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E-1-1:1 American Birth Control League   
A Proposed Federal Amendment to the Penal Code, Section 211, Sponsored by the American Birth Control League ◙ Program of the Sixth International Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference, March 25 to 31, 1925 ◙ Invitation from Mrs. Juliet Barrett Rublee for informal supper to meet Margaret Sanger and Dr. C. V. Drysdale, March 28, [1925] ◙ Correspondence 1925 ▪ Margaret Sanger (3) Rublee Irving Fisher John Burke, National Catholic Welfare Conference
E-1-1:2 Bibliographies       
Bibliography, 1909-1940, Harry H. Laughlin ◙ Bibliography of Harry Hamilton Laughlin, 1922 ◙ Published writings continued ◙ Reprints sent to Library, Marine Biological laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass. February 25, 1938

Crime Comm., Crime Prevention   
Eugenical Studies in Crime [outline] ◙ Crime Commissions and Kindred Bodies, 1929, Compiled by National Crime Commission ◙ Department of Commerce, Census of Prisoners: 1923 (Preliminary Report) ◙ United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Prisoners: 1923 ◙ “The Source of Crime,” an article by Leon F. Whitney, Christian Work Magazine, (March 13-20, 1926) ◙ “The Menace of Paroled Convicts,” by Lawrence Veiller ◙ “The Way to War on Crime, “ by Lawrence Veiller ◙ “The Rising Tide of Crime,” by Lawrence Veiller ◙ “How the Law Saves the Criminal,” by Lawrence Veiller ◙ “Where American Justice Fails,” by Lawrence Veiller ◙ Daily Science News Bulletin, No. 429B (June 11, 1929) ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Joint Committee on Methods of Preventing Delinquency publication price list ◙ Correspondence 1926 Mrs. Richard Derby (2) Madison Grant Harry Olson F. Trubee Davison W. M. Steuart ◙ Correspondence 1927 Graham Romeyn Taylor E. H. Sutherland ◙ Correspondence 1931 Crime Commission (2) J. E. Hoover Caleb Baumes (2) Wade H. Ellis (2) Herbert L. Smith Harold N. Van Aernem Louis M. Howe (2) Madison Grant

E-1-1:4 Crime-Immigrant Studies and Materials   
Prisoners in State and Federal Prisons and Reformatories, 1928 [“2nd proof” written in upper right corner] ◙ Public-No. 837-71st Congress, 9S. 1812) An Act to authorize the collection of annual statistics related to crime and to the defective , dependent, and delinquent classes ◙ Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Prisons and Reformatories, Schedule 1, Prisoners serving Sentence on Jan. 1, 1923;  Schedule 2, Sentenced Prisoners Admitted from Jan 1 to June 30, 1923; Schedule 3, Prisoners Leaving Institution from Jan. 1 to June 30, 1923 ◙ London Times, Tuesday, August 25, 1931, “Immigrants and Crime in the United States. ‘Baseless Prejudice’” [typescript] ◙ Memorandum for Washington Trip ◙ Memorandum on the Alien Crime Studies ◙ Notes on the Wickersham Report on Crime and Foreign-Born ◙ Memorandum on a Plan for Securing Statistics in Reference to A. Custodial Institutions and their Inmates, and B. Courts of Law and Persons sentenced to Fine, Punishment, Restraint, or other Penalties ◙ Department of Commerce, Washington, Prisoners in Penal Institutions: 1922 and 1917 ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1922-23 ▪ Sam B. Warner (2) Ralph G. Hurlin ◙ Correspondence 1931 John B. Trevor (3) J. W. Ryle Fred R. Marvin (2)  Leon E. Truesdell (5) J. P. Hines (6) William N. Doak (2) W. F. Barry (2) Bennet Mead (2) Harriet M. Cheney (2) Edward W. Koch (2) ◙ Correspondence 1931-32 ▪ Madison Grant (12) ▪ Albert Johnson (6) ◙ Correspondence 1933 G. de Lapouge
E-1-1:5 Fantham, Bateson Correspondence.  Mendel Pictures  
Gregor Mendel, photograph and postcards showing memorial and monastery ◙ F1 Zygote which is also Identical  with the germ-plasm carried by the some which develops from it [photograph of three-dimensional chart] ◙ Mechanism for showing the segregation and recombination of genes…[photograph of three-dimensional chart] ◙ International Federation of Eugenic Organizations, Luncheon…September 10, 1939 [autographed menu] ◙ H. B. Fantham, “Social Biology and Some of Its Cultural and Ethical Implications, Scientia, June 1939 ◙ Epidemics, Famines, Wars, etc. Bibliography ◙ Correspondence ▪ W. Bateson,1915 Annie Porter, 1939
E-1-1:6 Genealogy Materials of Pansy Bowen Laughlin   
Notebook of genealogical information ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence:▪ A. H. E, n.d.
