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The Book of Jim Rouse
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James Edward Rouse, the son of James Madison and Hulda (Seaman) Rouse, was born 12 Jan 1883 near Deer Ridge, Lewis County, Missouri, and died 25 Sept 1958 in Hays, KS.  He met his wife, Myrtie C. Van Deusen, while both were on the faculty of the First District Normal School in Kirksville; he as Associate Professor of Agriculture, 1911-15, and she as Professor of Home Economics, 1912-15.  The couple married in 1917 and had one daughter, Harriet.

Rouse began both his educational and teaching careers at the First District Normal School.  He received a Bachelor of Pedagogy (1910) and a BS in Education (1914) from “the Normal”, earning the latter degree while a member of the faculty.  He left Kirksville in 1915 to earn a BS in Agriculture at the University of Missouri (1916), then moved on to Hays, KS where he spent the rest of his career at Ft Hays State College.   He retired from there as Professor of Agriculture and Chairman of the Department of Agriculture in 1953. During his years at Ft Hays, he earned an MS in Agriculture from the University of Wisconsin (1933).

The Book of Jim Rouse, “Consisting principally of a biography; a memorial sketch; and items concerning his career at Kirksville saved by him and furnished by his wife, Myrtie Van Deusen Rouse”, was compiled for the University Archives by P.O. Selby in 1963. Rouse was one of the Normal’s star athletes, so most of the items in the album, primarily newspaper clippings and photos, are about the school’s football and baseball teams.

Identification of people in the photos is sketchy.  Some IDs were provided by Rouse on the backs of pictures; others were supplied by Selby who was a Normal student at the time and knew many of the people.  He, however, was making his identifications some 40 years later, so some names appear with question marks.

Selby created this album by stapling sheets of typing paper together and “binding” with cardboard and Contact paper.  Some documents were used as the pages themselves while others were glued to the typing paper; some items, including at least one photo, were folded to fit. The original order of the album has been retained, but the book has been dismantled and “reconstructed” for preservation of the documents and photos.

