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Sgt P O Selby, who created this 2-volume scrapbook and photo album, begins with a short history of the unit:

“Company C of the Fourth Missouri Infantry, Missouri State Guard (or Missouri Reserve Military Forces) was organized in October, 1940 upon the drafting of Company K of the National Guard into federal service. Battalion headquarters of the First Battalion was located at Kirksville a few months later.  These were later changed to Company M and the Third Battalion headquarters.  Then there followed a medical detachment, an air squadron, a flight headquarters, and a regimental band.

The regimental band was the first to be deactivated, for all but two or three of its members went into the U.S. Armed Forces.  The air units were disbanded in 1942 by a consolidation with the Civilian Air Patrol.  The medical detachment, the headquarters detachment, and Company M remained until February 26, 1947. Discharges were handed out upon the occasion of a farewell dinner on March 3, 1947, in the presence of the regimental commander.  There were … 203 persons in the company at one time or another.”

Although Selby included the full life of Company M in the album title, all photos are from 1942-43; there are only a few newspaper articles from other years.

Paul Owen Selby (1890-1982) was a native Kirksvillian and member of the Northeast Missouri State Teacher’s College Administration and Faculty from 1912 until his retirement in 1960.  As an Army Sergeant during World War I, he saw active duty with the American Expeditionary Forces in England and France.  Over 20 years later, he was one of the early Guard enlistees when Company C was formed in Kirksville.  At that time, he was Professor of Commerce and Head of the Division of Business Education at NMSTC.  He would later become Dean of Instruction.  He created this album and donated it to Pickler Memorial Library in 1949.

After more than 50 years, Selby’s albums had deteriorated badly and required conservation attention.  We have taken some steps to preserve the photos and other documents while hopefully maintaining the integrity of his arrangement and presentation: (1) photos and other documents were removed from the pages onto which they were glued or stapled and inserted into archival quality sleeves; (2) acid-free photocopies of news clippings were made to replace highly acidic newsprint; and (3) both volumes, while still identified as Vol 1 & Vol 2, have been placed in a single binder.  Final steps to remove glue and paper residues from the backs of the photos will be taken in the future.


Contents of Volume 1 (Photographs unless otherwise noted)


◙ Salutory (introduction & Company history)


◙ A List of Men Who Belonged to Company M, Fourth Missouri Infantry, Missouri State Guard (Company roster)


◙ Company M drilling in Rieger Armory taken by Crawford Esterline (20)


◙ Company M at target practice, Grim Farm, Fall 1941 (14); individuals identified in various shots: ▪ Howard Coons, ▪ Charles Gardner, ▪ Harry Jonas, ▪ Lt Robert Wright, ▪ Doc Faulkner, ▪ Capt James Neville, ▪ Charlie Murrell, ▪ Al Hinton, ▪ Herb Lohr, ▪ Norvell Allen, ▪ Adelbert Troester, ▪ George Grim, ▪ Ray Lyons, ▪ Wray Rieger, ▪ Frank Truitt


◙ Company members pushing truck out of the mud (at the Fall 1941 target practice?] (2)


◙ Airplanes of the First Air Squadron in the air (3) identified as ▪ Col “Bill” Jones, ▪ Major Bruce Hunt, ▪ Major LL Dorrance [pilots not visible but airplane ID nos on wings are]


◙ Drilling at the Armory, left to right ▪ Otto Peterson, ▪ Herman Current, ▪ Howard Riley, ▪ John Harmon, ▪ John Harrington, ▪ Howard Coons, ▪ NW Rickoff, ▪ Harry Jones, ▪ Del Troester


◙ Company M Food Service ▪ Sgt Rothschild, Cook; ▪ Jack Cundiff, KP


◙ Rieger Armory Dedication, Mar 6, 1942; ▪ Review & Parade in downtown Kirksville (14); ▪ Dedication Ceremony (5); ▪ Air Squadron Inspection (8); Individuals identified in various shots: ▪ Major Wray M Rieger, ▪ Col Henry S Priest, ▪ Capt Walter H Ryle, ▪ Lt Frank R Truitt, ▪ Brig Gen CW Gaylord, ▪ Col Rex P Barrett, ▪ Col Stanley Ginn, MO State Patrol, ▪ Lt Col William S Bryan, ▪ Lt Karl Webb & 4th Infantry Band; ▪ Corp Paul Snyder, ▪ Harry Stroup, ▪ Byron Allen, ▪ Leslie Darnell, ▪ Clarence Hurst, ▪ Jack Newman, ▪ Richard Newman, ▪ Capt Jim Wimp, ▪ Col James E Rieger, ▪ Col Marvin Casteel, WPA




 Contents of Volume 2 (Photographs unless otherwise noted)


