ◙ Highway 63: The Road of Credibility (photocopy of PowerPoint slides) [note: these documents were received in 3-ring binder, but were removed & foldered for preservation & storage purposes]

3:2 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Oct 18, 2005

◙ Agenda ◙ Program (2c) ◙ Poster ◙ Letter of Invitation, Daniel Niec, MoDot District Engineer, to Elsie Gaber, H63TC Chair ◙ Gaber’s address notes ◙ Publicity “It’s a … Celebration!” & “”Four-laned Highway 63 Opening Thursday”, Kirksville Daily Express, Oct 19, 2005 Laminated copy of “It’s a Celebration” article ◙ The Ribbons MoDOT blue ceremonial ribbon, 6” strip w/ silver logo “MoDOT North Central District” (2 dozen souvenir clips) Yellow plastic barricade ribbon, 3 12” strips Participants' event button (2.25"dia round lapel pin w/ event logo)

3:3 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Oct 18, 2005

Photographs (135 3½ x 5” color prints) of the ceremonies at ◙ Atlanta ◙ La Plata ◙ Kirksville

3:4 Tri-State Summit, Fall 2005

◙ “TEA-21’s Impact: Performance of State Highway Systems 1984-2003”, 14th Annual Report by David T Hartgen, Feb 23, 2005 (possible speaker) ◙ September 15 meeting date Letter of Invitation for from Mari Macomber, Kirksville City Manager  Agenda Email correspondence re facilities Editorials from Quincy & Hannibal papers (transcript via email) ◙ October 14 Meeting Date Invitation (postcard) “Summit Discusses Economics, Problems in Tri-state Area, Truman State University Index, Feb 17, 2005 Cancellation Notice [Note: program was not held - first scheduled for Sept 15; rescheduled for Oct 14; cancelled w/ plants to reschedule in 2006)

H3/4 Correspondence
4:1 1998-99

◙ Correspondence among Task Force/Corporation members & w/ others, including MHTC ◙ Planning & Working Documents Preliminary Plans for formation of Corporation Policy Statement By-laws, drafts (2) Articles of Incorporation, draft Strategic Plan time-line Meeting Notices, Agendas, Minutes & Notes ◙ “Ten Reasons Why The Hwy 63 Transportation Corporation Made a Deal with MoDOT” ◙ Table name signs for meeting attendees

4:2 2000

◙ Missouri State Senate Member Information for Senators to contact, printed from Senate website ◙ Clippings from Kirksville Daily Express “Commission Approves 63 Transport Corporation, April 7, 2000 Signing of HB 1659 (photo), June 38, 2000 “Hulshof: Highway Trust Fund Surplus a Help” [Jan 2000; clipped w/out date] ◙ Correspondence James J McGovern to Elsie Gaber re Transportation Meeting w/ Kenny Hulshof, Jan 18, 2000 ◙ Agenda, MHTC meeting, April 6, 2000

4:3 2000

MoDOT Public Meetings, Feb 17 & 24 Sign-in Sheets Comment Forms

4:4 2001
  Certified copy of MHTC meeting of Apr 7, 2000 ◙ Wright & Gray and Hendren & Andrae proposal ◙ Summary of meeting w/ MoDOT officials, Sept 20 ◙ Agenda, MHTC meeting, Nov 2 ◙ MoDOT Innovative Finance Pre-Application Form, signed (2c) ◙ Campaign Steering Committee Meeting Agenda, Dec 14
4:5 2002

◙ Route 63 Location Study, map showing preferred alignment of additional lanes ◙ Citizens for 63 Now Committee, Jan 3 meeting agenda ◙ Correspondence re MoDOT agreement, Jan 23 MoDOT News Release, May 15 to Senator “Kit” Bond requesting support for Federal funding ◙ Sales Tax Election “Frequently Asked Questions …” Notice of Special Election & Sample Ballot Questionnaire to voters ◙ Downtown Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Agenda for City Council Study Session, July 1 Memo re mis-understanding about funds allocation “Important Facts to Remember” “What’s Happening Now”, Koch’s Highway 63 Newsletter No 3 (June/July 2002) ◙ Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day, Oct 10, 2002 City of Kirksville Official Proclamation (cc) Adair County Commission News Release ◙ H63TC Resolutions To name the Millard-Kirksville section “The Harriet Beard Highway” (draft) Executive Committee Authority to approve expenditure of funds

