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E.M. Violette Museum Collection: Documents of Unknown Origin, 1807-1965
Musdp Collection U2

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There are numerous documents and artifacts in the Violette Museum collection for which we have no acquisition records.  Some of them have been here since the early years of the Museum’s existence and we speculate that the original records were lost in the Baldwin Hall fire of January 1924. Accession cards created for a new system in 1941 merely show they were received from the “Old Museum” on the date the card was completed.

We have been able to recreate partial records for most of these “orphans” from articles that appeared in the campus newspaper, The Index, at the time of receipt.  The remaining unidentified documents, along with those of a later date from unknown or anonymous donors, have been gathered together in this artificial collection so that access may be provided.
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U2:1 Correspondence, 1814-86
      ◙ Judith Taylor, Newcastle, KY, to her son Culvin H Sanders, Frankfort, KY, 1814, [month & day torn off] re previous discussion about placing her daughter, Louisiana, with John & Polly Fone[?] (Judith's brother & sister-in-law) to raise
         ◙ D W Poor, Logan Co, KY, to Culvin Sanders, Shelby Co, KY, 4 Mar 1830, re payment for land sold to Mr Foster
         ◙ W S Ebry, Red Bluff. Washington Territory, to Dr Crockett, [Missouri], 22 Jan 1857; discusses brother’s close call in storm off the coast of WT, current politics, cattle ranching & farming in WT
         ◙ C W Brinkley, Normal School, to Eva Barnhart, Normal School, 7 Mar 1878 (hand delivered envelope), offering his escort to tomorrow night’s lecture
         ◙ J A Jones, Normal School, to Eva Barnhart, Normal School, 24 Mar 1878 (envelope hand delivered by Cecil Grimes), offering his escort to church next Sunday
         ◙  Letters (2) from Mattie E & Edgar Melton (both age 11), Ontario, Knox, Co, IL, to Teacher, 8 Dec 1882; appear to be an in-class letter-writing exercise   
          The Queen [Victoria], Windsor Castle, to George Peabody, Esq, The Spencer[?] Hotel, 28, Mar 1886, with envelope, thanking him for his munificence in helping the lower classes of London; is sending him a miniature of herself in thanks [note: stationery & envelope are heavily outlined in mourning black; the handwriting has not been authenticated]
U2:2    Tax Receipts and Other Financial Records, 1839-55
         ◙ Receipt issued by Morgan County, OH to William Smith, Westley, OH, for 1839 personal property taxes
         ◙ Handwritten receipts (5) for payments by John Wilson to Joab Moberly, payment in full, 7 Oct 1841 Anthony Minter [Winter?] for medical services, 9 Jul 1844 Gilbert H Edman, Shelby Co, MO Collector for 1845 state & county taxes Milburn Baldwin for season of a mare, 21 Sep 1853 New York Observer, 2 year subscription, July 1855
U2:3 Military Records, 1814-1942
  ◙ Discharge, Pvt James Harden, 13th Rgt, Kentucky Volunteers; signed by Capt Dudley Fane[?], 7 Feb 1814  
  Union Democrat – Extra, Aug 23, 1861; I leaf newspaper published by the Third Iowa Regiment; printed by The Kirksville Democrat at Kirksville, MO Reprinted by The Democrat, 6-7 Sept 1911 (2c)
  ◙ Discharge, Pvt Nathaniel Grace of Camdon Co, TN, Co K, 8th Rgt, Missouri State Militia Cavalry; signed by Capt J Hamilton, St Louis, 10 May 1865
  ◙ Broadside re eligibility for & amounts of Civil War pensions & bounty lands, posted by B F Pritchard, Military Claim Agent, Indianapolis, IN
  “Soldiers’ Reunion at Kirksville, MO”, 1-3 Sept 1880; broadside [oversize; stored in Special Collections Map Case]
  ◙ Marine Corps Meal and Lodging Order issued to Charles L Coleman by St Louis Recruiting Station, 27 May 1918; good for 1 meal (dinner)
  ◙ WWI Draft Registration Card [blank form]
  ◙ Draft Registration Certificate [wallet ID cards], 5 June 1917 (3) F A Dill, Granger, MO Alonzo L Prosser, Kirksville, MO James C Williams, Trenton, MO
  ◙ Mimeographed form letter to “Friends at Home” signed by 84 Adair Co soldiers stationed at Camp Doniphan, OK; in support of a fund raising campaign to build YMCA centers in Army Camps, nd [ca 1917]
  ◙ Flyer to the Men of the USS Seattle re 4th Liberty Loan campaign, nd [ca Sept 1918]
  ◙ Paris Chamber of Commerce. Facts About the War: A Bulletin of Information. No 81 (April 1918) en Anglaise. mailed to President State Normal School, Kirksville by Chambre de Commerce de Paris [France]
