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1933 Letters to State Department  

◙ Correspondence Cordell Hull,1933 (2) Secretary of State’s Office,1936 (2)


Albert Wiggam - How You can Improve the Human Race   
“How You Can Improve the Human Race,” by Albert Edward Wiggam, Physical Culture (June 1921) ◙  Clipping, “Important Points in Connection with Twins” June 1921


American Peace Award Contest    
American Peach Award, Created by Edward W. Bok, Offering One Hundred Thousand Dollars [brochure] ◙ The Common Government of the World, a Draft of a Political Constitution for Regulating the Major Aspects of International Contact, Drawn  in Accordance with Proven Federal and Democratic Practices, Logically Applicable to the World as a Civil Unit ◙ Correspondence
American Peace Award, 1924


Copyright Information         
Library of Congress, Copyright Office, No. 4 ◙ Library of Congress, Copyright Office No. 27 ◙ Library of Congress, Copyright Office, No. 35, Steps Necessary to Secure Copyright Registration in the United States under the Act of March 4, 1909 ◙ Application for Copyright, Unpublished Drawing or Plastic Work for a Scientific or Technical Character ◙ Certificates of Copyright Registration ◙ Correspondence 1932
Wayne Faunce (2) Copyright Division William Brown (3) Register of Copyrights


Correspondence About Publications  
◙ Correspondence: Undated letters from publishers ▪ Outlook Company ▪ Munsey’s Magazine ▪ North American Review ▪ Saturday Evening Post ▪ Current Opinion ◙ Correspondence 1915 ▪ Edwin E. Slosson (3) ◙ Correspondence 1916 ▪ Unpopular Review (5) ▪  Scientific Monthly ▪ Atlantic Monthly, 1916-17 (2) ◙ Correspondence 1917 ▪ Charles Scribner’s Sons ▪ Review of Reviews ▪ Republic ▪ The Forum ▪ United States Army and Navy Journal  ◙ Correspondence 1917-18 ▪ Harper’s Magazine (2) ▪ World’s Work (3) ◙ Correspondence 1918 ▪ North American Review (3) ▪ Century Magazine ◙ Correspondence 1919 ▪ American Geographical Society ▪ Paul S. Tomlinson 


Correspondence on Publication and Inquiries 
Actual Pedigree of Hemophilia [chart] ◙ “The Eugenic Significance of Retinitis Pigmentosa,” by William Allan,
Eugenical News (n.d.) ◙ “Hereditary Pattern Determines Clinical Severity and Eugenic Indications,” by William Allan, Eugenical News (n.d.) ◙ Annual Conference of the National Society for the Prevention of Blindness, October 26-28, 1939 [tentative program] ◙ Bureau of Human Heredity, (Affiliated to the International Committee for Research on Human Heredity), Bulletin II ◙ Retinitis Pigmentosa [definition] ◙ “Subsidizing the Unfit” [letter to the editor by George H. Gibson] ◙ Correspondence 1935 ▪ M. S. Kirshen ▪ J. McKeen Cattell ▪ Bureau of Immigration ▪ Tine Tammes ◙ Correspondence 1939 ▪ Ruth Morrison ▪ Ray G. Hulburt (2) ▪  Arthur Bartlett (3) ▪ Warren E. Morris (2) ▪ Emily A. Mudd (2) ▪ Bureau of Human Heredity ▪ Mrs. C. B. S. Hodson ▪ Irving Frey ▪ C. A. Fleming (2)


◙ Correspondence ▪ Charles B. Davenport,1920 -28 (20) ▪ Department of Commerce,1921 ▪ John L. Wirt, 1923


Edison Clippings        
◙ “Thomas Alva Edison…An Appreciation of Mr. Edison Based on Personal Acquaintance,” by Charles L. Edgar,
Science 75:1933 (January 15, 1932) ◙ In re Edison bust ◙ Note for the Pedigree ◙ Handwritten notes for pedigree ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1932 ▪ Congressional Library ▪ Virginia F. Shryock for Laughlin  to Thomas A. Edison Memorial Association ▪ Shryock to William Henry Meadowcroft ▪ Jessica L.  Farnum ▪ P. PP. Caproni & Brother ▪ Paul L. Crabtree ▪ Mrs. Thomas A. Edison ▪ Engineering Associates ▪ William S. Barstow ▪ American Institute of Electrical Engineers


Formula of Heredity - Publishing   
“The General Formula of Heredity,” by Harry H. Laughlin,
National Academy of Sciences 19:8 (August 1933) ◙ “The Specific Formula of Heredity,” by Harry H. Laughlin, National Academy of Sciences 19:12 (December 1933) ◙ Suggestions for Any Address in the Auditorium of the Carnegie Institution Administration Building ◙ The Nature and Number of Data Needed for the construction of a Specific Probability-prediction-formula… ◙ “Science and Sanity, an Introduction to Non-Aristotellian Systems and General Semantics,” by Alfred Korzybski [preface to book published as a booklet] ◙ Dear Harry and Pansy [handwritten directions on sundial from M & B, December 12, 1933] ◙ Handwritten note ◙ Postcards and letters acknowledging receipt of “General Formula of Heredity” ◙ Correspondence 1932-33 ▪ A. F. Blakeslee (3) ◙ Correspondence 1933 ▪ John A. Fleming (3) ▪ Walter M. Gilbert ▪ Robert D. Potter ▪ Waldemar Kaempffert ▪ Alfred J. Lotka ▪ Frank Lorimer ▪ R. H. Post (2) ▪ Charles M. Pomerat (2) ▪ Arthur E. Hawtin ◙ Correspondence 1935 ▪ E. B. Wilson (3) ◙ Correspondence 1939 ▪ Houghton, Mifflin Co.


“Francis Galton, 1822-1911,” by Sir Francis Darwin, F. R. S., a lecture given on the occasion of the first celebration of the anniversary of the birth of Sir Francis Galton by the Eugenics Education Society, 1914 ◙ “The Centenary of Sir Frances Galton,”
Revue d’ Eugenique (January 1922) ◙ Handwritten bibliography of Galton, Darwin, Wedgwood pedigree ◙ Correspondence 1922 ▪ Mabel Earle (2) ▪ P. M. Wallace (2) ◙ Correspondence 1939 ▪  Cletus Parker [with family genealogical chart enclosure, family unknown] (2)


General Formula of Heredity    
The General Formula of Heredity K=f(M,R) [Formula of Heredity Chart I] [photograph of chart] ◙ The General Formula of Heredity K=f(M,R) [Formula of Heredity, Chart II] [photograph of chart] ◙ The General Formula of Heredity K=f(M,R) [Formula of Heredity, Chart III] [photograph of chart] ◙ The General Formula of Heredity K=f(M,R) [Formula of Heredity Chart IV] [photograph of chart] ◙ The General Formula of Heredity K=f(M,R) [Formula of Heredity, Chart VI] [photograph of chart] ◙ The Detection of Evolution [Formula of Heredity, Chart VII] [photograph of chart] ◙  K=KfcE [photograph of chart] ◙ Constituent Equations for the Three Structural Unites in K=f(M,R) [photograph of chart] ◙ A. The Analytic Geometry of the Fifteen Constants of the Basic Formula [photograph of chart]


Hughes; Inventiveness - Analysis Sheets  
Inventive Genius questionnaire [blank form] ◙ Correspondence ▪ Hughes and Laughlin n.d.


Inventiveness and Racial Descent Survey, 1928 - Letters, 1927 - 1934   
Guenthers Auto Safety Bumper [drawing] ◙ The Pelvi-Genu-Plantar Exerciser for the Perfect Health and Shape of Women [brochure] ◙ Automatic Stair Controlled Electric Light Switch [brochure] ◙ “If you wish to predict how tall your children are likely to be, the new formula of heredity discovered by the Carnegie Institution of Washington will give you the probability…” by Howard W. Blakeslee ◙ Who is this Man Earle? ◙ Index of Inventiveness: in Descending Order ◙ Inventiveness by Racial Stock in the United States, 1927 [photograph of chart] ◙ “Inventiveness by nation, a Note on Statistical Treatment,” by S. C. GilFillan,
Geographical Review 20:2 (April 1930) ◙ Clipping ◙ Correspondence, not dated ▪ W. G. Laird ▪ Mrs. R. McDonald ▪ J. S. Brown ▪ W. A. Lanning  ◙ Correspondence 1927 ▪ Emil Peters (2) ▪ John H. Glover ▪ Ida M. Munich ▪ Mary Henderson ▪ M. C. Miller ▪ Maude Ellis ▪ Henry D. Klinker ▪ A. E. Henn ▪ George N. Wilson ▪ Egbert Gold ▪ James H. Delany ▪ Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Co. ▪ J. C. Edwards ▪ Mary Poissant ▪ George E. Howard ▪ T. M. Avery ▪ George E. Nerney ▪ William E. Williams ▪ O. A. Rosbow ▪  E. E. Little ▪ Harry A. Davis ▪ H. Gernsback ▪ Henry Faurot ▪ E. L. Ives ▪ Archie Fahnestock ▪ William Brown ▪ E. B. McCabe ▪ H. L. Knapp (2) ▪ Charles C. Garey ▪ Marguerite Drake Conklin ▪ Westinghouse Electric Co. ▪ William H. Kobbe ▪ Nathan Manufacturing Company ▪ Frederick Bender ▪ Elmer Menefee ▪ O. S. Schairer ▪ Samuel W. Balch (4) ▪ C. Steenstrup ▪ Ole O. Storle ▪ Hester Plow Co. ▪ Koehring Company ▪ Charles A. Wolfe ▪ Perry Remy ▪ Gold Dust Corporation ▪ Charles S. Haas ▪ Mrs. Cagle  ◙ Correspondence 1928 ▪ Ralph Walton ▪ F. C. Atkinson ▪ Louis a Sauer ▪ May Haywood ▪ John Pickrall ▪ J. C. Seyl ▪ Albert Miller ▪ Cora C. Hiatt ▪ George P. Lee ▪ Seng Company ▪ Bissell Carpet Sweeper Company ▪ Frank D. Ruby ▪ M. E. Conklin ▪ Charles Lorber ▪ William Conner ▪ Charles F. Sherwood ▪ Roy Hardway ▪ C. C. Harris  ▪ Frank Haupt ▪ Andrew Rankin ▪ John O. Cazes ▪ List beginning Benjamin Franklin Fitch ▪ E. N. Broderick ▪ William H. Averill ▪ Loren D. Harrick ◙ Correspondence 1929 ▪ H. S. Bristol  ◙ Correspondence 1933 ▪ Joseph Rossman ▪ Robert K. Merton ▪ H. W. Hepner ▪ S. C. Gilfillan (3) ▪ Alfred Korzybski (2) ▪ Sam W. Hoke ◙ Correspondence 1934 ▪ Howard W. Blakeslee (2)


Letter - Century Biology Series - Eugenics  
Announcement of publication of
Host-Parasite Relations Between Man and His Intestinal Protozoa by Robert Hegner Correspondence 1927 ▪ Robert Hegner


Life and Letters of Herbert Spencer (article)  
Life and Letters of Herbert Spencer, by David Duncan,  Vol. 2, pp. 14-18 [abstract]


Lillie, University of Chicago, Letters, Cell Division Magnets  
Magnet price list ◙ Correspondence 1929 ▪ H. O. Boehne, Inc. ▪ Thomas & Skinner Steel Products Co. (4) ▪ Nilsson Electrical Laboratory ▪ H. Boker & Co. ▪ G. H. Cannon (2) ▪ Frank R. Lillie (2) ▪ R. S. Lillie 


Marriage Association Letters - 1935  
Notes for use in reply to Dr. James C. Janney...“Marriage Study Association.” ◙ Memorandum for reply to Justin Miller, Chairman of the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee on Crime ◙ Correspondence 1935 ▪ Dorothy Gardiner ▪ John C. Merriam ▪ W. M. Gilbert (2) ▪ John J. Sonsteby (2) ▪ Frank F. Bunker


Materials for Jon Alfred Mjoen - Oslo  
◙ Clippings (Norwegian) ▪ Vern Landergresen Mot Fremmede Forbrytere ▪ Rassenbiologie und Rassenhygiene in Norwegen 1908-1933 ▪ Geniet og Forbryderen som Biologisk Problem ▪ Den Nordiske Races Skjebne ▪ Rassenkreuzung beim Menschen ▪ Biologische und Biochemische Untersuchungen bei Rassenmischung ◙ Die Erblichkeit Der Muysikalitat, Zweiter Teil ▪ Die Erblichkeit der Musikalitat, Erster Teil ▪ Die Ewaldsche Hortheorie ▪ Det Norske Program for Rasehygiene ▪ Alkoholprobleme im Lichte Biologischer Erkenntnisse ▪ Zur Psychologischen Bestimmung der Musikalitat ▪ Die Bedeutung der Kollateralen fur den Begabungsgrad der Kinder ▪ Die Bedeutung der Tonhohenunterschiedsempfindlichkeit fur die Musikalitat und ihr Verhalten bei der Vererbung ▪ Zur Erbanalyse der Musikalischen Begabung ▪ Det Nye Nord 4:12 (Dec 1922), 7:5 (Nov 1925)


Miscellaneous Correspondence 1927 - 39
“A New Inherited Skin Defect in Man,” by Milton H. Lehr,
Journal of Heredity, 30:8 (August 1939) ◙ Immigrants as Seed Stock (Prepare this first for the North American Review, then reprint it in pamphlet form for Davidson’s committee.) ◙ Confidential, not for release for publication or reproduction in any form.  1941 Yearbook, American Association of School Administrators, September 1939, Tentative Outline ◙ Correspondence ▪ North American Review,1927 ▪ W. M. Gilbert,1930 ▪ Rudolph Reimer, 1934 ▪ George L. Streeter to J. R. Schramm [copy], 1935 (2) ▪ Schramm, 1935 ▪ Tine Tammes,1935 (2) ▪ Consul General of Mexico,1936 (2) ▪ Consul General of Norway,1936 ▪ O. Tostrup,1936 ▪ W. D. Cairns,1938 ▪ E. W. Jacobsen,1939 ▪ Hilton H. Lehr, 1939 (2)


Miscellaneous Correspondence - 1934, 1935

◙ Expense account for H. H. Laughlin…December 11-16, 1934, January 5, 1935 ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Memorandum on the use of the Eugenics Record Office Ford car…1/29/1935 ◙ Correspondence 1933 ▪ Charles B. Davenport ◙ Correspondence 1934-35 ▪ Albert F. Blakeslee (3) ▪ George L. Streeter ▪ Mabel L. Earle ▪ Walter M. Gilbert  (4) ▪ Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America 


Ohio Sterilization Bill - 1931   
A Bill to provide for the sterilization of certain classes of feeble-minded and epileptic persons before release from any public institution, or of such persons, when duly adjudged proper for commitment to such institutions [sent to Roselle Johnson, Feb. 1931 handwritten in upper corner] ◙ Correspondence 1930-31
R. E. Miles ▪ Jerome C. Fisher (2) ▪ CBD [Charles B. Davenport]


Sassafras-Variation in Leaf Lobing-Letter-George Shull-1920 
“Sassafras sassafras, Leaf Measurement used in the Accompanying Study ‘Rhythm and Variation in Marginal Leaf-Lobing in the Common Sassafras’” [handwritten notes] ◙ A Study of Rhythm and Variation in Marginal Leaf-Lobing in the Common Sassafras [draft] ◙ Correspondence 1920
George H. Shull


Streeter - Burks Correspondence   
Memorandum on Research Problems Approachable Through Family Record Data by Barbara S. Burks ◙ Carnegie Institution of Washington, Program of Biological Conference, Department of Embryology, April 25, 1935 ◙ Control Study [Burks handwritten at top] ◙ Estimated requirement for control rating study ◙ Department of Genetics requisition for Merriam Webster Dictionary ◙ Correspondence 1935-36 
Albert F. Blakeslee (2) ▪ W. M. Gilbert (2) ▪ Barbara Burks ▪ John C. Merriam ◙ Correspondence 1935-37▪ George L. Streeter (10)


Theodore Running - Principles of Areas; Heredity Formula Correspondence 
“A Method for Approximating Real Roots of Equations by the Principle of Areas,” by Theodore R. Running,
Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters, 18 (1932) ◙ “Empirical Representations of Experimental Data Involving Several Variables,” by G. L. Schuyler, United States Naval Institute Proceedings, 58:1, Whole No. 347 ◙ Correspondence 1933-34 ▪ Arthur Kavanagh (3) ▪ G. L. Schuyler (2)



Botanical Garden - Japan - Fowl    
Correspondence ▪ S. Nakagawa,1918 ▪ Nathaniel L. Britton,1924 ▪ A. B. Stant,1924


Chromosomes in Man - Wieman; Winiwarter  
“Chromosomes in Man” by H. L. Wieman,
American Journal of Anatomy, 14:4 (May 1913) ◙ “The Chromosomes of Human Spermatocytes” by H. L. Wieman, American Journal of Anatomy, 21:1 (January 1917) ◙ “Etudes sur la Spermatogenese Humaine, I. Cellule de Sertoli II. Heterochromosome et Mitoses de l’epithelium Seminal,” by Hans von Winiwarter, Archives de Biologie, 27 (1912) ◙ “L’Heterochromosme chex Le Chat,” by Hans von Winiwarater, Bulletins de le’Academie royale de Belgique, No. 4 (April 1914) ◙ Correspondence ▪ Hans von Winiwarter and Harry Laughlin n.d. ▪ S. I. Kornhauser,1917-19 (3) ▪ H. L. Wieman, 1918-19 (3) ◙ Correspondence 1919 ▪ Bureau of American Ethnology ▪ J. Walter Fewkes ◙ Correspondence 1920 ▪ Robert T. Hance ▪ Ethel Browne Harvey ▪ Herbert M. Evans ▪ Mabel Earle


Correspondence - Irving Fisher - Eugenics   
◙ Memorandum in reference to furniture settlement of the New York office, 1925 (2) ◙ Correspondence ▪ Irving Fisher, 1925-30 (16) ◙ Correspondence 1925 ▪ Margaret Andrus  ▪ Alma E. Shimer (3) ▪ Laughlin to ? [page 2 only] ◙ Correspondence 1926 ▪ Leon F. Whitney  (2)


Correspondence, Lecture, Studies in Heredity, March 1935  
◙ Lecture Invitations, Carnegie Institution of Washington ▪ Heredity and Environment…by H. M. Hall...December 4, 1931 ▪ Studies in Heredity, March 7-21, 1933 [by H. L. on racing capacity] ◙ Correspondence 1933 ▪ John C. Merriam (3)


Crossing of Ducks     
“Green Wonders in Louisiana,” by Harris Dickson ◙ “Report on International Bird Protection,” by T. Gilbert Pearson,
Bulletin of the International Committee for Bird Preservation, (1936) ◙ “A Brief for the Y-Chromosome,” by E. A. McIlhenny, Journal of Heredity, 25:10 (October 1934) ◙ Note on “What’s all in a day’s work” on the Eugenical News [the following materials were clipped together with this as the title page]; “Plant and Animal Breeding in Relation to Eugenics [from Eugenical News] ◙ “Twenty-Two Years of Banding Migratory Wild Fowl at Avery Island, Louisiana,” by E. A. McIlhenny, The Auk, 51:3 (July 1934) ◙ Correspondence 1935 ▪ Arthur H. Steinhaus1935 (2) ▪ Harris Dickson ▪ Edward Avery McIlhenny (5) ▪ Samuel Callaway ◙ Correspondence 1937 ▪ T. Gilbert Pearson


Date (edible) Development in California   
Nutting Nursery, December 1,3,5, 1920 [6 photographs] ◙ Harry and Pansy Laughlin feeding mules [2 photographs] ◙ Kingsbury, 1920 [7 photographs, 4 poses (8’x10”)] ◙ Miscellaneous date palm photographs [43 photographs, many with unidentified persons] ◙ Clipping ◙ Developing a Variety of the Edible Date (Phoenix dactylifera) Suited to the Climatic Conditions of the San Joaquin Valley ◙ Historical Record of Individual Date Palm Tree (Phoenix dactylifera) in the San Joaquin-Sacramento Valley


Eugenics Society, Leonard Darwin-Letter  
“…no Cause More Worthy,” American Genetic Association [brochure] ◙ “Annual Meeting of the International Federation of Eugenics Organisations,”
Eugenics Review, 19:8 (October 1927) ◙ Programme for the Munich Meeting of the International Federation of Eugenic Organisations ◙ Agenda [for the Munich meeting of the I. F. E. O.] ◙ Memorandum for Mrs. Hodson ◙ Lecture and Study Tour, Mrs. Cora B. S. Hodson…1st November,  1928 to 16th February, 1929 ◙ Data Sheet, Cora B. S. Hodson ◙ Mrs. Hodson’s Itinerary ◙ Mrs. Hodson will be prepared to lecture on any of the following subjects… ◙ Clipping, “The Immigration Quota of 1890 Versus the National Origins Quota” ◙ Correspondence 1927-28 ▪ Cora Hodson (8) ▪ Heredity ▪ Charles B. Davenport ▪ Leonard Darwin ▪  International Federation of Eugenic Organizations ▪ Leon F. Whitney (2)


Evolution Materials - Osborn   
Photograph of bust of Henry Fairfield Osborn ◙
The Varves and Climate of the Green River Epoch by Wilmot H. Bradley ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Clippings, “Scientists Plan Meeting” ◙ Correspondence ▪ Henry Fairfield Osborn,1928-33 (4) ◙ Correspondence 1933 ▪ Ruth Tyler (2) ▪ U. S. Geological Survey (2) ▪ William K. Gregory (3) ▪ W. C. Mendenhall (2) ◙ Correspondence 1936 ▪ W. W. Palmer (2)