4:6 2003

◙ Correspondence re collection of taxes insurance minor correction to Koch Agreement Hiway Life Cyle Cost Analysis tax exemption contracts & agreements bid openingadministrative matters ◙ H63TC Meeting Notices, Agendas, Minutes & Notes ◙ MHTC Project Approval meeting agendamemo of thanks, H63TC to MHTC “State Transportation Programs Approved, Kirksville Daily Express, July 9, 2003  ◙ Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day, Oct 10, 2002 City of Kirksville Official Proclamation Adair County Commission Official Proclamation

4:7 2004

◙ FY04 Appropriations Project Data Sheet Kit Bond’s “Hot Topics” on-line newsletter, Feb 19 USDT Special Experimental Project (SEP-15) Application Process  ◙ Correspondence re Work Zones, signage & planting New MoDOT Director Koch’s NM roads Legislation (Behrens) ◙ Utility (water line) Relocation Correspondence “Utility Relocation May push Back 63 Grand Opening” Kirksville Daily Express, nd ◙ Award from National Center for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP), press release ◙ H63TC Meeting Agenda, Oct 20 (incl inspection trip) ◙ Series of newspaper clippings re MoDOT projects (incl Hiway 63) from unidentified paper ◙ MoDOT 2004 Interim Committee on Transportation Meeting, Dec 15 Agenda notes Presentation on proposed “Avenue of the Capitals (Hiway 63, Jefferson City to Des Moines)

4:8 2005

◙ Correspondence re Highway activities update Citizen’s concerns about extending 4 lanes to Kirksville administrative matters incl insurance, legal services & audit ◙ Publicity NCPPP webpage re H63TC Missouri Advance Planning (MAP) flyer “What’s Happening Now”, Koch’s Highway 63 Newsletter No 17 (April/May 2005) ◙ Agreements Koch Fifth Supplemental Cooperation Agreement: Construction Management Services, Aug 2005 MHTC Supplemental Agreement #5, 2 drafts MHTC Supplemental Agreement #5, final (copy not signed by MHTC)  ◙ Related News Items Legislators’ Press Releases (Hulshof, Bond, Talent, Blunt) “MoDOT District Engineer Retires”, Kirksville Daily Express, July 8, 2005 Smoother, Safer, Sooner: Amendment 3 (MoDOT) “Highway Commission OKs Projects”, Kirksville Daily Express, July 10, 2005 “States Boosting Highway Spending”, USA Today, Dec 5, 2005 “Missouri Would Get $4.76 Billion Under Highway Bill (clipped w/out paper name or date) ◙ Transportation Summit “Bond to Host Transportation Summit in Kirksville” (Bond press release) Thank you note from Jim Talent Congratulations note from Christopher Bond Elsie Gabor speaking notes Planning notes & correspondence ◙ Iowa Good Roads documents & meetings H63TC ◙ Thank you letter to taxpayers and invitation to celebratory open house (quarter page ad in Kirksville Daily Express, Dec 7(?), 2005

4:9 2005

◙  “Designating the Urban Interstates” by Richard F Weingroff in Transportation Research Board E-Newsletter, Aug 2005 ◙ Pavement Warranty Invoice Warranty Correspondence

4:10 2006 (Jan-Apr)

◙ Correspondence re Widening of Highway 63 thru Burk Subdivision ◙ Flyer & agenda for 2006 Missouri Conference on Transportation ◙ Post Construction Report ◙ Thank you letters to City of Macon MHTC ◙ Certificate of Appreciation to Bob Henselman ◙ Agenda for H63TC April meeting

