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These forms were completed by the United States Army Recruiting Officer from information provided by prospective soldiers who enrolled at the Kirksville Recruiting Station during World War I.  They were obtained for the Normal School History Museum by Professor EM Violette probably not long after the end of the war.

There are two types of forms included in this collection, an enlistment record and what appears to be the record of the recruit’s physical exam; neither form is labeled and there are different versions of each. None of the versions asks for exactly the same set of personal information, but common to all is: name; age, (date & place of birth on some versions); occupation; current residence; next of kin, relationship & address; physical description; disposition of application (for various reasons, not all were accepted).

This list does not include all the information included on each card but gives enough for researchers to be able to identify the recruit.  Unless otherwise indicated, (1) the recruit and his next-of-kin are from the same town and, (2) all towns are in Missouri.


James W Adams, 21, chauffeur, Callao; James Q Adams, father
Franklin C Andrews, 18, chauffeur, La Plata; Gertrude Curtiss, friend, Wyaconda
Henry W Applegate, 48, carpenter, Brashear; Fronie Applegate, wife
Frederick A Armstrong, 28, blacksmith, Brashear; Cora Armstrong, sister, York, NE

George P Bailey, 20, student, Browning; Frank M Bailey, father
Lee H Bailey, 22, clerk, Downing; Charley Bailey, father
Peter P Bonatto [Baiotto], 19, laborer, Lockman, IA; Katherine Bonatto, mother
Joshua Beall, 19, laborer, La Plata; John Beall, father
Vern D Boling, 18, plasterer, Kirksville; George Boling, father
Lloyd Bondurant, 18, chauffeur, Kirksville; J D Bondurant, father
Harold Brasfield, 21, MP operator, Queen City; William T Brasfield, father
Vinal H Brenizer, 19, chauffeur, Queen City; D C Brenizer, father
Paul R Brockman, 21, clerk, La Plata; Wilbert H Brockman, father
Virgil Brookhart, 21, student, Wyaconda; Francis M Brookhart, father
Harry T Brooking, 19, shoe worker, Kirksville; Inez Brooking, mother
Luther C Brower, 28, chauffeur, Queen City; J M Brower, father
Arthur H Broyles, 23, chauffeur, Novinger; Eva F Cain, mother
Willis H Burdett, 24, blacksmith, Green City; M S Burdett, father
Barton O Butler, 20, cigar maker, Kahoka; Herbert O Butler, father

Allen E Cain, 24, chauffeur, Kirksville; Rosa Cain, mother
Myers D Campbell Jr, 20, chauffeur, Kirksville; Myers D Campbell, father
Ben T Carder, 34, teamster, Adair, IA; Bessie Largent, sister
Galen E Chadwick, 23, chauffeur, Ft Madison, IA; W N Chadwick, father
Paul J Chappell, 22, electrician, Auxvasse; Charles J Chappell, father
Wilfred W Chappell, 19, metalworker, Kirksville; Etta Chappell, mother
Earl M Chesser, 24, carpenter, Novinger; George Chesser, father
[there are 2 forms for Chesser; the other lists Mary Chesser, mother, as next of kin]
Maurice L Clark, 21, chauffeur, Kirksville; James W Clark, father
Claas O Collman, 23, medical student, George, IA; O C Collman, father
Kale M Colyer, 20, farmer, Gifford; John Colyer, father
Pearl Cooley, 18, farmer, Stahl; Thomas Cooley, father
Michael D Coons, 22, farmer, Queen City; William A Coons, father
Glecia J Corbett, 18, farmer, Youngstown; Robert G Corbett, father
Ralph C Crouser, 20, cook, Edina; Mary Crouser, mother
Lawrence D Crowder, 20, teacher, Winigan; Thomas Crowder, father

