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Friederich Wohlschläger was among the many German immigrants to settle in Carondelet Township of south St Louis County, MO, in the 1820s and ‘30s.  His son Jacob (1829-ca1894), who was born and raised in Mehlville, moved some 4 miles west to Georgetown as a young adult and established a general merchandise store near what is today the intersection of Denny & Gravois Roads in Sappington. He was named Postmaster in 1865 and held that position until his death.

During the Civil War, Jacob organized a drive to raise money for a United States flag for the town.  Several residents pledged a total of $8.00 and the ladies of the community made the 34-star flag. It is said he was prompted to take this step when Confederate General Sterling Price set up camp in the neighborhood.  When it was raised over Jacob's store, there was no doubt as to the town's allegiance.

The items in this collection, Jacob’s subscription list, the flag and one of the account ledgers from his store, later became the possessions of his son George J C Wohlschlaeger, Sr (1866-1943), who succeeded him as proprietor of the store and as Postmaster.  Their descendant, John Wohlschlaeger, donated them to the EM Violette Museum in 1949.   

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W3/1 US Flag Subscription,  March 3, 1862
  Wohlschläger’s petition and subscription list for the hand-sewn flag described above.  The flag itself (MH.49.044) is stored with the Museum’s textile collections.



[This document is extremely faded in places so we cannot guarantee accuracy of the transcript.]

  Georgetown St Louis Co Mo. March 3th 1862
  Subscribtion [sic] for a great Union Flag which Shall be raised in Georgetown for the Honour and Victory of our Union Freedom and Liberty for Ever
                                                                               /s/ Jacob Wohlschläger
  Jacob Wohlschläger
Henry Theiss
John Wohlschläger
Philipp Werner
Gerhard Ossing
Christ Tautphaus
Gotthune Schunzel
Cynnius Doharz
Friedrich Wohlschläger
John Schütz 
Johannes W. Schütz 
Jonas Ochs
Gonyole M Monnertze
W3/2 Regular Account Book No 9, Sappington, Mo, December 1, 1873
  Leather bound accounts receivable ledger for Jacob’s store, Nov 18, 1873 – April 19, 1878 (404 pages); accounts for many of the flag subscriber families as well as other St Louis Countians, including President U S Grant (first name in the book).

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