H3/5 Financials
5:1 Banking / Investments, 2002-05

◙ Investment Policy ◙ Request for Proposal for Banking Services, Dec 2002 (2c, one w/ list of banks contacted) Bank Midwest Proposal Bank of Kirksville Proposal Summary of Proposals Received Bid Tabulation ◙ Correspondence re Investment Renewal Dec 2003, incl Board Resolutions Authorizing Executive Committee to Expend & Invest Funds Approving Procedures for Receipt & Disbursement of Revenues ◙ Correspondence re Investment Renewal Dec 2005-Jan 2005, incl Investment Certificate Renewal Notice Request for Proposal of Banking Services  ◙ MoDOT Hiway 63-Kirksville to Macon Group, Apr 17, 2002 meeting minutes ◙ Corporate Authorization Resolution form (for banking at Bank of Kirksville), unsigned

5:2 Auditors, 2003-04

◙ Proposals Kollar, Abernethy & Company Cochran, Head & Co, PC ◙ 2003 Audit Correspondence Notes to Financial Statements for the 13-Month Period Ended June 30, 2003, marked for editing Auditor’s Questions for Management form (not completed) Audit Report, draft for discussion Final Audit Report ◙ Correspondence re renewal of insurance policy on officers & directors, June 2004 ◙ Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursements for the Month ended Nov 30, 2004

5:3 Innovative Options

◙ Information on Possible Funding Sources “Finance”, Chapter 6 of FHWA/MoDOT Oversight Manual, Jan 2001 Missouri Development Finance Board brochure ◙ Innovative Finance Program Guide, MoDOT, Sept 1998 PowerPoint presentation by Don Summers, June 1999 Application forms ◙ Amendment No 3 to the Constitution of Missouri Text of proposed amendment, Kirksville Daily Express, Oct 7, 2004 PR Brochure ◙ Summary of HB1659

5:4 US Bancorp Piper Jaffray, 1999-2000

◙ Financial planning notes, data, projections ◙ Correspondence ◙ General Description of Financing Plan

5:5 US Bancorp Piper Jaffray, 2001-02

◙ Correspondence, incl copies of engineering design/construction proposals HDR Koch ◙ Financial analysis data charts

5:6 US Bancorp Piper Jaffray, 2003

◙ Correspondence re Piper Jaffray invoice

5:7 Koch Performance Roads, 2005

◙ H63TC Mar 17 Meeting Agenda, annotated, w/ attachments KPRI Application and Certificate for Payment, Feb 1, 2005

H3/6 Organization
6:1 H63TC Board Membership, 2003-06
  ◙ Board Membership Roster of Members, 2004-09 (2 lists w/ different names for 2006-09) Board Nominees, April 2006 Proposed Slate of Officers, 2006-07 Draft of 2003-04 Board roster ◙ Correspondence w/ MoDOT re terms of Board members, 2004 ◙ Certificate of Appreciation, April 20, 2006 (blanks) ◙ Procedural Information The Sunshine Law Robert’s Rules of Order Dear Parlimentarian Vol 1 (January 1996)
6:2 Highway 63 Task Force External Constituencies Sub-Committee, 1999

◙ Short-term Action Plan ◙ Correspondence re Truman & KCOM constituencies’ attendance at Transportation Commission Meeting, St Louis, March 12 Truman Parents Council KCOM St Louis area students & donors

6:3 Sales Tax Election Campaign Committee / “Citizens for 63 NOW”, 2002

◙ Notice of Special Election & Official Ballot (draft) ◙ Committee Roster ◙ Correspondence Inter-commi9ttee email Jon Cook, County Clerk (map of city voting precincts) ◙ Public Forums, Feb 25 & Mar 18, 2002 Advertisement for public forum & information booth at Spring Expo (broadside & newspaper formats) “Frequently Asked Questions” brochure (draft & printed versions) Talking points for Elsie Gaber presentation Gabor’s comment sheet (speaking notes) ◙ Broadcast Editorials Elsie Gabor Alvina Britz Draft for statement on “Partyline” ◙ Campaign Events Schedule

