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ca 1918-1928
Ms Collection W2

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Mildred Genevieve (1898-1988) and Marian Kathleen (1908-1987) White, daughters of Benjamin F & Margaret Ellen White, graduated from Kirksville [MO] High School then enrolled at the local college, Northeast Missouri State Teachers College (now Truman State University).  Both completed the 30 and 90 hour certificate programs on their way to earning their Bachelors of Science in Education.  Mildred's degree was awarded in 1922; Marian's in 1928.  


The sisters each taught in several states before settling in Deming, NM where they spent the majority of their long teaching careers.  Mildred began teaching in Deming schools in 1929 then was High School librarian from 1941 until her retirement in 1959.  Marion joined her in Deming in 1937 and taught at Smith Elementary until 1974. She was elected to the Southwest District Hall of Fame of the New Mexico Education Association in 1975.

After Mildred’s death in 1988, a colleague sent her photo album and the academic records in this collection to the Northeast Alumni Association.  Mildred had been Literary Editor of the 1921 Echo (college year book) her junior year and the album contains some of the year book pictures as well as numerous other college and family photos, mostly unidentified.

W2/0 Administrative
  Acquisition documents & correspondence Biographical (Nemoscope Notes obituaries) ▪ Mildred (White) McKim ▪ Marian White 
W2/1 Academic Records, Northeast Missouri State Teachers College

Mildred Genevieve White ▪ Transcript of Record, Sept 1918-June 1922 ▪ Bachelor of Science in Education Diploma, August 1922 ▪ Certification of degree for North Central Association from NMSTC Registrar, approved for State of New Mexico, Feb 1930 ▪ NMSU Alumni Association Life Membership issued to Mildred McKim
Marian Kathleen White ▪ Transcript of Record, Sept 1924-Summer 1928 ▪ August 1928 Commencement Announcement w/ enclosure card for Marian Kathleen White ▪ Typed roster, Class of 1928
Photographs ▪ Mildred (ca1923) ▪ Mildred (1951) ▪ Marian (ca1928) ▪  Marian (1954)

W2/2 Mildred's Photo Album

Echo “candids” ▪ John Jack & his cat “The Mascot” ▪ Normal Pond geese ▪ Junior Class picnic (2) ▪ Mildred & Prof Edward Howell (tentative ID on Howell) ▪ Four unidentified KSTC athletes in their “letter sweaters” ▪ Unidentified man & woman by a tree ▪ “Bullfight” ▪ Finish line of a race at Cameron track meet, 1920 ▪ Students at the depot with KSTC banner & flag to welcome returning athletes [note: this shot was printed in reverse and appears that way in The Echo] ▪ Train arriving at the depot
College Campus ▪ Out-door theatre stage ▪ Normal Pond ▪ Baldwin Hall ▪ Science Hall ▪ Library Hall
College dramatic & musical productions cast photos ▪ “Ermine”, July 1919 (2) ▪ “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, July 1920 (8) “Old Fashioned Roses”, Oct 1920 (1) ▪ “Six Who Pass While the Lentils Boil”, June 1920 (4) ▪ “Suppressed Desires”, June 1920 (1) ▪ Unidentified (3)
World War I Military ▪ Camp & dock scenes in Winchester & Southampton, England (3) ▪ Soldiers in tent camp ▪ Individual unidentified soldiers (3) ▪ Unidentified soldier with his mother(?) ▪ Group of ten soldiers in “fun and foolishness while waiting for the day when the gangplank of a home-ward bound shop shall lower for the …” ▪ soldier with dog
Unidentified snapshots ▪ Individual women (18) ▪ Women in pairs or small groups (15) ▪ Women’s organization group photo ▪ Men, Individuals & duos (9) ▪ Small children (one w/ mother) (3) ▪ Couples (3) (one may be Mildred’s mother & brother) ▪ Large brick school building ▪ Class or organization outings (16) ▪ Group meeting or study session (possibly Echo staff meeting) (1)
[Note: Shortly after receipt, the album itself was discarded and the photos placed in an envelope; numbers penciled on backs of some may indicate order in which they appeared in the book. Photos are now in archival sleeves.]

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