Field Museum - Letters - Stanley & Henry Field  
Pioneer Foundation [proof copy] [includes: Notes on getting the work underway; Tentative budget, 1937; Outline proposed for first year’s work] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1932 ▪ Henry Field ▪ unsigned [Director] ▪ Stanley Field ▪ S. C. Simms (2) 


Georg von Wendt, Helsingfors, Finland  
Das Herzhormon, Zugleich ein Versuch der Abgrenzung des Hormonbegriffes ◙ Der EinfluB des Eutonons auf das isolierte Saugetierherz ◙ Verlangerung der Arbeitsfahigkeit durch Eutonon ◙ zum gegenwartigen Stand der Herzhormongrage ◙ Correspondence 1929 ▪ Charles B. Davenport ▪ Julia Goodrich


Guy Allison - Former Student, 1929 - 38    
Guy Selwin Allison, Author, Traveler, Lecturer [brochure] ◙ Comments on 1935 Lecture Tour (Supplementary) ◙ A Great Tour, During the autumn months of 1934, Mr. Guy S. Allison made an extensive tour… ◙ The Allison Education Tour and Camping Trip for Boys [brochure] ◙ Los Angeles Public Library, weekly calendar, December 7 to 11, 1936 ◙ “A Missouri Farmer Takes up Golf,” by Guy S. Allison ◙ “The Wreckage” Ocean Park, Wash, summer home of Guy Allison [postcard] ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence ▪ Guy Allison, 1929-38 (17) ◙ Correspondence 1930 ▪ J. G. Charlton ▪ Produce Reporter Co. ◙ Correspondence 1937 ▪ Harold B. Say ▪ Clarence D. Martin


Horse & Horseman, Chinchilla, Industrial Psych  
The Inheritance of Racing Capacity in the Thoroughbred Horse [blank form] ◙ United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Biological Survey, Raising Chinchillas in Captivity, [Bi-1190, 3-32] ◙ Notes [bibliographic] ◙ Chinchilla ◙ Correspondence ▪ Donald A. Laird,1925-26 (6) ▪ J. W. Slattery,1936-37 (2) ◙ Correspondence 1936 ▪ Francis B. Bowman (5) ▪ Frank G. Ashbrook (2) ▪ Esther Graham ▪ E. Raymond Hall  ◙ Correspondence 1937 ▪ Vaughn Flannery ▪ Mahala Ettinger (3)


Inheritance of Musical Talent  
Manual of Instructions and Interpretations for Measures of Musical Talent by C. E. Seashore ◙ The Inheritance of Musical Talent by C. E. Seashore ◙ Isolable Factors of Musical Talent that May be Inherited ◙ Pedigree of Musical Capacity [blank form]


Inheritance of Popping - Popcorn  
“The Relation of Moisture Content and Certain Other Factors to the Popping of Popcorn,” by F. C. Stewart,
 New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin No. 505 (December 1923) ◙ Inheritance of Tunicate Condition ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1926 ▪ E. W. Lindstrom ▪ H. K. Hayes (2) ▪ J. J. Willlaman ◙ Correspondence 1927 ▪ C. M. Woodworth (2) ▪ John B. Wentz (2) ▪ George S. Carter ▪ Stewart (2) ▪ L. H. Bailey ▪ Office of Experiment Stations, Department of Agriculture ▪ J. G. Willier (2) ▪ A. M. Brunson (2)


Jordan, David Starr - Pamphlets   
For International Peace, List of Books, Reviews, and Other Articles in the Interest of Peace, Friendship, and Understanding Between Nations by David Starr Jordan, 1927 ◙ “Japan and World Relations,” by David Starr Jordan ◙ “A Plan of Education to Develop International Justice and Friendship,” by David Starr Jordan, the Raphael Herman $25,000 Award, 1925 ◙ Dr. David Starr Jordan's Peace Plan ◙ “The Outlawry of War, Address at Toronto,” by David Starr Jordan ◙
Concerning Stanford 2:8 (May 1926) ◙ “What Were America's War Gains?” by David Starr Jordan ◙ “The Case Against Alcohol,” by David Starr Jordan ◙ “Altruism,” by David Starr Jordan ◙ “There Was a Man,” by David Starr Jordan ◙ “Men Told Me, Lord,” by David Starr Jordan ◙ “Unknown Soldier, (Eric Knight Jordan, 1903-1926) ◙ Eric Knight Jordan (1903-1926) List of Publications ◙ “Not Yet,” by David Starr Jordan ◙ Your Afterself, a Call to Young Men,” by David Starr Jordan ◙ To Barbara, a Study in Heredity,” by David Starr Jordan ◙  “The Most Christian Proposal Ever Made,” by Edward Berwick ◙ “David Starr Jordan Apostle of World Unity,” by Charles Henry Rieber, World Unity Magazine, Reprint No. 2


Judge Olson - Chicago Municipal Court  
◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence ▪ Harry Olson, 1926-31 (8)


Letters - Lundborg, 1927; Lenz, 1928 

Correspondence: Lundborg,1927 ▪ Lenz,1928 (3)


National Farm Chemurgic Council - Cellulose  
Minutes of the Meeting of the Cellulose Advisory Committee for Perennial Crops on the National Farm Chemurgic Council, April 4, 1938 ◙ National Farm Chemurgic Council [brochure] ◙ Preliminary Program, Third Dearborn Conference of Agriculture, Industry and Science, May 25th , 26th 27th, 1937 ◙ Preliminary Program, Fourth Annual Chemurgic Conference of Agriculture, Industry and Science, April 25, 26, 27, 1938 ◙ News Release, National Farm Chemurgic Council, Fourth Annual Chemurgic Conference ◙ Cellulose Advisory Committee for Perennial Crops ◙ Correspondence 1937-38 ▪ Charles H. Herty ▪ Harvey J. Sconce (5) ▪ Harry E. Barnard ▪ Wheeler McMillen 


Paleontology - Merriam - Osborn 
“Antiquity of Man in California,”
Eugenical News, 9:8 (August 1924) ◙ “The Evolution of Man,” Eugenical News,10:4 (April 1925) ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1933 ▪ Eugenical News ▪ Leigh Mitchell Hodges ▪ John C. Merriam (2)


Paper Pulp Industry        
“Chemical Industry Writes a New Chapter in Southern Development,” by James A. Lee,
Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering, 43:12 ◙ December 29, 1936, What Chemistry has Accomplished for the South ◙ Correspondence, 1936-37 ▪ Harvey J. Sconce (4) 


Periodicity in Mitosis - C. J. Chamberlain  
“Periodicity in Mitosis” by C. J. Chamberlain [extract from
Botanical Gazette, 61:5 (May 1916)] ◙ extract from the A History of Botany, 1860-1900, being a Continuation of Sachs History of Botany, 1530-1860 by J. Reynolds Green ◙ extract from Proceeds of the Royal Society of London, 68 (1895), “Fourth Report to the Royal Society, Water Research Committee ◙ extract from Text Book of Botany by Julius Sachs, Book III, Chapter III, “General Conditions of Plant Life” ◙ extract from Torrey Botanical Club Bulletin 31:10 (October 1904) “The Daily Periodicity of Cell-Division and of Elongation in the Root of Allium,” by William E. Kellicott ◙ extract from Post’s Plant Physiology by Ludwig Jost ◙ extract from Vegetable Physiology, “Temperature and its Conditions ◙ Correspondence ▪ Franklin Delano Roosevelt,1933-36 (2) ▪ Louis McH. Howe (Secretary to the President),1933


Robert S. Woodward; Math and Science Reprints 
“The Century's Progress in Applied Mathematics, Presidential Address of Professor R. S. Woodward, Delivered Before the American Mathematical Society, at its Sixth Annual Meeting, December 28, 1899,”
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, 2nd series, 6:4 (January 1900) ◙ “Measurement and Calculation,” by R. S. Woodward, Science, N. .S., 15:390 (June 20, 1902) ◙ List of Published Papers, Contributions to Proceedings of Scientific Societies, Etc. of R. S. Woodward, 3rd edition, July 1903 ◙ “An Address by R. S. Woodward, the Retiring President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science,” Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 50 (1901) ◙ “The Unity of Physical Science,” by R. S. Woodward, Science, N. S. 20:509 (September 30, 1904) ◙ Dr. Robert S. Woodward listed the following five stages through which science passes in its development… ◙ Correspondence 1921 ▪ Robert S. Woodward


Sex Control - Oscar Riddle      
Riddle, Oscar, “Can We Control Sex?”
Science and Invention, (December 1928)


Sterilization Articles     
Answer to Jennings reference to the Futility of Eugenical Sterilization ◙ Notes for German sterilization paper ◙ Note on adjectives in the yard-stick [racing capacity] ◙ handwritten notes ◙ The Pope's Encyclical on Marriage ◙ German Population-and-Race Politics, from an address by Dr. Frick, Reichsminister for the Interior, before the first meeting of the Expert Council for Population-and-Race Politics held in Berlin, June 28, 1933, Translated from the German for the
Eugenical News by A. Hellmer ◙ Publication Series of the Reich's Committee for Public Health Service, address by Dr. Wilhelm Frick, June 28, 1933 ◙ Handwritten notes


Sterilization in Oregon   
◙ Correspondence 1937 ▪ S. B. Laughlin (2)


American Rose Society; Monoval Origin   
Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence ▪ E. A. White,1919 (2) ▪ H. H. Collins,1936 ▪ C. H. Heuser,1936 (2)


Clipping, “Attraction and Repulsion” ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1926 ▪ Massachusetts Institute of Technology Library ▪ James M. Phalen
H. W. Wiley


Cell Division Correspondence   
To make studies in cell size, cell number, mitotic activity, and bulk increase in tissues as affected by temperature differences ◙ Handwritten note cards ◙ Correspondence 1917 ▪ Scientific American ▪ Public Library ▪ Library, Columbia University ▪ Robert A. Harper ▪ Robert Chambers, Jr. (2) ▪ New York Public Library ▪ Department of Chemistry, Columbia University ▪ Ralph S. Lillie ▪ Leonard T. Trowland (2) ▪ M. F. Guyer ▪ Smithsonian Institution (2) ▪ Warren Lewis ▪ G. E. Stechert ▪ G. P. Luckey (2) ▪ Dr. Wadsedalek ▪  unidentified author ▪ Lawrence Bigelow ▪ H. H. Uhler ▪ Bureau of Standards (2) ▪  S. I. Kornhauser ▪ J. Warren Lewis ◙ Correspondence 1917-18 ▪ Charles D. Snyder (4) ▪ Edward W. Washburn (6) ◙ Correspondence 1918 ▪ Arthur W. Thomas ▪ Albert P. Matthews ▪ Richard Swann Lull ▪ Department of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley  


Correspondence - Bureau of Agricultural Economics, 1932 -Population Association, 1935 - 36    
Conference on Population Studies in Relation to Social Planning, Auspices of Population Association of America…May 2-4, 1935 ◙ Figure 8 –Approximate net migration of rural farm population, January 1, 1920-April 1, 1930 ◙
Population Literature, Index of Authors, 1(1935) ◙ Population Literature 1:2 (March 20, 1935) ◙ Population Association of America Literature Notice, June 20, 1935 ◙ Population Association memorandum, June 20, 1935 ◙ Correspondence ▪ O. E. Baker, 1932  (2) ▪ Frank Lorimer, 1935 (3) 


Correspondence - C. G. Campbell  
◙ Clipping, “U. S. Eugenist Hails Nazi Racial Policy,”
New York Times, august 29, 1935 ◙ “Race Betterment and Sterilization” by C. G. Campbell, Address delivered before the Social Service Club of Delaware at Wilmington, February 13, 1934 ◙ Correspondence ▪ C. G. Campbell and Laughlin n.d. and 1934 (5) ▪ Jaques Cattell 1933-34 (2) ▪ J. H. Landman,1935 ▪ Waldemar Kaempffert, 1935


Correspondence-Judge Harry Olson-Crime and Heredity   
Olson, Harry,
Crime and Heredity, President’s Address at the Annual Meeting of the Eugenics Research Association, June 16, 1923  ◙ “Eugenics Research Association Number” Eugenical News 8:7 (July 1923) ◙ Eugenical News 9?6 (June 1924) ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence ▪ Harry Olson 1923-1925 (12) ▪ Howard J. Banker, 1923 ▪ French Strother,1924 (2)


Correspondence-Relation of Eugenics to Other Sciences  
The Relation of Eugenics to Other Sciences [galley proof] ◙ Correspondence 1929 ▪ Lancaster Press ▪ Intelligencer Printing Co. (5) ▪ Frederick Osborn


Correspondence:  C. L. Redfield - Horses; Herbert Toops - Statistics; J. F.  Kendrick - Proven Sires in Cattle  
Percentage of Births to Fathers of Different Ages [table] ◙ Royer, Elmer B. and Herbert A. Toops. “The Statistics of Geometrically Coded Scores”
Journal of the American Statistical Association (June 1933) ◙ A Contribution to the Theory and Technique of Classification by Herbert A. Toops ◙ Memorandum on the proposition of Mr. W. L. Ballard…to continue the study of the Redfield Theory…under the sponsorship of the Foundation ◙ Correspondence, 1935-36 ▪ C. L. Redfield (2) ▪ Herbert A. Toops ▪ J. F. Kendrick and Laughlin [enclosure, part of a manuscript dealing with the use of average records]


Word Study, 11:2 (October 1935); 12:1 (September 1936); 12:2 (October 1936); 12,5 (March 1937); 13:1 (October 1937); 13:2 (November 1937) ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence  ▪ G. & C. Merriam Company 1914-1920 (4) Editor, Webster’s International Dictionary,1919


Domingo Ramos, M.  D.- Havana, Cuba   

Agriculture and Homiculture by Domingo F. Ramos, 1938 ◙ Divisions of America, by Domingo F. Ramos, 1938 ◙ Monuments to the Memory of the Heroes and Martyrs in the Struggle Against Yellow Fever by Domingo Ramos ◙ Suggestions for organization of the Division of Eugenics and Homiculture of the Department of Sanitation and Welfare of the Republic of Cuba ◙ List of a Few Books of Interest in Eugenical Study and Application ◙ The Survival of the Unfittest by John P. Koehler, M.D., Commissioner of Health, Milwaukee, Wisconsin ◙ Correspondence ▪ Ramos,1937-38 (9) ▪ Victoriano D. Agostini,1937 (2)


Dr. George Draper's Work   
“Man as a Complete Organism-in Health and Disease” by George Draper, M. D., 
New York State Journal of Medicine 34:24 (December 15, 1934) ◙ “The Common Denominator of Disease” by George Draper, M. D., American Journal of the Medical Sciences, 4:190 (October 1935) ◙ “Genetics and Clinical Medicine,” by George Draper, M. D., New York State Journal of Medicine 35:24 (December 15, 1935) ◙ Clipping, “Court Curbs Work of Life Institute” ◙ Handwritten note ◙ Correspondence 1936 ▪  D. Lucille F. Brown (2) ▪ George Draper (3) ▪ Herman B. Lundborg ▪ Allan Gregg (2) ▪ Archie S. Woods (2)  


Dr. Henry Field - Curator of Field Museum of Natural History 
Henry Field biographical information ◙
The Races of Mankind, an Introduction to Chauncey Keep Memorial Hall by Henry Field, 1933 ◙ “A Million Years of Man,” and “Best Known Ancient Human Introduced to Geologists,” Science News Letter (August 5, 1933) ◙ “The Races of Mankind,” Science 78:2017 ◙ “The Fidelity in Reproducing Habitat Groups,” Literary Digest (August 12, 1933) ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence ▪ Henry Field,1933-39 (7) ▪ Alice N. Glover, 1934 ▪ Carnegie Corporation, 1939 (2)


Dr. Vannevar Bush - President, Carnegie Institute Succeeding Merriam - 1939  
Vannevar Bush biographical information ◙ Directors of the Carnegie Institution of Washington ◙ Reprints sent to Dr. Vannevar Bush [list] ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence ▪ Merriam to Laughlin, 1938 [photocopy of a letter in  the Davenport Papers, Laughlin folder 37, American Philosophical Society Library] ▪ Vannevar Bush,1939 (2) ▪ W. M. Gilbert, 1939


Draper - Osborn - Pioneer Fund  
Draper Fund, On Hand June 1, 1936 ◙ September 4, 1936, Draper Fund Balance ◙ The Pioneer Foundation, I. Tentative Budget Proposed for the year 1937; Notes on getting the work under say; I. Outline Proposed for First Year’s Work of the Foundation (1937) ◙ Proposed Plans for a Study of the Family Life of Army Aviators ◙ Suggestions for Publication and Researches in Connection with the Third Draper Prize Contest ◙ Statistical Data on Annual Income, Marital Status and Number of Children of Junior Flying Officers of the United States Army, 1937 ◙ Colonel Draper: I have been studying the problem which you presented and further discussed during my visit to you on January 11… ◙ U. S. Army Air Service ◙ Clipping, “Air Pilots Age Rapidly”  ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence ▪ W. P. Draper,1935-38 (18) ◙ Correspondence 1935 ▪  Eugen Fischer  ▪ Joseph A. Bucher (2) ◙ Correspondence 1936 ▪ John Lloyd Newcomb ▪ Earnest S. Cox ▪ W. A. Plecker ◙ Correspondence 1937 ▪ Malcolm Donald (7) ▪ Frederick Osborn (21) ▪ Vincent R. Smalley (3) ▪ Rudolf C. Bertheau ▪ [unsigned] (2) ▪ John M. Harlan (3) ▪  Secretary of War ▪ H. H. C. Richards by Ross G. Holt


Ibsen, Pollock, Huntington, Ralph Lillie  
◙ Correspondence ▪ Leonard Darwin, n.d. ◙ Correspondence 1918 ▪ Arthur W. Thomas ▪ Ralph S. Lillie (2) ◙ Correspondence 1932  ▪ Frederick W. Parsons ▪ Frederick Osborn ▪ Ellsworth Huntington ▪ C. H. Myers ▪ Heman L. Ibsen


John Box, Representative; Mexico Letter   
Your Grandchildren’s America Will be What Your Generation makes It [brochure] ◙ “France’s Italian ‘Population’”
Literary Digest (February 25, 1928) ◙ Vetoes [list of presidential immigration vetoes] ◙ Clippings, “Oppose Bill to Bar Mexican Immigrants;” Foreign Press Here to Fight Quota Law” ◙ 70th Congress, 1st Session, H. R. 6465…December 8, 1927, Mr. Box introduced the following bill…A bill to amend the Immigration Act of 1924 by making the quota provisions thereof applicable to Mexico, Cuba, Canada, and the countries of continental American and Adjacent islands ◙ Wives of American Citizens of Oriental Race, Hearings before the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, House of Representatives, 70th Congress, 1st Session on H. R. 6974…February 7, 1928 ◙ 70th Congress, 1st Session, H. R. 11687…March 2, 1928, Mr. Box introduced the following bill…A Bill to increase the immigration border patrol for the purpose of enforcing the immigration laws on and adjacent to the boundary between the United States and the Republic of Mexico, and elsewhere… ◙ Correspondence ▪ Immigration Study Commission,1928 ▪ John C. Box,1928 (4) ▪ M. Steggerda, 1936 (2)


Junior Flying Officer Survey Materials  
U. S. Air Force One of Biggest and Most Efficient ◙ U. S. Army Air Service ◙ Pay in the Army ◙ Nature of the Proposed Preliminary Study and the Nature of the Questions Which It Would be Able to Answer ◙ Outline of the Preliminary Actuarial Survey to Find the Relationship between (a) The Total Annual Income of the Junior Flying Officer of the U. S. Army (and his wife), and (b) The Average Number of Living Children per year (from none to say .5) during the Period of their Married Life Within the Reproductive Age-period of the Wife [proof copy written in upper corner] ◙ Data in Reference to Number of Children of Junior Flying Officers of the Air Force of the United States Army [proof copy written in upper corner] ◙ Number of Children of Junior Flying Officers of the Air Force of the United States Army [blank form] ◙ The Relation between Mean Annual Family Income and Number of Living Children in the Families of Junior Flying Officers in the Air Corps of the United States Army, 1938 [graph][2 drafts] ◙ Statistical Data on Annual Income…Individual Data Schedule [draft of form]


Lecture Correspondence   

◙ Eugenics [outline] ◙ Correspondence 1939 ▪ Martha Tracy,  Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania (3) ▪ Mrs. E. B. Phillips (2)  


Mapping Letter - New York Times - Letter - Wm. Cook  
Prize Competition under the Auspices of The Lawyers Club of the University of Michigan…1928 [contest announcement] ◙ Clippings, “Cook Will is Files; Bulk to College;” “Cook Will Residue Goes to Michigan U” ◙ Correspondence 1918 ▪ American Drafting Co. ▪ New York Times ◙ Correspondence 1928-30 ▪ E. C. Bridgman Publisher ▪  William W. Cook (14) ▪ Administrators of the Estate of William W. Cook (2) 


Math Probability Correspondence  
Heads or Tails by Bertrand Russell ◙ “A Tour Through Probability Domains,” by E. C. Molina, Scientific Monthly 45 (July 1937) ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1937 ▪ Edward L. Dodel ▪ Secretariat, League of Nations ▪ Atlantic Monthly ▪ E. C. Molina (2)


National Research Council - Committee on Human Heredity 
Report of the Committee on Human Heredity  [1937] ◙ Correspondence ▪ Laurence H. Snyder ,1937-39 (5) ▪ R. E. Coker, 1939 