E-1-1:7 Laughlin Family Father--Genealogical Materials  
Memorandum on Genealogical Reference Systems, in the Interests of Greater Biological and Social Usefulness ◙ Harry H. Laughlin biographical information [brief summary and outlines] ◙ Bibliography, 1909-1940 ◙ George H. Laughlin photograph and very brief biographical information [funeral memento] ◙ Clipping: J. Laurence Laughlin ◙ Clipping: H. H. Laughlin ◙ Clippings: “Mrs. Deborah Laughlin Dies, Aged 76 Years,” Kirksville Daily Express, September 20, 1918 ◙ Form of Will [draft] ◙ The National Cyclopedia of American Biography [blank form] ◙ Correspondence ▪ J. R. Mulvane,1909 Mrs. Irving S. Sammis, 1926 Frederick Adams Virkus, 1926 (2) J. W. Ross,1931-1934 (7) Uncle Whittie,1931 Blanche Laughlin,1931 William Pinkham, 1933-934 (4) George Derby,1934 (3)
E-1-1:8 League of Nations Appointment 1925 
Immigration: Paris. Nov. 29, 1923 [Laughlin’s handwritten notes, 29 pages] ◙ Provisional List of Experts who have agreed to lend their assistance to the Permanent Emigration Committee ◙ Note on the Constitution of the Permanent Emigration Committee ◙ Note for the Emigration Experts of the International Labour Office ◙ League of Nations [handwritten outline] ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1923-26 ▪ Albert Thomas, Bureau.(3) C. T. Morgan Note for Science, 1925 Louis Varlez 
E-1-1:9 Letters - Wm.  Bateson, 1915, George Shull, 1923    
◙ Correspondence ▪ Wm. Bateson,1915 George H. Shull,1923
E-1-1:10 Letters to Mother    
◙ Man and child with pigeons [photograph] ◙ Clipping: “Mrs. Deborah J. Laughlin died …” ◙ Correspondence ▪  Mother, 1896-1916 (5) Will to,1918 Postcards from Lizzie, n.d. (2)
E-1-1:11 Population Association Conference, 1930-31   
“The Pressure of Population,” Antioch Notes (April 15, 1929) ◙ Conference on Immigration Policy [minutes of meeting, June 25, 1929] ◙ Preliminary Conference on a Population Association for the United States, held at New York University, December 15th, 1930 with the Cooperation of the Milbank Memorial Fund ◙ Population Studies of the Milbank Memorial Fund ◙ Second Conference on Population Association of America, May 7, 1931 ◙ Persons Requested to Attend Second Conference on Population Association [list] ◙ Correspondence 1929-31 ▪ C. G. Campbell [note] n.d. Harold Fields Guy Irving Burch (2) Henry P. Fairchild (15) O. E. Baker and Laughlin (4) Frank W. Notestein Frederick Osborn (2)
E-1-1:12 Population Association of America, Population Research Bureau--Materials and Letters  
Conference on Population Studies in Relation to Social Planning…May 2-4, 1935 [program] ◙ Research Project, Subject: “The Replacement Theory of Population Growth” ◙ Population Association of America, Review of Current Research, October 20, 1934 ◙ Population Association of America 1934 dues statement ◙ Memorandum to Fellows of the Population Association of America ◙ Population Literature 1:1 (January 20, 1935, revised May 1, 1935) ◙ Population Literature 1:2 (March 20, 1935) ◙ The Population Prospect and some Agricultural Implications ◙ Population and Occupational Shifts by O. E. Baker…November 17 and 19, 1934 ◙ Correspondence 1932-34 ▪  H. F. Perkins Guy Irving Burch (4) Frank Lorimer (2) 
E-1-1:13 Race and Progress-Boas     