6:4 Northern Missouri Highway Corridors Group, 2000-01

Correspondence ◙ “A Process for Prioritizing Road Projects for Northern Missouri” Planning notes Meeting minutes  ◙ 2000-01 meetings, Hannibal & Macon Invitations Agenda Meeting Notes (informal minutes) Handouts Mailing lists Attendance sign-in sheets 2000 Executive Committee Meeting Agenda ◙ Minutes of Highways & Transportation Commission meetings, 2001 ◙ Candidates Position Questionnaire, & responses from John Ashcroft Kenny Hulshof Jim Talent Bob Staton Dean Hales ◙ Rural Missouri Highway System Expansion for 10 Years (draft) ◙ Draft of letter to newly elected Gov Bob Holden

H3/7 Public Relations
7:1 Newspaper & Magazine Articles, 1999-2002

◙ Clippings & Press Releases (Most from Kirksville Daily Express but some from other state papers; many clipped w/out date or paper name) ◙ “A Public-Private Team Digs In” by Jim Schmidt in Public Works Magazine 135:9 (August 2004)

7:2 Highway 63 Newsletter, Koch Performance Roads, 2002-05

◙ Nos 1-14, 16-17 (Apr 2002-April/May 2005)
[Note: issues missing from H63TC file supplemented with duplicates from Pickler Memorial Library’s set; No 15 missing from both H63TC & PML sets]

7:3 Electronic Formats, 2003-05

◙ KTVO News clip reporting announcement of bid, Dec 6, 2003 (VHS) ◙ H63TC “Thank You” video, Dec 4, 2003 (DVD) ◙ H63TC “Thank You” video, Dec 15, 2003 (VHS) ◙ H63TC “Thank You” video, Dec 15, 2003 (CD) ◙ H63TC Presentations, incl “Thank You” video, Dec 15, 2003 “The Road to Credibility, 2005 Power Point presentation KTVO News clip, Zach Brown reporting (while flying over the highway under construction), Feb 2005 (CD)

H3/8 Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)  
8:1 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program: Major Projects Taskforce Meetings, 2005

◙ Agendas for Feb 15 & April 13 meetings ◙ Planning & Working DocumentsMajor Project Submissions Prioritization Process Major project summary sheets (filed separately; see folder 7:2) Project priority worksheets Information sheets for individual projects

8:2 MoDOT Major Project Summary Sheets, by District & County

◙ District 1 Rt AC, Buchanan US59, Buchanan ◙ District 2 US63, Adair US63 Macon ◙ District 3 US36, Macon IS70, Warren IS 70, Montgomery US61, Lincoln ◙ District 4 MO13, Lafayette MO13, Johnson (2) MO52, Clay MO269, Clay MO45, Platte MO150, Jackson MO7, Jackson MO350, Jackson IS29, Clay IS670, Jackson ◙ District 5 US 50, Moniteau US50, Osage US5, Camden US65, Benton US54, Camden MO763, Boone MO740, Boone ◙ District 6 US 40, St Charles (2) IS64, St Louis Co (2) IS64, St Louis City MO94, St Charles IS270, St Louis Co IS44, Franklin MO21, Jefferson MO141, St Louis Co MO100, Franklin ◙ District 7 MO249, Jasper US71, McDonald MO66, Jasper US71, Barton US71, Bates IS44, Lawrence  ◙ District 8 US65, Taney US65, Dallas MO13, Stone US60, Christian US60, Greene IS44, Greene  ◙ District 9 US60, Howell US63, Phelps Co US63, Howell  ◙ District 10 US67, Madison US67, Butler US67, St Francois (2) IS55, Cape Girardeau IS55, Scott US60, New Madrid

8:3 MoDOT Informational Brochures & Publications

◙ Anti-litter Programs ◙ Work Zone Awareness ◙ North Central District Speaker’s Bureau ◙ Guide to Missouri’s Transportation System Pathways Magazine (Fall 2003) ◙ MoInfo (Fall 2003) ◙ Show Me Progress, June 2000