Population - Correspondence  
Estimates of Population Growth of the United States ◙ “Estimates of Population,”
Eugenical News 8:9 (September 1928) ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence ▪ Irving Fisher ,1927-1928 (4) ▪ L. E. Hutchings, 1927-29 (5)


Steggerda - Correspondence  
The Scientific MethodWorth While Objectives of Human Life ◙ A Guide in Character Judging ◙ Ratting Scale for Determining Some Psychological Characteristics and Social Customs of American Indians ◙ Correspondence 1936 ▪ Morris Steggerda (2) ▪ Milton Fairfield 


Sterilization - Correspondence Gosney - Pasadena, California, 1927  
“Study Here is Expected Give Lead,”
Pasadena Star-News (May 3, 1927) ◙ Correspondence ▪  E. S. Gosney,1924 -28 (28) ▪ Charles B. Davenport,1925 ▪ Paul Popenoe,1926-27 (3) ▪ J. H. McBride,1926 (3) 


T. Painter Correspondence-1922; Illustrating Structure of Human Germ Plasm 
Explanation of Chart [chromosome chart exhibited by Theophilus S. Painter] ◙ Drawing of Painter chromosome chart ◙ An Abacus for Illustrating the Structure and Mathematics of the Human Germ-plasm [draft] ◙ “Illustrating the Structure and Mathematics of the Human Germ-Plasm,” by Harry H. Laughlin,
Journal of Heredity 11:4 (April 1920) ◙ Memorandum: 1. Prepare an exhibit on Mitosis… ◙ Correspondence 1920-22 ▪  Ethel Brown Harvey (3) ▪ Theophilus S. Painter (8) 


Abraham Lincoln Family Stock Study  
◙ Lincoln genealogical chart from exhibit [photograph] ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1933  ▪ Laughlin to Director of Restoration of Lincoln Buildings & Lincoln tomb (2) ▪ Virginia Brown ▪ H. W. Fay (2)


Archives Inventory  
Inventory of Eugenics Research Association Publications ◙ Classification of Archives by Index Symbols ◙ Supplement to Schedule for the Study of Twins [by H. F. Perkins written above title] ◙ Schedule for the Study of Twins [blank form] ◙ Correspondence ▪ Harry F. Perkins, 1936-39 (3) ▪ Ruth Brindze,1937


C. M. Goethe - Correspondence  
Commonwealth Club of California, Notice Immigration Section Luncheon Meeting…November 15, 1934 ◙ Clipping, “Ex Bell Boys is Scientific Poultry Man” ◙ C,M. Goethe Correspondence  ▪1931 ▪ 1934 (15) ▪ From our field correspondent,1927 ▪ 1935 ▪ 1937  ◙ Other Correspondence ▪ M. C. Hooper, 1935 


Chicago Exhibit - Charts  
Clippings: “Roosevelt Justice Lauded by Mother, ” “Famous Sons of Famous Fathers” ◙ College Eugenics: 1932, Books Suggested for Readings on Eugenics, or Biological Improvement in the Breed of Man ◙ Tribe of Ishmael genealogical chart [draft] ◙ How Families, Communities, Races and Nations may Change Greatly in Capacity within a Few Generations [draft, chart] ◙ Time by Generations [draft, chart] ◙ Blueprint of exhibit area


Chicago Fair - Arrangements Correspondence  
◙ 1934 Chicago, World Fair [Greyhound Lines brochure] ◙ Shipping Instructions for World’s Fair Charts ◙ Memoranda 1933 ▪ for Dr. Davenport ▪ for Dr. Laughlin ◙ Correspondence 1932-33 ▪ Howard W. Odum (12) ▪ Miriam Lucas ▪ Fay-Cooper Cole (5) ▪ Jay F. W. Pearson (20) ▪ Robert Isham Randolph ◙ Correspondence 1933-34 ▪ William M. Bell (5) 


Chicago World's Fair Hall of Science Bulletins 
“Mankind in America, Mounds and Ruins Tell Story of the Progress of Human Culture,” by Fay-Cooper Cole ◙ “T and T” The Iron Horse Plays at Showmanship,” by Edward Hungerford ◙ “A New Showmanship to Char for the World’s Fair,” by Edward K. Ashenden ◙ “Keep Moving, a Study in Crowds,” by Sidney S. Gorham ◙ “The Cradle of Chicago-Building the Third Fort Dearborn,” by Robert J. Sipchen ◙ “Man’s Conquest of Nature is Theme of the Exposition,” by William Allen Pusey ◙ “Cathedral of the Skies,” by  Rudolph A. Clemen ◙ A Century of Progress, Hall of Science, International Exposition, Chicago, 1933 [exhibition booklet] ◙
A Century of Progress, International Exposition, Chicago, 1933 [brochure] ◙ Map, A Century of Progress ◙ A Century of Progress, 1933 [exhibition booklet] ◙ The Story of Agriculture, a Century of Progress, 1933 ◙ Pertinent Facts on A Century of Progress, an International Exposition, Chicago, 1933 ◙ Beauty of Balance, the Prophetic in Mass and Line at A Century of Progress Exposition ◙ Progress 2:9 (March 2, 1932) ◙ The Coalitionist 3:1-2 (February-March 1932) ◙ “Europe on Parade” ◙ “Science Dictates the Building Mode for 1933,” by Louis Skidmore, A Century of Progress, February 21, 1931 ◙ “Ancient Skyscrapers and the World’s Fair,” by Frans Blom, A Century of Progress (March 21, 1931) ◙ “Lights That Will Gleam Around the World in 1933,” by Edwin D. Tillson, A Century of Progress (April 18, 1931) ◙ “States on Parade for the World to See,” by C. Van Deventer, A Century of Progress (May 16, 1931) ◙ “Landscape Art Will Help Nature Festoon the World’s Fair,” by Clarence W. Farrier, A Century of Progress, June 20, 1931 “Temple of Science for World’s Fair,” by Nathaniel A. Owings, A Century of Progress, August, 1931 ◙ “From ‘Dobe to Stucco,” by J. Franklin Bell, and “Harness Power for World’s Fair,” by Louis Skidmore, A Century of Progress, September 20, 1931 ◙ “Bid Business Plans 1933 Fair on Prosperity Basis,” Commerce (October 1931) ◙ “What the Century of Progress World’s Fair in 1933 Will Mean to California,” by F. B. McCagg, Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine (June 1931) ◙ “Northerly Island”-Coming Up!” by John Stewart, Commerce (October 1931)


Correspondence - Frederic Walcott - Connecticut Survey  
◙ The Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut, Report Number One now Ready ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Memorandum on expense account, 1938 (2) ◙ Correspondence 1937 ▪ G. L. Streeter ▪ W. A. Plecker (3) ▪ Rilla Selden  ◙ Correspondence 1938 ▪ Walter M. Gilbert (2) F. C. Walcott (31)


D. A. R.  Lecture  
Daughters of the American Revolution, Long Island State Society…Annual Meeting…February 20, 1935…program ◙ Correspondence ▪ Florence M. Devlin,1934-35 (6)


Diorama on Origin of British Race, Etc. - Exhibits  
The British Nation, Origin of the Race ◙ La Nation Britannique, Origines de la Race ◙ Memorandum on the Nakower-Lloyd Series of Dioramas on “The Racial Origins of the British Nation” ◙ Habitat Groups [list] ◙ Dioramas [list] ◙ Addresses [list] ◙ “Note: Later on write to Crawford…” ◙ Diorama I. The Origin of the British Race ◙ Proposed Diorama No. II Showing American History in Terms of Human Migration ◙ Clippings ◙ “Great Britain” ◙ “A New Art and Science” ◙ “New York City: a Drama in 21 Scenes,”
New York Times Magazine, December 21, 1930 ◙ “He Turns Mountains into Molehills” ◙ “A Museum Comes to Life” ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1930 ▪  H. W. S. Cole (2) ▪ Henry Fairfield Osborn ▪ Frederick Osborn ▪ Madison Grant (5) ▪ Museum of the City of New York ◙ Correspondence 1930-31▪ Ernest Makower (3) ▪ Hardinge Scholle (2)  ◙ Correspondence 1931 ▪ R. E. M. Wheeler (3) ◙ Correspondence 1931-32 ▪ Ivester Lloyd (5) ◙ Correspondence 1932 ▪ Henry Ford ▪ Fay-Cooper Cole


Galton Society Meetings
National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council, Brief description of the New Building of the National Academy of Sciences and National Research Council and the Scientific Exhibits ◙ Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, One Hundred and Thirty-Ninth Meeting…April 16, 1924 [program] ◙ Correspondence ▪ William K. Gregory,1922-27 (44) ▪ Notice to Members n.d. ▪ Clark Wissler, 1925 (2) ▪ C. P. Meadowcroft,1927 (3) ▪ Stewart Paton,1927


Henry Fairfield Osborn - Aristogenesis-Clippings-Obituary  
Aristogenesis, the Creative Principle in the Origin of Species by Henry Fairfield Osborn, autographed by author, American Naturalist 68:716, [Eleventh Sedgwick Memorial Lecture, December 29, 1933] ◙ Eugenics Congress Announcement Number 2, The Exhibit…August 22-September 22, 1932 ◙ Clippings, obituary and funeral notices ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1934 ▪  Henry Fairfield Osborn (4)


Miscellaneous Correspondence Including John Merriam, Miss R. Verne, Dr. Stuart Mudd, Mrs. Stuart Mudd, C. A. Perley, Frederick Osborn 
Note on the Racial and Educational Factors in the Declining Birth Rate, a Study Made by the Members in the Class in Statistics Mount Holyoke College, 1921-1922 ◙ “A Study of Families in Three Generations,”
Journal of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae (March-April, 1920) ◙ Marriage Counsel [brochure] ◙ Notes from an interview with R. H. Verne, January 16, 1935 ◙ Crossing Pansies ◙ Persons who are possible contributors to Eugenical work [list] ◙ Church Weddings, Insurance Against Divorce [brochure] ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence  ▪ C. A. Perley,1929-34 (11) ◙ Correspondence 1934 ▪ Henry C. Phipps (3)▪ Owen R. Lovejoy  ◙ Correspondence 1935 ▪ Surdna Foundation ▪ R. H. Verne (3) ▪ John C. Merriam (6) ▪ W. L. Hutton ◙ Correspondence 1936 ▪ George M. Wardlaw (2) ◙ Correspondence 1938 ▪ Stuart Mudd (3) ▪ Frederick Osborn ▪ Dorothy Condon (3) ▪ Emily Mudd (3)


Nobel Prize - Nomination of Dr. Davenport 
Nobelstiftelsen, The Nobel Foundation, Code of Statutes, 1901 ◙ “Thomas H. Morgan” Eugenical News (November-December 1933) ◙ “The Progress of Science, Thomas Hunt Morgan, Nobel Laureate,” by H. S. Jennings, Scientific Monthly (n.d.) ◙ “Novel Prize Rewards Study of ‘Atom’ of Heredity” Science News Letter (October 28, 1933) ◙ “Nobel Prize Follows Seventeen Years’ Study,” Literary Digest (November 4, 1933) ◙ “Nobel Prizes Awarded to Leaders in Theoretical Physics” Science News Letter (November 18, 1933) ◙ “The Award of the Nobel Prizes in Physics” Science—Supplement 78: 2029 (November 17, 1933) ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence ▪ Nobel Prize Committee,1933 ▪ G. Holmgren,1936-37 (2)


Quotations on Science and Math Applications  
“The American's Creed” by William Tyler Page [poem, framed] ◙ Quotations from: O. von Verschuer, Alfred Ploetz, Herman Lundborg, Havelock Ellis, C. W. Saleeby, R. C. Punnett, Frederic Houssay, H. E. Jordan, Adolphe Pinard, Lucien March, Leonard Darwin, Lord Kelvin, Browning, Tennyson, Francis Galton, Webster’s International Dictionary, 1935 ed., Genetics, Harry Laughlin, A. Govaerts, Sir James Jean, Whitehead’s
Introduction to Mathematics, P. W. Bridgman, R. B. Lindsy, W. O. McGeehan, Pierre Simon, Marquis de LaPlace, Shakespeare, Paul Popenoe, letterhead of the Department of Applied Statistics, University of London, Arthur Compton ◙ “The Great Race Passes” [poem] ◙ The Principle of Uncertainty Applied to Ancestral Influence in the Probability Resultant ◙ “Man: Free-Willed or Mechanistic?” Literary Digest (November 9, 1935) ◙ Science N.S. 42:1085, pp. 545-46


Thomas A.  Edison Exhibit   
◙ The Edison Family [photograph of chart at exhibit] ◙ Correspondence 1933 ▪ J. F. Coakley (2) ▪ Director, Edison Institute of Technology (3)


American Foundations and Their Fields   
Tired Endowments and Others, The Story of New York Community Trust, No. 17 [booklet] ◙ “The Business of Philanthropy” Literary Digest (July 23, 1932) ◙ Correspondence 1931-32 ▪ Marjorie M. Lane ▪ Director, Cambridge Associates of Boston ▪ Alvin M. West 


Eugenics in National Reconstruction; Eugenics Study Instructions 
Eugenics Record Office, Brief Instructions on How to Make a Eugenical Study of a Family, 1915 ◙ Eugenics in National Reconstruction ◙ Eugenics is the study of the agencies under social control…1. A few things eugenic is not…2. A few things that properly included under Eugenics… ◙ Heredity and Eugenics in Relation to Education [outline] ◙ Scientific Genealogy ◙ So Far as the writer can ascertain, the term socially inadequate was first used by Dr. Charles B. Davenport… ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1918 ▪ Carl Kelsey 


Field Worker's Bulletin    
Basic for the Joint Employment of Field Workers by the Eugenics Record Office and Institutions for the Socially Inadequate [ booklet]


Franklin Institute     
The Franklin Institute, The Museum [informational sheet and brochure] ◙ Franklin Institute [brochure] ◙
Modern Views of Physical Science, Being a Record of the Proceedings of the Centenary Meeting Held September 17, 18, and 19, 1924 [cataloged into Laughlin Collection] ◙ Invitation to Laughlin to become a Franklin Institute Museum member n.d.  ◙ Correspondence 1934 ▪ Howard McClanahan 


Madison Grant Correspondence   
Outline for Grant ◙ Institute of Human Relations [outline] ◙ “German Population and Race Politics, an Address by Dr. Frick, Reichsminister for the Interior, Before the First Meeting of the Expert Council for Population-and Race-Politics Held in Berlin, June 28, 1933”
Eugenical News 19:2 (March-April 1934) ◙ Clipping: “The Pity of It” ◙ The Conquest of a Continent, a pictorial representation of the westward progress of the pioneer [bibliographic informational ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Undated fragments of drafts of Laughlin to Grant correspondence ◙ Correspondence ▪ Madison Grant 1931-1935 (40) ▪ Grant’s secretary, 1932 (2) ◙ Correspondence 1933 ▪ unidentified author ▪ Sumner Welles  ◙ Correspondence 1934 ▪ Florence Milligan  ▪ R. V. Coleman ▪ Helene Pate ▪ E. Prokosch (2) ▪ H. H. Lund ▪ Nicholas Roosevelt (2) ▪ John Hay Whitney ▪ Bureau of Engraving ▪ Battle Creek Sanitarium ▪ American Association of University Women ◙ Correspondence 1935 ▪ Leon F. Whitney ▪ Charles B. Davenport


National Research Council Committee on Family Records  
National Research Council, Organization and Members 1923-24 ◙ Personnel of the Division of Biology and Agriculture, National Research Council, July 1, 1925 ◙ Annual Report to the Division of Biology and Agriculture for 1924-25 by its Chairman, Maynard M. Metcalf ◙ Report on the Activities of the Division of Biology and Agriculture for the year 1924-25 by Edith L. Elliott ◙ Project list-Division of Biology and Agriculture ◙ 
National Research Council Division of Biology and Agriculture News Letter 1:3 (June 1, 1925) ◙ National Research Council Division of Biology and Agriculture News Letter 1:4  (October 1, 1925) ◙ Research Information Service of the National Research Council [brochure] ◙ Correspondence ▪ F. R. Lillie, 1923 (2) ▪ J. R. Schramm, 1923 (2)▪ Vernon Kellogg, 1923-24 (12)  R. A. Harper, 1924 ▪ Maynard M. Metcalf,1925 (3) ▪ B. M. Duggar,1926 ▪ L. L. Woodruff,1929


Review of Madison Grant's Conquest of a Continent  
“Book Review:
The Conquest of a Continent or The Expansion of Races in America by Madison Grant” Eugenical News 18:6 (November-December 1933) ◙ Conquest of a Continent advertising brochures ◙ The Nordic in America [Review of Madison Grant’s “The Conquest of a Continent,” by C. C. Little.  Appeared in The Journal of Hereditary (December 1934), pp. 491 and 492, is typed across the top] ◙ Book Review: “The Conquest of a Continent,” by Madison Grant ◙ Book Review: “The Conquest of a Continent,” by Madison Grant …”School and Society”… ◙ Book Review: “The Conquest of a Continent” by Madison Grant…”Journal of Heredity”… ◙ Correspondence, 1933-34: ▪ Charles Scribner’s Sons ▪ Madison Grant (2) ▪ R. C. Cook (4) ▪ J. McKeen Cattell (2)


American Indian - Spinden Article - Letter  
“America Before Columbus” ◙ Correspondence 1935 ▪ Herbert J. Spinden (2)


Black Breed - Scotland - W. J. Barr Moses   
Memorandum on “The Old Black Breed of Scotland,” extract from letter of W. J. Barr Moses, March 12, 1925 ◙ Correspondence 1925 ▪ Barr Moses 


Charles Ruggles, Capitalist    
Clippings: “”Ruggles Will Gives Charity $50,000,000,” “Ruggles Million Willed to Charity” ◙ 08/11/24, Treasury Department, Office of Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Procedure with Respect to Submitting Inquiries to the Bureau of Internal Revenue Regarding Tax Liability ◙ Correspondence 1926 ▪ Seth T. Cole ▪ H. Armstrong  [encloses Procedure with Respect to Submitting…] ▪ John C. Merriam (2) [enclosed confidential memorandum on Reputed Ownership of Large tracts of California Redwoods] ▪ Walter J. Salmon  [encloses Charles F. Ruggles report]


Color Blindness, Blindness, Myopia  
Family-Tree Folder of Frank Lauraitis, June 18, 1930 ◙ The committee on Human Heredity of the National Research Council desires to express appreciation of the reaction of the managing director and staff of the National Society for the Prevention of Blindness to the plan of cooperation… ◙ Clipping: “League Aid Planned for World’s Blind” Lewis H. Carris ◙ Memorandum on Conference with Dr. Davenport, Mrs. Hathaway, and Dr. Royer, Nov. 29,1930 ◙ Correspondence 1922 ▪ Walter Vance  (3) ▪ Lucien Howe ◙ Correspondence 1930 ▪ Frank Lauraitis (6) ▪ Edward Grant Conklin (3) ▪ Secretary of the Interior  [includes reply from W. B. Acker, Chief Clerk] ▪  Charles B. Davenport ▪ Secretary to the President ◙ Correspondence 1931▪ French Strother


Consanguinity - Notes     
Measure of Consanguinity in a One-Chromosome Organism [draft, chart] ◙ Chart of Relationships [“Ruth A. Brown, Eugenics 1907” written in upper right corner] ◙ The Mathematical Measure of Human Consanguinity ◙ Memorandum on Consanguinity ◙ There is one other special case which should be mentioned here… ◙ Relationship to Propositus [chart] ◙ Relative chart [chart, “A. Adler Sondheimer, 1917” written in lower right] ◙ Relationship Chart [chart, “Estella M. Hughes ‘17” written in upper left corner] ◙ Handwritten notes


Crime Commission, Letters - Clippings  
Definite Proposal for a New and More Thorough Study of Crime Among Aliens and the Descendants of Recent Immigrants in American Criminalistic Institutions ◙ Department of Commerce…Mentally Diseased, Feeble-Minded, and Epileptics in Institutions [July 14, 1924] ◙  Announcement of Awards of Three Thousand Dollars by the Society for the Prevention of Crime ◙ “Law Making and Law Enforcement,” by Arthur Twining Hadley,
Harpers Magazine 151 (November 1925) ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1925 ▪ Edward W. Koch ▪ F. Trubee Davison (6)


Deaf Mutes - Alexander Bell   
“What Conditions are Necessary for the Establishment by Selection of a Deaf Variety of the Human Race,” by W. K. Brooks ◙ “Statistical Studies of Deaf Children”
Journal of the American Medical Association 96:9 (February 28, 1931) p. 692 ◙ Shousboe, 1915. “Bericht Uber eine Familie mit auffalend vielen und schweren Ohrenkrankungen.” ◙ “No More Deaf-Mutes,” Literary Digest (May 30, 1925), p. 24 ◙ Is There a Heredity in Deaf Mutes? ◙ Marriage, an Address to the Deaf by Alexander Graham Bell, 3rd edition with an appendix upon consanguineous marriages, 1898 ◙ Marriages of Deaf Mutes, reprinted from the National Deaf Mute Gazette, by Alexander Graham Bell, 1887 ◙ Clipping: “Deaf-Mutism Being Stamped Out Among Americans”


Deafness - Marriages of Deaf in America - Fay; Deafness - Other Materials 
The Causes and Prevention of Deafness. Four Lectures, delivered under the Auspices of the National Bureau for Promoting the General Welfare of the Deaf by J. Kerr Love [ca 1914] ◙ “Lecture III. Sporadic Congenital Deafness and Deafness from Syphilis” [note: this is an off-print of Lecture #3 in The Causes and Prevention . . .] ◙ Natier, Marcel, 1904. Surdite et consanguinite, traitement par les exercices acoustiques… ◙ Handwritten notes
D-4-1:8b Deafness - Other Materials [File Closed until privacy laws are satisfied]
◙ Single-Trait Sheet for Hearing Defect for xxxxxxx family, January 1933 ◙ Family-Tree Folder for xxxxxxxx family, June 1923 


