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When the United States finally entered World War I in 1917, the young men of the country enlisted in the armed forces, the older men made speeches and sold War Bonds and the women made arrangements to do their part “for the war effort” as well. 

Saturday, July 28, 1917, designated as “Patriotic Day” by Missouri Governor Frederick D. Gardener, was selected as official registration day for Missouri women “who desire to help win the war” to sign up for war work.  In Adair County, the Sojourner’s Club and the ladies of the Normal School faculty organized the campaign under the sponsorship and direction of the Women’s Committee of the National Council of Defense, Missouri Division.  They began registration at the Normal School on Friday the 27th in order to catch the students while they were on campus for class.  Kirksville ladies registered at booths set up all over town on the 28th and work in the rest of the county began the following Monday. 

Registration was strictly voluntary and any woman 16 years of age or older was eligible. Completion of the form carried no legal obligation; it merely provided the Council of Defense with a roster of those willing to help out if a need arose. Newspaper accounts report about 600 registrations at the Normal School and another 300 in town; 325 of these cards were later obtained by Professor E.M. Violette for the Normal School’s History Museum collection. 

The registration card calls for personal information: Name; address, telephone, age, marital status, race, dependents; country of birth, citizenship status; current occupation, employer, references; level of education attained, length of time & place attended & specialized training.  Each registrant was also asked to indicate what type of services she was offering to the war effort (volunteer, work for wages or work for expenses), for how long, whether or not she would be willing to be sent elsewhere if needed, areas in which she had experience or training and training she would like to be given. 

This finding aid does not include all the information included on the cards but gives enough for researchers to be able to identify the registrants.  These points should help:
(1) Registrants were residents of Kirksville and Caucasians unless otherwise stated.
(2) Women who did not work outside the home used various terms such as housekeeper, homemaker, housewife, etc. to describe their occupation.  We have tried to be consistent here, using the term “homemaker” when it is obvious that the registrant meant she taking care of her own home and family and “housekeeper” when she was being paid for that type of work in someone else’s home.
(3) An asterisk [*] indicates employed teachers who were also Normal School students at the time of registration (1917 summer session)
(4) Some registrants used their husband’s name or initials rather than their own given name (ie., Mrs John D. Doe or Mrs J.D. Doe rather than Jane Doe), as was the “proper” style of the day.
(5) Quite a few registrants read “Country of Birth” as “County of Birth” and completed that blank accordingly; a few were even more specific, so more information may be available on the cards than is readily apparent.

~ ~ ~

W1:1 Background Information (photocopies)
◙ Clarke, Ida Clyde.  American Women and the World War.  New York: D Appleton and Company, 1918. Form samples and explanation of the Missouri program, pages 48-51and 300-304
◙ Clippings from The Kirksville Daily Express re the Adair County registration (6), July 13-30, 1917
W1:2  Registration Cards
Margaret Ainslie, 36, widow; teacher, Kirksville Schools*
Muriel Allen, 19, single; student
Marvel F Ames, 20, single; student, State Normal School
Ina Ethyl Angus, 29, single; bookkeeper, Journal of Osteopathy, American School of
Ella Archer, 71, married

Myra G Arnold, 36, married

SeDora Antoinette Babbitt, 19, single; student, State Normal School
Mabel Bachman, 18, single; student, State Normal School
Ethelyn Baldwin, Brashear, MO; 19, single; teacher, Adair County Rural Schools*
Doone Banning, 22, single; student, State Normal School
Halcyon Banning, 20, single; teacher, Illinois School Board*
Mrs Clarence J Baxter, 44, married; homemaker
Ivah Marie Beard, 16, single; student
Josie Beard, married; homemaker
Ruth Beaty, 20, single; teacher, Brashear, MO Schools*
Margaret Beets, 73, widow
Eva Hardin Benning, 18, single; teacher, Gregory, MO Schools
Sue Betson, 24, single; student, State Normal School
Katherine Biggerstaff, 27, single; music teacher
Mary (Mrs M.G.) Biggerstaff, 58, married; farmer
Mabel Bigsby, 32, married; homemaker
Stella Blair, 43, married; homemaker
Pearl E Blue, 26, married; homemaker
Grace O Bohrer, 36, married; housewife
Mrs H.E. Bolander, 21, married; student, State Normal School
Ruby Bondurant, 26, single; china painting teacher, self-employed
Juanita Bonfoey, married; homemaker
Julia Lester Bosworth, 67, single
Ina Bowles, [address not given]; 51, single; teacher, Fink School,Elsberry, MO*
Eva Bowther, 49; homemaker
Grace Pauline Brandt, 18, single; student, State Normal School
Mary Elizabeth Brandt, 21, single; student, State Normal School
Mrs Willis J Bray, 34, married; homemaker
Elsie Brown, Farber, MO; 23, single; teacher, Pleasant Plain School, Audrain Co, MO*
Kate Buck, St Maries, ID; 30, married; homemaker
Veva E Bullard, 28, single; student, American School of Osteopathy
Gladys M Bundy, 34, married; homemaker
Mrs Mark Burrows, 44, married; homemaker