8:4 MoDOT Transportation Planning, 2000-06

◙ Transportation Planning & Decision-Making Practitioner’s Guide Executive Summary “Your Voice” (brochure) ◙ North Central Missouri Transportation Improvement Program, 2002-06 North Central Missouri Transportation Overview ◙ Draft Long-Range Transportation Plan Executive Summary, Sept 2000 Planning Map for Highway 63, Columbia-Kirksville (Sample), Mar 2000 PowerPoint slide show presentation MoDOT District 2 2000 Construction Schedule ◙ Local Roads Workshop Series (brochure) ◙ Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Workshop, Jan 2001 Agenda Meeting Notes Correspondence ◙ Primer on 1992 15-Year Highway Plan (from MoDOT Website) Misc Documents re Plan ◙ “Commission Should Make Right Its Mistakes”, Kirksville Daily Express, Dec 16, 2003 ◙ Correspondence ◙ Missouri Transportation Forum MO Chamber of Commerce presentation materials Slide Show presentation 2001 Study of Missouri State Government Spending, updated Jan 2001 Our Transportation Crossroads (flyer) ◙ Reaching a Missouri Transportation Consensus (Farm Bureau flyer)

8:5 Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, 2001-02

◙ Meetings, Jan-Feb 2002 Agendas Meeting Notes ◙ Correspondence

H3/9 Highway 63 North: Kirksville to Ottumwa
9:1 Future Plans & Initiatives, 2000-06

◙ Transportation Planning Timeline, from Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission Sept 1, 2000 Minutes ◙ Transportation Initiative Petition 2004 (Amendment 3): Amendment to MO Constitution to require existing motor vehicle fuel taxes to be spent on highway maintenance MO Chamber of Commerce and Industry Resolution of Support Amendment information

9:2 Cooperative Efforts with Iowa, 2002-06

◙ Tri-State Development Summit Update (PowerPoint slides showing status of sections of US63, Jefferson City to Des Moines ◙ Connect the DOTs Meetings, Agenda & Minutes, June 2002-Mar 2005 ◙ Correspondence ◙ Davis County [IA} 2004 Laborshed Analysis ◙ Iowa Transportation Commission Meeting April 2005 ◙ Avenue of the Saints (IA Rt 27) Opening Celebration ◙ First Exploratory Group Meeting, Jan 2006

H3/10 Regional Transportation Information
10:1 Air Service, 1999-2005

◙ KCOM Community Development Transportation Survey, 2000 Survey Results Employee Transportation Analysis ◙ Notes re essential air services  ◙ Correspondence Airport facilities and Class rating, 2000 Redwing’s reduction of flights  ◙ Trans World Express (TWE)/Corporate Airline Information Packet, 2000 ◙ Ozark: The Inflight Magazine 1:2 (2000) ◙ Information from Websites on commuter airlines Lone Star Ozark United TWE  ◙ Draft of city ordinance re transportation sales tax, incl a percentage for airport ◙ Kirksville Daily Express articles, 1999-2005 Airport planning, management & repairs End of Redwing service New TWE/Corporate Air Service Ozark Airline at Columbia Regional

10:2 Bus Service, 2000-01

◙ State road map (photocopy) ◙ Correspondence re options for bus service to and in Kirksville ◙ Information from Websites on bus companies Burlington Trailways Greyhound Airport Transport & Parking ◙ “Bus Service Put on Hold for Now”, Kirksville Daily Express, June 20, 2001

10:3 Hiking & Biking Trails, 2000

◙ Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities, 1999 ◙ “Riding the Rails” in The Rotarian (May 2000) “Trail Grand on Council Agenda”, Kirksville Daily Express, Sept 3, 2000

10:4 Rail Service, 1999

◙ Amtrak Publications Travel Planner, 1999 Timetable, Spring/Summer 1999  ◙ Information from BigYellow Website on regional ticket agencies

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