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Margaret Lee (Hoffman) Rhea Photo Album
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Margaret Lee "Peggy" Hoffman (1893-1967), a student from Paris MO, completed the Elementary Course at First District Normal School, Kirksville, MO in 1912 then taught for several years in North Dakota and Iowa rural schools. This photo album contains 125 b/w photographs (1910-1920s; some later) of her family, school friends, vacations and early teaching assignments.

Mary Yeager, Peggy Hoffman, Esther Jarnin,
Marie Tooley, and Malie Buford [see page 3]

Most of the photos are captioned but the individuals in them are not always identified. Some of the family members not named in the captions were identified by Peggy's cousin, Ruth (Hoffman) Smiser, at the time the album was donated to Pickler Memorial Library in 1997. It was a gift of Ruth's daughter-in-law, Dr Patricia Smiser, Division of Education, 5 June 1997.

Front Cover: Photo of  “Peggy” taken at Kirksville [1912] and funeral  service memorial folder, 1967.


1 The Class of 1910, Paris, MO   [“Maggie” Hoffman, 2nd from left, front row]
2 The Class of 1912, Kirksville State Teachers College [see Bulletin, June 1912, pg 191]
3 Peggy and college friends: “The jolly five, Kirksville 1912, Mary, Peggy, Esther, Marie, Malie” [Mary Yeager, Peggy Hoffman Esther Jarnin, Marie Tooley (identified from the other photos in album) and Malie Buford (Bulletin, June 1912, pg 152)]
4-5 Peggy & friends in Moberly, MO, ca 1912; includes Mary, Lola and Mart Yeager
6 Peggy & school friends in Kirksville; 2 individual photos of Marie Tooley, 1912
7 Marie Tooley, Peggy Hoffman, Mrs Carder and Edna, Kirksville, 1912.[ Bessie  (Mrs. Clyde) Carder & daughter Edna; possibly Marie & Peggy's landlady]
8 Peggy & family, including Mabel, Rena, Ruth [donor’s mother-in-law] & Lawrence; individual snaps  of Esther Jarnin & Bess Enfield ca 1912
9-12 Family and friends, including Mabel & Clarence (wedding 30 Oct 1912), Bob Moss & family,  Annie Laurie, Bina; others unidentified
13 “Darling little Ruth Hoffman in the grape arbor at home”
14-16 Mrs Wright , Peggy & friends, & individual photos of Myrtle Herman, Erma Wills, Frank Ball,  Marie Tooley & Flossie Harpham; Kirksville, ca 1912 [Mrs. Wright is possibly Birdie (Mrs. DP) Wright, Mrs. Carder's neighbor]
17 Julia Luttrell
18-25 Peggy and relatives including Mabel & Clarence, Lockhart, TX; Bonnie Divers; Maggie, Ruth &  Bobbie (dog); Cecil Hoffman; Wes, Lawrence & Ruth Hoffman; John Adam Hoffman (Dad) &  Uncle Dick Hoffman.  ca 1912
26-33 Teaching in North Dakota, 1915: Betsy, pupils, the Hirengen home & children
34-39 Family members in Texas, Michigan & at home near Paris, Monroe County, MO, 1915; including  Clarence & Mable (Hoffman) Schrader, Ruth, the Hewletts, Dad, Uncle Calvin “Cad” Hoffman &  Aunt Joey (Hoffman) Howell
40 Students of Sanford School, Monroe County, 1912
41-43 School, students, Hirengen family & friends; North Dakota, 1912
44-53 Luttrell Family in Lockhart, TX and family reunion “at Dad’s”, Monroe County, and the Schrader  home, Monroe County, 1915; includes the Hewletts, Uncle Henry, Uncle Aaron, Eva, Aunt Cora,  Aunt Ruth and Lulie (Luttrell) Hoffman (Mama); snow scenes at home w/ Ruth & Lawrence
54-57 O’Shea School, the Merriam home & family, & Arvy Miers; North Dakota, 1916
58-61 "Peggy in the Bad Lands of N. Dak.”  ca 1916
62-66 O’Shea School, Hirengen home & family; North Dakota, 1915-16
67 [photo cut from album] caption reads “The sun was too bright”
68-73 The Merriam farm, home & children; O’Shea School; North Dakota, 1916
74-77 In Montana, ca 1916: Frank Ball, 2 groups of unidentified men, unidentified soldier
78-79 O’Shea School House & Catholic Church and school pupils, North Dakota, 1916
80-83 The Stover family, building & teachers at Rodman School, Rodman, Iowa; ca 1917
84 Family home in Iowa
85-86 The Hoffman sawmill (Peggy sitting atop pile of lumber)
87 Wes, Lawrence, Ruth, Mable & Maggie Hoffman
88 Teachers sitting in front of unidentified school (Madison?)
89 Obituary for William Wesley Hoffman  [died 17 May 1923, Galesburg, IL]
90-92 “Dad’s saw mill”
93-95 Snow scenes at home; Ruth and John Lawrence ca 1916
96 Wes, Ruth & Lawrence at home
97-100 Later photos (1920s or 30s; one 1960s in color) of unidentified family members
Back Cover: group in front of Mt. Zion Church, southwest of Paris, MO; ca 1925-26.

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