Family History - Van Laningham, Cascain  
A Study of Rheumatism, Meredith, Medlock, Van Laningham [chart] ◙ Meredith Medlock Vanlaningham, a Hereditary Study of Rheumatism ◙ Paolinelli-Cascan [chart] ◙ Paolinelli-Cascanini (Cascain) ◙ Photographs of Josephine Cascanini, 1921


Heredity and Environment in Goiter  
Memorandum for Dr. Davenport on “Goiter Machine” ◙ “Some Pertinent Facts About Goiter,” by S. V. Robuck, D. O.,
Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (January 1931), p. 193 ◙ Original text of the device to illustrate the inter-action of heredity and environment in goiter ◙ Handwritten notes


Illustrated London News-Fossil Skulls Article  
“From Low Brow to High Brow: Fossil Skulls of Ape and Man,”
Illustrated London News, October 20, 1923


“Hyperinsulinism from B-Cell Adenoma of the Pancreas, Operation and Cure,”
Journal of the American Medical Association 96: (April 25, 1931), pp. 1363-1367 ◙  “Adenoma of the Island of Langerhans with Hypoglycemia, Successful Operative Removal,” Journal of the American Medical Association 97 ( September 19, 1931), pp. 831-836 ◙ “The Application of Surgery to the Hypoglycaemic State Due to Islet Tumors of the Pancreas and to Other Conditions,” Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, 56 (April 1933), pp. 728-742 ◙ Clippings: “The Over-Production of Insulin,” “All foods are burned in the body to form energy…” ◙ Correspondence 1933 ▪ W. McKim Marriott


ISO - Agglutinates - Blood Type Inheritance   
Stereochemistry Applied to Biology [book reviews] ◙ “Hereditary Blood Qualities, Medico-Legal Application of Human Blood Grouping,” by Reuben Ottenberg,
Journal of Immunology 6:5 (September 1921) ◙ Reichert, E. T….The Differentiation of Starches of Parent-Stock and Hybrids [summary], extracted from Year Book No. 14 of the Carnegie Institution of Washington (for 1915), pp. 408-409 ◙ “The Specificity of Proteins and Carbohydrates in Relation to Genera, Species and Varieties,” by Edward Tyson Reichert, American Journal of Biology 3(March 1916), pp. 91-08 ◙ “Blood Will Tell,” by Anna Heberton Ewing ◙ From Medical War Manual No. 6, Laboratory Methods of the United States Army, pp. 50-55, “Iso-Agglutination Tests for Transfusion” ◙ Correspondence ▪ Edward T. Reichert,1918 ▪ Fritz [F. L. Reichert], 1919 (2) ▪ Reichert (partial),1920 ◙ Proceedings of the N. Y. Pathological Society [letterhead: Dr. Reuben Ottenberg], 1/11/1922


Maps of New York City    
Maps: New York City, New Street Number Guide and Map, 1920; Complete Map of Chicago, n.d.; Visitors Map and Hotel Directory of New York, Special Edition prepared for American Association for the Advancement of Science and Affiliated Societies, December 17, 1928 to January 2, 1929; Map of Manhattan, 1920; Map of Borough of Brooklyn, 1922; City of New York Map and Guide, n.d.; 500 Fifth Avenue, Inc [includes map with location of 500 Fifth Avenue Building; Map of Lower New York City, n.d. ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence: Charles F. Pekor, Jr., 1928 ▪ E. E. Regan,1929


By Flashlight, Eastman Kodak Company, November 1914 ◙ Color Photography with Autochrom Plates, 15th ed. Lumiere Jougla Co ◙ Color Photography with Autochrom Plates, 19th ed., R. J. Fitzsimons, agents for Lumiere Jougla Products ◙ The Photo-Miniature, a Monthly Magazine of Photographic Information 1:10 (January 1900) ◙ The Pathescope ◙ List of Non-Inflammable Films for the Pathescope ◙ Photography [notebook, “1910” written in upper right corner, lists developers] ◙ Price lists ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence  ▪ Lumiere Jougla Co.,1914-18 (2)


Retinitis Pigmentosa    
Finley Family materials: Finley Family, Sketch of Families of A, B, C, E, F, and J; Special Questionnaire for Investigation concerned primarily with the Family distribution of Retinitis Pigmentosa, Lydia Finley Head, Joseph Frank Freshour; Samuel Larue Finley; Lydia Ann Robinson; Family-Tree Folder for David H. Finley, 1922 ◙ Correspondence ▪  D. H. Finley, 1922-24 (15) ▪ L. O. Clement,1922 ▪ Jocelyn J. Emmens,1922-23 (2) ▪  Howard J. Banker,1923 (3) ▪ R. Holsgang, 1923


Sanity - Neurosis Notes   
Handwritten notes on sanity


From the Dictionary, Spider Webs… ◙ From the
Encyclopedia Britannica, Under Spiders… ◙ The Orb Spiders Logarithmic Spiral ◙ Trig—Spider Webs [folder of calculations] ◙ “Grandfather’s Spider Farm, Atlantic Monthly ◙ “In Search of California Spiders” ◙ “Why Nature Grows Things in Spirals” ◙ “On Molecular Organization in Ameban Protoplasm,” Science 74:1906 (July 10, 1931), pp. 47-51 ◙ “Beauty in the Beast,” Nature Magazine (October 1934) ◙ “The Life of a Trap-Door Spider” ◙ “Introducing the Tarantula” ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1934 ▪ Jay F. W. Pearson ▪ J. M. Carter  ◙ Correspondence 1935 ▪ Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences ▪ James A. G. Rehn


University of Virginia Institute of Public Affairs Biology Department - Letters and Materials 
Announcement and Program of the Institute of Public Affairs June 30-July 13, 1935, University of Virginia, Summer Quarter Bulletin, 9:9 (June 1, 1935) ◙ Daily Schedule, First Week, Institute of Public Affairs, June 30-July 13, 1935 ◙ “Announcement and Program of the Institute of Public Affairs July 5-July 18, 1936, University of Virginia, Summer Quarter Bulletin, 10:9,10 (June 1, 1936) ◙ “Announcement and Program, Institute of Public Affairs, University of Virginia, July 4-July 17, 1937,” University of Virginia, Summer Quarter Bulletin 11:9 (July 1, 1937) ◙ 1932 Official Road Map, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia ◙ The Institute of Public Affairs ◙ Correspondence 1935 ▪ Draft of letter to John Lloyd Newcomb ▪ Charles F. Young  (3) 


Analysis of Nationality of Members of the Constitutional Convention  
Fifty-Five Delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 ◙ Analysis of Nationality of Members of the Constitutional Convention  [form] ◙ Correspondence 1922 ▪ Charles B. Davenport


Birth Control - Japan  
Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1930-31 ▪ Madison Grant (4)


Clippings - Growing Federal Power, Child Labor, World Peace  
Clippings ◙ Stop the Next War Now! [flyer for The Peace House] ◙ America—The World’s Almshouse [flyer for American Coalition] ◙ World Peace Foundation publication price list


Crime - Studies 1925  
“The Source of Crime,” by Leon F. Whitney,
Christian Work Magazine (March 13-20, 1926) ◙ Announcement of the Thirty-ninth Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association ◙ Disqualified Bondsmen, List of Persons Disqualified as Bondsmen in Municipal Court up to Oct. 26, 1922 ◙ “The Great American Scandal,” by Richard Washburn Child, Saturday Evening Post, October 24 and 31, 1925 ◙ Statistics Relating to District Courts, Poor Farms, Probate Courts, Miscellaneous Charity and Mothers’ Pensions in Kansas, Compiled by State Board of Administration, Topeka, July 1, 1921-July 1, 1922 ◙ Relative Social Inadequacy of the Several Nativity Groups and Immigrant Races in the United States, 3. Crime., based upon an analysis of the population of 155 state and federal custodial institutions [chart] ◙ Memorandum on Organization of Fundamental Studies in Crime Prevention ◙ “Crime and Heredity,” by French Strother ◙ The Legislature of 1926, a Report by F. Trubee Davison, Assemblyman, Second District of Nassau County ◙ Proposal for a New and More Thorough Study of Crime Among the Several Racial, Social, and Economic Groups of the American Population ◙ Definite Proposal for a New and More Thorough Study of Crime Among Aliens and the Descendants of Recent Immigrants in American Criminalistic Institutions ◙ Classification Standards to be Followed in Preparing Data for The Schedule, “Racial and Diagnostic Records of Inmates of State Institutions,” prepared by Harry H. Laughlin…1922 ◙ Committee on Immigration and Naturalization…Racial and Diagnostic Records of Inmates of State Institutions [“Sample of schedule used in the “Melting Pot” Survey” handwritten across top] ◙ House of  Representatives, Tuesday, April 27, 1926, [Congressional Record] ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence ▪ AHE re French Strother [includes HHL note at bottom] n.d. ▪  Herbert Harley, 1922 (3)


Dearborn Independent Article: Melting Pot...Takes 1/5 of Tax Dollar; Other Clippings--Alien and Problems 
“The Melting Pot Dross Takes Fifth of Tax Dollar,” by Aaron Hardy Ulm,
The Dearborn Independent ( July 28, 1923) ◙ The Galton Society, June 5, 1931 [minutes of the meeting] [draft] ◙ 71st Congress, 3rd Session, Senate, Document No. 237, Unlawful Entry of Aliens into the United States, Letter from the Secretary of Labor, Transmitting, in Response to Senate Resolution No. 355, Certain Information Relative to Aliens Who Have Unlawfully Entered and Now in the United States and What Number are Subject o Deportation, January 3, 1931, Referred to the Committee on Immigration and Ordered to be printed ◙ Correspondence 1925 ▪ Irving Fisher


Eugenics and Inventiveness   
Sample forms: Eugenical Investigation of the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization of the House of Representatives…Special Subject: Sample Classification and case history blanks; Eugenical Investigation…Special Subject: Age, Duration of Custody, and Recommitment of Public Charges; Eugenical Investigation…Special Subject: Racial Descent of American Citizens who were Granted Patents…January 1 to March 31, 1927; the Committee On Immigration and Naturalization would be grateful… the customary classification in reference to race, religion, age, sex and diagnosis which your institution customarily uses in the compilation of its inmate or patient records;  Eugenica Investigation...Special Subject: Racial Descent of American Citizens who were Granted Patents…1926; The Committee on Immigration and Naturalization…studying the distribution of inventiveness among American citizens… ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence undated ▪ Department of Commerce ▪  Harry Olson  [includes clipping from
Chicago Tribune, 11/21/22] ◙ Correspondence 1927 ▪ P. F. Snyder (5) ▪ Superintendent of Documents (3) ▪ Popular Science Monthly ▪ Department of Commerce ▪ T. M. Avery (2) ▪ George E. Henry ▪ George E. Howard (2) ▪ D. E. Felt  [includes genealogical chart] ▪ John Browning (2) ▪ W. E. Williams (2) ▪ George E. Nerney ▪ Gabriel E. Rohmer ▪ Watson Davis ◙ Correspondence 1929 ▪ Joseph Rossman (2)


Hydrographic Office, Gnomonic Charts  
Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1929 ▪ Hydrographic Office (2)


India and Nationalism - 1931, Lord Meston and Clippings  
“India and Nationalism,” by Lord Meston,
Atlantic Monthly  ◙  “A Study of Caste,” by Lord Meston, Geography18:91, part I (March 1931) ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence ▪  Meston ▪  Elizabeth Howe (2)


Institute of American Genealogy Magazine  
The Magazine of American Genealogy 1 (August 1929) ◙ Institute of American Genealogy [informational booklet] ◙ Correspondence 1929 ▪  Institute of American Genealogy


Inventions, Patents  
Department of Commerce, United States Patent Office, General Information Concerning Patents, 1929, 1931 ◙
Congressional Record, 68th Congress, 1st Session, “A Study of the Populations of the United Stats by Capt. John B. Trevor, Extension of Remarks of Hon. Albert Johnson…June 7, 1924 ◙ Immigration Quotas, (Printed for use of the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization…February 28, 1929) ◙ “Heredity and Invention,” by Joseph Rossman, Journal of Heredity, 21:12 (December 1930) ◙ “The Geographic Distribution of Inventiveness,” by Mark Jefferson, Geographical Review, 19:4 (Octob34 1929) ◙ Index of Inventiveness: in Descending Order [“Nov. 1931” written in lower right corner] ◙ Percentages of “Constituent Blood” in the American People: 1920, (Captain Trevor’s Table with races adjusted to fit Patent List) ◙ Percentages of “Constituent Blood” in the American People [“Patentee Races” handwritten in upper left corner] ◙ Percentages of “Constituent Blood” in the American People: 1920 Government Official Table with adjustments from Trevor’s table to make races fit Patentee List ◙ Percentages of “Constituent Blood” in the American People: 1920[“Gov. table” handwritten in upper left corner] ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence ▪ J. A. Brearly, Department of Commerce, n.d.&1927 (3) ▪ Margaret Conklin,1927 (7) ▪ E. H. Lichtenberg,1928 (2) ▪ John B. Trevor,1930 ▪ Joseph Rossman,1930-32 (8) ▪ Madison Grant, 1931 [pg 2 only]


Legal Status of Eugenical Sterilization  
Legal Status of Eugenical Sterilization [outline] ◙ Table of Sterilizations Done in State Institutions Under State Laws Up to and Including the Year 1940 ◙ Handwritten notes


Life - Definition  
“What is Life?” by T. Swann Harding,
Scientific American (April 1937) ◙ “Artificial Plants in the Making,” by Dr. E. Bade, Scientific American (March 1922) ◙ “Jungle Expedition to Study Electric Eels,” by Alden P. Armagnac, Popular Science Monthly (April 1937) ◙ A Guide in Character Judging [“The Eugenics Record Office” handwritten across top] [Worth While Objectives to Human Life glued to A Guide…] [The Scientific Method glued to back of A Guide…] ◙ Life exists in soft, squashy, coordinated colloidal molecular aggregates… ◙ The Municipal Court of Chicago-Domestic Relations Branch [blank forms] ◙ “The Sleep of Death” by Milton Fairchild [poem] ◙ “The Nativity of Institutional Inmates, Paper 45, Volume II, pages 402-406, Second International Congress of Eugenics [summary of paper] ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes


Plagues and Famines in History  
Handwritten notes giving sources and quotations about plagues and famines


Racial Descent of Senators  
Hon. J. Thomas Heflin, Senator from Alabama, A Resume of His Life and Work as Told to a Representative of the New Menace ◙ “J Thomas Heflin, United States Senator from Alabama” [“copied from Book Entitled Prominent Personages of the Nation’s Capital” typed at end of entry] ◙ Geographical and Ancestral Records of Members of the United States Senate, 1927 [blank form] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ "Geographical and Ancestral Records of  Members of the United States Senate, 1927"  [completed forms] ▪ Joseph T. Robinson ▪ Arthur Capper ▪  T. Coleman DuPont ▪ Park Trammell ▪ Duncan U. Fletcher ▪ Hiram W. Johnson ▪ O. E. Weller ▪ Frank L. Smith ▪ James E. Watson ▪ George W. Norris ▪ Frederic M. Sackett ▪ Frederick Hale ▪ Morris Sheppard ▪ Reed Smoot ▪ Frank L. Greene ▪ Frank B. Willis ▪ J. W. Harreld ▪ David A. Reed ▪ George W. Pepper ▪ Jesse H. Metcalf  ▪ Walter E. Edge ▪ M. M. Neely  ▪ Francis E. Warren ▪ Thomas D. Schall ▪ L. C. Phipps ▪ George P. McLean ▪ Hiram Bingham ▪ Walter F. George ▪ Smith W. Brookhart ▪ Charles Curtis ▪ Frederick H. Gillett ▪ Woodbridge N. Ferris ▪ James Couzens ▪ Henrik Shipstead ▪ Harry B. Hawes ▪ Burton K. Wheeler ▪ Thomas J. Walsh ▪ Key Pittman ▪ Tasker L. Oddie ▪ Edward I. Edwards ▪ Royal S. Copeland ▪ James W. Wadsworth, Jr.▪ Lee S. Overman ▪ Furnifold M. Simmons ▪ Lynn J. Frazier ▪ Gerald P. Nye ▪ Coleman L. Blease ▪ Lawrence D. Tyson ▪ Earle B. Mayfield ▪ William H. King ▪ Porter H. Dale ▪ Carter Glass ▪ C. C. Dill ▪ Wesley L. Jones ▪ Irvine L. Lenroot  ▪John B. Kendrick ◙ Correspondence 1925 ▪ Robert C. Davis ▪ ◙ Correspondence 1927 ▪ Francis E. Warren (2) ▪ William Cabell Bruce (2) ▪ Frederic M. Sackett (4) ▪ M. R. Douglas (for G. W. Pepper) ▪ Frank R. Gooding (3) ▪ Duncan U. Fletcher ▪ T. Coleman DuPont ▪ O. E. Weller ▪ David A. Reed ▪ George W. Pepper ▪ Jesse H. Metcalf ▪ Morris Sheppard ▪ Reed Smoot ▪ Frank L. Greene ▪ Frank B. Willis ▪ J. W. Harreld ▪ Lynn J. Frazier ▪ Matthew M. Neely ▪ Wesley L. Jones ▪ Thomas D. Schall ▪ Park Trammell (2) ▪ Joseph T. Robinson ▪ Arthur R. Gould ▪ Pat Harrison ▪ Frank L. Smith ▪ Earle B. Mayfield ▪ F. O. Roth (3, 2 for A. A. Jones) ▪ James Couzens ▪ Thomas F. Bayard ▪ R. P. Green (for Sackett) ▪ Arthur R. Robinson ▪ Oscar W. Underwood ▪ Frederick Hale ▪ Henry F. Ashurst ▪ Thaddeus H. Caraway ▪ W. J. Harris ▪ Edwin S. Broussard ▪ Hubert D. Stephens ▪ Henry W. Keyes ▪ Charles L. McNary ▪ Joseph E. Ransdell ▪ George H. Moses (3) ▪ Samuel M. Shortridge ▪ Hiram W. Johnson ▪ Thomas F. Bayard ▪ Frank B. Willis ▪ William E. Borah (2) ▪ James E. Watson ▪ Arthur R. Gould ▪ Pat Harrison ▪ George W. Norris ▪ Walter E. Edge ▪ Peter Norbeck ▪ W. H. McMaster ▪ Kenneth D. McKellar ▪ Guy D. Goff ▪ Arthur Capper ▪ Joseph T. Robinson ▪ G. Whiteside (for Caraway) ▪ Alice S. Burkhead (for Robert Stanfield) ▪ Denver Post ▪ Jonesboro Sun ▪ Indianapolis Star ▪ Sioux city Journal ▪ Little Rock Gazette ▪ Capper’s Weekly ▪ New Mexican ▪ The Oklahoman ▪ Delaware Gazette ▪ Baltimore Sun ▪ Clinton Item ▪ Kansas City Journal ▪ Richmond Times-Dispatch ▪ Las Vegas Optic ▪ Lakeland Star ▪ Monitor ▪ Manchester Leader ▪ Denver Post ▪ William H. Culver (for Frank L. Smith) ▪ Cleveland Plain Dealer ▪ Times Picayune ▪ Joseph C. Mason (for Charles S. Deneen) ▪ Phoenix Republican ▪ New Orleans States ▪ Capital Times ▪ Omaha News ▪ Los Angeles Times ▪ Evening Times ▪ Post ▪  Arizona Republican ▪ J. L. Thornton (3, 1 for for J. Thomas Heflin) ▪ Gertrude Blackledge ▪ May Rousaville (for S. M. Shortridge) ▪ Ralph H. Cameron ▪ Charles E. Jackson (for E. D. Smith) ▪ J. W. Blount ▪  Richard P. Ernst


Science Articles  
Scientific American Supplement, 79:2047 (March 27, 1915 ◙ “The Principle of Relativity,” by Alph. Berget, “Pressure Phenomena Accompanying the Growth of Crystals,” by Stephen Taber, Scientific American Supplement, No. 2165 (June 30, 1917) ◙ “The Unipolar Dynamo and Its Future,” Scientific American Supplement,  No. 2169 (July 28, 1917 ◙ “The Nature of Matter-I,” Scientific American Supplement 84:2171 (August 11, 1917) ◙ “The Nature of Matter-II, Scientific American Supplement 84:2172 (August 18, 1917) ◙ “Fluorescence and Phosphorescence,” Scientific American Supplement, No. 2175 (September 8, 1917) ◙ Scientific American Supplement, 84:2177 (September 22, 1917) ◙ Scientific American Supplement, 84:2178 (September 29, 1917) ◙ “Atoms,” by William Ramsay, Harper’s Monthly Magazine ◙ Clippings


Tesla Family Pedigree; Brown - Herreshoff Pedigree  
Tesla Family [pedigree chart] [handwritten] ◙ Brown-Herreshoff Pedigree [pedigree chart] [handwritten] ◙ Brown-Herreshoff Pedigree, For full Genealogical data…[pedigree chart] [handwritten] ◙ Sarah Brown had mathematical ability… ◙ Brown-Herreshoff Pedigree [text] ◙ Brown-Herreshoff Pedigree [handwritten] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1912 ▪ N. Tesla 