  Recruiting Posters Issued by the US Navy Since the Declaration of War.  [Washington, DC]: US Navy Recruiting Bureau, 1918.  Booklet containing black & white reproductions of 40 recruiting posters created & donated to the Navy by American artists
  The Arrow Head, 1:3 (March 13, 1919); 4-page newspaper published by the US Army, 36th Division, Yonne, France [oversize; stored in Special Collections Map Case]
  ◙ Package of United States Official V-Mail Envo-Letter paper [WWII]
  ◙ United States Citizens Defense Corps wallet membership cards (blank)
  ◙ Sectional Aeronautical Charts (3); US Coast and Geodetic Survey, Washington, DC, 1942; stamped “Restricted” Oklahoma City (Sect R-5) El Paso (Sect P-4) Cheyenne (Sect U-4)  
U2:4 Land Records, 1844-1858
  Handwritten deed from Hezekiah & Nancy Vanskike to John Wilson for 160 acres in Shelby Co, MO, 15 Apr 1844 (filed for record Shelby Co Deed Book C, pg 388, 19 Apr 1844)
  ◙ Land Grant for 160 acres bounty land issued to Lt James Mattock for services in the Florida War, 5 Apr 1855; assigned to Frederick W Nance, Milan, MO who claimed 137 acres in Twps 62 & 63, Rng 14 [Adair Co], MO
  Deed from Charles Simpson to James Searcy for one-half interest in “Gardner’s Old Mill”, Adair Co, MO, 12 April 1858
U2:5 Slave Sales, 1807, 1858
  Receipt, William A Allen to John Sanders for a woman Chany & her son Henry purchased by Sanders, 4 Mar 1807; Allen had purchased them from Christopher H Holland at a Sheriff’s Sale held in February to satisfy Holland’s debt to James Mitchell; place not given
  ◙ Bill of Sale for Sam, 19 year old male; John W Rutter, Shelby Co, MO, attorney for George W Bird, State of California, to Josephine B Wilson, Lewis Co, MO, 30 Jan 1858
U2:6 Political Memorabilia, 1897-1965
  ◙ Campaign circulars/handbills “To the Voters of Adair County” John W Ownbey, Candidate for MO State Legislature, 25 Sept 1866 Lewis W Link, Candidate for County Judge [1874]
  Slate of Candidates, Kirksville City Elections ▪ Republican slate, 1866 ▪ Farmers’ slate; includes text for proposed amendment to State Liquor Law  [1874] ▪ Republican slate [1879?] ▪ Democratic slate [1891?]
  Flyers/handbills against Adair County tax collection practices Report of the Investigating Committee re revenues unaccounted for by the County Tax Collector, 21 Sept 1866 W H Parcels re "illegalities" in county tax collection, 1 mar 1870 (3c) Committee [33 names] against proposed law creating new system of township organization [1870s (references to revised tax laws of 1872)] “Truth Will Prevail!”; Dr S L Sage against Judge Hooper’s tax collection practices, 27 Oct 1872
  ◙ “A Letter from Major C.N. Clark, to "The Voters of the 1st Congressional District of Missouri”, campaign pamphlet [ca 1897]
  ◙ Campaign cards John E Carter, Member 42nd Missouri General Assembly, Trenton County [ca 1902] Uel W Lamkin, State Superintendent of Schools, 1918
  ◙ Ticket to “Standing Area” at Inauguration of Missouri Governor Frederick D Gardner, 8 Jan 1917
  ◙ Gallup Poll Score Card, 1944 Presidential Election, published by the St Louis Globe-Democrat
  Inauguration of Governor Warren E Hearnes, 11 Jan 1965 ▪ Invitation ▪ Program
U2:7 Event & Celebration Handbills & Newspapers, 1882-1937
  The Veiled Prophet's Sublime Autumnal Festival; souvenir newspaper for The Veiled Prophet parade, St Louis, 3 Oct 1882 [oversize; stored in Special Collections Map Case]
  ◙ Kirksville July 4th Celebration [1886]
  ◙ Cherokee Indian Exhibit & Programme, Kirksville Mercantile College Hall, 13 June [1883-95]
  ◙ Production of “M’Liss! Or Child of Canon Cut Gulch” by the J W Toohey Broadway Company [generic handbill provided by the Company; no presentation place or date]
  ◙ “Fearful Tornado in Missouri”, pages 384-385 of Leslie’s Weekly, May 18, 1900; article re the Kirksville cyclone of April 27, 1899 ▪ on the back (pg 383), "People Talk About . . ."; article re youngest college president in the world, John Henry McCracken of Westminster College, Fulton, MO
  ◙ Proclamation by President Franklin D Roosevelt designating Sept 17,1937 to April 30, 1939 as period to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and inauguration of the first President; US Constitution Sesquicentennial Commission
U2:8 Miscellensous, nd
  ◙ Braille alphabet printed by Rose Chitwood on a scrap of cardboard
  ◙ Reward of Merit for Neatness in Writing (2) issued to Clark Luellen Sophronia Johnston

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