Pickler Memorial Library



Rare Books


Intended to enrich the learning experience and provide a unique glimpse into historical events, the rare book collection focuses on cultural objects reflective of world history, with a particular emphasis on the history of the book and its development as a communicative tool.

Manuscripts of particular languages (Italian, French, Spanish, and others) are actively collected in support of the Classical and Modern Languages department.

Other items in this collection may be very old; first or limited editions; very costly or otherwise extremely valuable; unusual; scarce; signed by the author, subject or other person involved with publication; former property of or associated with a famous person; irreplaceable or in fragile condition but "keepable".

This collection is also inclusive of items that would normally be located elsewhere in the library but would be at risk if free access were allowed (books that tend to disappear or are prone to mutilation) or one that needs to be kept but doesn't really fit one of the other collections. There are also rare periodicals, recordings, photographs and art in various formats in the collection.