Dalyah A Davis, 21, auto mechanic, Queen City; Hiram Davis, father, Kirksville
Lee Darr, 29, farmer, Novinger; David Darr, father
Wallace Dillon, 19, farmer, Kirksville; George Dillon, father, Strathmore, Alberta, Canada
Byron Dunn, 20, bookkeeper, Arbela; Peter Dunne [sic], father
Sedric Dye, 20, student, Bevier; John J Dye, father
Paul Eason, 18, student, Green City; Walter Eason, father
Otto Eubank, 18, shoe cutter, Kirksville; Henry Eubank, father
Leroy A Fast, 25, farmer, Knox City; John M Fast, father
Roy E Figge, 21, clerk, Kirksville; Harmon H Figge, father
Adra B Finnegan, 18, student, Kirksville; Vera Finnegan, sister
John H Fisher, 22, teamster, Kirksville; James D Fisher, father
Lewis E French, 27, clerk, Lancaster; Edwin L French, father
Raymond B Geoghegan, 21, student, Kirksville; Martha Geoghegan, mother
Roy W Grear, 23, painter, Elmer; Nellie V Grear, wife
Ollie Greer, 33, laborer, Ottumwa, IA; Emma Rean, mother
Solomon Goldman, 38, auto repairman, Kirksville; Joe Goldman, brother, Jefferson City
Franklin L Graham, 17, laborer, La Plata; Luther Graham, father
Guy Graves, 28, farmer, Lancaster; John Graves, father
Ernest B Gunn, 21, shoe cutter, Moberly; Ora Gunn, mother


Charles L Harden, 24, farmer, Gifford; C Harden, father
Ross A Harle, 18, clerk, Kirksville; W A Harle, father
Cecil H Hays, 27, telegraph operator, Lancaster; McClellan Hays, father
Daniel Hendricks, 18, chauffuer, Novinger; George W Hendricks, father
Elma Hendricks, 22, laborer, Stahl; Charley Hendricks, father
Earl H Hinton, 30, cook, Kirksville; Esther Matkins, sister, Davenport, IA
Robert Hoff, 21, student, St Clair; Eugene Hoff, father
Harrel L Hopper, 21, mechanic, Leonard; Homer Killinder, uncle
Loys Hotchkiss, 19, student, Kirksville; Ada Hotchkiss, mother
Silas Hunt, 18, chauffeur, Kirksville; William Hunt, father
James O Irons, 19, laborer, La Plata; Effie Z Hilbert, sister, Marceline
Orley E Johnson, 21, stenographer, Kirksville; Emma Johnson, mother
Arthur C Jones, 25, druggist, Queen City; J T Jones, father
Howard M Kildow, 20, teacher, Hansell, IA; Edwin R Kildow, father
Orville Kirkpatrick, 23, painter, Queen City; Jake Kirkpatrick, father
Warren J Krink, 20, chauffeur, Queen City; Rowena C Krink, wife, Greentop
John E Kurtz, 20, student, Wyaconda; Marcus E [or L] Kurtz, father
George E Lagle, 23, teacher, Kirksville; William H Lagle, father
Noah C Lawson, 25, stationary engineer, Purvis; I N Lawson, father
William B Lewis, 29, medical student, Kirksville; Mrs M R Lewis, mother, Bisbee, AZ
Arthur E Linderman, 18, farmer, Novelty; John Linderman, father
Ray H Lyons, 19, clerk, La Plata; Mary A Ryon, grandmother
Clarence W McConkey, 21, student, Kirksville; C A McConkey, father, Weldon, IL
Glenn I McCormick, 20, chauffeur, Greentop; M J McCormick, father
Elwood McDavitt, 18, chauffeur, Lacrosse; Fred M McDavitt, father
Parke W MacDougall, 23, horseman, Kirksville; Archibald MacDougall, father


George H Macomber, 23, farmer, Queen City; Zebina A Macomber, father
Glenn B Macomber, 19, farmer, Queen City; Zebina Macomber, father
Joshua Mason, 19, barber, La Plata; Charley Mason, father
Roy D Maye, 19, coal miner, Novinger; W L Maye, father
Chester L Mercer, 34, farmer, Stahl; Nancy Love, sister, Unionville
Leonard W Mills, 20, medical student, Crookstown, MN; Edwin Mills, father
James E Minor, 20, clerk, Kirksville; William T Minor, father
Kertis Mitchell, 18, farmer, Lewistown; Ida Mitchell, mother
Joseph W Moots, 24, farmer, Kirksville; Willis Moots, father
Millard F Neer, 18, farmer, Connelsville; Harry Neer, father
Roy B Newman, 18, farmer, Brashear; William Newman, father
Francis Newson, 18, coal miner, Novinger; S J Payne, grandfather
George D Norfolk, 18, farmer, Kirksville; William H Norfolk, father, Gillett
Jesse R Novinger, 29, rancher, Novinger; Samuel A Novinger, father
Pearl G Osborn, 19, miner, Novinger; John F Osborn, father
Elsworth Pennington, 19, painter, Queen City; Boon Pennington, father
Fred D Pennington, 23, farmer, Queen City; Boone D Pennington, father
Glenn F Piper, 22, chauffeur, Queen City; I S Piper, father
Michael D Piper, 18, barber, Queen City; I S Piper, father
Loyd W Pleasants, 18, machinist, Wyaconda; Charles W Pleasants, father
Ralph Poole, 16, printer, Downing; John W Poole, father
Clinton R Post, 19, farmer, Kirksville; Newton Post, father
Benjamin F Power, 19, baker, Hurdland; Samuel E Power, father
Thomas Power, 21, baker, Hurdland; Samuel E Power, father
Edward J Pratt, 33, plumber, Rock Island, IL; Robert L Pratt, brother, Parsons, KS
Glenn E Preston, 22, farmer, Kirksville; Vanda Preston, sister
Cecil M Propst, 20, student, Brashear; Robert Propst, father
Lee Quintal, 19, student (clerk), Kirksville; Jeanne Quintal, sister