“Race and Progress” by Franz Boas, Science 74:1905 (July 3, 1931) ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1931 ▪ Franz Boas Arthur Keith  
E-1-1:14 Race Classification    
Memorandum on Classification of the Races of Hominidae ◙ “Thediscussion that ensued was participated in my Messrs. Campbell, Davenport, Hooton, Laughlin, McCurdy, Osborn, Steggerda, and Wissler…Frederick Osborn, secretary, Galton Society [partial minutes of meeting, date unknown] ◙ Clipping: “research Extends Man’s Antiquity” ◙ Correspondence 1931 ▪ Madison Grant (5)
E-1-1:15 Student Work, 1896-97     
Cuba-March 27, 1896 [notebook]] ◙ Debate, Question: Resolved that aerial navigation is likely to become a success [notebook, H. H. L. Feb. 02, 1897 on cover] ◙ “Greater America,” by Harry Laughlin, Normal Message 7 (November 1897) ◙ “Classical Greece, “ by H. H. Laughlin, Normal School Message 9:4 (January 1899) ◙ The Explanation of the Aims and Advantages of a Course in Industrial Geography ◙ Industrial Geography (Synopsis) ◙ A Short Explanatory Outline of Industrial Geography ◙ Synopsis, Commercial and Industrial Exploitation ◙ Cosmopolitanism in America ◙ Cosmopolitanism in America [handwritten copy, “1899” in upper right corner ◙ The Evolution of Justice ◙ Memorandum: On February 22, 1896 as a colleague with Emmet Hamilton, I debated in the Rhetorical Class of Miss Ermine Owen
E-1-1:16 University of Arizona Correspondence   
Tucson-Arizona, Man-Building in the Sunshine Climate [travel brochure published by the Tucson Sunshine-Climate Club] ◙ Laughlin’s biographical sketch from American Men of Science, 4th edition ◙ Laughlin’s biographical sketch from Who’s Who in America, 1926-27 ◙ Correspondence, 1923-28 ▪ Walter P. Taylor (7) James B. Duke and Laughlin Charles T. Vorhies (5) Robert E. Tally (4) Byron Cummings W. M. McGovern L. M. Allen

1918 Thesis-Onion Root Cells-Mitotic Stage Duration  

Duration of the Several Mitotic Stages in the Dividing Root-tip Cells of the Onion [typescript] ◙ Laughlin, Harry Hamilton. Duration of the Several Mitotic Stages in the Dividing Root-Tip Cells of the Onion, Washington, Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1918 [unbound]

E-1-2:2 American Statistical Association, Committee of Biometrics and Vital Statistics                                                           
American Statistical Association, Program of the Ninety-Seventh Annual Meeting…December 27 to 31, 1935 ◙ An Exhibit of Books of University Presses, American Sociological Society, New York, N. Y., December 27-30 ◙ Agenda for Committee Meeting held to Consider the Desirability of Forming a Biometric Section of the American Statistical Association, and the Character of such a Section, if formed ◙ Correspondence 1935-36 ▪ Frederick F. Stephan Lowell J. Reed
E-1-2:3 Bernard Baruch Letters, Henry Wallace  
◙ Correspondence 1925 ▪ C. G. McDowell Bernard M. Baruch  Correspondence 1933 Henry A. Wallace (2)
E-1-2:4 Darwin, Galton, Wedgwood Charts   
Pedigree of the Galton-Darwin-Wedgwood [photograph of family pedigree chart] ◙ Chart Showing the Inheritance of Ability [Wedgwood, Darwin, Galton family] issued by the Eugenics Education Society ◙ Correspondence 1932 ▪ Roger Howson Wayne M.  Faunce Charles F. Fox
