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Recording the Events of the
John H & Fannie J Morris and Nicholas & Frances Tull Families

Ms Collection M7

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Thos Rattan,
Kirksville, MO

No Photo

H Brince,
Pella, IA

Morris & Hill
Queen City, MO

Morris & Hill
Queen City, MO

H A Farris,
Lancaster, MO

No Photo

J H Morris,
Kirksville, MO

Morris & Tull,
Kirksville, MO

J H Morris,
Kirksville, MO

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Wert & Merrell,
Upper Sandusky,


John H Morris (1836-1909), Kirksville’s first photographer, moved to this city from his native Orange County, VA around 1862.  Frances J “Fannie” Tull (1846-1931), originally from Elizabethtown, KY, moved to Missouri at about age 3 and lived in Clark and Macon counties before arriving in Kirksville, probably about the same time as her future husband.  The couple married in Kirksville, June 11, 1868.

John operated his photography studio in Kirksville for about 20 years, from his arrival until he moved to Queen City, MO in the early 1880s.  At some date, probably late 1870s, George W Tull, Fannie’s brother, joined the firm and when John left Kirksville, took over as sole proprietor.  John lived in Queen City, where he owned a mercantile store and was a partner in another photography studio, for about 10 years then “retired” and returned to Kirksville.  Back home, he dabbled in several businesses, including real estate and sewing machine sales, until his death in 1909.  Fannie continued to live here with her children, Zena Mae and Emery L, until her own death twenty-one years later.

This collection, documenting the births, marriages and deaths in John & Fannie’s extended family, consists of family register pages removed from three Bibles as well as the few loose documents and photographs that accompanied them.  Although there is no statement of ownership in any of the Bibles, entries indicate one belonged to John & Fannie, the second to her parents, Nicholas & Frances (McNeill) Tull, and the third possibly to her step-mother, Mary Elen (Dun) Tull.  Later generations continued making entries in the first two after the deaths of the original owners.

Dr Pauline Knobbs of the University faculty, acquired this collection for Pickler Memorial Library’s local history collection, but left no record as to when or from whom she obtained it.

M7/1 John H & Frances J (Tull) Morris Family Bible

◙ Births John H Morris, 1836 Frances Tull, 1846 Nicholas Tull, 1801 Frances [McNeill] Tull, 1809 Emery L Morris, 1869 Zena M Morris, 1875
◙ Marriages John H Morris & Fannie J Tull (certificate), 1868 Blackley Morris & Elizabeth Tatum, 1832 Nicholas Tull & Frances McNeill, 1930 Nicholas Tull & Mary Elen Dun, 1848
◙ Deaths Elizabeth Morris, 1892 Nickolas Tull, 1861 Frances Tull, 1847 John H Morris, 1909 Frances J Morris, 1931 Zena Mae Morris, 1933, Emery L Morris, 1936

M7/2 Loose Documents from the Morris Bible

◙ Note paper listing birth & death dates for Blackley Morris, 1813-1881 & Elizabeth [Morris], 1812-1892
◙ Funeral Notices Elizabeth Morris, 1892 (2c) Mai F (Mrs A J) Barnes, 1893 Fred W Tinsman, 1904 J H Morris, 1909 James Farmer, 1923
◙ Envelope from War Department, National Cemeteries, Jefferson City, MO to J H Morris, postmarked May 26, 1892
◙ Newspaper articles (clipped w/out paper name or date) Napoleon Wilson obituary [1918) Col John Porter’s Will [1924]
◙ Program for Miss Gail Bradley’s Graduating Recital, Kirksville School of Music, 1898; includes a polka played by Miss Morris 

M7/3 Nicholas & Frances (McNeill) Tull Family Bible

◙ Marriages Frances McNeill & Nicholas Tull, 1830 Mary Elen Dun & N Tull, 1848 Hester-Elen Tull & George H Cochran, 1854 Amanda V Tull & Andrew J Mossbarger, 1853 Manerva A Hopson & Wm Tull, 1861 Fannie J Tull & J H Morris, 1868 Horatio Tull & Risa Jane Linder, 1856 Horatio Tull  & Ellen Bird, 1876 
◙ Births Horatio M Tull, 1831 Hesterellen Tull, 1833 Amanda Tull, 1836 William Tull, 1838 Frederick Tull, 1840 Frances Tull, 1846 Stillborn daughter, 1847 George Tull, 1850 Alonzo Tull, 1854 Lara Matilda Tull, 1858 Infant son, born/died 1861 Manerva A Hopson, 1845 Nicholas Tull, 1801 Frances Tull, 1809 Marey Elen Tull, 1825 Frances Tull, daughter of Horace [sic] & Riza, 1870 Hilly Tull, 1868 William Tull, 1858; died 1884, buried Modesto, CA Jessie Tull, 1873 Fred Tull 1878
◙ Deaths Frederick Tull, 1814 James McNeill, 1841 Mahetebell Gilmer(?), mother of N Tull, 1845 Dr George Tull [name listed; no date] Nicholas Tull, age 59, 1861 William Tull, age 24, 1862 Fredrick D Tull, 1864, Federal soldier & prisoner Mary E (Mrs N) Tull, age 40, 1869 Hester E (Mrs H A) Farris, 1885 Horatio Tull, 1899 Amanda (Mrs Jack) Mossbarger, 1903 Nicholas Tull, age 4, 1847 Frances (Mrs N) Tull, age 36, 1847 Frances J Morris, age 85, 1931 Zena Mae Morris, age 58, 1933 Emery L Morris, age 67, 1936

M7/4 Mary Elen (Dun) Tull(?) Bible

◙ Birth of William N Tull, son of Horatio & Riza, 1858
◙ Statement of religious conversion in unknown hand, possibly Mary Elen Dun’s: “I commenste religus worship on the 13 day of April 1841 I thank God that I commenst and did not put it of no longer”

M7/5 Photographs

Fifteen cartes-de-visit, all undated, only three are identified

Aunt Phebe L Quiggins
W J Rea Gallery,
St Joseph, MO

Uncle Jack Quiggins
W J Rea Gallery,
St Joseph, MO

Photo of family friend Joseph Baldwin is not included here for lack of space; unidentified photos are shown at left with the photographer's name & location, where known


Family researchers please note: The ink has faded badly on some of the Bible entries so we cannot guarantee readability of scanned or photocopied reproductions.  We will, however,  do our best to provide transcripts of faded portions along with "best possible" copies when copies are requested.  We will also be happy to add identification information to the file for these unidentified photographs if reliable proof is submitted to us.


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