Etta Caldwell, single; runs boarding house
Hazel Call, 20, single; student, State Normal School
Mrs M.D. Campbell, 42, married; homemaker
Fannie E Carothers, 64, married; homemaker
Rowena Carter, 48, married; homemaker
Mrs G.H. Casady, Stahl, MO; 15, married; homemaker
Crissa M Cass, 63, married; homemaker
Delta Cater, 21, married; housewife
Leona Kellogg Chapman, 43; nurse
Ruth Chapman, 24, married; teacher, Sugar Creek School, Adair County*
Mary Chase, 61, widow; homemaker
Gladie Childers, 23, single; teacher, Pattonsburg, MO Schools*
Bertha C Chilson, 51, single
Lois Dean Cochran, 22, single; teacher, Knox City, MO Schools
Sina Inez Cochran, 26, single; teacher, Knox City, MO Schools
Velda Cochran, 19, single; student & teacher, State Normal School
Josephine Lillard Cockriel, 26, married; teacher, Cincinnati, IA Schools*
Belle Marie Cockrum, 29, single; teacher, Milan, MO High School
Eunice Mildred Cockrum, 20, single; teacher, Milan, MO Schools
Willie L Cockrum, 54, married; runs boarding house
Mary F Coffell, 20, single; stenographer, Dr J.T. Dodson
Mabel Cole, Edina, MO; 18, single; student
Emma J Collett, Novinger, MO; 53, married; homemaker
Izetta Conkin, 20, married; housewife
Mrs Byron Cosby, married; homemaker
Artie Craig, 26, single; teacher, Kirksville Schools*
Ella Criswell, Farber, MO; 32, single; teacher, Boles Dist Schools, Auxvasse, MO*


Cora F Dabney, 36, married; homemaker
Coral Davis, 18, single; teacher, unemployed
Minnie A Davis, married; housewife
Agnes Dodson, 19, single; shoefitter, International Shoe Company
M.W. Prewitt Doneghy, 60, married; housewife
Laurie Doolittle, 50, single; teacher, State Normal School
Dennie Dorsey, 46, married; housewife
Letha Dorsey, 22, single; teacher, Tulsa, OK Schools
Ivy Dougherty, 25, single; student, State Normal School
Lois Drake, 24, single; stenographer, State Normal School*


India Edler, 37, married; nurse, Drs Grim & Grim
Daisy Eggert, 21, single; teacher, Gorin, MO Schools*
Mrs S.L. Eggert, 39, married; homemaker
Etelka R Ellison, 39, married
Kathryn Ellison, Brashear, MO; 44, single; teacher, West Center School*
Edith Elsaesser, Braymer, MO; 21, single; student nurse, America School of Osteopathy
Blanche Frances Emery, 37, single; English teacher, State Normal School
Clarice Evans, 32, single; Industrial Arts teacher, State Normal School
Pearl Evans, 19, single; student nurse, American School of Osteopathy
Mrs W.E. Evans, 27, married; housewife
Ada M Ewing, 26, single; stenographer/monotypist, Journal Printing Company
Eva Ewing, single; saleslady, Vanskike & Howell Drygoods


Mary E Farren, 63, widow; student, American School of Osteopathy
Mary Ann Fidler, 22, single; teacher, Queen City, MO Schools*
Thurba Fidler, 30, single; teacher, State Normal School
Mabel Finch, 24, married; homemaker
Vera Floss Finegan, 27, single; teacher, State Normal School
Miraia Fleak, 83, widow; homemaker
Ina Francis, 27, married; teacher, Hurdland, MO Schools*
Dorah Frogge, 50, single; homemaker
Mrs H.R. Fuller, 51, married; homemaker