E-1-2:5 Edison Chart          
◙ Photographs ▪ Samuel Ogden Edison Jr (Thomas' father) ▪ Thomas A. Edison with daughter Madeleine (Edison) Sloane and grandson Theodore Sloane ▪ Nancy Matthews (Elliott) Edison (Thomas' mother) ◙ Edison Family, a Family of Dutch Millers [pedigree chart, draft] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1912 ▪ William H. Meadowcroft (3)
E-1-2:6 Eugenics Congress Exhibit Pictures  
◙ European Royalty ▪ Philip IV of Spain ▪ Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Empire ▪ Leopold I, Holy Roman Empire ▪ Franz Joseph of Austria ▪ Mary, wife of Maximillian II of Austria ◙ Physical Deformities ▪ Depression of the Obelion ▪ Hands (x-ray) ▪ Elbow ▪ Paralysis Agitans

European Agenda        

File folder with handwritten agenda on cover and typed pages of agenda in folder

E-1-2:8 Howe Laboratory Correspondence--Mrs.  Howe   
Notes on Howe Laboratory ◙ Memorandum for Mrs. Elizabeth M. Howe on the Eugenical Work of the Howe Laboratory ◙ Memorandum on the General Principle of Bonding Applicants for Marriage License Against the Production of Offspring Who Would Become Public Charges ◙ Program of the Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Alumni Association, November 20 and 21, 1934 ◙ Eugenical News 11:8 (August 1926) ◙ “The Prevention of Hereditary Blindness,” Eugenical News (September 1926) ◙ A Bibliography of Hereditary Eye Defects, compiled by Lucien Howe, February 1928 ◙ Eugenical News 13:7 (July 1928) ◙ Eugenical News 14:1 (January 1929) ◙ “Progress of the Howe Laboratory of Ophthalmology,” Eugenical News (December 1928) ◙ Clipping: “A Serious Case” ◙ Correspondence ▪ Elizabeth Howe ?-1935 (49) Lucien Howe,1927 [postcard] Memorandum for Mrs. Howe,1930 
E-1-2:9 Letter-Leonard Darwin, 1925    
◙ Correspondence 1922 ▪ Mabel Earle Editor Librarian ◙ Correspondence 1925 Leonard Darwin
E-1-2:10 Lincoln Chart     
Lincoln Pedigree [“from Dr. C. G. Campbell” written in upper right corner] ◙ Bibliography for the Lincoln Pedigree ◙ Abraham Lincoln: Family-Stock Study [photograph of pedigree chart] ◙ Abstract of the Life of Abraham Lincoln ◙ Lincoln Brach-Hanks Branch [pedigree chart] [draft] ◙ Bronze bust of Lincoln by George E. Bissell [photograph] ◙ Mary Todd Lincoln [photograph] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence1932 ▪  William J. Drake (2) Elberta K. Shipley
E-1-2:11 Miscellaneous  Clippings       
◙ Clippings “Edison Has New Brian Test for Job Hunters” ▪ “How Ignorant Are You by the ‘Edison test’?” ▪ “Religiousunity Work Extended" ▪ ”A Reasoning Horse” ◙ Correspondence 1925 ▪ Walter J. Salmon
E-1-2:12 Missouri School Journal April 1910 
Missouri School Journal 27:4 (April 1910)
E-1-2:13 Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt     

The Roosevelt Memorial Association Annual Report, 1928 ◙ Clipping: “Quentin Roosevelt” ◙ Correspondence ▪ Philander Knox,1919 Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt,1934 (2) Madison Grant,1934 A. Nichols, 1934 Theodore Roosevelt,1935

E-1-2:14 Notations--Miscellaneous  
The World’s Peace and Unity [manuscript] ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence, 1902-05 ▪ Central School Supply House St. Paul Book and Stationery Co. S. O. Clarkson Frank P. Bennett & Co.
