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Missouri Militia Rosters 1864, 1874
Ms Collection M2

(Part 3 & 4)

This is an artificial collection created by the Special Collections Department staff.  There are no acquisition records for these documents; nothing to tell us how, when or from whom they were obtained, or even if they came from the same or different sources. They have just “always been here” in the local history files, so we have grouped them as a unit to make them available for use.


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M2/3 List [Pay Records] of the 50th Regiment, Enrolled Missouri Militia, May 1874
Captain & 2nd Lieut David W Bremington  
Sergeant: Alex M Robbins  
Privates: Joseph L Adams 
George Beaty
John A Bockind 
John A Bodkin 
Isaac Brown 
William Campbell
Granberry Condiff
John A Courtney-- says he should
    be in this roll
Samuel Francis 
Samuel Francis
W H Fugate
Erastus O Gates
Josephus B Hampton 
John L Horn
Luther R Johnson
Alexander Jones 
James Lane
E G Mathias
John McCullon
George McGonigle
Jacob D Miles
Jordan Miller
John Nelson
Jerome Orrin 
Joseph L Parks
Moses Parrott 
Joseph Phelps
James Sharp
Eugene Silvy
Benjamin R Smith
Thomas Snodgrass
George W Snow  
Zack Stanton
Henry Sullivan
John J Tally
John Thrasher--says he should be 
     in this roll
George Worly


M2/4 Simler’s Company, Adair Co Militia, [Pay Records] April-May 1874
Captain Isaac C Simler  
Lieutenants: William Linder, 1st Lt
Lorenzo D Hargis, 2nd Lt
Sergeants: Thomas Hays, 1st Sgt 
William Q Wallace, 2nd Sgt 
William J Burrows, 3rd Sgt
William J Kilgore, 4th Sgt
Corporals: Jesse Morris, 1st Cpl 
Jesse McVicker, 2nd Cpl 
James Anspach, 3rd Cpl
Elias Brown, 4thCpl
Privates: Adam Anspach
Isaac Anspach 
Archibald A Baker
Joseph Billater
Isaac Boley
Beverly A Bozarth
William H Brown 
Winfield Bulkley 
William A Burks 
Isaac Chapman 
Matthew Comer 
Thomas Cole
Perin Cooley
William Daniels
Daniel Durney [Dumey]
Thomas Fortney 
John Hall
Hiram Hall
George Hass 
Joseph D Holderman
Cary Hopson
Philo Hopson 
Andrew J Houstin Jr
Andrew J Houstin Senior
John W Houstin
Newfield Houstin
William W Jeffries
Lawrence Lane 
Thomas Linch
Andrew H Linder
Isaac Linder
James H Linder
John Lininger
Hiram H Loan 
John Loe Jr 
John Lowery 
Magnus Mason 
John McVicker
Benjamin Millay 
Henry Miller 
John Miller
O B Millican
George Niece
John Oliver 
Samuel Pinkerton 
William Ransom
Zephamah Reynolds 
Abel Schofield
John Sharks 
Daniel Simler
Benjamin K Smith 
Francis Smith
Thomas A Smith
Samuel Solsberry
Christopher Solsbury
Abraham Stover
Henry Sullivan 
Charles Thompson 
Thorval Thorson
Thomas Waddill 
Harrison Zigler

M2/1 Muster Roll of Captain H B Foster, Provisional Detailed Company, 86th Regiment of Enrolled Militia of Missouri
M2/2 Muster Roll (Pay Records) for 86th Regiment, Organized Missouri Militia, April-May 1874

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