Upper Level Study Vital Statistics  
Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Birth Registration Area: 1927 [map] [1927 marked through and 1928 handwritten beside it] ◙ Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Death Registration Area: 1927 [1927 marked through and 1928 handwritten beside it] [map] ◙ Memorandum on Upper Level Study ◙ Memorandum on the Analysis of the “Upper Levels,” as a Constructive or Positive Side of the Study Represented in the Melting Pot Analysis ◙ Tentative Outline for Students in College ◙ Individual Student Card ◙ Tentative Outline for Persons to whom Patents are Granted ◙ Tentative Outline for Congressional Directory ◙ Tentative Outline for American men of Science ◙ Tentative Outline of Card to be Sent to each Person Named in Who’s Who ◙ Correspondence 1924 ▪ A. N. Marquis ◙ Correspondence 1928 ▪ Division of Vital Statistics ▪ William H. Davis (3)


A Corn Breeding Experiment to Demonstrate Human Heredity 
A Corn Breeding Experiment: To Provide Laboratory Material for Students of Human Heredity [2 different drafts] ◙ corn photographs ◙ The Origin of the Corn Cob [handwritten] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence ▪ H. J. Sconce 1914-15 (3) ▪ C. P. Hartley,1914 [encloses Selection of Seed Corn] ▪ E. F. Jones,1919 (2)


Constitutional Amendments--Materials About  
The Civic Bulletin 22:12 (March 20, 1931), 25:21 (May 25, 1934) ◙ 64th Congress, 1st Session, S. J. Res. 131, In the Senate of the United States, May 18, 1916…Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, authorizing the creation, with other nations, of an international peace-enforcing tribunal or tribunals for the determination of all international disputes ◙ 64th Congress, 2nd Session, H. J. Res. 315, In the House of Representatives, December 9, 1916…Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States ◙ 68th Congress, 1st Session, House of Representatives, Report No. 395 [includes parts 1 and 2], Child-Labor Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, March 28, 1924…Report [to accompany H. J. Res. 184] ◙ 69th Congress, 1st Session, H. J. Res. 19, In the House of Representatives, December 7, 1925…Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States ◙ S. J. Res. 31, In the Senate of the United States, December 16, 1925...Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relative to marriage and divorce laws ◙ American History in Terms of Human Migration, Extract from Hearing Before the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, House of Representatives, 70th Congress, 1st Session, March 7, 1928, Statement of Dr. Harry H. Laughlin ◙ Memorandum on Constitutional Amendments, October 9, 1922 ◙ Suffrage, October 10, 1922 ◙ Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of the United States ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1925-26 ▪ Arthur Capper and Harry Laughlin (3)


Control of Trends in Racial Composition of U. S.  
The Control of Trends in the Racial Composition of the American People by Harry H. Laughlin [22 pages] ◙ The Control of Trends in the Racial Composition of the American People by Harry H. Laughlin [20 pages] ◙ The Control of Trends in the Racial Composition of the American People by Harry H. Laughlin [19 pages] ◙ Thus the British blood, judged by these two measures of political leadership… ◙ Clippings


Cubical Parabola; Normal Curve  
Cubical Parabola [graph] ◙ Handwritten notes


Genetics of the Thoroughbred Horse  
Genetics of the Thoroughbred Horse [“1st copy, dup” handwritten in upper right corner] ◙ Genetics of the Thoroughbred Horse [“ok, 1929, proof copy” written in upper right corner] ◙ Partial report for the year ending June 30, 1929; portions include: 2. Population Studies; 3. Exhibit; 4. Outside Activities; 5. Assistance; Bibliography ◙ Correspondence 1929 ▪ Charles B. Davenport (3)


Government Organization Materials  
75th Congress, 1st Session, Senate, Calendar No. 1286, Government Organization, August 16 (calendar day, Aug. 17), 1937…Report [To accompany S. 2970] [parts 1 and 2] ◙ 75th Congress, 3rd Session, Calendar No. 1432, S. 3331, In the Senate of the United States, January 5 (calendar day, January 27), 1938…A Bill to provide for reorganizing agencies of the Government, extending the classified civil service, establishing a General Auditing Office and a Department of Welfare, and for other purposes ◙
Who’s Who in Our National Government, a Directory of Religious and Fraternal Affiliations of the membership of the Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branches of the Federal Government ◙ Correspondence ▪  Irving Fisher,1933 (2) ▪ Harry F. Byrd,1938 ▪ Robert L. Bacon,1938 (2)


Inbreeding--Background Materials  
“Race Assimilation by the Pure-Sire Method,” by Harry H. Laughlin,
Journal of Heredity 11:6 (July-August 1920) ◙ “The Role of Inbreeding in the Development of the Clydesdale Breed of Horses,” by A. Calder, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Session 1926-1927 47:Part II (No. 8) ◙ “Inbreeding in Cattle and Horses (with Reference to Certain Effects There From in Shorthorn Cattle and Clydesdale Horses),” by A. D. Buchanan Smith, Eugenics Review [“Oct 1926” written in upper right corner] ◙ “The Relation Between the Number of Chromosomes of a Species and the Rate of Elimination of Mongrel Blood by the Pure-Sire Method,” by Harry H. Laughlin (by invitation), Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 1919 ◙ “The Effects of Inbreeding and Crossbreeding upon Development,” by D. F. Jones, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin 207 (September 1918) ◙ “The Attainment of Homozygosity in Inbred Strains of Maize,” by D. F. Jones, Genetics 9 (September 1924) ◙ Memorandum: the Significance of Testing In-Breeding for Biological Significance in the Production of Speed in Accordance with the Formulae Worked Out ◙ Memorandum on the Matter of Fashion Versus Biological Virtue in In-Breeding ◙ Memorandum: Statistical Technique in Solving the Problem of Biological Merit Versus Fashion and Taboo in Definite Types of In-Breeding in the Thoroughbred Horse in Relation to Speed Production ◙ Classic Winners 1870-1920 [chart] ◙ Memorandum: Notes on In-Breeding ◙ Notes on Inbreeding ◙ Derby, S. Leger, Oaks 2000gs , 1870-1920 [list] ◙ Winners of the Derby, St. Leger, Oaks and 2000gs from 1870 -1921, Summary of Investigation Arranged by types of Inbreeding ◙ Notes on Classification of the System of Inbreeding ◙ Explanation, To enable classification of the various types of inbreeding the pedigree is divided into four sections… ◙ Inbreeding Type [A-X] [lists] ◙ Purification of Mongrel Stock by the Pure Sire Method ◙ Correspondence 1927-31▪ Sewall Wright (4) [encloses bibliography]


Logistic & Exponential; Logistic Formula  
Graphs ◙ Handwritten notes and figures


London Speech to Eugenics Society, Belgium's Opportunity in Eugenics as it Appears to a Foreigner, a Review of Eugenical Sterilization  
Eugenics, like a tree Eugenics Draws its Materials from Many Sources and Organizes them into a Harmonious Entity [eugenics tree] ◙ Points for development in the Eugenics Address [outline] ◙ Eugenics in the United States ◙ “A Review of Eugenics Sterilization in America,” by Harry H. Laughlin, of the Carnegie Institution of Washington [“To be translated into Romanian for the Bulletin of eugenics and Biopolitics” typed across top] ◙ Memorandum for Dr. Govaerts ◙ Belgium’s Opportunity in Eugenics as it Appears to a Foreigner


Ogive +, Parallax Principle; Typewritten Copies  
Critique of Attempts by the Parallax Principle to Determine a Biological Mean on an Upper Band, Study Only ◙ “Ogive: Upper-Half Plus” ◙ Handwritten notes


Profile Formula   
Graphs ◙ Handwritten notes


Racial Integrity--Letters, Materials, 1930 (Most from W. A. Plecker)Eugenics in Relation to The New Family and the Law on Racial Integrity, Including a paper read before the American Public Health Association, issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics, State Board of Health, Richmond, Va., 1924 ◙ The New Family and Race Improvement (fifth of New Family series), issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics, State Board of Health, Richmond, Va., 1925 ◙ The 1930 U. S. Census by W. A. Plecker, M. D., Richmond, Va. ◙ “A State Mental Hygiene Program,” by William F. Drewry, Virginia Medical Monthly (December 1929) ◙ “Race Mixture and the Next Census,” by W. A. Plecker, Eugenics 2:3 (March 1929) ◙ Are you an American and a Mississippian? [“Sent by request of Dr. W. A. Plecker, State Registrar, Richmond, Va.” typed across top] ◙ Amount of Negro and other Colored Blood Illegal in Various States for Marriage to Whites: 1929 [chart] ◙ Names of Mixed Families in Rockbridge and Amherst Counties [list] ◙ List of names from page 543 beginning Brokenberry, Turner and from page 544 beginning Brooks – Bula L. ◙ U. S. Census Estimate of Indians in Virginia, Vol. III, 1920 Population ◙ Warning to be attached to the backs of birth or death certificates of those believed to be incorrectly recorded as to color or race ◙ Selection of Immigrants at the Source, a Brief Submitted by Hon. John C Box ◙ Virginia Department of Public Welfare, Program of Prevention [leaflet] ◙ “The Acts of 1930 Which Affect the Administration of the Work of the Virginia Bureau of Vital Statistics,” Virginia Health Bulletin 22:8 (August 1930) ◙ Committee Substitute for Senate Bill No. 49, a Bill to amend and re-enact Section 67 of the Code of Virginia defining colored persons and American Indians and Tribal Indians ◙ State of Wisconsin, In Senate, No. 409, S. April 19, 1929…A bill to create subsection (3) of section 245.03 of the statutes, relating to intermarriage of whites and negroes and providing a penalty ◙ The White Race Herald 1:5 (October 1930), 1:6 (November 1930)  ◙ Amended Senate Bill 219 as passed by the Senate February 27, 1924, a Bill to Provide racial integrity [Virginia] ◙ “Shall we All be Mulattoes?” Literary Digest (March 7, 1925) ◙ January 20, 1843 A Petition from Citizens of King William County, Virginia ◙ W. A. Plecker Correspondence with ▪ "Dear Sir", 1928 (2) ▪ W. M. Steuart, 1925-31 (2) ▪ Albert Johnson,1928 ▪ Madison Grant,1928-31 (3) ▪ Harry Laughlin, 1928-30 (15) ▪ Indian Office,1928 ▪ Eugenical News, 1929 ▪ Pal. S. Beverly,1929 ▪ Mrs. Frank C. Clark,1930 ▪ Mascott Hamilton,1930 ▪ Neely Beverly, 1931 [encloses Plecker’s1929 letter to Pal S. Beverly] ▪  ◙ Other Correspondence ▪ Madison Grant,1928-31 (2) ▪ William F. Drewry ,1929 (2) ▪ James Denson Sayers,1930 ▪ Estelle Marks,1930 E. S. Cox,1931


Reorganization of Federal Executive Departments  
The Relation of the United States Federal Government to Social Inadequacy-1917 [chart] ◙ Relation of a Proposed Bureau of Eugenics in a Proposed Recasting to the Administrative Structure of the United States Government, 1929 [chart] ◙ Reduction of Waste in Government by Reorganization of Executive Departments, an address by Herbert Hoover…1925 ◙ Draft of a note to Senator Smoot and Representative Mapes ◙ Interdepartmental Authority ◙ Federal Departmental Reorganization [draft] ◙ Recasting the Several Executive Departments of the United States Government ◙ “State Reorganization Movement,” by William H. Edwards, Bar Briefs and Dakota Law Review 3:5 (April 1927) ◙ “Reorganizing Washington, a Pocket Guide to the Government’s Multiple Bureaus, With Suggested Rearrangements that Would Cut Both Costs and Red Tape,” World’s Work (May ?) ◙ “Unscrambling the Departments,” by Donald Wilhelm, Saturday Evening Post (May 22, 1920 ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence Draft of letter to French S, n.d. Herbert Hoover,1921 ◙ Correspondence 1928 ▪ Secretary of the State of Illinois Secretary of the State of New York C. L. Grant A. C. Bollinger ◙ Correspondence 1929 Walter H. Newton (2) ◙ Correspondence 1932 John J. Cochran (2)


Trisecting an Angle, 1931      
Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes


Work and Papers--1920s    
Eugenics is concerned with improving the innate qualities of the human race…[draft] ◙ Memorandum [list of 25 items] ◙ Papers Promised [list] ◙ Memorandum: Find sources of following quotations… ◙ Papers [handwritten list] ◙ Correspondence ▪ Helen A.  Archdale,1921 ▪ V. W. Biggers,1922 ▪ Editor, Time and Tide,1923 ▪ Stratford Company,1927 ▪ William M. Schuyler,1928 (2)


10 Most Wanted Men--August 1939; Human Heredity  
FBI's "Wanted" list; clipping from 8/21/1939
Newsweek ◙ FBI Identification Order ["wanted" poster] and/or memoranda re crimes of each man listed in article  ▪ Ralph Beckman ▪ Louis Buchalter ▪ John Carey ▪ Charlie Chapman ▪ Theodore Cole ▪ Joseph Paul Cretzer ▪ Walter Davis ▪ Roy E Gilmore ▪ Charles Monazym ▪ Albert L Pegram ▪ Ralph Roe ◙ Correspondence 1939 ▪ FBI (2)


9:3:3:1; Bead Apparatus to Demonstrate Mendel's Principle 
Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1917 ▪ Leon J. Cole (2) 


Amaranth-Pictures; Experiments with Loosestrife  
Amaranth [pencil drawings] ◙ Loose strife [various charts] 


Cameras, Arrowheads  
Cushing’s Account of Shaping Processes [“Extract from “The Arrow” by F. H. Cusing. [American Anthropologist Viii (Oct. 1895)” typed across top] ◙ printed advertisements for Leitz cameras ◙ Correspondence 1926 ▪ Museum of the American Indian (2) ▪ U. S. National Museum (2) ▪ E. Leitz, Inc.


Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, S. American--Clippings-1930s  
“The Mexican Challenge,” by Carleton Beals,
Current History (April 1938) ◙ “Japan Tiptoes Around the Monroe Doctrine,” by Carleton Beals, Current History (September 1938) ◙ “Black Shirts in Latin America,” by Carleton Beals, Current History (November 1938) ◙ “Japan Tiptoes Around the Monroe Doctrine” ◙ Asia 38:2 (February 1938) ◙ Clippings


Differential Fecundity  
Abstract of Address on “Differential Fecundity”…delivered at Long Island Biological Laboratory…July 7, 1931 ◙ Outline of Paper on Differential Fecundity ◙ Vital Index ◙ “Chinese in the United States,”
Eugenical News ◙ “Racial Trends in the South,” Eugenical News ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten Notes ◙ Correspondence 1931 ▪ H. W. Blakeslee (3)


General Science Articles  
“Biology and Civilisation,” by H. B. Fantham,
South African Journal of Science 29 (October 1932) ◙ “What Science Really is,” by Arthur H. Compton, Scientific American (January 1932) ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1934 ▪ Frank G. Ashbrook 


Human Heredity Data Sheets, 1911-31; Deafness--Family Pedigrees 
Single-Trait Sheet, Haley family ◙ Family Tree folder, Morgan, Phillips, Matchette, Ogle family ◙ Family-Tree folder, Robinson, Brennan family ◙ Family-Tree folder, Waite, Kibbe, Burt, Searle family ◙ Family-Tree folder, McCuen family ◙ The Dar Family by Grove S. Dow and Coleman I.  Poynter [“Published in Eugenical News” written in upper left corner] ◙ Genealogical Tree of the Dar Family [pedigree chart] ◙ Genealogical Tree of the Dar Family [chart] ◙ Single-Trait Sheet, Smith family ◙ Family-Tree folder, Lucas family ◙ Family-Tree folder, Kantz family ◙ Family-tree folder, Ammerman family ◙  family histories [tendencies to deafness] of the following: Richmond; Van Sickle; Sill; Boon; Hollyen; Dunscombe; Green; Neal; Morton; Duryee; Cowie; Blackwell ◙ Pedigree charts  ◙ Memorandum for the archivist 3/14/1927 ◙ Correspondence ▪ Williams Welch, 1915 (2) ▪ Julia Schwartz, 1925 ▪ G. S. Dow,1930


Territory of Hawaii, 1926 ◙ Louisiana, n.d. ◙ Antarctic Regions, n.d. ◙ Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland, 1910 ◙ North America, 1902 ◙ Mexico, 1913 ◙ Motor Roads to the Canadian Rockies, 1920 ◙ Manitoba, British Columbia and Northwest Territories, 1902 ◙ Alaska, 1910 ◙ Europe, 1910 ◙ Bolivia, n.d. ◙ Austria-Hungary, Russia [on verso], 1910 ◙ Map of the Countries Bordering the Mediterranean Sea, n.d. ◙ India and Ceylon, n.d. ◙ South America, n.d.


Negro Churches in Harlem  
Churches in Harlem ◙ Harlem Baptist Church ◙ Conference on Population Studies in Relation to Social Planning, auspices of the Population Association of America, May 2-4, 1935 [meeting announcement and program] ◙ “White America,”
Eugenical News, 9:1 (January 1924) ◙ Clipping, “Human Beings,” Time (May 16, 1938) ◙ Correspondence: Frank W. Lorimer to Eugenical News, 1924 [“Letter Rec’d, by E. N. Feb, 1924, E. N. Ref. Jan. 1924, p 3” handwritten on last page of letter] 


Negroes, Discrimination--Clippings, etc.--1930s  
Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1938  ▪ Superintendent of Documents 


Peloria in Foxglove, Rubber Plants  
Memorandum on Peloria in Fox Gloves ◙ Differences between a common fox glove and a peloric specimen which occurred in a fox glove garden in 1916 [includes mounted blossoms] ◙ Evolution within the Species Brassica Oleracea ◙ Plot of a random collection of Loosestrife [ graph] ◙
Scientific American Supplement 88:2275 (August 9, 1919) ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence ▪ W. Campbell,1917 ▪ Edmond O’Neill,1918 ▪ T. H. Goodspeed,1918 (2) ▪ Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.,1919 ▪ L. G. Odell,1919 ▪ Bureau of Standards,1919 ▪ F. C. Brown,1919 ▪ Orlando White,1920


Scandinavia Clippings-1920  
Greater Scandinavia-a Federal Nation of Democratic States ◙ “Home Rule for Iceland,: “Self-Determination for the Aland Islands,” “The Schlewswig Problem,”
American Review of Reviews ◙ “The Norwegians in Spitsbergen,” by Charles Rabot, Scientific American Monthly (March 1920) ◙ Hand drawn map of Scandinavia ◙ Clippings


Science Articles  
Welfare Bulletin, 22:8 (August 1931), 30:8 (September 1939) ◙ Illustrated London News, June 24, 1922, pp. 942-943 ◙ “The Therapeutic Uses of Preparations of the Ductless Glands—I and II,” by Robert G. Torrey, Scientific American Supplement No. 2068, 2069 (August 21 and 28, 1915) ◙ Scientific American Supplement 98:2266 (June 7, 1919) ◙ Unity 104:5 (October 21, 1929) ◙ Clippings


Science Clippings--Notes   
“Hvor Ienge vil De forenede Stater kunne besta som kultursamfund?”
Aftenpoften No. 298 (June 14, 1930) ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes


Science Discoveries--Miscellaneous Clippings  
Anthropological Statement ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1934 ▪ William W. Ford


Sex-Linked Traits  
Handwritten notes


State of World and Science Clippings  
American Society of International Law, Advance Program, April 26-28, 1934 [program] ◙ Institute for Advanced Study, Bulletin no. 2 (Feb. 1933) ◙ “Beyond Einstein,”
Science News Letter (October 14, 1933) ◙ “Science’s New Certainty,” by George W. Gray, Scribner’s Magazine ◙ “Aliens in Subversive Activities,” by Raymond G. Carroll, Saturday Evening Post (February 22, 1936) ◙ “The Alien in America,” by Isaac F. Marcosson, Saturday Evening Post (April 6, 1935) ◙ “The Alien on Relief,” by Raymond G. Carroll, Saturday Evening Post (January 11, 1936) ◙ “Alien Workers in America,” by Raymond G. Carroll, Saturday Evening Post (January 25, 1936) ◙ Directions for using Auxilin, Plant “Hormone” ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1933 ▪ Director, School of Advanced Study


Sunflower System Formation  
Sunflower photographs ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1921 ▪ E. C. McDonald (2) 


1938's--Acknowledgments for Pan Am Study  
Bulletin of the Pan American Union 71:3 (March 1937) ◙ Clipping, “Munich and Lima” ◙ Correspondence 1936 ▪ Frederick Osborn ▪ Esther Ann Manion ▪ J. P. Frets ▪ Horace E. Flack (2) ▪ C. B. S. Hodson ▪ Library of Congress t ▪ C. M. Goethe,1936-37 (2) ◙ Correspondence 1937 ▪ University of Liverpool, School of Social Sciences ▪ J. Periam Danton t ▪ Columbia University Law Library ▪ Library of the Palace of Peace ◙ Correspondence 1938 ▪ Francisco Scibona ▪ M. Oswald Garcia ▪ W. Gulich ▪ Converse Memorial Library ▪ F. K. Ferner,1938-39 (2) ◙ Correspondence 1939 ▪ Luis Coll-Pardo ▪ Marjorie McLachlan


Bowman-Pan American     
Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1936 ▪ Francis B. Bowman and (23, incl 2 undated)