E-1-2:15 Pictures-Davenport Life Mask   
Life Mask of Charles Benedict Davenport, organizer of the science of Eugenics in America, Director of the Department of Genetics of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, N. Y. [photographs]
E-1-2:16 Roosevelt Chart Pedigree  
Roosevelt Family-Stock [photograph of chart on exhibit] ◙ Department of Education, The Institute of Family Relations presents a series of Five Lectures on the Psychology of Sex…Sept. 14, Oct. 1, 8.15,22  ◙ The Department of Education, Institute of Family Relations, All-Day Hollywood Conference on The Changing Family in a Changing World…October 6, 1934 [program] ◙ Consultation Procedure in Personality Problems—A Seminar in the Technique of Counseling in the Field of Mental Hygiene...[course announcement] ◙ Southern California Society for Mental Hygiene, the next regular meeting will be held…October 9, 1934 ◙ How It Is, Average Opinion Versus First-Hand Study in the Discovery of Truth [draft] ◙ How It is, Average Opinion Versus First-Hand Study in the Discovery of Truth ◙ Synopsis of German Exhibit at Convention of Public Health Association, at Pasadena, California, September 3-6, 1934 ◙ “Eugenic Sterilization,” by E. S. Gosney, Scientific American (July 1934) ◙ Outline of article for “Scientific American” ◙ The Ishmael and the Roosevelt Pedigree Charts [“Note for foot of page 6, below the Ishmael chart. Set in small type to fit space. 184 words” typed at top of page] ◙ The Eugenics Exhibit at Chicago, a description of the wall-panel Survey of Eugenics...Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago, 1933-34 [draft] ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1932-34 ▪ Ware Cattell Howard W. Blakeslee Paul Popenoe Nora Cordingley Frank F. Bunker (2) Robert C. Cook
E-1-2:17 School & College Grades--Etc.   
State Normal School, First District, Scholarship and Department of Mr. Harry Laughlin, April 25, 1898 ◙ First District State Normal School, Report of Harry H. Laughlin, for term ending June 15, 1899 ◙ Daily Program, Kirksville High School, Second Semester, 1901-02 ◙ Outline of Latin and Scientific Courses of the Kirksville High School…Sept 2, 1901 ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1934 ▪ W. L. Darby  
E-1-2:18 School Exposition Article--Pictures--1899  
Carnegie Institution of Washington, Administration Building Detail, June 15, 1934 ◙ 14 photographs of school exposition, Washington School, Kirksville, ca. 1899 ◙ “School Expositions,” by Harry Hamilton Laughlin, The School Journal, November 11, 1899 ◙ unidentified school group picture ◙ Roman History Class, State Normal, Summer, 1902 [2 photographs of students]
E-1-2:19 Trip Abroad-1923  
Expenses from Special Funds [handwritten] ◙ Memorandum on Cost of European Studies on Immigration and on Horse Genetics [handwritten] ◙ H. H. L. Resources for Trip to Europe [handwritten] ◙ From Personal Bank Funds, Personal Budget to Europe, August 8, 1923 [handwritten] ◙ Dr. Alfred Petren and others made a motion in the Riksdag of Sweden concerning a petition to the King recommending the establishment of a Swedish Race Biological Institute…
E-1-2:20 Washington Bicentennial (of Birth) Celebration--Materials  
United States Government, George Washington Bicentennial Commission, Clip Sheet, an Outline of Programs and Activities… ◙ Copy of Tablet in Cold Spring Harbor Library placed at the time of the erection of the Library in 1913…1861-1866 In Memory of those who enlisted from Cold Spring Harbor during the Civil War ◙ Union Soldiers from Cold Spring Harbor-Civil War [list] ◙ Confidential Notes, Miss Wright told me that to her way of thinking…October 23, 1931 ◙ Suffolk’s Union Soldiers (From History of Suffolk County published in 1882) [list] ◙ The following from Mrs. Willett’s address at the dedication of the Library in 1913, Cold Spring Harbor-when settled? [list] ◙ Refugees to Conn. From L. I.=1,124 probably some names omitted…◙ World War Recruiting Record of Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, N. Y. [list] ◙ George Washington’s Long Island Trip ◙ Clipping” “A Long Island Community pays Tribute to its Heroes…” ◙ Correspondence 1931 ▪ Sol Bloom,n.d. George Washington Bi-Centennial Committee (2) War Department C. H. Bridges
E-1-2:21 Washington Chart   
“The Queen’s Cousinship to George Washington and Robert E. Lee,” Illustrated London Times (June 24, 1939) ◙ A Genealogical Table of the Family of Washington [photograph of a handwritten chart] ◙ “The Eugenics Exhibit at Chicago,” Journal of Heredity 26:4 (April 1935) ◙ Third International Exhibit of Eugenics…Family Stock of George Washington [photograph of Washington pedigree chart hanging at exhibition] ◙ Nicholas Martiau, the Adventurous Huguenot, The Military Engineer, and the Earliest American Ancestor of George Washington, by John Baer Stoudt, 1932 [pages v, vi, viii,  xvi, xvii] ◙ Correspondence ▪ Mary Moss Wellborn,1932 ◙ Correspondence 1939 Messmore Kendall (2) Gerald Wendt (2) New York World’s Fair Editor, Illustrated London News
E-1-3:1 1915-Teachers Manual of Instruction to Accompany the Agricultural Manual for Rural, Elementary and High School, Manuscripts, etc.  