Page Description
1 Typescript of Selby’s biographical sketch of Rouse from Biographies of Deceased Faculty Members (Kirksville: Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, 1963)
2-4 Eulogy, “In Memory of James E. Rouse” by Dean Ralph Coder, Ft Hays State College
5-6 Letter, John R. Kirk to J.E. Rouse, 11 Oct 1933, re death of W.A. Lewis
[Note: William Alexander Lewis was a Professor at First District Normal School, Kirksville, while Rouse was a student; he was President of Ft Hays State College, 1913-33, and had recruited Rouse for the faculty there.]
7 Photos (2): » 1904 Normal & training school students seated on the front steps of the Normal Building, President John R. Kirk kneeling on ground at left end of 1st row » Head janitor John Jack posing with his new vacuum cleaner in the hallway of the Normal Building, nd
8 Photos (2) of Normal football team dated 28 Sept 1905 » Seated at the edge of athletic field » In action on athletic field 
9-10 Normal 1905 football team (B.Y. Moore, photographer); 1st row, LtoR: unidentified, H.L. McWilliams, Morgan?, Bell? Miller? Todd?; 2nd row: Ford, Grant Oberg, James E. Rouse, George B. Israel, H.E. Millsap; 3rd row: E.A. Burch, Kerr?, S.S. Carroll (English teacher and coach), Craig?, Spurgeon?, Sloan? 
[Note: this 13x10½ photo was folded to fit the scrapbook causing breakage along the fold; it has been transferred to the photo archives (CO.0045) so that it may be stored flat; a reduced size photocopy replaces it in the album.]
11 “President Kirk Calls Them Down / A Deserving Reprimand for Rowdyism”; news article reprinting letter John R. Kirk wrote to the Columbia Herald re treatment received by Normal students from University of Missouri students as they were boarding the train to return to Kirksville after a football game on Tuesday, Oct 2 [1906] [clipped w/out paper name or date]
12 Items re 1908 football season » Handwritten cards (2) listing opponents & games scores »“Kirksville Normals Victory / North State Teachers Defeat Central College, 40 to 0” [news article clipped w/out paper name or date] » “Seven All-Missouri Collegiate Football Stars”; contains photos of End Adams, Central College; Halfback Hamilton, Westminster; Quarterback Coe, Missouri Wesleyan, Capt; Guard Rouse, Kirksville Normal; End Pairs, Missouri Wesleyan; Halfback Martin, William Jewell; Tackle Jones, Wentworth; [news article clipped w/out paper name or date]
13-15 Individual studio photos (12) of 1908 Normal football team » H.L. McWilliams, quarterback » J.C. Moore, right halfback » W.B. Fell, right tackle » O.C. Bell, coach » James E. Rouse, left guard » A.L. Threlkeld, left end » George Israel [position not given] » J.L. Baum, fullback » F.A. Burch, right end » J.H. Trower, center » J.C. Mills, left halfback » J.H. Spurgeon, right guard 
16 1908 Normal football team on players’ bench; 1st row, LtoR: Rose?, Courtland Mills, H.L. McWilliams, J.C. Moore, Brice Fell, “Jake” Baum, Joe Spurgeon, Sam Mauck; 2nd row: Joe Burch, J.A. Miller, Jim Rouse, Joe Trower, George Israel, Walter Hopkins, Archie Threlkeld, Carl Hull 
17 Normal President John R Kirk at his desk in his office
18 “Athletics”; article clipped from The Normal School Index, 15 Oct 1909, pg 3; mentions Westminster game that was rained out last Saturday; scrimmage with ASO last Wednesday; outlook for next Saturday’s game with Warrensburg; schedule of second team’s games with Macon & Kirksville High schools; and a “later” announcement that Saturday’s game has been postponed because of Professor Vaughn’s funeral
19 New articles (2) » “Preparing for the Rolla Game” re next Saturday’s game » “Pictorial Illustrations by Students” re new photo lab and training of Normal students in photography, stereoscoping and photo engraving [1909 articles clipped w/out date from The Kirksville Daily Express]
20 “Heavy Season for Normal Ball Team / Fourteen Games Arranged, One with the State University / Five Veterans Return / Coach Bell Pleased with Prospect for Fast Aggregation on The Diamond”; re baseball team & game schedule [news article clipped w/out paper name or date]
21 Photos (2) » Normal football team members standing by players’ bench; LtoR: Dave Neals, George Israel, Jim Rouse, Curly McWilliams, A.B. Ford, Curly Moore » Brice Fell in football uniform
22 Photos (2) » Jim Rouse in football uniform » H.L. “Curly” McWilliams in football uniform on postcard (photo by Volney McFadden, Student Photographer, Columbia, MO); message: “Columbia, Mo / Oct 25, 13 / How is the court? Have established a branch Court here.  Are you coming to see the big game? / Jim Mc”; mailed to Mr Jim Rouse, Kirksville, Mo
23 “Tis Sad, But True”; article clipped from 26 Nov 1909 issue of The Normal School Index, re loss of the Normal School's Championship football game with Cape Girardeau
24 Photos of baseball teams (3) seated on players’ bench at the Normal School athletic field with spectators on bleachers behind and to the left; labeled » "The Dummies" [Normal School team] about 1909 » Central College Baseball Team at Kirksville about 1909 » William Jewell College Baseball Team at Kirksville about 1909
25 “Two All-Missouri Teams / Kansas City Men Select First and Second State Elevens / The University Class Schools Not Considered – Three Wentworth Players Given Places – Two from Girardeau and Two Jewells”; Jim Rouse is left tackle on First team [news article clipped w/out paper name or date]
26 “Kirksville Forfeits to William Jewell” [news article clipped from the 16 Oct 1909 College N— (paper name incomplete), William Jewell’s campus paper]
27 Normal School Science Club, 1909; 1st row, left to right: Wendell Dearing, Clyde Dorsey, unidentified male, J.C. Moore, H.L. McWilliams, Henry King, John Baltzell; 2nd row: 4 unidentified ladies, Iva Kirtley, Dale Zeller, 3 unidentified ladies; 3rd row: Miller, Harry H. Laughlin, Jim Rouse, W.A. Lewis, Grover Morgan, unidentified male, A.M. Swanson 
