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Iowa native Leon Charles Karel (1919-2001) attended the State University of Iowa where he received a Bachelor of Music in 1940, an MA in 1941 and, after serving in the Army Air Corps during World War II, a PhD in 1947. He then joined the faculty of Northeast Missouri State (now Truman State University) as Professor of Music in 1948 and left 35 years later as Professor Emeritus of Aesthetic Education and Humanities.  Dr Karel retired to Florida in 1983 but remained active in professional organizations and as a composer, music critic and book editor until his death.

Virginia Karel gave her husband’s small collection of primarily late 19th and early 20th century illustrated letterheads and business forms to the University after his death.  At least some of the collection, which also contains several clippings of 1913-15 display ads from Kirksville newspapers, had been purchased from Dave Thomas of New Hartford Antiques not long before Dr Karel retired and left Missouri.   Thomas’ response to his 1981 inquiry about “old business forms and letter heads” encloses the blank letterhead of a firm that went out of business in the early 1960s as a sample of what they had available.

Although the focus of the collection is on the printed form itself, with emphasis on the illustrations, information about the transaction completed or the subject of the letter is provided here for those who might have interest in the people involved or in the economic or other historical aspects of the items. Some of the items in the collection are not illustrated, but most have sketches of the buildings in which the firms did business.

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K2/1 From St Louis Wholesale Merchants to Retail Merchant HC Finke, California, MO
  Simmons Hardware Company, St Louis, MO - 4 May 1881 cash receipt signed by WJ Kley
◙ Hamilton & Brown, Manufacturers of and Wholesale Dealers in Brogans, Boots and Shoes, 411 N Main St, St Louis, MO - 22 Dec 1875 letter re payment of account balance signed by Resky
Hamilton, Brown & Co, Manufacturers & Jobbers of Boots & Shoes, 527-521 N Main St, St Louis, MO - Receipts (3) for payments on account dated 11 July, 19 July & 1 Nov 1878
F.A Drew Glass Co., Importers of Plate and Sheet Glass. NE Corner, Seventh & St Charles St, St Louis, MO - 28 Jan 1888 invoice for sheets of plate glass, insurance & shipping
◙ Goodyear Rubber Co, Geo B Thomson, Agent, 400 N Fourth St & 317 Locust St, St Louis, MO - 7 Oct 1879 receipt for payment on account
Milburn & Hammell Freight Farm; Buggies, Carriages and Spring Wagons, 218 & 220 Chestnut St, St. Louis, MO - 8 May 1878 invoice for harness; marked paid
◙ G H Little, General Commission Merchant, 120 Pine Street, St Louis, MO - Invoices (3) dated 24 Jan, 3 Feb & 19 Feb 1879 for feathers, hides & food stuffs; marked paid by G Lewis (note to Finke from GH Little on back of Feb 3)
E F W Meier, Importer of China, Glass and Queensware, 511-513 N Main St, St Louis, MO - 1 Jul 1890 receipt for payment of  6 Jun invoice
J Kennard & Sons Carpet Co, St Louis - 19 Oct 1889 receipt for settlement of account; signed JA Sterling
◙ L P Diehl & Co, St Louis - 11 Apr 1883 cash receipt (not personalized; blank “book” receipt with Company name handwritten on signature line)
K2/2 From California, MO (& Other) Merchants to H.C. Finke
  ◙ J J Swillum, Dealer in Fine Whiskies, Cigars, Etc, California, MO - 2 Jan 1888 invoice for beer & merchandise; marked paid
◙ C Gross, Manufacturer of Wagons, Carriages, Hacks, Buggies, Opposite Jail, California, MO - 3 May 1887 invoice for harness, wagon & farm equipment parts; marked paid
The Russell Hotel, Geo B Russell, Proprietor, Corner Main St & Washington Ave, Danville, IL - 8 Mar 1892 letter from JS Lapsey transmitting partial payment of account
◙ Western Agricultural Works, P M Gundlach, Proprietor, West Main St, Belleville, IL - 1 Feb 1873 letter re shipment of hay rake
Bible House, Andrew L Taylor, Asst Treasurer, Astor Place, 4th Ave, 8th & 9th Sts, New York - 3 May 1881 receipt for payment on account