Henry Heil Chemical Co., Catalogue of Articles with special net prices ◙ Teacher’s Manual of Instructions to Accompany the Agricultural Laboratory for Rural, Elementary and High Schools, arranged by H. H. Laughlin ◙ 1909 Normal School Exhibit; 1909 Manual of Instruction…; 1910 Article on Course in Thremmatology [folder contains: Bulletin of the First District Normal School 9:3 (December 1909); Teacher’s Manual of Instruction; “Thremmatology in the Kirksville Normal School,” Missouri School Journal 27:4 (April 1910)] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence, 1909-15 ▪ J. H. Stadon O. S. Green (4) Henry Heil Company [encloses Catalogue of Articles] Henry Heil Co. 
E-1-3:2 Agriculture Teaching Manual--HHL  
Teacher's Manual of Instruction to Accompany The Kirk Agricultural Laboratory for Rural, Elementary and High Schools arranged by the John Kirk Model Rural School under Direction of Prof.  H. H. Laughlin, Kirksville, Missouri, published by the Henry Heil Chemical Company, St.  Louis
E-1-3:3 Bibliography of Publications, Bibliography of Immigration Work, 1920-1939  
Researches on Immigration [bibliography] ◙ Bibliography, July 1 1936 to June 30, 1937 ◙ Memorandum for the American National Committee on Intellectual Cooperation of the League of Nations on the international aspects of studies made by Harry H. Laughlin… ◙ Memorandum by H. H. Laughlin, longer publications contemplated for the calendar Year, 1937 ◙ Correspondence 1937 ▪ Frank F. Bunker (4)
E-1-3:4 Biographical Sketch Who's Who   
Biographical proof for Who’s Who Among North American Authors, Volume III ◙ Correspondence 1922 ▪ A. N. Marquis Company, n.d. E. S. Beck
E-1-3:5 Character References, etc. Leave (Date Study)     
Address list of persons who have Disinterested Knowledge Concerning my Traits and Qualifications ◙ Laughlin, Dr. Harry H (amilton), Eugenics Record Office, Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. Genetics… ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1916-21 ▪ A. A. Webster Co. (4) Charles B. Davenport (2) Crost Engraving Shop
E-1-3:6 Health Record Fingerprints     
Physical Chart, H. H. Laughlin, 1-8,1914 ◙ Clinical Laboratories of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, lab results, January 4, 1914 ◙ U. S. Bureau of Investigation fingerprints of: Harry H. Laughlin, Pansy Laughlin, Thomas H. Morgan ◙ Correspondence 1914 ▪ George M. Laughlin
E-1-3:7 High School Teaching Miscellaneous     
Program of the First Annual Meeting of the State Historical Society of Missouri, December 5 and 6, 1901 ◙ Government:  the Origin, Growth, and Form in the United States [testimonials] ◙ What Educators Think of the Essentials of Algebra [testimonials] ◙ Notebook beginning, Anglo-Saxon Supremacy... ◙ Notebook beginning, Ideal High School Departments ◙ Correspondence 1901-05 ▪ Central Scientific Company College of Journalism Authors’ Clipping Bureau Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Eugene May George L. Burr Silver, Burdett & Co.
