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Missouri Militia Rosters 1864, 1874
Ms Collection M2

(Part 2)

This is an artificial collection created by the Special Collections Department staff.  There are no acquisition records for these documents; nothing to tell us how, when or from whom they were obtained, or even if they came from the same or different sources. They have just “always been here” in the local history files, so we have grouped them as a unit to make them available for use.


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M2/2 Muster Roll (Pay Records) for 86th Regiment, Organized Missouri Militia, April-May 1874
2:1 Company A, Daniel J Clarkson, Captain  
Captain Daniel J Clarkson Capt   
Lieutenants: George F Williams, 1st Lt 
Samuel J Reed, 2nd Lt
Sergeants: W A Martin, Sgt
Ira Elliott, Sgt
D J Clarkson, 2nd Sgt
Privates: Alfred Bundy 
Enoch Bradshaw 
Jacob Carner 
James O Cook 
Jefferson Etycherson 
A M Gregg 
Jesse B Griffin 
Thomas Greenstreet 
Michael Howley 
L V Hennon 
W H Herron 
George Lambert 
Thomas J May 
R W Miles 
M V Meeker 
Thomas A Morrow 
A McFerron 
Joseph U Morrow 
Lewis S Musick 
George W Moots
John W Murphin
William Orr
Felix Palmer
Elijah Pence
John Patterson
William H Richardson
James Reed
G W Smallwood
M B Sykes
W J Sohn
R W Thompson
Ebenezer Voorhies
Jacob F Waddill
Robert S. Waddill
W M Waddill
John L Williams
Lewis A Warner
George Young
2:2 Company B, Jesse Wood, Captain  
Captain: Jesse Wood  
Lieutenant: William J Ashlock, 2nd Lt  
Rank Not Given: Joseph Canatson  
Privates: William J Ashlock 
Henry J Ashlock 
Robert L Allen 
B S Bragg 
George Brooks 
O H [or DH] Beeman 
George H Beecher 
George Bragg 
David Curtis 
Jackson Curtis 
John A Courtney 
S P Courtney 
E J Courtney 
S M Crawford 
Christian Eitel 
M B Foncannon 
John Fisher 
Silas Flynn
William V Fowler
William L Gilbert 
G H Hart
Willliam G Hynds
T A Hickman
T C Kreps
George H Kasier
E C Kreps
A J Mossbogger
C G Proctor
John J Remmington
George W Stukey
Jonathan Shaver
Adam Shumaker
John Shaver
George Salsbury
William H Sewell
Charles Shumaker
William Tarter
James Wallace
Hiram Wood
2:3 Company C, Noah Motter, Captain  
Captain: Noah Motter  
Sergeants: John B Williams, 1st Sgt
Henry Volker, 2nd Sgt
Tobias Feller, 3rd Sgt
Privates: David Brunswick 
Charles Conley 
Henry Capps 
A K Collet 
L Finley 
David Fagley 
Frank Houck 
A McDowell 
S Miller 
M L Majors
Isaac Novinger
Jacob Novinger
John W Ownby
Philip Shoop
Simon Shoop
Jonas Shott
George Shott
David Shibley
J W Thompson
2:4 Company D, P J Brown, Captain  
Captain: Peter J Brown, Capt  
Lieutenants: James C Smith, 1st Lt 
H M Barnes, 2nd Lt
Sergeants: Early Corbin, 1st Sgt
W C Ellmore, 2nd Sgt
William T Baird, 2nd Sgt
Privates: Joseph E Adkins 
David Baird 
John Bell 
J M Bell 
Eli Bookout 
Jacob Candor 
Rufus Cavett 
Richard Denton 
Samuel S Dean 
Henry Eckert 
John Elmore 
Terrence Flynn 
A J Fairchild 
Charles L Fisher 
J J Griggsby 
W L Griggs 
Samuel J Hagan 
Absolam Hunsaker 
John W Ivie
B F Ivie
John G Kirk
Pat M Kerion
Calvin Little
T J Lee
Wilson Moncrief
C V Payton
Columbus Rice
John Rake
James Smoyer
Lyman Storts
Samuel R Withrow
W D Withrow
James H Wilson
Napoleon Wilson
2:5 Company F, A F Bumpass, Captain  
Captain: A F Bumpass  
Lieutenants: W W Hohns, 1st Lt 
Henry O Ryan [O’Ryan], 2nd Lt
Sergeants: James Round, Sgt
S Riley, Sgt
P H Hohns, Sgt
Privates: R W Bellmore 
C H Bussard 
J A Barnhart
David Bone 
John T Bones 
John Chapman 
Jeremiah Chambers 
J C Casement 
J B Crawford 
William Chambers 
John E Chadwell 
P H T Dickerson 
Philip Dale 
A J Drake 
T E Davidson 
J R Davidson 
James Fletcher
Robert Glasgow 
G C Harlan 
James Holman 
James Herron 
Samuel P Jinkins 
Noah Lemaster 
Joel Lemaster
C S Minten
S R Merrill
John Moore
W R Moore
J Henry Nicholas
Ovid Oaks
Harvey Phelps
B F Ryan
D C Rollins
Henry Sharr
B F Shelton
Elijah Sampson
John Turner
C D Turner
T L Turner
A P Vance
James H Wilson
Newton Williams
Friend Workman
James Wheeler
Milton C Williams
Gamaliel Williams
J T Wilson
2:6  Company G, [---], Captain  
Captain: [---]  
Lieutenant: David B Floyd, 1st Lt  
Privates: Clark Adkins 
Samuel Alger 
Isaac Braden 
Axover Bartle 
David Beatty 
Peter H Branstetter 
Caswell C Branstetter 
W P Carson 
Peter Cullop 
D L Conner 
George W Conley 
Morgan Frounabarger 
H D Floyd 
Patrick Hanlin 
Reny Hanlin 
John T Janes 
James Keun 
John W Link 
J M Lorance 
Rhodes Lowe 
A J Lowe
William Lay 
P H Moore
Jacob McCoy
George M Mikel
David Mikel
Joseph Mikel
J H Myers
Charles Newman
W C Newman
C M Phipps
W C Simpson
D H Smith
John M Stubbs
E P Smith
M H Towles
R A Towles
Morgan Williams
H J White
F O Willborn
M2/1  Muster Roll of Captain H B Foster, Provisional Detailed Company, 86th Regiment of Enrolled Militia of Missouri
M2/3  List [Pay Records] of the 50th Regiment, Enrolled Missouri Militia, May 1874
M2/4  Simler’s Company, Adair Co Militia, [Pay Records] April-May 1874

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