Cataloging Mental Tests    
Catalogue of Mental Tests [summary of Mental Defective Aliens: A Medical Problem], signed C. S. Eddy ◙ Memorandum for Development of the Classifications of the Socially Inadequate ◙ Catalog of Mental Tests [handwritten outline] Stanford Revision of the Binet Simon Intelligence Scale, M. R. Babcock  written at top ◙ Catalog of Mental Tests [handwritten outline] Army Mental Tests ◙ Catalog of Mental Tests [handwritten outline] Binet-Simon, M. R. Babcock  written at top ◙ Binet-Simon [handwritten outline] Bess Lloyd written on left side of page ◙ Knox Ellis Island Tests [handwritten outline] Isabelle Whitefield written at top ◙ Pictorial Completion Test [handwritten outline] ◙ Mental Tests, Yerkes-Bridges [handwritten outline] J. A. Blauvelt written in upper right corner ◙ Binet-Simon, Terman [chart][handwritten] M. H. Lockwood written on back ◙ Army Tests [handwritten outline] Pauline Mead written on right


Conclave of Nations, Remarks of the Hon. Dr. L. S. Rowe  
Conclave of Nations of the Columbia Broadcasting Company, Radio “Address by the Hon. Persio C. Franco, Charge d’Affaires of the Dominican Republic, with introductory remarks by the Hon. Dr. L. S. Rowe, Director General of the Pan American Union, (Containing Historical and Other Information about the Oldest White Settlement in the New World) ◙ Correspondence, 1936-37 ▪ Cordell Hull ▪ John C. Merriam ▪ John Bassett Moore


Connecticut Survey  
Eugenical Snapshots for the Taxpayer [leaflet] ◙ “Studies in Eugenics and Heredity,” by Harry H. Laughlin,
Annual Report of the Director of the Department of Genetics, Carnegie Institution of Washington, for the year 1937-1938 ◙ Analysis of Human Resources of Connecticut [outline] ◙ Notes for Presentation of Report to Commission, November 2, 1938… ◙ Hereditary Endowments of the People as a Basic Natural Resource ◙ Resolution Adopted by the Commission to Survey the Human Resources of Connecticut, November 10, 1938 ◙ June 14, 1938 Approximate Cost of Printing the Report of the Connecticut Survey by the Mimeograph and Lithograph Process ◙ Quotation of A. B. Dick Company, July 15, 1938 ◙ Analysis of the Human Resources of Connecticut by Harry H. Laughlin, Abstract of a fifteen minute paper on the Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut. Paper presented before the meeting of the Division of Animal Biology…October 20th, 1937 ◙ Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut, Notes on: The Responsibility of the Physician in the Conservation of the Human Resources of the Commonwealth ◙ The Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut, Report number One Now Ready ◙ (A) The Human Resources of Connecticut, Report Number One on “The Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut” covering researches from their beginning October 1, 1936 to Report Number One, October 1, 1938 ◙ Questions and answers from Survey [25 pages with one question per page, answers based on information contained in lot and table given before question] ◙ Exhibit on the Human Resources of Connecticut, Their Survey and Conservation [exhibit flyer] ◙ Clipping, “Report Urges Saving Sound Racial Stock,” Harford Daily Courant, November 27, 1938 ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1916 ▪ Secretary of the Navy (2) ◙ Joseph A Hill Correspondence 1917-18 ▪ W. T. Cross (2)  ▪ Carl Kelsey ▪ J. Q. Dealey ▪ Kate Holliday Claghorn ▪ Charles A. Ellwood ▪ George Elliott Howard Harry H. Laughlin (2) ◙ Correspondence 1918 ▪  unidentified author ▪ Edward A. Ross ▪ W. F. Willcox ▪ George E. Vincent ▪ J. Q. Dealey ▪ Franklin H. Giddings ▪ Kelsey  ▪ Frank A. Fetter ▪ Albion W. Small ▪ E. A. Ross ▪ Samuel M. Lindsay ▪ Ellwood ◙ Correspondence 1919 ▪ William L. Dealey  ◙ Correspondence 1936-38 ▪ John C. Merriam (3) ▪ Albert F. Blakeslee ▪ Helen S. MacPherson ▪ George L. Streeter (7) ▪ E. A. Varela ▪ Frederic C. Walcott (2) ▪ Wilbur Cross ◙ Correspondence 1939 ▪ Eugene H. Pitts (2) ▪ C. C. Burlingame


Correspondence--Governors & University Professors; Background, Socially Inadequate 
“Eugenical Sterilization in the United States,” by Harry H. Laughlin,
Social Hygiene 6:4 (October 1920) ◙ The Socially Inadequate, The Scientific world is still lacking a satisfactory and connected system of classification for the several types of socially inadequate…[list of 10 classes] ◙ Correspondence 1916 ▪ Thomas W. Simmons ▪ R. A. Gray George W. P. Hunt ▪ William M. Maltbie ▪ Roy Reger ▪ John L. Wroe ▪ State Board of Control of Wisconsin ▪ H. T. Haines ▪ E. C. Austin ▪ May F. Jones ▪ Thomas M. Owen ▪ Robert W. Hill ▪ Edwin F. Smith ▪ W. G. Stimpson


Mendelian Chance, Mitosis  
33 cards showing mitosis stages ◙ Memorandum on test tube fountains and slot machines for an exhibit showing how heredity is not, how it is ◙ Subjects for research (list) ◙ Exhibit Memorandum ◙ Copy of last 3 pages of manuscript “Notes on Mendelism” by W. J. Sides ◙ “Laboratory Apparatus and Methods, A conventional Scheme for Teaching Cell Division,”
Science 59:1520 (February 15, 1925) ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1931 ▪ George H. Conant ▪ Frank F. Bunker (2)


Pan American Conference 2; Eugenics  

Second Pan-American Conference on Eugenics and Homiculture, November 23-25, 1934 (list of officers) ◙ Two memoranda for Dr. Ramos ◙ Photographs of exhibits ◙ Note from the desk of Alice M. Hellmer, Pan-American Population Study ◙ Memorandum from Bowman Ashe to Pearson, Zamora, Fernandez, Ramos 2/9/1935 ◙ Correspondence 1935  Unidentified author Ramos (3) Fernandez Ramos Campbell Ashe


Rose Beetle--Study--1923; Mate Selection Card, 1922  
Psychic Reactions, Macrodactylus Subspinosis, Purpose, Theory, Procedure [rose beetle experiments] ◙ Mate Selection Schedule for Testing Personal Preferences in Regard to Marriage, Children, and Traits in Mate; completed schedules ▪1916 ▪ 1917 ▪ 1918 ▪1921 ▪ 1922 ▪ 1919 handwritten list


Schedules and Forms  
Schedules and forms on: 1. Immigration 2. Census and Registry 3. Pan American Population Study [originally tied into a black notebook] Contents: Immigration: Classification and Standards; Inmates of Penal Institutions by Race, Nativity, Citizenship and Deportability, Dec. 1, 1931; Emigrant-Exporting and Immigrant Receiving Nations [data card]; Seventieth Congress Letter Head; Report of the Committee on Selective Immigration of the Eugenics Committee of the United States of America; Information Return Card; Congressional Record, 68th Congress 1st Session; Biological Aspects of Immigration, 1920; Europe as an Exporting Continent and the United States as an Immigrant-Receiving Nation, 1924; American History in Terms of Human Migration, 1928; The Eugenical Aspects of Deportation, 1928; Questionnaire: Special Research on the Deportation of Aliens with particular Reference to the Practices of the Several States; Racial and Diagnostic Records of Inmates of State Institutions; The Second Emigration Conference, Havana, 1928; Nativity Group and nationality Quotas, Findings, and Quota Fulfillments; Questionnaire: State Penal Institutions, 1939; Analysis of the Present Immigration Law and Policy of Each of the Several Pan American Countries, 1936; Special Subject: Deportation and Return of Institutional Charges; Research on Crime in Relation to Nativity; Data Requested by the Committee on Immigration and naturalization, 1910-1920; Questionnaire: Causes of non-deportability of foreign-born inmates; Questionnaire: Deportation of public charges; Information sheet: Correct and complete list of State Penal and Correctional Institutions; Questionnaire: Immigration into the Western Hemisphere since 1492; Instructions: Filling out card giving data on nativity and deportation; Letter: Deportation of public charges; Census and Registry: Responsibility for the Census of 1940; Preparation for the United States Decennial Census of 1940; Sample Census and Registry Card; Proposed Census Card; Pan American Population Study: Declaration of the Consummation of Pan American Independence; Proposicion de una Declaracion para la Consumacion de al Independencia de Pan America; Parabolic Equal Area Projection: the World; Folder File; Index Card; Index Card Guide; Maps ◙ Photographs of exhibits


A Declaration by Pan America: 1930  
North America North of the Present States: 1930 [outline] ◙ A Declaration by Pan America: 1930


A Declaration of the Consummation of Pan American Independence—1936 
The Consummation of Pan American Independence ◙ A Declaration by Pan-America [1922 written in upper right corner] ◙ Our Faith in the Federal Idea and World Government by Harry H. Laughlin ◙ Repairing our Ship of State During the Storm ◙ The Grossest Maladjustment in the Governmental Machinery Designed Directly by the Federal Constitution ◙ Declaration for the Consummation of Pan American Independence by The Several Pan American Republics in Special Peace Conference Assembled in Buenos Aires, December, 1936 ◙ Declaration for the Consummation of Pan American Independence [“proof copy” written in upper corner] ◙ Declaration for the Consummation of Pan American Independence [another version] ◙ Correspondence 1938 ▪ Carlos Concha


Blood-Stock Analysis of 8 Handicapped Families of Connecticut; Survey of Human Resources of Connecticut 
Blood-stock Analysis of Eight Handicapped Families of Connecticut [chart] [families listed:  Pamponer, Triakosoy, Moros, Oknos, Lagner, Xenos, Anuroy, Mikter] ◙ title pages for the five sections The Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut


Clippings, Mailing List--Pan American Study  
Mailing list for Pan American Independence Article ◙ “Our Spheres of Influence in the Caribbean,” by H. P. Davis, Literary Digest (December 16, 1933) ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes


Correspondence Concerning Connecticut Survey  
◙ Correspondence 1936-38 ▪ Merriam (11, including confidential copy of extract from 1936 letter to Frederic C. Walcott)  ◙ Correspondence 1937  ▪ W. M. Gilbert (5) ▪ Marion Lee ▪ E. A. Varela ◙ Correspondence 1938 ▪ George L. Streeter (20)
Walcott  (2)


Feeble-Minded in Connecticut--Original Work  
Group-Sections and Their Cross Classifications [list] ◙ Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut, The Feeble-Minded within the Population, Index Portfolio [outline] ◙ Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut… Group I. Inmates and Parolees of the Mansfield State Training School and Hospital, Section a. Males [list of tables] ◙ Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut… Group I. Inmates and Parolees of the Mansfield State Training School and Hospital, section b. Females [list of tables] ◙ Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut… Group I. Inmates and Parolees of the Mansfield State Training School and Hospital, section c. Both Sexes [list of tables] ◙ Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut… Group II. Waiting List of the Mansfield State Training School and Hospital, Section a. Males [list of tables] ◙ Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut… Group II. Waiting List of the Mansfield State Training School and Hospital, Section b. Females [list of tables] ◙ Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut… Group II. Waiting List of the Mansfield State Training School and Hospital, Section c. Both Sexes [list of tables] ◙ Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut… Group IV. All Feeble-Minded Persons who came under the Purview of the present survey, Section a. Males [list of tables] ◙ Group IV. All Feeble-Minded Persons who came under the Purview of the present survey, Section b. Females [list of tables] ◙ Group IV. All Feeble-Minded Persons who came under the Purview of the present survey, Section c. Both sexes [list of tables] ◙ Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut…Chapter 3, Eight Handicapped Families of Connecticut in Each of Which Feeble-Mindedness is Common [draft of chapter] ◙ Handwritten notes


Index of Resemblance in Geographic Distribution   
“The National Academy of Sciences, The Quantitative Index of Resemblance in Geographic Distribution,” Science, 83:2160 (May 22, 1936) ◙ Various partial drafts of the Quantitative Index ◙ Handwritten notes and calculations


Index of Resemblance in Geographic Distribution--Pan Am Study  
The Quantitative Index of Resemblance in Geographic Distribution ◙ Index of Resemblance in Geographic Distribution ◙ Photographs of three dimensional charts ◙ Correspondence 1936 S. S. Visher (2)
John Kerr Rose (3) Isaiah Bowman (5) Margaret Quarles


Letters in Response Sovereign Nations 
“What Shall Do With Victory?” an address by Darwin P. Kingsley, 1918 ◙ Platform of the World’s Court League, Inc. officers and board members on verso ◙ Handwritten mailing list ◙ Correspondence: “A few responses to the paper 'Rating the Several Sovereign Nations on a Basis Equitable for the Allotment of Representatives to a World Parliament,' which my be of service in reflecting the attitude of public men toward the principle”, 1916-19 William C. Redfield
Bleecker van Wagenen (2) Secretary of the Interior’s private secretary Charles W. Bryan Eugene Fair A. Reeder Edwin Slossan Harvard University Library Andrew Carnegie (by his secretary) W. Kaempffert John Crerar Library New York Public Library George Floyd Robert Gimbel Princeton University Library Library to Congress Literary Digest John Barrett William J. Matheson George H. Shibley  Irving Fisher’s secretary T. Miyaoka J. H. Kellogg Frederick Bajer (2) N. A. Nilsson British Embassy Edward A. Filene’s secretary Grace F. Packer Gilbert Grosvenor L. D. American Asiatic Association  William R. Shepherd League of Free Nations Franklin Giddings Belisario Porras Department of State Arthur Hunter Odessa Morrison Bolivian Minister World Peace Foundation Moorfield Storey ◙ Correspondence Edwin Bjorkman,1921 ▪ Macmillan Publishing Co.,1937 Atlantic Monthly Press,1937 Howard S. Cady ,  1937 John Walcott,1937


List to Receive the Codification and Analysis of the Immigration-Control Law of Each of the Several Countries of Pan America 
Notebook containing names of those to receive the Codification and Analysis...


Pan American Immigration Law Work; Pan Am. Conference Declaration –1936 
Conferencia Panamericana de Eugensia y Homicultura, programa ◙ Oficina Central Panamericana de Eugenesia y Homicultura, Reglamento General de la Misma, 1929 ◙ Pan-American Conference of Eugenics and Homiculture, Program [draft copy] ◙ The Second Pan American Conference on Eugenics and Homiculture will be held in Buenos Aires…November 23rd to 25th, 1934 ◙ Pan-American Exhibit (list of materials sent) ◙ Proposed Invitation, The Fourth International Congress and Exhibit of Eugenics, Buenos Aires, 1940 ◙ Skeleton Outline for Book on Immigration Laws, Treaties and Regulations for each of the Several Pan American Nations and Colonies, in Force January 1, 1936 ◙ A Proposal by the Pan-American Conference of Eugenics… [draft copy] ◙ Declaration for the Consummation of Pan American Independence ◙ The High Seas and Common Air ◙ The Groups, Racial, Linguistic, or other, involved in the population of Pan America ◙ The Natural Geographical Boundaries of Pan America ◙ Researches in Pan American Population History ◙ Basic Principles for a Common Pan-American Immigration Control Policy ◙ “Cuba’s Unfortunate Plight” Foreign Affairs ◙ Correspondence with Dr Ramos, 1926-36 (35, 2 marked Confidential) ◙ Correspondence 1933 Davenport Key Pittman Robert Bacon (2) ◙ Correspondence 1934-36 Fernandez (3) Kendall Emerson Clark Wissler (2)


Pan American Immigration Study--1930s  
New Constitution of the United States of Brazil ◙ Requirements for Obtaining a Visa for Venezuela ◙ Immigration requirements for Chile, Peru, Venezuela ◙ Sixth International Conference of American States, Emigration and Immigration (extract from Report) ◙ Congressional Record, Saturday June 7, 1924 ◙ Immigration from Latin America., the West Indies, and Canada, Hearings before the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, House of Representatives…March 3, 1925 ◙ For release, Monday, April 16, 1928, New Immigration law Proposed…by Irving Fisher ◙ Researches in Pan American Population History ◙ The Public School Defenders ◙ American Academy of Political and Social Science, important notice to members ◙ Immigration, post card vote, January 1928 [handwritten across top, Commonwealth Club] ◙ Report of the Sub-Committee with Respect to the Subject “Immigration” ◙ Administrative Correspondence 1939 Cost to Reprint 100 copies Note for Headquarters files ◙ Correspondence Trade Adviser, Pan American Union, 1922 -23 (2) Leo S. Rowe, 1923-28 (16) Ernest Minor Patterson, 1925 (2) ◙ Correspondence 1926 Immigration Study Commission, C. W. Goethe ◙ Correspondence 1927 Heloise Brainerd (2) Don Paulino Ruiz Luis F. Gonzalez (2) Calvin Coolidge E. Sanders ◙ Correspondence 1928 Pan American Union Irving Fisher ◙ Correspondence 1930 Ethel Miller A. Dana Hodgdon, Dept. of State ◙ Correspondence 1939 Walter M. Gilbert (5)


Pan American Map  
Department of Commerce, U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, General, Coast, and Harbor Charts of the Pacific Coast (Graphic Index No. 4, Feb. 1937) ◙ Department of Commerce, U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, General Charts and Harbor Charts, Alaska ( Graphic Index No. 5, April 1937) ◙ Department of Commerce, U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, General Charts, and Harbor Charts, Alaska, Yakutat Bay to Kodiak Island (Graphic Index NO. 6, April 1937) ◙ Maps, [catalog from Government Printing Office, January 1938] ◙ Handwritten note ◙ Correspondence 1937-39 ▪ A. V. Kidder (3)
National Geographic Society (2) Director, Coast and Geodetic Survey (2) London Times


Pan American Study Letters  
Instituto Panamericano de La Habana ◙ Suggestions for Organization of the Division of Eugenics and Homiculture of the Department of Sanitation and Welfare of the Republic of Cuba ◙ Doubtless the most important things for the future of America depends upon the racial… ◙ Basic Principles for a Common Pan-American Immigration Control Policy ◙ List of a Few Books of Interest in Eugenical Study and Application ◙ Suggestions of Scientific Papers for Inclusion in the Agenda for the Third Pan American Meeting of Eugenics and Homiculture, Bogota, Colombia, July 24-Ausut 7, 1938 ◙ Proyecto de Programa Formulado Para la Conferencia Interamericana de Consolidacion de La Paz ◙ Project of Program Drafted for Inter-American Conference for the Maintenance of Peace ◙ charts: De Como Familias…; How Families, Communities… ◙ handwritten notes ◙ clippings ◙ Correspondence 1936-37 ▪ John C. Merriam (3)
W. M. Gilbert (20) A. V. Kidder (2) George Streeter (10) Dr. Rowe (memorandum of telephone conversation) Juan Fonseca (2) Gilbert and Fuller & d’Albert Inc. (2) Fred E. Wright (4)  William Manger (3) Salas ◙ Correspondence 1938-39 F. C. Walcott A. F. Blakeslee Replies from Pan American Union and the following embassies acknowledging receipt of Codification and Analysis of each of the Several Countries of Pan America, 1939 (16) ▪  Brazil ▪ Dominican Republic ▪ El Salvador ▪ Canada ▪ Nicaragua ▪ Uruguay ▪ Honduras ▪ Chile ▪ Mexico ▪ Colombia ▪ Panama ▪ Argentina  ◙ Notes for Senator Walcott’s File on Publication of the Conn. Report 10/22/1938


Primary Grid Square of Pan American Maps  
Memorandum on the Six Continental Grid Maps ◙ Map of the Cape Chidley region…[text explanation, draft] ◙ Decimal Grid Location by the Standard Pan American grid…[text explanation, draft] ◙ This grid system subdivided decimally to as many degrees as desired for the particular purpose… ◙ The Geographic Limitations of the Natural Boundaries of Pan America [draft] ◙ Table for the Metric Grid-System [draft of table] ◙ Handwritten  list


Quantitative Geographic Correlation 
“A New Pan American Work-Map,” by H. H. Laughlin, Annual Report of the Director of the Department of Genetics, of Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1935-36 ◙ “Researches in Pan American Population History,” Zeitschrift fur Rassenkunde ◙ Quantitative Index of Resemblance in Geographic Distribution ◙ 2. Index of Resemblance in Geographic Distribution ◙ 3. Quantitative Geographic Correlation, Computation of the Index of Distribution Resemblance “R” ◙ Handwritten notes


Allocation of Expenses of League of Nations, 1928  
Allocation of Expenses of the League of Nations  [A.11.1928.II typed in upper corner] ◙ International Book News, Number 3 (April 1928); Number 6 (July 1928) ◙ Correspondence 1929 ▪ World Peace Foundation


Burroughs Family Pictures      
Photographs of the Burroughs family ◙ Photograph of genealogy chart ◙ Text of genealogy chart


Burroughs--Letters--Gathering Materials  
“The Hereditary Nature of John Burroughs,” by Harry Hamilton Laughlin ◙ Verification of Notes on the Ancestry of John Burroughs ◙ “John Burroughs, Teacher, Poet and Naturalist,” Brooklyn Botanic Garden Leaflets 9:6 (June 15, 1921) ◙ Memorandum on the Burroughs Chart ◙ Clipping, “Burroughs, Still Ill, Goes to N. Y.” ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1921 ▪ Frank Alliban Clara Barrus (6) Atlantic Monthly Howard Platz ▪ Fred S. Kelley (3) Mrs. Chester Lane (10) Smith McGregor (2) Burroughs Mrs. George Brando John Burroughs Memorial Association Postmaster Mrs. Eden Burroughs (2) American Museum of Natural History Walter M. Gilbert (2) Stewart Paton


