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These papers were mailed to "The Museum, Kirksville, MO” in May 1996 and were delivered by the US Postal Service to the Still National Osteopathic Museum.  There was no return name or address. Two years later, the Still Museum forwarded the items to Pickler Memorial Library as a more appropriate repository for documents connected with the history of Kirksville.

Albert P. Miller was a merchant from Winchester, VA who actually spent very little time in Kirksville.  He was in partnership here with N.A. Baylor for about a year, mid-1881 to mid-1882, then lived in Milan, MO for a few years. He eventually purchased the Racket Store in Trenton, Grundy County, MO, where he remained.

Newton Andrew Baylor, on the other hand, was in the dry goods business in Kirksville from 1873 until he retired for health reasons.  He died here in 1891 and is buried at Forrest-Llewellyn Cemetery.

  • Incomplete, undated letter from unidentified female of  Harvest Home [MD?] re loss by death of  mutual female relative and health status of the children “R” and Albert
  • Letter from Jno. H. Fowler, Baltimore, MD, 28 Jan 1878, re sending Miller’s clock and other furniture for storage (with envelope) [Note: These first two letters, were  written on black banded mourning stationery, probably in memory of Miller’s wife, Laura Fowler, who died ca 1877. The children mentioned are Miller’s sons. The clock is possibly the “old Colonial clock” which “was carried off by the British … and became the property of his grandfather”. [See A History of Grundy County, pgs 412-414]
  • Envelope addressed  “A.P. Miller / Private”; Stamp in upper left corner and on back: “Miller & Baker / Boots Shoes & Hats / Winchester, Va.”
  • Pocket note book with miscellaneous personal accounting records for the years 1874-77
  • Loose Bills and Receipts from: ▪ Sheriff, Frederick County, VA, 1 July 1869 (1869 property taxes); ▪ Bell Bros., 25 June 1878; ▪ Phil T. Rohr, 7 June 1879;   ▪ H.F. Evans, 7 July 1879 (rental of phaeton and calash); ▪ Geo. W. Bowly, Winchester, VA, Mar 1880 with summary of M&B’s [Miller & Baker] account added to bottom of personal statement; ▪ Barr & Cooper, Winchester, VA, 1 June 1880; ▪ John T. Lupton & Co., Winchester, VA, 1 Jan 1881; ▪ Dr. J.M. Swetnam, Kirksville, MO, 11 July 1881; ▪ Baylor & Miller, Staple & Fancy Dry Goods, Kirksville, MO, 188- [undated]
  • Letters (2) from Newton A. Baylor, Kirksville, MO to Albert P. Miller, Winchester, VA, 27 July and 9 Aug 1880, re Kirksville and his dry goods business; urges Miller to move out and go into partnership with him.
  • “Newton A. Baylor’s Train! / Baylor’s $33,000 Stock! of which $18,000 Worth is Just Being Opened for Sale”, N.A. Baylor, Large Brick, S.W. Cor. Sq., Kirksville, MO.  [undated advertising flyer]
  • Addenda ▪  Letters (2) from Cheryl Gracey, Still National Osteopathic Museum to Mrs. Mildred M. Taylor re disposition of donated documents, 14 May 10 Oct 1996; ▪ Biographical information on Miller and Baylor photocopied from local histories.

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