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Scotland County Public Schools
Memphis, MO


1905-46, 1961

Ms Collection S4

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The County Superintendent of Schools, known as the Commissioner until 1910, submits a report to the State Superintendent each year providing enrollment, personnel and financial data and statistics.  The reports in this collection were acquired from the Scotland County Superintendent’s Office, June 1962.
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S4:1 County Commissioner's Report, 1905-09
      Commissioners submitting reports A F Martin, 1905 Lu R Briggs, 1906 Dilla Stevens, 1907-08 I M Horn, 1909
S4:2    County Superintendent's Report, 1910-46, 1961 [incomplete]
         Superintendents submitting reports include I M Horn, 1910-14 Mrs Ada B Williams, 1918-21 Effie Moore, 1923-25 Wilma J Wilder, 1927-29 I M Horn, 1931-36 Josee R Powell, 1940-41 Lucille M Walker, 1942 Josee R Powell, 1946 Callie C Smith, 1961 [1926, 1930, 1943 & 1944 are missing; other years are not signed]

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