Cold Spring Harbor Village Improvement Society  
Cold Spring Harbor Village: Public Improvement Plan ◙ Memorandum for Cold Spring Village Park ◙ “Village Improvement Society” [Executive Committee meeting minutes, May 14] ◙ Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting Held June 10, 1936 ◙ Minutes of the Joint Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cold Spring Harbor Village Improvement Society and the Fire Department, Held at the Library on Monday Evening, July 13, 1936 ◙ Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cold Spring Harbor Village Improvement Society, August 9, 1936 ◙ Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting of the Cold Spring Harbor Village Society and the Meeting of the Society…August 26 ◙ Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee Meeting Held  Friday, October 30, 1936 ◙ Minutes of Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cold Spring Harbor Village Improvement Society Held at the Library…September 7, 1937 ◙ Memorandum for Mrs. Jennings on a Bay Constable and Sanitary Guard for Cold Spring Harbor ◙ Cold Spring Harbor Improvement Society, The beach owned by Mr. Johnston deForest south  of Eagle Dock is available to members of the Cold Spring Harbor Village Improvement Society and is used at their own risk…July 30, 1936 ◙ Cold Spring Harbor Village Improvement Society, October 11, 1935, [request for membership dues] ◙ Cold Spring Harbor Village Improvement Society meeting notices [postcards] ◙ The Marine Museum of the City of New York, Annual Report 1935 ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence undated ▪ Confidential note unidentified author
Treasurer, Cold Spring Harbor Home Defense Reserve ◙ Correspondence 1933-35 A. T. Davis J. B. Jennings (19) B. P. MacLean (2) ▪ Herbert H. Lehman United States Public Health Service State Board of Health C. A. Holmquist (4) Joseph J. Canavan R. E. Tarbett George H. Ramsey Asbury Walter K. Earle (4) Julia Fairchild I. W. Valentine Mrs. B. Tappan Fairchild (4) Reuben Gildersleeve W. M. Gilbert (3) Charles H. Jones William Watt (5) Frank Asbury Cold Spring Harbor Village Improvement Society


Drawings 9:3:3:1 Ratio     


Federal Council of Churches   
“Spiritual Values—Our Paramount Need” [leaflet] ◙ Correspondence: Edgar DeWitt Jones and Laughlin 11/30/1937
Samuel McCrea Cavert and Laughlin 4/29/1938


John Burroughs Clippings, etc   
Public Meeting of the American Academy and the National Institute of Arts and Letters in Honor of John Burroughs…1922 ◙ “John Burroughs, 183701921” Bird-Lore 23:3 (May-June 1921) ◙  “Human Traits in the Animals,” by John Burroughs, The Outing Magazine ◙ The Burroughs Pedigree, an Illustration of a Wide Range of Family Talent as the Result of the Segregation and Recombination of Ancestral Qualities ◙ John Burroughs [outline] ◙ John Burroughs [expanded outline] ◙ A Famous American Family of Geniuses [pedigree chart] ◙ Clippings ◙ pedigree charts [drafts]


Pedigree of John Burroughs     
A Pedigree Study of John Burroughs, naturalist and Man of Letters [draft] ◙ A Pedigree Study of John Burroughs [draft] ◙ The Inborn Qualities of John Burroughs [draft] ◙ Correspondence 1921 ▪ G. Clyde Fisher
Stewart Paton


The Capitol, the White House and the Supreme Court Building Location 
The Civic Triangle ◙ A Suggestion in Urbitecture and Civics ◙ Copy, Whereas the prime requisites of science are the honest and unbiased search for truth… ◙ Memorandum on Illustrations for Article “The Civic Triangle: The Capitol, The White House, and the Supreme Court House.” ◙ The Civic Triangle: The Capitol, The White House, The Supreme Court House. ◙ Memorandum on the Site for the Proposed Supreme Court House ◙ A Suggestion in Urbitecture and Civics [crossed out and “The Civic Triangle: Capitol, White House; Supreme Court House” handwritten above] [draft] ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence ▪ Charles Moore,1922
Reed Smoot,1926 U. S. Grant, III, 1926 H. P. Caemmerer, 1928


Washington Centennial Celebration  
Photographs of George Washington statue. Farewell Address plaque and bust ◙ The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Genealogies Recently Added to the Library [booklet] ◙ Bibliography of the Washington Genealogy… ◙ The Character of Washington, a Speech by Daniel Webster, at a public dinner on the 22nd of February, 1832 in honor of the one hundredth Birthday of George Washington ◙ The Gorham Company, Bronze Division, Memorandum Mdse, August 1, 1932 ◙ Portraits of Washington and Family found by W. A. S. in Independence Hall, Philadelphia [list] ◙ George Washington Booth Exhibit, measurements ◙ Exhibit of the Third International Congress of Eugenics [form] ◙ The Washington-Ball stocks are of the inborn quality…[“This to be printed along the illustrated Washington pedigree” handwritten across top] ◙ No man appreciated family-stock values more highly… ◙ Of Genealogy…We have entered with some minuteness into this genealogical detail… [quotation from Washington Irving’s Life of Washington]◙ The pedigrees  of horses, dogs, and fancy pigeons… [quotation from Old Virginia and Her Neighbors by John Fiske] ◙ The Outstanding fact to be noted…[quotation from The Washington Ancestry and Records of the McClain, Johnson, and Forty other Colonial American Families by Charles Arthur Hoppin] ◙ Handwritten notes for Washington genealogy ◙ Honor to George Washington and Reading about George Washington, published under the direction of the United States George Washington Bicentennial Commission ◙ New York Times Magazine February 21, 1932 [George Washington issue] ◙ Dr. John Baer Stoudt, Allentown, Pennsylvania, has some very interesting… ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1932 ▪ Editor of Publications, U. S. George Washington Bicentennial Commission Gorham Company (4) Gabriel Allen Charles F Allen Albert Bushnell Hart (7) William J. Drake (6) Virginia Shryock (5) W. Jordan Sol Bloom C. B. Davenport John Andrew Myers Edmund Bury (3) Metropolitan Museum of Art Preston Remington Dixon Ryan Fox


Washington, D.  C.--Supreme Court Building  
Memorandum on the Site for the Proposed Supreme Court House ◙ A Standard City Planning Enabling Act by the Advisory Committee on City Planning and Zoning of the U. S. Department of Commerce, 1928 ◙ “Planning Washington and its Environs,” by Charles W. Eliott, City Planning (July 1927) ◙ “Standard Guide” Ready Reference Map of Washington, 1924 ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1928 ▪ Mabel Griswold Bettie Larimore John P. Robertson Simeon D. Fess W. H. McMaster Robert Luce Clarence J. McLeod Reed Smoot Joe Crail Frederick N. Zihlman William H. King Clifton A. Woodrum Everett Sanders Fritz G. Lanham A. B. Marvin Charles Curtis Ira G. Hersey William W. Cohen M. S. Reeve ◙ Correspondence 1929 William H. Taft Lawrence Richey Henrik Shipstead R. N. Elliott George S. Graham Carl H. Willingham H. P. Caemmerer M. M. Neely Robert L. Bacon Secretary of the Treasury Office of Supervising Architect Fred G. Coldren ▪ U. S. Grant, III, 1929-30 (2) ◙ Correspondence 1930 ▪  Cass Gilbert Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Willis Van Devanter


World Calendar      
Journal of Calendar Reform 7:1(April 1937), 7:2 (July 1937) ◙ Calendar Reform and Government ◙ Calendar Reform and Statistics ◙ Correspondence 1931 ▪ Henry W. Timple ▪ World Calendar Association Elisabeth Achelis,1931-37 (4) 


A Problem in Probability; Notes for the 4th Report of the Committee on Selective Immigration of A. E. S.; What is Heredity 
Notes on Mate Selection ◙ Memorandum on the Ellis Island Visit, Friday, November 25, 1927 ◙ What is Heredity? ◙ Notes for the Fourth Report of the Committee on Selective Immigration of the American Eugenics Society ◙ The Control of Trends in the Racial Composition of the American People ◙ A Problem in Probability ◙ “Eugenics in America” [galley proof from Eugenics Review] ◙ “The Minister Said, Do not Marry Him,” Christian Register (February 23, 1922) ◙ Ellis Island [photograph]  ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence ▪ A. H. Estabrook,1922 Cora Hodson,1925 Secretary,1925 Harry E. Hull,1927


Daisy (Flower) Study -- 1913   
Daisy study charts [undated charts, 1913, 1914, 1918. 1921, 1922] ◙ Daisy Study by Years, Don't Destroy, Save for Addition and Comparison Year by Year


Diffusion of Defective Traits--Chart  
“Hidden Feeblemindedness,” by E. E. East, Journal of Heredity, 8:5 (May 1917) ◙ Based upon Tables I and II-Diffusion of Defective Traits [chart] [draft] ◙ Table I, Calculations on the Diffusion of Recessive Traits…[table] [draft] ◙ Table II, Calculations on the Diffusion of Dominant Traits… [table] [draft]


Division by Calculating Machine Materials  
Methods of Operating the Comptometer, Felt & Tarrant Mfg. Co. ◙ Monroe Calculating MachineThe Monroe Systems Service Department ◙ Monroe Method [instruction manual] ◙ Large-Number Division by Calculating Machine [draft] ◙ Pointing Off ◙ Influence of Accuracy of Quotient… ◙ Number of Decimal Points Required in Multiplier… ◙ Large Number Division by Calculating Machine [blank table] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence ▪ D. H. Lehmer, n.d. G.W. Laine, Monroe Calculating Machine Company, 1921 Mr. Ryan, 1930 (2) H. T. Avery,1930 (3) R.D. Bryan,1930 (2) D.H. Lehmer, 1930


Family History Record Analysis Work  
“The Genetical Factor in Dental Research,” by C. B. Davenport, Journal of Dental Research 1:1 (March 1919) ◙ Brief Instructions for Constructing a Pedigree Chart ◙ Sample Pedigree Chart Showing the Manner of Construction, and the Use of Standard and Special Symbols ◙ Actual Pedigrees of Albinism; Actual Pedigree of Cataract ◙ Actual Pedigree of Hemophilia ◙ Directions, Take all measurements in mm…[E. R. O. Form No. 443] ◙ Individual Analysis Card ◙ Memorandum of Suggestions to Instructors who are Using the Records of Family Traits and the Family Tree Folders of the Eugenics Record Office as Guides in Required Laboratory Work in Human Pedigree Study in Courses in Biology, Sociology, and Psychology ◙ Laboratory Work in Eugenics, Tracing the Family Distribution of a Single Trait [Eugenics Record Office…Form No. 351] ◙ Single-Trait Sheet [blank form, E. R. O.-446 II 29, 5M] ◙ Teeth [blank form] ◙ Anthropometric Summary [E. R. O. No. 471] ◙ Record of Family Traits [blank form] ◙ Family-Tree Folder [blank form] ◙ “Family Pedigree Study as College Laboratory Work,” Eugenical News (July 1927)


Future Genetic Emphasis    
Editorials for Eugenical News [list] ◙ Ready for Second State in the Development of Eugenical Science [outline] ◙ Outline of letter on Mendelian Ratios [draft] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Clipping, “Hereditary Units Found in Life Cell”


Geographic Distribution of Traits, Heredity in Man, Traits Work: Kanitz--Temperature and Plant Respiration 
Heredity in Man ◙ The Geographical Distribution of Inheritable Traits [handwritten] ◙ “Temperatur und Lebensvirgange” by Aristides Kanitz, Berlin 1915 [material from] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1935 ▪ George W. Morey (2)


Heredity in Relation to Development in Particular Relation to IQ; Studies in Human Heredity...  
“A Suggestion as to the Mechanism of Memory,” by George W. Crile ◙ Thursday, April 10, 1930 [agenda] ◙ Heredity in Relation to Development in Particular Relation to Intelligence Quotient [draft] ◙ The Relation of Genetics to Factors of Animal Development ◙ Studies Being Conducted on the Thoroughbred Horse and Their Relation to Investigations in Development and Metabolism [draft] ◙ Possible Eugenical Uses of the Federal Census ◙ Memorandum on Memory Research ◙ 4. Studies in Human Heredity [draft] ◙ Notes, Lung capacity of horse equals 42.5 liters… ◙ A Goal in Eugenics and Demography to Work for Reaching in 1940 ◙ “Ought I to Marry?” by Ellsworth Huntington [typescript] ◙ Clippings: “Is the ‘I.Q.’ Necessarily Constant?” “The Time Element in Trait Description for Genetic Analysis”


Human Heredity--Chromosomes   
The Fundamental Biological and Mathematical Principles Underlying Chromosomal Descent and Recombination in Human Heredity ◙ Handwritten notes


Ideas for Disseminating Research Materials  
Memorandum, Write to Graduates to find out who are available… ◙ Memorandum, Make a statement concerning the research method… ◙ Memorandum, Prepare a family tree folder… ◙ Memorandum on Individual Analysis Schedule ◙ Record of Family Traits of husband and wife… ◙ Form letters to publishers and libraries


Index Making - F1     
Handwritten notes


Materials and Correspondence on Institution Inmates  
The Eugenical Aspects of Deportation, Hearing before the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, House of Representatives, 70th Congress, 1st Session, February 21, 1928 ◙ Congressional Record, 73rd Congress, 2nd Session, “Immigration, Extracts from the Debate on H. R. 9725 in the House of Representatives, June 15, 1934, and Statement of W. C. Hushing… ◙ Prisoners in State and Federal Prisons and Reformatories: 1933 ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1934 ▪  Leon E. Truesdell Department of Commerce The Clerk, House of Representatives Lawrence B. Elliman (2) ▪ John B. Trevor,1934-35 (5)


Minutes and Lecture to the Eugenics Education Society, January 29, 1924  
Eugenics Education Society, Minutes of Proceedings at a Meeting Held at the Rooms of the Royal Society, Burlington House, London, on Tuesday, January 29, 1924, Professor E. W. MacBride in the Chair ◙ Eugenics Education Society, Lecture by  Dr. H. H. Laughlin on “Eugenics in America,” Burlington House, London, W., Tuesday, January 29th, 1934


Mitosis Chart   
Mitosis chart [hand drawn]


Notes [typed] [cell division] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1917 ▪ C. J. Chamberlain (2)
R. A Harper Charles Hottes (3)   F. V. Corville (2) ◙ Correspondence 1936-39 Hollis P. Allen (2) Robert C. Tryon


Ogive of Bean Pods    
Photograph, ogive showing rank in length among 48 bean pods ◙ Ogive of bean-pods, eugenics class, 1922 [hand drawn chart]


Polled Hereford Cattle--Chromosome No.  
Polled Hereford Cattle, “The Breed that Pays” Des Moines: American Polled Hereford Breeders Association, ca 1919  [booklet] ◙ “Polled Durhams” [brochure] ◙ The Pure Sire Method of Breeding and the Registry Rules [blank form] ◙ Correspondence 1919 ▪ H. E. Walter (4) Alvin H. Sanders Howard J. Kinzer (2) American Short-Horn Breeders Association American Aberdeen Angus Association   American Galloway Breeders Association H. W. Vaughn American Polled Durham Association J. H. Martz (3) Orren Lloyd-Jones Polled Durham Breeders Association Bureau of Animal Industry S. I. Kornhauser Charles Gray R. W. Brown B. O. Gammon


Race Descent and Crime in the U. S.--Typewritten Copy; Undesirable Alien-- Marcosson-Articles- Inquiries  
Prisoners in State and Federal Prisons and Reformatories: 1933 ◙ Marcosson Paper [outline] ◙ Race Descent and Crime in the United States ◙ How it was to show the recent changes in the forces of alienization… ◙ As to the ratio of alien criminals to native… ◙ The United States in now in a remarkably strong position to set up a more rigorous criterion for deportation… ◙ Clipping, “Townsend Plan stirs Naturalization Rush” ◙ Correspondence ▪ Madison Grant,1932 (2)
Isaac F. Marcosson,1935


Summary of Trait Studies   
A Summary of the Results of a Study of 2,962 References Filed According to Some E. R. O. Traits ◙ Definition of Traits Retained and Active ◙ I. The General Formula of Heredity, the Pattern ◙ II. The Specific Formula of Heredity. Specific Use ◙ III. The Coordination of Evolution and Genetics ◙ IV. K=f(M,R) as a Useful Tool in Mathematical Analysis


The General Formula of Heredity, The Specific Formula of Heredity, Chart List--Original Work 
Handwritten outline


Trends in Modern Genetics--Publication; Racing Capacity Lecture Materials 
“The Trends in Modern Genetics, an Evaluation of Current Researches,” by Harry H. Laughlin, Scientific Monthly 43 (September 1936) ◙ The Trends in Modern Genetics [proof copy] ◙ The Trends in Modern Genetics [galley proof] ◙ Trends in Modern Genetics [outline] ◙ The Trend of Modern Genetics ◙ The Principle of Uncertainty Applied to Ancestral Influence in the Probability Resultant ◙ 1. Outline of Main Purpose [“Chart 2” typed in upper right corner] ◙ List of quotations which begins with Bridgman, P. W. 1933 ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence ▪ George W. Morey,1935 (8) Naya R. Grodskaya, 1936 (3) 


Chromosomes-Crossing Over-Chromotoxy-Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics-Modification of 9:3:3:1 Ratio; Mitosis Defined 
Memorandum on Cross-Over ◙ Chromotaxy ◙ Inheritance of Acquired Traits and Deferred expression ◙ Definition of Mitosis ◙ Modifications of the 9:3:3:1 Ration ◙ Relations Between Lapse of Time and Organic Evolution, by Joseph Barrell, Yale University ◙ Memo. On Chromosomes ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1918 ▪ Richard S. Lull
Joseph Barrell (4)


Clippings on Dates  


Cold Spring Harbor History Notes  
97th Co. New York Home Defenders Reserve 1917-1919(?)[photographs] ◙  Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1930 ▪ The Misses Jones [Florence and Sarah]


Reprints borrowed from Dr. Blakeslee, Books Borrowed from the Carnegie Institution Library, Reference on Pod Corn ◙ Inheritance in Maize, List of Investigators ◙ Inheritance in Maize, Bibliography ◙ Clipping, “Harvey J. Sconce Applies Mendel’s Law to Corn Plants,” Chicago Sunday Tribune, October 23, 1927 ◙ Correspondence 1925  ▪ F. C. Stewart ◙ Correspondence 1926 E. W. Lindstrom Emma L. Fisk T. A. Kiesselbach and M. F. Petersen ▪ John B. Wentz (2) H. K. Hayes (2) J. H. Willaman


Cost of Socially Inadequate, Principles of Eugenics; Eugenics as an Art; Eugenics in College 
Memorandum on Eugenics in the College ◙ The Principles of Eugenics ◙ Rules of Eugenics as an Art ◙ Prison [“or institutional” inserted above, handwritten] Labor and the Cost of Institutional Maintenance ◙ Eugenics, Life a Tree, Eugenics Draws its Materials from many sources and Organizes them into an Harmonious Entity [eugenics tree] ◙ The National Committee on Prisons and Prison Labor…annual meeting, May 23, 1925 [invitation] ◙ Correspondence 1924 ▪ Harry Olson 


Data on Dates        
Handsome Packing House, Home of Date Products, World’s First Scientifically Built Date Packing House Opens at Coachella ◙ Coachella Valley Date Growers’ Association [booklet] ◙ Representation of Wilson’s 5 Classes of Sexual Difference of Chromosome Group ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1919-20 ▪ S. C. Mason
Bruce Drummond W. L. Paul F. J. Crider


Data on Dates Since June 16, 1926  
Manoilov Reaction [charts]


Data on Dates to Date-R. Haynes  
Data on Dates to Date by R. Haynes [typescript]


Date Correspondence      
Maniloff’s Differential Sex Re-Actions to be Tried Out on the Date Palm ◙ Memorandum (Item 3, pages 9 and 10 under Chapter t, Propagation by Seed), Suggested note… ◙ Memorandum to/from Charles B. Davenport, 1923 (2)  ◙ Correspondence 1926
Walter T. Swingle (3) Paul Popenoe (2)


Date Palms       
Memorandum on Date Palm Work ◙ February, 1925, The lack of continuous contact between scientists ◙ Memorandum for Dr. Davenport and Laughlin,1922 ◙ Correspondence ▪ Bruce Drummond, 1920-25 (5)
W. R. Nutting,1921 ◙ Correspondence 1924-25 Paul Popenoe Director, United States Experimental Date Palm Gardens D. W. Albert  ▪ T. L. Stapley (2) B. E. Skvirsky (2)


Editorial 1934-Race Suicide Article--Journal of Industry & Finance  
“Says Immigrants Destroy America, ‘Melting Pot’ Ideal is Race-Suicide, Dr. Laughlin of Carnegie Institution Warns,” Journal of Industry & Finance 8:10 (September 1934) ◙ Journal of Industry & Finance editorial sent to…[list]


Eugenics Work for College Women   
Memorandum on Eugenical Work as an Occupation for College Women ◙ Memorandum of Suggestions to Instructors who are Using the Record of Family Traits and the Family Tree Folders of the Eugenics Record Office as Guides in Required Laboratory Work in Human Pedigree Study in Courses in Biology, Sociology, and Psychology ◙ Handwritten note


Hypothesis of Factors in Sex Determination  
The Cause of Sex, a statement of the several hypotheses on the relation between the chromosomal and metabolic factors in sex-cause ◙ Notes: In birds the zygotic formula is… ◙ Handwritten notes


Onion Root, Directions for Making Slides   
Directions for Making Onion Root Slides


Original Work on Formula of Heredity, 1933     
Charts to Accompany the Formula of Heredity [list] ◙ Notes on Probability Mathematics ◙ Notes on Other Uses of K=f (MR) ◙ Notes: 1. For constant finding test Warren’s New York machine… ◙ Notes, the Formula of  Heredity, Journal Club, August 31, 1933 [outline] ◙ Clipping, “ Today in Washington, Proposal to Life Quota on 10,000 German Children Yearly is Analyzed” ◙ Handwritten notes and calculations ◙ Correspondence 1933-34 ▪ Frank F. Bunker (3)


