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The Violette Museum Documents & Photographs Collection (Musdp) includes two albums of late 19th century Kirksville photographs.  One contains pictures taken in the spring of 1893. This one has 28 5x8” black & white pictures mounted on 6½ x 9½” cardboard pages that appear to have been taken in 1897. 

Using Kirksville city directories, local histories, articles in newspapers, and a perpetual calendar, we have been able to identify a building dedication, an ice storm, a clearance sale and a parade, all of which occurred in early 1897.  Other shots seem to have been taken later that summer and fall.

We have no information as to the origins of the album, its photographer or donor, but various unidentified people, whom we collectively call the “Mysterious Someone”, have apparently tried to identify the subjects of the pictures both before and after the album was given to the Museum.  Bits of information have been written by different hands on the borders and while some of it has proven to be on target, some has been a bit misleading.  We have yet to indentify all the buildings, but we are making progress.  Viewers who have information regarding positive IDs of people or places that we have labeled as “unidentified” or “believed to be” are invited to contact us. We welcome your help.


Photographs of Kirksville, 1897  (click on name to see photo & short narrative)

  2:1           American School of Osteopathy & Still Infirmary
  2:2           200 Block N Franklin
  2:3           De France Park
  2:4           IOOF Parade
  2:5           Baptist Church / James H Reynolds Residence
  2:6           Alley North of 100 Block E Harrison
  2:7           Robert Lorenz Residence
  2:8           Normal School Out-Buildings
  2:9           Normal Park
  2:10         Unidentified 2-Story House
  2:11         Methodist Episcopal Church
  2:12         Unidentifed 2-Story House
  2:13         Thomas J Dockery Residence
  2:14         West Side of the Square
  2:15         Porter Flats
  2:16         Richard Ringo Residence
  2:17         Newton E Winn Residence
  2:18         James W Martin Residence
  2:19         James T Baird Residence
  2:20         Benjamin F Heiny Residence
  2:21         Burr J Trowbridge Residence
  2:22         Unidentified 1-Story House
  2:23         Unidentified 1-Story House
  2:24         Unidentified 1-Story House
  2:25         Unidentified 2-Story House
  2:26         Valentine Miller Residence
  2:27         George C Farmer Residence
  2:28         George F Englehart Residence

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Sources Used to Identify & Date the Photos in this Album

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Federal Census for the City of Kirksville, Benton Twp, Adair County, MO, 1900.  FamilySearch Records Database.
The Kirksville Daily Express, various issues, 1920s-40s. [obituaries]
The Kirksville Journal, various issues, 1892-97.
Kirksville-Adair County Bicentennial Committee.  A Book of Adair County History.  Kirksville: Simpson Printing Company, 1976.
Ryle, Walter H.  Centennial History of the First Baptist Church.  Kirksville: Simpson Publishing Company, 1968.
Selby, P.O.  Kirksville Presbyterians.  Kirksville: First United Presbyterian Church, 1971.
Towne, Ruth Warner.  From These Beginnings: A History of First United Methodist Church, Kirksville, Missouri.  Kirksville: Journal
               Printing Company, 1984.
Violette, E.M.  History of Adair County.  Kirksville: The Denslow History Company, 1911.
Wallin's Kirksville City Directory for 1899-1900.  Kirksville: Wallin Directory Co., 1900.
The Weekly Graphic, various issues, 1893-97.

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