◙ Articles clipped from Kirksville Daily Express, 1945 (12) ▪ “State Guard Officers in Kirksville”, Mar 20; ▪ “State Guard School to be Held Today”, Mar 25; ▪ “State Guard Members Take Examinations”, Apr 18; ▪ “Local Merchants Plan V-Day Observance”, Apr 29; ▪ “State Guard Members Alerted by Commander”, Apr 29; ▪ “Co M on Maneuvers Today”, Apr 22; ▪ “State Guard Units Have Inspection”, July 1; ▪ “Company M Plans Bivouac for June”, May 22; ▪ “Company M to Help Welcome Gen Bradley”, June 8; ▪ “State Guard Maneuvers Sunday”, 13 July; ▪ “Planning Maneuvers for State Guard”, July 8


◙ Third Battalion Maneuvers, Marshall, MO, Feb 28, 1943 ▪ Lunch at the Armory (tables set up in “V” formation) (4); ▪ Parade past Chamber of Commerce Building (7); ▪ Medics’ Demonstration (2); ▪ Reviewing Officers (3); ▪ Molotov Cocktail Demonstration (2);  Individuals & Companies identified in various shots: ▪ Major Neville, ▪ Lt Col Harris, Columbia, ▪ Adjutant Coons, ▪ Capt Cox, Columbia, ▪ Capt Becker, Columbia, ▪ Capt Harrell, Headquarters,  ▪ Company M, Kirksville, ▪ Co I, Chillicothe, ▪ Co K, Marshall, ▪ Co L, Carrollton, ▪ Medical Detachment, Kirksville  


◙ Articles clipped from Kirksville Daily Express and State Guardsman, 1945 unless otherwise stated (12) ▪ “State Guard Here 2nd in Attendance”, Nov 28 1944; ▪ “State Guard Members are Ordered Out”, Jan 5; ▪ “130 Present at State Guard Annual Dinner”, Jan 26; ▪ “Midwinter Dinner-Dance at Kirksville”, Feb Guardsman; ▪ “State Guard Equipment is Stored”, Feb 9; ▪ “State Guard Officers to Attend School”, nd [ca Feb 10]; ▪ “Company M Undergoes Inspection”, Feb 13; ▪ “Company M Ribbons Presented”, Feb 28; ▪ “State Guard Has Part in Milan Program”, Sept ?; ▪ “ Company M Mobilizes at Greentop”, Sept 19; ▪ “Corporal Keeps 100% Attendance Record 2 Years” Feb 1943 Guardsman; re Onie Story, La Plata; ▪ “State Guard Will Attend School”, Oct 10


◙ Rifle Practice, Woodland Maneuvers, A Sunday in the Summer of 1943 (8); individuals identified in various shots: ▪ Capt Walter Ryle, ▪ Lt Ralph Valentine, ▪ Capt Malcolm Eiken, ▪ Capt Frank Truitt, ▪ Corp Earl Spreckelmeyer


◙ Articles clipped from Kirksville Daily Express, 1944 (8) ▪ “Company M on Maneuvers Today”, Oct 8; ▪ “Company M to Demonstrate at Columbia”, Oct 10; ▪ “Company M to Continue Training Class”, nd [ca Oct 15]; ▪ “5 Company M Members to Attend School”, Oct 17; ▪ “Company M Ordered Out for Maneuvers”, Oct 31; ▪ “State Guard Installs Radio Equipment”, Nov 7; ▪ “Company M Leaves for Columbia”, Nov 19; ▪ “State Guard Has Field Day at Columbia”, Nov 21


◙ Small Arms Training Camp, Ft Leonard Wood, Aug 2-4 194? ▪ Communications Detail standing in front of sound car; individuals identified (4 of 12) ▪ Aurel Beets, ▪ Archie Baker, ▪ Paul Selby, ▪ Richard Howerton; ▪ Snapshots (11) taken by George Grim; individuals identified in various shots: ▪ Aurel Beets, ▪ Taylor*, ▪ Baker*, ▪ Richard Howerton, ▪ Edria [Herschel Edris?], ▪ Gardner [Charles or George], ▪Dayne Flanagan, ▪ Ralph Valentine, ▪ Adelbert Troester, ▪ Earl Gleason, ▪ Merle [Lewis Merlo?], ▪ Ray Kropf, ▪ Chester Watts, ▪ John Baldridge, ▪ John Walker, ▪ Billy Sparks, ▪ Bert Porter, ▪ Lindbergh Keller, ▪ Degard [Chris, Johnny or Valentino], ▪ Cecil Carter, ▪ Fletcher [Bob or Donald], ▪ Orville Twineham, ▪ Hollenbeck*, ▪ Winn from Moberly  


[Note: (1) Selby dated this training camp as Aug 1947 but Company M was discharged in February of that year; (2) most of these people are ID’d by surname only; first names were taken from Selby’s Company M roster but some surnames* do not appear on the roster]


◙ The 3rd Battalion Review; Volume 1 of mimeographed Battalion newsletter published at Kirksville; nine (9) issues: 1-8 & 10 (Dec 1942 - Oct 1943); no 9 was “omitted” per Selby’s inserted note


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