Jennie G Gardner, 52, married; homemaker
Minnie Gates, 20, single; waitress, Straw Rooming House
Elnora Gentry, 66, married; homemaker
Blanche Geoghegan, 19, single; telephone operator, Southwestern Bell
Meta Gill, 29, single; librarian, State Normal School
Frankie Glaves, 25, single; at home
Essie Goodwin, 16, single; at home
Etta Gorrell, 50, married; runs boarding house
Leonah Grassle, 19, single; teacher, Kirksville Schools*
Alta Green, 25, single; at home
Gineva I Green, 53, married
Talitha Jennie Green, 46, single; Latin teacher, State Normal School
Ottie Minerva Greiner, single; teacher, Kansas City, MO Schools
Bertha Griffin, 38, married; runs rooming house
E Alta Grim, 41, married; housewife
Sarah Gunnels, 37, single; student, State Normal School

Lenna B Hall, 21, single; teacher, Kirksville Schools*
Sarah T. Hall, 70, married; homemaker
Mae DeWitt Hamilton, 44, single; homemaker
Mrs Joe Hampton, 19, married
Jean Hanks, 19, single; teacher, Mapleton, IA Schools*
Arletta Hardister, 34, single; at home
Sarah Frances Harmon, Stahl, MO; 19, single; student, State Normal School
Nora R Harrington, 40, married; housewife
Mary J Harris, 18, single; student, State Normal School
Jessie E Hayden, 46, married; housewife
Teresa Hayes, Baring, MO; 48, single; at home
Laura Heathman, 24, single; housekeeper
Orpha Ruth Heathman, 21, single; teacher, Adair Co Rural Schools
Flora Mary Heyd, 36, married; homemaker
Mrs Paul D Higbee, 23, married; housewife
Nabby Hilt, 20, single; student, State Normal School
Mrs Clark I Holbrook, married; homemaker
Grace Lillard Howe, 22, married; housewife
Ida B Howell, 39, married; homemaker
Janette Howell, 23, single; student
Mrs. V.J. Howell, 49, married; homemaker
Adelia Howerton, 62, widow; homemaker
Ruth Howerton, 24, single; music teacher, Gorin, MO Schools*
Henriette Howman, St Joseph, MO; 28, single; student nurse, American School of Osteopathy
Gladys Howey, 22, single; student, State Normal School
Lillian Huffman, 29, married; homemaker
Mrs L.C. Hull, 56, married; homemaker
Jo Walker Humphrey, 34, widow; Women’s Advisor, State Normal School
Cora Cater Hunsaker, married; housewife
Shirley Hunt, 26, single; teacher, Bowling Green, MO Schools*
Beulah Husted, 19, single; student, State Normal School
Martha Hutchinson, 44, married; homemaker

Anne Wans Ims, married; homemaker
Amanda F Jacobs, widow
Cora James, 50, married; homemaker
Emma Marie Johnson, 26, single; student, State Normal School
Winnie Johnston, 24, single; dressmaker & telephone operator
D.E. Jones, 37, single; saleswoman, T.W. Garland, St Louis, MO
Annie Wallace Jones, 48, married; homemaker
Vera Jones, 25, single; student nurse, American School of Osteopathy
Annie Louise Kirkham, 35, single; Training School Supervisor, State Normal School
Eldina Kropf, 29, single; teacher, unemployed*
Sarah Laird, 22, single; teacher, Knox City, Mo High School
Helen Landes, 22, single; Office Manager, Journal Printing Co
Clara Landwig, 31, single; shoe fitter, International Shoe Co
Dorothea Langlitz, single; osteopath, Private Practice
Margaret Lawson, 20, single; teacher, Holts Summit, MO Rural Schools*
Maude Lilley, 22, single; teacher, Orient, IA Schools*
Ruth Lilley, 20, single; student, State Normal School
Lenore Lindsey, 24, married; teacher, Ft Madison, IA Schools*
Mollie M Lindsey, married
Mary E Link, 60, married
Lottie K Liter, 23, single; stenographer & bookkeeper, S.A.D. Murphy Real Estate
Elizabeth Lloyd, 36, married; homemaker
Nannie E Lloyd, 45, widow; merchant, proprietor Lloyd’s Grocery
Elizabeth F Loder, 44, widow; practical nurse; self-employed
Josephine Losey, 21, single; student, State Normal School
Violet Opel Lumley, 23, married; leather worker; International Shoe Co
Abbie Grace Lyle, 29, single; teacher, State Normal School

LaMaebel McCracken, Galt, MO; 22, single
Lydia Margaret McGranahan, 39, widow; nurse-housekeeper
Amanda McKim, 38, married; housewife
Virginia Beatrice McNealey, 24, single; stenographer, Campbell & Ellison, Attorneys