Photograph of Date Palm, 1920   
Photograph of a date palm


Recasting the Executive Departments of U.  S.  Government, Notes and Clippings 
Recasting the Executive Departments of the United States Government ◙ 66th Congress, 2nd Session, H. J. Res. 298, in the House of Representatives, February 18, 1920…Joint Resolution to constitute a Select Joint Committee on the Organization Activities, and Methods of Business of the Administrative Branch of the Government… ◙ 70th Congress, 1st Session, S. J. Res. 47, In the House of Representatives, March 9, 1928…The following is the test of the Original Senate Joint Resolution for which the White amendment, as amended was a substitute: Joint Resolution Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States fixing the commencement of the terms of President… ◙ “Common Sense in Washington,” by Herbert Corey, Colliers (October 1, 1921) ◙ “Remaking the Federal Administration,” by Harlean James, American Review of Reviews ◙ “Shifting Bureaus at Washington,” by Frederic A. Delano, Review of Reviews and World’s Work (May 1933) ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence Walter L. Brown,1921 Fabian Franklin,1922 E. F. Strother,1922 (4) Harry Byrd,1936 (2)


Semitic View of General Formula of Heredity Papers, Clippings, etc. Jews, Germany  
Notes on the Khazars ◙ Reputed Khazar Blood in the Modern Russian-Polish Jew Who emigrated to America ◙ Jewish Immigration to the United States [table] ◙ The Gentile Front 3 (January 8, 1935 ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1933 Madison Grant


Sex Problems in Plants and Animals  
Life Cycle of Date [drawing and notes] ◙ Charts


 “Manoilov’s Reaction for Identification of the Sexes,” Science 62:1601 (September 4, 1925) ◙ Correspondence 1926 ▪ D. G. Steele ▪ A. B. Stout (2) ▪ Marshall A. Howe


1933-34 Third International Congress for Experimental Cytology-Coil Spring Work 
Memorandum on Coil Springs and Chromosomes, 1. The coil set at the end of the stick… ◙ Memorandum on Coil Springs and Chromosomes, Demerec showed at staff meeting review of work… ◙ Note on intra- or reflex mutation ◙ Notes, 1. Mutation. Chemical upset… ◙ Coil-Springs and Chromosomes [typescript] ◙ Coil-Springs and Chromosomes, Notes ◙ Coil Springs and Chromosomes, Simple laboratory Apparatus for Demonstrating the Close Parallelism in Structure and Behavior Between Coil Springs and Chromosomes ◙ The Spirochaetes [abstract of paper by Edward Hindle] ◙ Koshy, T. K., “Structure and Division of Somatic Chromosomes in Allium” [abstract of article] ◙ Notes on Coil Springs and Chromosomes [abstracts of articles] ◙ Coil Spring Notes, How chromosomes behave… ◙ Coil Springs and Chromosomes: Their Common Behavior ◙ The Electric and Magnetic Aspect of Cell Division ◙ 1. The spring coil is the simplest way of untangling a stand tangle… ◙ Note: If space is available, and you approve, I submit a paragraph… ◙ Note, the Coil Spring Postulate and its Consistent Phenomena ◙ Notes on Coil Springs. 1. If chromosomes are shaped like coil springs… ◙ Third International Congress for Experimental Cytology, Coil Springs and “Chromosomes, Abstract of Paper [outline] ◙ Memo on Coil Spring Work [list of 4 points] ◙ Note: The ‘coil spring, and single-string-of-beads postulate… ◙ Correspondence 1934-35 ▪ J. McKeen Cattell
Ware Cattell (3) Robert C. Cook (4) 


Biological Conference- Paper-Oct. 1937   
Division of Animal Biology, Conference April 30, 1936, Baltimore [agenda] ◙ Division of Animal Biology, Conference April 29, 1937, Baltimore [agenda] ◙ Division of Animal Biology, Conference October 20, 1937, Cold Spring Harbor [agenda] ◙ Division of Animal Biology, Conference, April 28, 1938, Baltimore [agenda] ◙ Notes for minutes of the meeting of the Division of Animal Biology, Cold Spring Harbor, October 28, 1938 ◙ Division of Animal Biology, Conference, Friday October 28, 1938, Cold Spring Harbor [agenda] ◙  Division of Animal Biology, Program of Biological Conference, Department of Genetics, Cold Spring Harbor, October 27 and 28, 1939 [agenda] ◙ Report of  the Second International Congress of Eugenics, of the Committee on the Number and Cost of Hereditary Defectives with a Plan for Lessening their Propagation ◙ Clipping, “Long-Time Studies for Cancer Urged” ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1936-38 ▪ W. M. Gilbert (4)
George L. Streeter (2) Dr. Blakeslee G. W. Kelly


Coefficient of Prediction Accuracy--Typed Copies   
“How to Use the Specific Formula of Heredity,” by Harry H. Laughlin, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 21:11 (November 1935) ◙ The Coefficient of Prediction-Accuracy (CPA) with 3 plates and 4 figures [proof written in upper right corner] ◙ The Coefficient of Prediction-Accuracy (CPA) with 3 plates and 4 figures [org written in upper right corner]


Coil Spring Illustrative Apparatus-1935; Coil Spring and Chromosomes Work-1934  
The Coil-Spring Properties of Chromosomes, Their Common Structure, Mechanical and Mathematical Attributes [draft] ◙ Notes Outlining Proposed Paper No. 3 on Coil Springs and Chromosomes, Orientation and Timing as Basic Factors in Chromosomal Duplication and Separation [includes apparatus needed] ◙ Correspondence 1934-36 ▪ E. G. Conklin (3)
Tine Tammes (4) J. McKeen Cattell (2)


Coil Springs and Chromosomes   
Coil-Springs and Chromosomes [draft] ◙ Coil-Springs and Chromosomes [“Dup” written in upper right corner] ◙ Coil-Springs and Chromosomes [galley proof from Journal of Heredity] ◙ Correspondence 1934-35 Ware Cattell R. C. Cook (2)


Concerning Future Fields of Study-1939    
“The Trends in Modern Genetics, an Evaluation of Current Researches,” by Harry H. Laughlin, Scientific Monthly 43 (September 1936) ◙ Memo: 1. Write a paper on demarcations of the field of Eugenical research… ◙ Short Notes on the Several Major Fields for Profitable Eugenical Research and Application in the United States in the Immediate Future


Constitutional Eugenics in Germany-1920   
“National Eugenics in German, a Consideration of the Eugenical Aspects of the Constitution of the German Republic, Read at the 9th Annual Meeting of the Eugenics Research Association, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, June 25, 1920” by Harry H. Laughlin, Eugenics Review (January 1921) ◙ Constitutional Eugenics in German, A Consideration of the Eugenical Aspects of the Constitution of the German Republic [6 pages] ◙ Constitutional Eugenics in Germany, A Consideration of the Eugenical Aspects of the Constitution of the German Republic [draft] [8 pages] ◙ The Eugenical Aspect of the German Republic’s Constitution ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence North American Review, n.d. G. von Hoffmann, 1913-14 (2) Atlantic Monthly, 1920 Review of Reviews, 1920 Eugenics Review,1930 Constance Brown,1920 


Creative Selection     
Creative Selection [draft]


Crime and Race Descent-1931    
Crime and Race Descent [draft] ◙ Crime, Complete Census figures were not available in all state groups… ◙ Committee on Immigration and naturalization, Researches on Crime in Relation to Nativity…Inmates of Penal Institutions, South Carolina State Penitentiary [partially completed forms October 27, 1931 and undated but Jan 28, 193? stamped in upper corner] ◙ Correspondence 1931 ▪ James N. Pearman (2)


Definition of an American-DAR Address  
The Definition of an American ◙  1. The Definition of the American Race…[outline] ◙ Daughters of the Revolution [outline] ◙ Clipping, “The American Type” ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1934-36 ▪ The American Institute
Florence Devlin ▪ Madison Grant (4)


Definition of the American Race-Proofs Work and Letters   
Definition of the American Race [draft] ◙ Definition of the American Race ◙ Notes on memorandum entitled “Definition of the American Race” [draft] ◙ Definition of the American Race, Suitable for Legal and Technical Use, and for General Understanding [“proof copy” written in upper right corner] ◙ United States map ◙ Preliminary Notes, 1. On the foundation racial stocks of the American people… ◙ Handwritten notes


Eugenics as a Science; Eugenics in America; Trends in Modern Genetics  
Survey of Eugenical Work in America [“proof copy” written in upper right corner] ◙ Memorandum-Eugenics Address-London [outline] ◙ Memorandum on the Term “Eugenics” and the Content of this Science ◙ The Trends in Modern Genetics


Formula Ancestral Influence in Man; Formula of Heredity   
Ancestral Influence in the Human Male [chart] ◙ Mathematical Analysis and Explanatory Legend to Accompany the chart Ancestral Influence in the Human Male [draft] ◙ Ancestral Influence in the Human Female [chart] ◙ Ancestral Influence in the Human Female ◙ Reprint of A Semantic View of the General Formula of Heredity…Papers from the First American Congress for General Semantics…March 1 and 2, 1935 ◙ Chance Elimination of Grandparental Chromosomes in Man ◙ Chance Elimination of Grandparental Chromosomes in Man [draft] ◙ Formulas for Calculating Ancestral Influence in Man [draft] ◙ The Formula of Heredity ◙ Mechanism Showing the Essential Features of Segregation and Recombination in the Transmission of Chromosomes from Ancestors to Descendants ◙ The Fundamental Formula of Bisexual Heredity Specific Chromosome-Contributions of Given Ancestors to the F1 Zygote [photograph of three-dimensional chart] ◙ Calculating Ancestral Influence in Man: a mathematical measure of the facts of Bisexual Heredity ◙ Asia-Political [map] ◙ The World as Known to the Ancients [map] ◙ Formulas for Calculating Ancestral Influence in Man ◙ Formulae for Calculations summarized on the Charts “Ancestral Influence in the Human Male” and “Ancestral Influence in the Human Female” ◙ The Formula of Heredity, a mathematical measure of the demonstrated facts of bi-sexual heredity [draft] ◙ Correspondence 1921-22 ▪ George H. Shull (3)


General Formula of Heredity; Specific Formula of Heredity   
On Marketing for Authors [booklet] ◙ National Academy of Sciences, Annual Meeting, April 24, 15,26, 1933 [program] [final edition] ◙ The Mathematical Model for the Specific Formula of Heredity ◙ The General Formula of Heredity K=f(M,R) [chart] [note on back, “to be inserted as text on page 6…”] ◙ Human Traits Which Have Been Shown to Follow Definite Rules of Inheritance [“correct to Nov. 10, 1921” handwritten at top] ◙ Specific Formula of Heredity ◙ How to Use the Specific Formula of Heredity ◙ Table 2, Comparative Quantities when the Three Curves ◙ How to Use the Specific Formula of Heredity for the Probability-Prediction of adult stature… ◙ The General Formula of Heredity ◙ National Academy of Sciences, Annual Meeting, 1933, Abstract of Papers Presented at the Scientific Sessions, April 24 and 25, 1933 ◙ Correspondence 1933 ▪ Curtis Brown, Ltd National Academy of Sciences M. S. Kirshen F. E. Wright (3) Henry Fairfield Osborn (8) A. Delano Wilson (10) Mary E. O’Donnell Professor Capps 


Human Traits Which Blend in F1 Offspring 1921-23     
Human Traits which have been shown to Follow Definite Rules of Inheritance [“not corrected” written in upper right corner] ◙ Traits which blend in the F1 Offspring ◙ II. Traits showing dominance of one condition and recessiveness of its allomorph in the first (F1) Generation of Offspring…[table] ◙ III. Sex Linked Traits [table] ◙ IV. Probably Mendelian, but Dominance Imperfect or Uncertain [table] ◙ V. Clearly Hereditary but Rule of Inheritance Uncertain [table] ◙ One Trait, Associated Traits, Reference [table]


Manerkonic Analysis of Human Stature   
IV. Manerkonic Analysis as a New Tool Applied to Investigations on the Inheritance of Human Stature ◙ Photographs on Manerkons: 1. Stature Father-Son; 2. Stature Mother-Son; 3. Stature Father-Daughter; 4. Stature Mother-Daughter; 5 Stature Brother-Brother; 6. Stature Sister-Sister; 7. Stature Father-Mother Index-Child; 8. Stature Father’s Father-Child; 9. Stature Mother’s Father-Child; 10. Stature Father’s Mother-Child; 11. Stature Mother’s Mother-Child; 12. Stature Sister-Brother; 13. Stature Brother-Sister; 14. Stature Husband-Wife; 15. Stature, Wife-Husband; Observed Data Ports; 2. Offspring percent “ports’; 4. The Manerkon…; Model 5…; Model 6…; Model 7…; Stature of Adult British Children


Reports of Scientific Studies H. H. L. 1934-35
Report of Harry H. Laughlin, in Charge of the Eugenics Record Office, Outline of Scientific Studies for the Year July 1, 1934 to June 30, 1935 [first 5 pages missing, begins with part II. Coil Springs and Chromosomes on page 6]


9:3:3:1 Work       
Directions for the Illustrative Chemical Experiment ◙ Handwritten notes


A Decade of Progress in Eugenics  
A Decade of Progress in Eugenics  [draft] ◙ The Probability-Resultant of Several Independently Observed Probability-Evidences [chart]


Analogy Thoroughbred Horse and Eugenics; Eugenical Sterilization in U. S
Note on: Analogy Between Eugenics and Breed Improvement in Domestic Plants and Animals ◙ Further Studies on the Historical and Legal Development of Eugenical Sterilization in the United States ◙ Correspondence 1936 ▪ Edgar A. Doll
(4) ▪ Unidentified author 


Background Material on History of Attitudes Toward Mental and Physical Defectives 
The History of the Attitude of Society Towards Mental Defectives ◙ The History of the Causes and Significance of Mental Disorders, and the Attitude of Society toward Affected Persons ◙ The Criminal ◙ Epileptics ◙ Inebriates ◙ The Diseased ◙ The Care and Education of the Blind ◙ The Care and Training of the Deaf ◙ The Deformed ◙ The Dependent


Case Workers, Field Worker Material for Research Classes   
Tenderness-Sympathy Test [partially completed, Miriam Silver, July 31, 1918 at bottom] ◙ Eugenics Record Office…Field-Workers’ Monthly Report [blank form] ◙ Eugenics  Record Office…Field Workers’ Monthly Prospect [blank form] ◙ Eugenics Record Office…Field Workers’ Expense Account [blank form] ◙ Eugenics Record Office Laboratory Material for Training Class [blank form] ◙ Laboratory Work In Eugenics, Tracing the Family Distribution of a Single Trait [Form No. 351] ◙ Eugenics Record Cooperation with the Committee on Hereditary Blindness…Schedule for Recording First-Hand Pedigree-Data on Hereditary Eye Defect and Blindness  [blank form] ◙ Study of Ability and Tastes, Return to Howard J. Banker, in charge of special study…[blank form] ◙ Eugenics Record Office, Receipt for Data [blank form] ◙ Eugenics Record Office…{Schedule No. 10) Schedule for the Study of Twins [blank form] ◙ Eugenics Record Office, Family-Tree Folder [blank form] ◙ “The Works of Dr. Benjamin Franklin, in Philosophy, Politics, and Morals…◙ Course in Eugenics, Whitman College, Walla Walla, Wash. [H. S. Brode, Professor of Biology] ◙ anthropometric Chart ◙ The Relation of the United States-Federal Government to Social Inadequacy-1917 [chart] ◙ Adolf Meyer’s Classification of the Psychoses [table] ◙ Eugenics Record Office…Record of Family Traits [blank form] ◙ Personality Study [“From Dr. Adolf Meyer” written at top] ◙ What Heredity Means to Mankind ◙ Outline of Studies to be Made by Each Field Worker [“For Comack Field Trip, Aug 9 1921” written at top] ◙ Class notes and assignments [3”x5” cards] ◙ Measurement of the Living, Individual Record [blank form] ◙ Correspondence 1922  ▪ John Ashhurst
George P. Ard


Clinic in Human Heredity - Work and Papers [File Closed until privacy laws are satisfied]  ◙ Note: “These actual inquiries as copied…with the distinct understanding, of course, that absolutely no publicity will be given to any of them.” [quotation from original file folder] 


Dice Casting and Pedigree Selection; Ogive Formula  
Dice Casting and Pedigree Selection, Experiments which Picture Mathematically Close Analogies Between Dice Casting and Certain Breeding Phenomena [draft] ◙ Dice Casting and Pedigree Selection, Experiments which Picture Mathematically Close Analogies between Dice Casting and Certain Breeding Phenomena ◙ Dice Casting and Pedigree Selection, A Laboratory Experiment Picturing Mathematically the Analogy between Dice Casting and the Possibilities and Limitations of Selection ◙ Ogive graphs ◙ Handwritten notes and calculations ◙ Correspondence 1921 ▪ G. H. Shull (2)


Dummy for the 8 Pedigree Charts-One After Each of the Following 8 Sheets 
◙ The sheets are as follows; Chart Nos ▪ 18, Pamponer family ▪ 19,  Triakosoy family ▪ 20, Moros family ▪ 21, Oknos family ▪ 22, Lagner family ▪ 23, Xenos family ▪ 24, Anuroy family ▪ 25, Mikter family


German and Scandinavian Laws Regarding Sterilization, also Contains MS Further Studies on...Sterilization in the U. S.     
Further Studies on the Historical and Legal Development of Eugenical Sterilization in the United States...for the International Congress for the Scientific Investigation of Population Problems, Berlin ◙ The German Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Defective Progeny and the Scandinavian Legislation for Sterilisation, Dr. Ruttke, managing director of the Reich’s Committee for Public Health Service; member of the Working Committee of the International Congress for the Science of Population, Berlin, from August 26th to September 1, 1935…


Human Traits; Proven Heredity-F1  
Symmers, Wm. St. Clair, 1895, “A skull with enormous parietal foramina,” Journal of Anatomy and Physiology 29 [abstract of article] ◙ Prototaxy and Orthoontogeny ◙ Neurath, Rudolf, “Uber Hereditare Ossificationsdefekte der Scheitelbeine,” Ztschr. F. Kinderhlk 32 [abstract] ◙ Human Triats which have been shown to be hereditary, and most of which have been Demonstrated to Follow Definite Rules of Inheritance [list] ◙ Clipping, “Dr. Calvin Bridges” ◙ Photographs of three dimensional charts ◙ Handwritten notes


Population Turnover, Mexican Population Study Outline  
Population Turnover [draft][15pages, incomplete] ◙ Population Turnover [draft] [16 pages, hand written o 17 over the 16] ◙ “Recent Tendencies of World Migration,” by Leifur Magnusson, American Federationist (March 1926) ◙ The one woman’s organization in this land that has taken an advanced stand for wound Americanism is the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution… ◙ Bases Minimas de Politica Demografica, que Presentan el Comite Mexicano para el estudio de los Problemas de la Poblacion y la Sociedad Mexicana de Eugenesia, a la Nacion y al Gobiero ◙ Anuario del Departamento de Antropologia, Para el ano academico de 1939, Escuela Nacional De Ciencias Biologicas, Instituto Politecnico Nacional ◙ Outline of Population Policy ◙ Clipping, “Children of Foreign Born to Run U. S.” ◙ Correspondence Daniel Rubin de la Borbolla, n.d. Gerardo Varela, 1939 (2)


In most scientific studies accuracy of prediction is the best proof of soundness in interpretation… [“From Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 19, No. 8, 1933” handwritten at top] ◙ Figure 1. Technique of Prediction ◙ Figure 2 plots the frequency… ◙ Figure 3. Racing Capacity Prediction… ◙ Figure 4. The Measure of Advancement in Genetical Analysis… ◙ Figure 1, Technique of Prediction [chart] ◙ Figure 2, The Distribution of FC-RC for 100 Foals ◙ Figure 3, Probability Repetant Vs. Actual Racing Capacity [chart] ◙ Figure 4 Distribution of FC-RC…


Publishing-Large No. Division by Calculating Machines--Work  
Large-Number Division by Calculating Machine ◙ Systematic Arrangement of Work [chart] ◙ Large-Number Division by Calculating Machine [galley proof] ◙ “A Cross-Division Process and Its Application to the Extraction of Roots,” by Derrick Henry Lehmer, American Mathematical Monthly 33:4(April 1926) ◙ “On the Value of the Napierian Base,” by Derrick Henry Lehmer, American Journal of Mathematics 48:2 (April 1926) ◙ American Mathematical Monthly 37:6 (June-July 1930) ◙ Clipping, “New Tabulators do Work of 100 Men’ ◙ Correspondence 1930 Frank A. Ross (3) H. M. Lydenberg American Journal of Mathematics Francis D. Murnaghan W. D. Cairns (2)   W. H. Bussey (3)


Shorthorn Cattle-Inheritance of Color - 1912  
The Inheritance of Color in Shorthorn Cattle [1912] [“proof copy” written on cover] ◙ handwritten notes ◙ Photographs of shorthorns ◙ “Inheritance of Color and Horns in Blue-gray Cattle,” Agricultural Experiment Station, Iowa state College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Research Bulletin No. 30, February 1916 ◙ “The Inheritance of Coat Colors in Horses,” Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station…Bulletin No. 180, July 1914 ◙ “The Principles of Stock-Breeding” [galley proof] ◙ “The Central facts of the hypothesis of 1911…” ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence ▪ P. G. Ross,1913 P. K. Groves,1920

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