28 Photos of Rouse and his friends (4); Selby has labeled the page, “Jim Rouse and the two Curlies, H.L. McWilliams and J.C. Moore, were a triumvirate who were together in many enterprises—football, baseball, and several forms of innocent merriment.  Jim kept these pictures of the three.” » Rouse, McWilliams, Moore  » Moore, unidentified lady, Rouse » McWilliams & Moore standing at 25 yard line on Normal athletic field » McWilliams holding football as Moore kicks 
29-30 “The All-Missouri Team / Westminster’s Championship eleven is Awarded Three Places / William Jewell, Missouri Wesleyan and Kirksville Normals Get Two Each – The Captaincy to Coe of the Wesleyans”; sketches of Mooreman, William Jewell, center; Israel, Kirksville Normal, guard; Van Dyke, Westminster, full back; Jim Rouse & George Israel of the Kirksville Normal both made the First team [1911 news article clipped w/out paper name or date]
31 Photos (2) of Rouse’s friends » John Trower, Center, University of Idaho football team, 1910 / weight 157 [ID written on face of photo by Rouse; photo postcard mailed to Rouse on 4 Dec 1910 while he was living in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, New York; most of the message is unreadable, covered by remnants of the album paper] » Carol Sykes standing on Normal bridge, holding violin case, 1913 
32 Photos (4) of Rouse & friends » Two of Rouse & 4 unidentified young men acting as driver and “team” of horse-drawn farm equipment on Normal farm, 1910  » Same four young men and a young lady, also unidentified, seated on Normal lawn (Rouse not in this one) » George Israel and A.B. Ford standing by players’ bench, Normal athletic field, nd
33 Photos (3) » Mark ‘Short’ Stanley, “the agile 2nd sacker and short stop of the K.S.N.S. squad 1913” » Dave Neal wearing Normal football uniform » Bill Rouse (Jim’s brother) wearing Normal football uniform
34 Class photos (2) » Group labeled “Students taking agriculture / K.S.N.S. Summer 1911” » Students in Industrial Arts classroom, nd (photo by Patterson, Kirksville)
35 1910 Normal School football team seated on steps of Science Hall; 1st row, LtoR: (1) Earl Van Horn, (3) Walter Hopkins, (5) Rowland “Soup” Marston, (8) Bill Rouse; 2nd row: (6) Dave Neal; 3rd row: (3) J.A. Miller; C.B. Simmons standing in rear; all others unidentified
36 » John S. Stokes, Professor of Physics and Physical Geography, nd
37 Individual studio photos (3) of Normal football players in uniform: » “Orville “Shorty” Long, quarterback 1909-10;     » Frazier; » Beard 
38 Photos (2) of football team in action on the Normal athletic field, nd
39 Photos (3) » Football team standing on Normal athletic field; labeled “K.S.N.S. ‘09” » Studio photo of “Shep”Kerr in football uniform » Studio photo of Beard in football uniform
40-41 Photos (2) » Demosthenonian Debating Club, 1905; 1st row, LtoR: Walter See, H.L. McWilliams, 3 unidentified, Joe Burch, Elton Marshall, Charles Beardsley, Grant Oberg, 5 unidentified, Clyde Busby, J.G. Pierce; 2nd row: unidentified, Bill Rouse, 4 unidentified, Elton Marshall, 2 unidentified, Guy S. Allison, uniden-tified, Ebbert A. Funk, Forest Wilson, Jim Rouse, unidentified, George Israel, unidentified, John Baltzell  » Baseball team sitting on steps of Science Hall, nd; 1st row, LtoR: Hull, Jim Rouse, John Baltzell, Joe Burch, Tad Baltzell, Grover Morgan; 2nd row: Coach Bell?, “Red” Cecil, Jackson, Ward, Leslie, McFadden.
42 Studio portrait of baseball team, nd; 1st row, LtoR: Grover Morgan, Joe Burch, Carl Hull; 2nd row: J.C. Mills?, John Baltzell, James E. Rouse, George E. McFadden; 3rd row: Jackson, Tad Baltzell, Coach S.S. Carroll, “Red” Cecil, Leslie 
43 1909 Football team standing on steps of Science Hall; 1st row, LtoR: 3 unidentified, Beschliman, 2 unidentified; 2nd row: unidentified, Joe Otterson, 2 unidentified, Jim “Shep”Kerr; 3rd row: Luther Crookshank, George Israel, unidentified small boy, Jim Rouse, unidentified, Walter Hopkins
44 1909 Football team sitting on steps of Science Hall; 1st row: none identified; 2nd row: Wade Craig at left, others unidentified; 3rd row, LtoR: 2 unidentified, George Israel, Aeschliman, Joe Otterson; 4th row: Luther Crookshank, Jim Rouse, Walter Hopkins, unidentified 
45 Students from Lewis County, MO, nd; John R. Murdock, left, back row, James E. Rouse, 3rd from left, back row; all others unidentified 
46 Two photographs of the Class of 1911 (taken at same sitting; slight differences in pose); no identifications
47 Photos (2) » Harriet Howard, Normal demonstration school kindergarten teacher, seated at child-size table with six unidentified children; nd (photo by Patterson, Kirksville)  » Cast of H.M.S. Pinafore on the ship-shaped stage built on Normal Pond, summer 1912
48 Photos (2) » Teacher and 7 unidentified students at work in art class, nd » 3 unidentified men on a rocky hillside somewhere in Adair County, 1912
49 Two additional photos of same three men in approximately same locale
50 Studio photos (3) of Normal football players in uniform » James Edward Rouse » Rowland “Soup” Marston » J.A. Miller 
51 First two rows of students in Science class, nd; 1st row, LtoR: Robert Clough, Leonard Bailey, Jim Kerr, Egbert Polley, Wendell Dearing; 2nd row: W.A. Lewis and Jim Rouse at either end, others unidentified [2 back rows appear to have been trimmed from print]
52 “Senior Special” edition of The Normal School Index (2:9) 6 May 1910
53 Photos (2) » John Jack, head janitor; Jim Rouse (Jack sitting on Rouse’s lap) and E.M. McGrew, Professor of Agriculture on the athletic field, nd » Alumni on steps of Science Hall, March 1915: President John R. Kirk, 3rd from right, 2nd row; Miss Ophelia Parrish, left end, 6th row (white hair in bun); Eugene Fair,2nd from right, 7th row (directly under word “March”); Jim Rouse, center, back row (directly under word “Group”) all others unidentified
54 [empty]
55 Studio photo of James Edward Rouse in Normal base ball uniform; matted (photo by Moore, Kirksville)

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