Alice D Mann, 30, single; teacher, State Normal School
Jenette Marrow, 30, single; housekeeper, Dr H.M. Still
Theodora O Mathiasen, 29, single; student, American School of Osteopathy
Anna Melvin, Lancaster, MO; 19, single; teacher, Tipp School, Lancaster, MO*
Virginia Merrin, 60, married; homemaker
Anna M Meyer, 30; homemaker
Rachael Miley, 23, married; homemaker
Mrs L.M. Miller, 56, married; homemaker
Mrs R.M. Miller, 40, married; homemaker
Ola E Miller, single; teacher, Kirksville Schools*
Bertha Leslie Mills, 25, married
Louise Mills, 50, married
Zella Milstead, 48, married; homemaker
Fannie Minick, 30, single; factory worker, International Shoe Company
Iva Gola Minor, 20, single; student, State Normal School
Mary Gladys Mitchell, 25, single; teacher, Palmyra, MO Schools*
Miriam R Mitchell, single; dairyman, State of Missouri Dairy Department
Ethel Mitzemberg, 23, single; teacher, Adair Co Rural Schools*
Lela Mitzimberg, 19, single; teacher
Lillian B Montgomery, 28, single; teacher, unemployed*
Nell Montgomery, 23, single; stenographer, J.W. Hatcher Real Estate
Vinnie Montgomery, 20, single; student, State Normal School
Zelma Moore, 27, married; housewife
Pearl M Morris, 27, single; Deputy Circuit Court Clerk, County of Adair
Clara R Musson, 47, single; Methodist Deaconess, Deaconess Orphanage, Lake Bluff, IL
Margaret E Musson, 73, married; homemaker
Gertrude Nagel, 23, single; student teacher, State Normal School
Bessie May Naylor, 27, single; Head of Food Dept, State Normal School
Maud Newton, 37, married; Clerk of Probate Court, County of Adair
Frances Nichols, 21, single; stenographer, M.J. Nichols Loan & Abstract Co
Lucile Nickell, 18, single; student, State Normal School
Sarah Norris, 45, married; homemaker
Frances Christine Novinger, Novinger, MO; 20, single; student, State Normal School
Belle Nowels, 28, single; student, State Normal School
Mildred Nulton, 19, single; teacher, Edina, MO High School*
Minnie E Osenbaugh, 50, married; homemaker
Mrs Andrew Otterson, 46, married; homemaker
Margaret Otterson, 19, single; student
Dollie B Owens, 21, single; at home
Frances Owings, 21, single; student, State Normal School
Chloe S Patterson, 54, married; homemaker
Lena Estelle Patterson, single; teacher, State Normal School
Deane Perley, 24, single; teacher, Shelbyville, MO High School*
Inez Perley, 22, single; teacher, Green City, MO Schools*
Esther Irene Perry, 21[27?], single; housekeeper
Margaret Perry, 20, single; teacher, Tulsa, OK Schools*
Elizabeth Peterson, 46, married; housewife
Lena F Peterson, 17, single; student
Mrs F.M. Phipps, [no address given]; married; homemaker
Neilson Pierce, 28, single; bookkeeper & stenographer, J.E. Goodwin Drygoods
Anna E Piersee, 21, married; homemaker
Margaret Frances Pool, 27, single; bookkeeper, Auto Sales Co
Mary Elma Poole, 28, single; secretary, State Normal School*
Delle Post, 31, single; teacher, Mason City, IA Schools*
Elsie M Post, 27, single; teacher, Kirkwood, MO Schools
Frances Potter, 26, single; teacher, Shelbyville, MO Schools
Della Powell, Brashear, MO; 18, single; student, State Normal School
Edith I Prindle, 37, single; homemaker
Isabella A.H. Prindle, 67, widow; homemaker
Goldie Prosser, 19, single; student, State Normal School
Ertiel Constance Putney, 33, married; homemaker
E Carmelita Quinn, 24, single; teacher, Kirksville Schools*
Mary Ramsey, Springfield, MO; 22, single; student nurse, American School of Osteopathy
Mrs G.W. Rathbun, 68, married; homemaker
Sarah Elizabeth Redmon, 24, single; cashier
Esther Adeline Reed, Macon, MO; 22, single; teacher, Macon Schools*
Dora Lee Reynolds, 33, single; student, State Normal School
Ruth Reynolds, 24, single; student, State Normal School
A Frances Rice, 20, single; student, State Normal School
Catherine Rice, 21, single; student, State Normal School
Mattie A Richards, (Negro), 28, married
Minnie Richardson, 40+, single; teacher, unemployed*
Mrs Walter W Richeson, 31, married; homemaker
Mildred Rieger, 20, single; student
Grace C Robinson, 40, married; homemaker
Mrs Hunter Robinson, 40, married; homemaker
Fannie E Robison, 59, widow; seamstress, self-employed
Jessie Rogers, 21, single; student, State Normal School
Rosamond Root, 30, single; teacher, State Normal School
Bertha E Roseberry, 29, single; teacher, Novinger, MO Rural School*
Ethel M Roseberry, 29, single; teacher, Edina, MO Schools*
Victoria Roseberry, 26, single; at home
Lois Ross, Novinger, MO; 18, single; student, State Normal School
Florence Rothschild, 21, single