Ralph B Reed, 21, chauffeur & mechanic, Fleishchmanns, NY; Zopher E Reed, father
George D Reesman, 35, plumber, La Plata; David B Reesman, father
John R Reynolds, 24, physical director, Greentop; T.C. Reynolds, father
William H Robinson, 21, chauffeur, South Gifford; Mrs W A Robinson, mother
William D Rumble, 19, coal miner, Kirksville; Leonard Rumble, father
John B Sanders, 19, farmer, Memphis; Thomas R Sanders, father
Fred Shaw, 19, student, Kirksville; Fred E Shaw, father
Virgil W Sholley, 20, miner, Novinger; Marry Chrisman, mother
Vernie V Sloop, 21, chauffeur, Queen City; Samuel Sloop, father
John C Smith, 23, laborer, Kirksville; W N Smith, father
Manford F Smith, 18, shoe cutter, Kirksville; James T Smith, father
Frederick S Speiser, 20, chauffeur, Green Castle; Charles Speiser, father
Melvin P Stivers, 20, shoe worker, Kirksville; James Stivers, father
Joseph J Stone, 26, teacher, Macon; James Stone, father
Ellis W Stribling, 21, laborer, La Plata; Barbra S Stribling, mother
Cyrus E Sullivan, 21, farmer, Breckinridge; John Sullivan, father, McPherson, KS
Richard Summers, shoe worker, Kirksville; John W Summers, father
Fred H Sumner, 21, chauffeur, Novinger; Edith Sumner, mother
Benjamin W Sylvester, 18, electrician, Kirksville; W H Sylvester, father, Martinsburg, IA
Johnnie Teters, 18, chauffeur, Scotland Co; Mrs David Teters, mother
Earl F Tucker, 21, electrician, La Plata; Mary E Tucker, mother
William Turner, 18, miner, Kirksville; Mary Peel, sister
Charley Vansickle, 18, laborer, Humeston, IA; Robert Vansickle, father
James Vestal, 25, railroad section crew, Novinger; John Vestal, father, Stahl


Elmer D Waffle, 19, farmer, Kirksville; William A Waffle, father
Gail C Webber, 19, student, LaCross; James A Webber, father
Rufus Wheeler, 24, farmer, Greencastle; S M Wheeler, father
Webster White, 18, farmer, New Boston; G C Roan, friend
Loran M Whitelock, 16, student, Kirksville; John M Whitelock, father
Dana N Wilcher, 18, chauffeur, Kirksville; Mrs Nelson Wilcher, mother, Moberly
James H Williams, 38, fireman, Kirksville; Margreet Williams, mother
Roe G Williams, 21, welder, Novinger; E C Hutchins, grandfather
Frank E Wilson, 29, student, Farmington, IA; Amanda E Wilson, mother
Deane B Winger, 20, chauffeur, Kirksville; David Winger, father
Archie W Wood, 19, student, Kirksville; Sadie Wood, mother
Clarence Wright, 36, chauffeur, Kirksville; Martin O Wright, brother
Edward D Wilson, 28, clerk, Gibbs; George W Wilson, father
George G Winn, 16, shoemaker, Kirksville; George S Winn, father
Milard Wiyrick, 18, laborer, Kirksville; James Wiyrick, father
Vance K Yeager, 30, chauffeur, Kirksville; Eva Yeager, mother
William T Yore [no age, occupation, residence or next of kin listed]
Harry H Zugg, 21, chauffeur & tailor, Lancaster; Mary E Zugg, wife

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