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Zeigler Civil War Letters
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The Zeigler family arrived from Pennsylvania, settling in Adair County, Missouri in 1859. They lived in the southwestern part of the County in a place later to be known as Zig. Several of the family members served in the Union Army during the Civil War.

This collection contains letters written by Samuel Clark Zeigler during military service in Missouri and Arkansas with the 7th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry. Also included is a letter to John Zeigler from a friend [relative?] serving in North Carolina.

The original letters were the gift of Steve Zeigler in 1985; they are complimented by transcripts provided by Odessa Ofstad.

A second collection of letters were donated by the grandchildren of Ada Dail Zeigler Eschmann, Clark Zeigler's daughter, in 2007. Transcripts of the letters were provided as part of the donation.

Additional information, including copies of letters, photographs, and transcripts, were donated to the department by Marvin Dean Linder in 1987 and 1998.


The Zeigler Brothers

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Z1:1  Letters.  Gift of Steve Zeigler, 1985.
  To Brother [Harrison?] & Sister from Samuel Zeigler, Pine Bluff, AR, 27 & 30 Aug 1864
Has been ill but remains on duty; Clark has left; wrote to Mary but never received an answer; wants news from home; scouting party took a party of “Rebs” prisoner; Cambill [Campbell] is well; will probably be sent to Texas if war doesn’t end soon; brother John and Zack are well
  To Father [Harrison Zeigler] from Clark Zeigler, Pine Bluff, AR, 28 Sept 1864
Deaths of Company members Jacob Linder and William Foster; opinions of presidential candidates Abraham Lincoln and “Little Mack” [George McClellan]; hanging of a Rebel spy
  To Father [Harrison Zeigler] from Clark Zeigler, Little Rock, AR, 20 Apr 1865
William Hall and Levy Roy on their way home; sending money to pay Hiram for the land; death of  Abraham Lincoln; Uncle is well
  To Friend John [Zeigler] from James P. Milliken, Camp 15, Goldsboro, NC, 29 Mar 1865
On the Carolina campaign with the 15th Iowa; eating well on Confederacy forage; trip through Salt Catcher [?] Swamp; trip from Thunderbald, GA to Rufort, SC by boat; asks about friends Clark and Jim
 Z1:2  Letters.  Gift of the grandchildren of Ada Dail Zeigler Eschmann, 2007.

Envelope addressed to J.W. Zeigler, Kirksville, MO; postmarked Was--, May 25 [1862] 


To Father [Harrison Ziegler] from S.C. Zeigler, Marshall, Saline Co., MO, 24 July 1862.
Is ill and in hospital with sore eyes; received letter from James; wishes to come home but is prevented by new order


To Father and Mother from Samuel Clark Zeigler, Marshall, Saline Co, MO, 9 August 1862
Discusses company and recruitment; mentions James T. Milliken and the sharpshooters; had to borrow ten dollars to purchase a horse


To Brother from Clark Zeigler, Sedalia, Pettis Co., MO, 13 Sept 1862
Gives details of a march to Warrensburg


To Father from Clark, Cassville, MO, 4 March 1863
Discusses division of regiment and the guarding of Cassville; sending money (five dollars) to father; received a letter from his brother, who is well and has a position as a clerk at General Carr’s Headquarters


To Father from Clark Zeigler, Rolla MO, 22 May 1863
Camped at Rolla and expecting to leave soon; discusses the area and updates on the war (mentions Vicksburg); expresses amusement at the “young soldier” at home (brother Charles, born May 7)


To Sister [Mary] from S.C. Zeigler, Pine Bluff, AK, 9 May 1864
Company has lost several soldiers; discusses marriage

Z1:3   Background Information and Photos. Gift of Marvin Dean Linder, 1987, 1998
  Transcripts of letters
» Transcripts » Notes re identification of writers, recipients and persons/places mentioned, Aug 1985 » Correspondence with additional background information, 1997-98
  Samuel Zeigler’s Discharge, 1 Sept 1865, from Company L, 1st Regiment, Missouri Cavalry Volunteers [photocopy]
  Zeigler family photographs* copied from originals in possession of and identified by Leora Zeigler Dabne
Five Zeigler Brothers: James Lawson, Harrison Perry, John Walden, Charles Emmett and Samuel Clark Zeigler, ca 1885 [KP.0034]
Harrison and Elizabeth (Whaling) Zeigler; Emmett and Oma (Scofield) Zeigler with twin sons Chester and Lester; Perry Zeigler; Harry Gilmore Zeigler; Eunice Zeigler, ca 1891 [KP.0035] 
Private Samuel Zeigler, 7th Missouri Cavalry Volunteers, ca 1865 [KP.0036]
*Photocopies only are retained in this folder; the prints have been transferred to the Photo Archives (Nos KP.0034-0036, Zeigler Family file) for proper care and conservation. 
  Note: GAR Membership Applications for James L. and S.C. Zeigler may be found in Ms Collection D1, Papers of the Corporal Dix Post, Grand Army of the Republic.

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