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Paul Owen Selby (1890-1982), the son of Hiram and Ella (Clay) Selby, was born in La Plata, MO, but was raised in Kirksville where he attended the public schools before enrolling at The First District Normal School (now Truman State University).  He received his Bachelor of Pedagogy (1911) and Bachelor of Science in Education (1918) here then earned an MA from the University of Missouri (1926) and PhD from the University of Iowa (1934).

Dr. Selby began his career-long professional association with this institution in 1912 as Registrar and Secretary to President John R Kirk.  After completing his BSEd and serving with the Army during World War I, he returned as Professor of Commerce in 1919, later becoming Head of the Division of Business Education and then, from 1954 until his retirement in 1960, Dean of Instruction.  He founded Pi Omega Pi, a local business education fraternity, in 1922 and served as the first President when it became a national organization in 1927. 

The author of several texts on business and commercial education, Dr Selby concentrated on his hobby, researching and writing local history, after retirement.  Most of his works of both types may be found in Pickler Memorial Library’s Missouriana and Faculty Publications collections.

This manuscript collection consists of his personal papers, research notes and writings and includes the files and records he gave during his lifetime as well as those found in his campus office after his death. They have been consolidated and his alphabetical arrangement retained.

Administrative Papers
  Signed Memo giving, in effect, papers to the “Missouriana Library”
List of 5 files sent to Pete Nicoletti, Administrator of Selby’s Estate, 26 Jul 1983
Inventory of Selby Works in Special Collections Storage (duplicate copies), 13 Jan 1995
Personal Records
  Hearing Notice for Estate of June Selby, 18 May 1981
PO Selby’s Military Records, World War I
Photos (1) PO Selby, age 13 (2) Sgt PO Selby in uniform
Addendum: "The First Book of the Chronicles" [autobiographical material; gift of John Selby Vorhees, author's nephew]
  Adair County Census of 1850, Index to (Ms)
Adair County Government, typescript & notes (5 folders)
Overview; County Court, including biographical sketches of County & District  Judges
Circuit Clerks, County Clerks, Recorders, Prosecuting Attorneys
Sheriffs, Collectors, Assessors, Treasurers
Coroners, Public Administrators, Probate Judges & Magistrates, Superintendents of Schools, Surveyors, State Representatives, Political Parties            
Primaries and Elections
Adair County Hall of Fame
Adair County Historical Society
The Adair Historian, Vol 1:1-2; Vol 2:1; Vol 3:1
Genealogy Newsletter, Vol 1:1-2
Adair County History
Adair County in World War I (Ms)
Adair County Miscellany
Adair County Year by Year, The History of , typescript (9 folders): Chapts 1-7; 1841-[1981]
Archaeology, Adair County
Archaeology, Missouri
  Cemeteries, Adair County (map & notes)
Churches, Adair County (photos* for Rural and Village Churches)
Churches, Kirksville & Adair County 
Churches, Kirksville: Presbyterian & Cumberland Presbyterian
Churches, Pure Air: Baptist
Colleges, Missouri
Connelsville (Ninevah), MO
Correspondence, Miscellaneous
Correspondence found in Selby’s Campus Office
Courthouses, Missouri
  Daily Express Articles (written by Selby)
Delta Pi Epsilon
Dent, Lester [aka Kenneth Robeson]
Dime Novels 1880-1925, bibliography
  Fair, Eugene
  Genealogy: Baldwin, Joseph (2 folders)
Genealogy: Clay 
Genealogy: Fletcher
Genealogy: Funk
Genealogy: Grim
Genealogy: Halladay
Genealogy: Laughlin
Genealogy: Lawrence
Genealogy: Lay (4 folders)
Genealogy: Linder
Genealogy: Link & Porter
Genealogy: Miller
Genealogy: Selby & Burk
Genealogy: Shoop & Novinger
Genealogy: Sloan
Genealogy: Still
Genealogy: Young
The Greenlease Ransom Case, typescript & notes (3 folders)
  Kirksville-Adair County Bicentennial Committee Radio Tapes, transcripts, 1976
Adair County Presbyterians
Baldwin, Joseph
Coal Mining in Adair County
Cumberland Academy
The Greenwoods
Interesting Names in Adair County
Kirk, John R
The Kirksville Cyclone
The Millard Church
What’s in a School Name
Kirksville History
Kirksville Trust Company Failure, Mar 1922: List of Creditors (original document)
Kiwanis Club, Kirksville (2 folders, 1 bound volume)
  Lind, Jenny: Playbill for Farewell Concert, Toronto, 23 Oct 1851 (reproduction)
Lodges: Kirksville Men and Their Lodges, typescript & notes
  Manuscripts, Miscellaneous
Adventures of Mark Wilson
James Dye, Jr
Jokes and Poetry
Rev. George Clay Kell (from Missouri Baptist Biography)
Kirksville Temperature and Precipitation Extremes
Missouri Schools Named for Former Students and Faculty of NMSU
Nardini the Escape Artist
A Neglected Hero of the Great Game of Baseball
Why I Joined the Presbyterians
Mark Twain Bibliography
Mark Twain, A Chronology of the Life of, 1969
Typescript w/ Additions & Corrections
Expanded Version (3 folders)
Notes & Correspondence
Mark Twain Correspondence
Mark Twain Correspondence: Robert C. Keeter, 1973-74
Mark Twain: The Langston-Clemens Cemetery Plot at Elmira
Mark Twain Namesakes and Memorials, typescript & notes
Mark Twain: Permission to Use Copyrighted Name
Mark Twain: Photos* & Postcards
Mark Twain: Quincy, IL Newspaper Clippings (photocopies)
Mark Twain’s Kinfolks 
Correspondence, 1960s-1970s (2 folders)
Biographies, pp 65-153
Genealogy Charts
Masonic Publications
 Manual for Cryptic Masons, 1976
 Student Loan Information, Knights Templar Eductional Foundation
 York Rite: The Completion of Ancient Craft Masonry
The Meeks Family Murders, typescript, notes & correspondence (2 folders)
Miscellaneous Topics, notes & draft
 Coal and Energy Development, Putnam and Sullivan Counties
 Free Goods
Missouri Scenic & Historic Sites, County by County 
St Charles-Wright
  National Guard, Adair County
National Register of Historic Places [Missouri], 1973
Newspapers, Adair County
NMSU Faculty
NMSU Regents: Photos* for Book
  P.B. [Perry Bartlow], typescript
Phi Delta Kappa 
Epsilon Gamma Chapter Newsletter, Vol 3:11-6 (May 1961-May 1964);  incomplete
Pi Omega Pi (3 folders)
Alpha Chapter
National Publications
Population Studies, Adair County & Missouri
The Principles of Business Operation, Original Manuscript, 1936
Publications Sales Records
  Felix Rothschild, typescript
  Saint Mary’s Church, Adair, MO
Schools, Adair County
Sigma Tau Gamma (2 folders, 1 bound volume)
Beta Chapter, NMSU
1973 Membership Directory
  Trail and Thong Trees, newspaper clippings (photocopies)
  The Union Station Massacre, typescript and notes
  Veterans Organizations, Adair County
Corporal Dix Post No 22, GAR
MacDougall-Lowe Post No 20, VFW

*Photos transferred to Photo Archives and replaced here w/ photocopies

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