From Hannibal, MO Merchants to George D Clayton, Hannibal, MO

  ◙ Park Theatre, Thos A Rigler, Mgr, Hannibal MO - 1 Sep 1915 invoice for showing of advertising slide 4 weeks in August; marked paid
Riedel’s Fireproof Garage, Franklin Car Dealer, Hannibal, MO - 1 Dec 1918 invoice for labor on car; marked paid
◙ Storrs Ice and Coal Company, Office & Yards near Ferry Landing, Hannibal, MO - 31 Dec 1915 invoice for 3 tons Ideal Lump; stamped paid
E C Long Manufacturing Co, Manufacturers of Gasoline Engines, Steam Pumps, Air Compressors, Tool Presses, 905-907 Broadway, Hannibal, MO - 1 Dec 1914 invoice for auto repair parts & labor

Miscellaneous Letterheads & Business Forms

  The Ruralist, Sedalia Printing Co, Sedalia, MO - 20 Aug 1904 letter to Col NJ Harris, Des Moines, IA, from WE Hurlbut, Sec-Treas & Advertising Manager; postmark on envelope stamped over picture on return & thus obscured; blue silk lapel ribbon stamped “The Ruralist / Sedalia, Mo.” in gilt enclosed
Leroy Marsh, Sale and Feed Stable, 188 N Cherry St, Galesburg, IL - 26 Dec 1904 letter (personalized advertisement) to JH Parker, Unionville, MO, from Leroy Marsh; envelope postmarked Galesburg, Ill, Dec 26, 1904, 9PM & receipt stamped Unionville, MO, 1904 Dec 27, 1:30PM; sales auction card enclosed
◙ Rev John A McLane, Cor Secy & Treas, Board of Ministerial Relief of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 2407 Church St, Cleveland, TN - Envelope addressed to M F Switzer, Jacksonville, Mo, postmarked Apr [26] 1925, 12M
Macon Bottling Works, HV & LO Miller, Macon, MO - 22 Mar 1915 invoice for merchandise
◙ American School of Osteopathy, Kirksville, MO - Envelope addressed to A A Lesueur, Secretary of State, Jefferson City, Mo, postmarked Kirksville, Mo, Nov 27 98, 6:30PM; receipt stamped Jefferson City, MO, Nov 29 1898, 1 PM
◙ J A Cooley, Kirksville Lodge No 72,
Knights of Pythias, Kirksville, MO - Envelope addressed to The AOUW [Ancient Order of United Workmen], Kirksville, Mo, c/o H K Benneson; postmarked Kirksville, Mo, Aug 2 1897, 6PM
Aberdeen Hotel, Chas M Wilson, Mgr, Ninth and Locust Streets, 514 E 9th St, Kansas City, MO - Sunday 1916 [no mo/day] letter to Clara from Papa re Earl “Steve” Stevens & his runaway bride Mildred McDonaugh; enveloped addressed to Miss Clara Kloeckner, California, MO; postmarked Kansas City, Mo, Nov 12 19[16] 5PM
K2/5 Other Letters & Documents
  ◙  23 Nov 1981 letter to Karel from Dave T Thomas, New Hartford Antiques, Rt 2 Box 104, Pittsfield, IL; envelope postmarked Pittsfield, IL 62363, Nov 23 1981 AM - Response to letter from Karel re old business forms in stock; New Hartford Antiques business card and Fletcher Coffee Company letterhead enclosed (see introduction)
◙ 29 Nov 1980 letter to Dr [PO] Selby via campus mail from Leon Karel, Division of Fine Arts, Northeast Missouri State University - Re names of local men CH Shively and Elder on old bottles in Karel’s possession; Selby’s response written at bottom of original letter
◙ Brochure for
General John J Pershing Boyhood Home, Laclede, MO; parking sign & two stickers for “The First Great Pershing Balloon Derby”, Sept 30-Oct 2, 1977
