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Missouri Militia Rosters 1864, 1874
Ms Collection M2

This is an artificial collection created by the Special Collections Department staff.  There are no acquisition records for these documents; nothing to tell us how, when or from whom they were obtained, or even if they came from the same or different sources. They have just “always been here” in the local history files, so we have grouped them as a unit to make them available for use.


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M2/1 Muster Roll of Captain H B Foster, Provisional Detailed Company, 86th Regiment of Enrolled Militia of Missouri, Colonel John D Foster
Enrolled and organized 16 July 1864, Kirksville, Adair County, MO by Col. J.D. Foster and ordered into active service 8 Aug 1864 at Kirksville by Col J D Foster 
Captains: Hiram R. Foster, Captain
Lieutenants: Joseph M. Smith, 1st Lieutenant
William Keesecker, 2nd Lieutenant
Sergeants: James M. Greenwood, 1st  Sgt
Newton Coffin, 4th Sgt
George S Shibley, 2nd Sgt
John A Brown, 5th Sgt
John Dodsen, 3rd Sgt 
George Rice, 6th Sgt
Corporals: John T. Hannah, 1st Cpl
Henry C. Sohn, 5th Cpl
Henry Stukey, 2nd Cpl 
William Murphy, 6th Cpl
Robert Messenger, 3rd Cpl 
Alfred Johnson, 7th Cpl
William A. Owenby, 4th Cpl
George W Earhart, 8th Cpl
Privates: Solomon Anspach
Tandy Boteright
William H Boyd
John W Bradley
William M Bragg
John W Burus
George W Cain
William C Cain
George W Conley
James Courtney
James Crawford
Isaac Crow
Russell Crow
David Curtis
George W Dodson
James Douglass
D P Dunham
Samuel R Dunham
John Fagley
John Flynn
J H Folkmair
G H Ford
Lenard F Foster 
Abraham Fowler
Perry Garlock
George A Gatlin 
Joseph Gennings 
Joshua Gennings 
Robert C Gennings 
Milton Gray
Moses Hall
Henry M Hannah
Henry S Hannah 
Benjamin F Hickman
Sylvester Hunsaker
Lemuel Johnson
Marshall F Jones
Joseph H Knapp
Phillip Lambert
Jacob Madden
William H Mann
Zachariah Mann
George W Meeks
James P Mikel
James W Mikel
Sterling Mills
Hezekiah Moore
John Moore
Joseph M Moore
Ellet Moots
Isaac Morgan
Thomas Morgan
George Nicholas
Byron Norton
Jacob Novinger
John H Parrot
Linden C Powel
Ezekiel Rice
Gideon Richey
John Russell
George Salsberry
John Saunders
Appleton A Smith
John Stewart
Lazarus Storts
William Strunk
David N Thompson
Rodolphus W Thompson
Samuel Waddill
F L Wheeler
John Wise
Clinton Withrow
John W Zeigler
M2/2  Muster Roll (Pay Records) for 86th Regiment, Organized Missouri Militia, April-May 1874
M2/3  List [Pay Records] of the 50th Regiment, Enrolled Missouri Militia, May 1874
M2/4  Simler’s Company, Adair Co Militia, [Pay Records] April-May 1874

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