Bess M Sands, 42, married; housewife
Mary Saunders, 18, single; teacher, Watson, MO Schools*
Della M Schell, 40, widow; dressmaker
Edna Hays Schell, 25, married; homemaker
Effie M Sears, 32, widow; student of osteopathy, American School of Osteopathy
Mattie Seaver, 18, single; student, State Normal School
Eunice L Selby, 17, single; student, State Normal School
June Selby, 24, single; teacher, Linneus, MO Schools*
Catherine Selves, 30, married; student, State Normal School
Alta Sharp, Novinger, MO; 22, single; teacher, Novinger Schools*
Cora Shaw, 21, single
Mattie Bess Shearman, 27, single; teacher, Macon Special School District*
Esther Marea Sherwood, 17, single;  student, State Normal School
Eva M Shockey, 19, single; student, State Normal School
Jennie F Shockey, single; teacher, Stahl, MO Schools
Leonora Robison Sholly
Elsie Shuman, Gibbs, MO; 20, single; teacher, La Plata, MO Rural School*
Jennie M Slocum, 52, widow; homemaker
Clara Smelser, 20, single; teacher, Tulsa, OK Schools*
Nettie Smelser, 43[?], married; homemaker
Mary Elthiza Smith, Hannibal, MO; 36, single; teacher, Oakwood, MO Schools*
Grace Smoot, 20, single; student, State Normal School
Pearl Snyder, 21, single; teacher, Lancaster, MO Schools*
Mattie G Solem, 39, married; housewife
Lyda Gay Spelman, 21, single; stenographer, Weatherby & Frank, Attorneys
Grace Spriggs, 42, married; homemaker
Ardella Dockery Still, 37, married; homemaker
Nannie Still, 49, married; homemaker
Lula Stokes, 53, married; homemaker
Mary J Stuyvesant, 34, single; housekeeper for Mrs Goben
Florence M Sublette, 20, single; student, State Normal School
Norma K Summers, 30, married; housewife
Harriet Swain, 34, married; housewife

Leanna Terry, 23, single; teacher, Vici, OK Schools*
Ermine Thompson, 18, single; student, State Normal School
Ora Troutman, 36, single; music teacher, self-employed
Mrs B.D. Turman, 25, married
Gertrude Camillia Vandolah, 21, single; student, State Normal School
Lucille Marie VanPelt, 26, single; teacher, Brunswick, MO High School*
Hallie Hall Violette, 37, married; housewife
Elizabeth E Ward, 59, married; homemaker
Glena Watkins, 24, single; bookkeeper & office asst, Mills & Garges Clothing Co
Beulah Watson, 23, married; homemaker
Jennie Watson, 54, married; homemaker
Mrs Glen C Weatherby, 38, married
Stella H Weaver, 45, married; housewife
Marguerite Wells, 19, single; student, State Normal School
Nelle Wells, 28, single; teacher, Kirksville Schools*
Phradie Wells, 24, single; teacher, State Normal School
Mrs R.B. Wells, 46, married; homemaker
Ruby Wells, 20, single; teacher, Ewing, MO Schools*
Zelma Mae Wells, 22, single; teacher, Gibbs, MO Rural Schools*
Lucille Meredith White, 21, single; milliner, Grace Smoyer Millinery
Louise A Willard, 24, single; teacher, Kirksville Schools*
Lulu Williams, 19, single; student, State Normal School
Hazel Wilson, 22, single; teacher, Kirksville Schools*
Lenola M Wilson, 34, married; homemaker
Bessie Powell Winn, 28, married; homemaker
Eva Winslow, 19, single; teacher, Mulberry School, Adair Co
Ida Sarah Winslow, 51, married; homemaker
Shirley G Wise, 28, married; housewife
Ola Wolf, 38, married
Sadia M Wood, 41, widow; homemaker
Grace Irene Woods, 29, single; student, State Normal School
Mae Woosley, Lawrence, KS; 27, single; student nurse, American School of Osteopathy
Elizabeth Zeigel, 37, married; homemaker

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