◙ Official Road Map of Missouri, Missouri State Highway Commission, 1926
◙ Official Souvenir Program of the Moberly Chautauqua Association, Moberly, Missouri, July 20-28, 1907
◙ Patent, State of Missouri, Grantor, to Wade H Haley, Grantee, for township school lands: SW4, Sec 16, T64 R21, Sullivan County, MO, 31 Dec 1868 [copy] w/ two attachments: Certification that true copy of patent was issued to grantee 22 Apr 1890 by Robt McCulloch, State of Missouri Register of Lands; Certificate of Record, 10 May 1890 by HT McClanahan, Sullivan County Recorder
◙ R L Layman, Treasurer, to Salem Cumberland Presbyterian Church, transmitting receipt for money sent to the Budget Fund for 1923, 22 Mar, 1922; receipt enclosed
K2/6 Display Ads for Kirksville Businesses from The Kirksville Journal, 1913-15
[Acid-free photocopies have made for file and originals, all extremely yellow & brittle, discarded. Representative samples were copied for firms with numerous ads. Complete issues of the Journal for these years are available in Pickler Library’s microfilm collection.]
  Adams Bros, North Side Hardware (2)
The B&F Store, Harry Bamburg, Proprietor (2) 
Bee Hive Restaurant, FO Kloos & CJ Stevens, Props, Southwest Corner Square
Berry’s Grocery, South Side Square
Miss Blanche Bubeck, Notary Public, Office of Wetherby & Frank, Miller Building
Carl Burchett, Optometrist and Graduate Optician, East Side Square
Clark’s Hardware Store
Corner Meat Market, Southwest Corner Square
Davis & Wilson, Picture Framing, Furniture Hospital, Undertaking & Embalming, 105 E Harrison
Grand Leader
Gregory, The Shoe Man
Drs Grim & Grim, Grim Building
DF Hall & Co [Realtor]
Harrington, Jeweler, South Side Square (2)
Helme Hardware Co (2) 
BF Henry Drug Co, “The Rexall Store”, South Side Square  
Herboths, The Clothiers, South Side of Square  
Hopson Implement & Vehicle Co
Kirksville Gas Co (3) 
Kirksville Mercantile, Mining & Fuel Co, JR Brown, Mgr, Office 213 N Franklin, Kirksville;
            Mine 1¼ miles west of City
Kirksville Packing Company    
Kirksville Produce Market        
Kirksville Trust Co, LF Gibbs, Sec’y, BF Heiny, Pres 
Mills & Garges Clothing Co (2) 
Murphy-Mills & Garges
Olympia Candy Company, East Side Square  
Owl Drug Stores, Dr WT Stephenson, Prop
Palace Bakery Specialties; Wholesale, 109 E McPherson; Retail, 110 N Franklin
ES Rinehart [Music Store]
Rinehart’s Music Store  
CA Robinson Mercantile Co (2)
Rogers Bros Hardware Co, East Side Square (4) 
WL Sherwood [hardware]
Sholly’s Book Shop, Post Office Block 
Snyder Coal Company
EG Starr Drug Co, Northeast Corner Square
Dr A Stookey, Optometrist, Kirksville Drug Store, East Side Square
Thomas Jewelry House (2)
La Vogue, Gates & Hall, Props, Northwest Corner Square (2)
Wabash, MT Warden, Agent

Display Ads for Other Missouri Businesses from The Kirksville Journal, 1913-15

  Daily Globe-Democrat, The Globe Printing Co, St Louis, MO
Truitt & Hediger, John Deere Dealer, Youngstown, MO
Quincy, Omaha & Kansas City RR, AJ Bandy, Agent, Kansas City, MO

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