E-1-3:8 Honorary Degree-1936 University of Heidelberg, Germany  
Die Universitat Heidelberg…[invitation] ◙ 550 Jahre Universitat Heidelberg, 1386-1936 [schedule of events] ◙ Notes, The central office of the 550th Anniversary Celebration…is the official information bureau for visitors… ◙ International Congress for the Scientific Investigation of Population Problems, Berlin, August 26-September 1, 1935 [program announcement] ◙ Handwritten drafts of 2 letters ◙ Clippings ◙ Photographs of schedule of events and program the celebration ◙ Correspondence 1936 ▪ [Carl] Schneider, Dean of Faculty of Medicine and (3) Heidelberg University Library George A. Smith F. W. Schaefer E. S. Gosney (2) H. Borchers (2) 
E-1-3:9 International Aspects of H. H. Laughlin's Work  
Memorandum for the American national Committee on Intellectual Cooperation of the League of Nations [“or the International Aspects of Studies…” handwritten beneath title] ◙ Possible Exhibits if the Institution Desires It [list] ◙ Tentative Exhibit ◙ Correspondence 1936 ▪ A. F. Blakeslee
E-1-3:10 Miscellaneous            
“The Pansy” by Lora S. La Mance ◙ “Wit”, by Harry Laughlin, Normal Message 7:1 (Sept.-Oct. 1897) ◙ George H. Laughlin memorial flyer ◙ Subscriber, 4th Liberty Loan ◙ Headquarters of the Cold Spring Harbor Home Defense Reserve letterhead ◙ Banquet Tendered Physicians and Delegates to the National Conference on Race Betterment by the Battle Creek Sanitarium, Jan. 10, 1914 [postcard] ◙ Herbert Eugene Walter [photograph] ◙ Correspondence 1918 ▪ George H. Shull Winifred Hathaway
E-1-3:11 Mitosis-Dynamics of Cell Division-Original Work 
“The Dynamics of Cell-Division,” by H. H. Laughlin, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, 1918 ◙ Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, Ninety-Second Meeting, Columbia University…May 15, 1918 [program announcement] ◙ The Dynamics of Cell-Division [typescript] ▪ Stages 1-10 [outline and drawings] ▪ Resting or Metabolic Stage [outline and drawings] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1923-24 ▪ Herbert E. Soper (2)
E-1-3:12 Teaching Certificates, Grades, Clippings  
Harry H. Laughlin and Charles B. Davenport [photograph] ◙ First District State Normal School report cards, June 11, 1896, June 10, 1897, January 21, 1898, June 8, 1898 ◙ Teacher’s Certificate, Public Schools of Missouri, March 22, 1902 ◙ State of Iowa, Teacher’s First Grade Certificate, September 1, 1902 ◙ Daily program, Kirksville High School, Second Semester, 1901-02 ◙ State of New York Military Census and Inventory of 1917 [card] ◙ State of New York, Notice of Enrollment Under Military law, June 11, 1917 ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1908 ▪ Herman Knapp
E-1-3:13 Work on Washington, D. C. and World Government   
United States of the World [map] [hand drawn] ◙ The Growth of the Knowledge of Heredity [manuscript, handwritten] ◙ Relation of the Natural Balkan Empire to Europe [“rough draft for map” handwritten in upper left] ◙ 1919/1920 calendar with historical note on Hiram College on verso ◙ Washington, D. C. Diagram of a Portion of City Showing Proposed Sires for Future Public Buildings ◙ The Balkan Country is favored by nature… [manuscript] ◙ A Suggestion in Urbitecture and Civics [manuscript] ◙ We, the people of the world [draft]
E-1-4:1 College Notebooks         
Official Course of Study for Teachers' Institutes...February 1902 ◙ botany XXIV, Plant Embryogency, Spring Semester, 1908
E-1-4:2 Hitler and the Jews--Clippings 1930-34   
“Race Prejudices, a paper read before the Immigration Section of the Commonwealth Club,” by M. A. Goldsone ◙ Principles of Eugenics ◙  White America by Earnest Sevier Cox [book advertisement] ◙ “A Priest’s Reply to a Scientist,” by Royden Keith Yerkes, Atlantic Monthly ◙ “Hitlerism Comes to America,” by Johan J. Simertenko, Harper’s 1933 ◙ Abraham Lincoln, His efforts to Make America a White Nation ◙ “The Plight of the German Intellectuals,” by Alice Hamilton, Harper’s Monthly Magazine ◙ “What About the World Revolution?” by Louis Fischer, Scribner’s Magazine ◙ “As a Gentile Sees It,” by Ernest Boyd, Scribner’s Magazine ◙ “Nazi Open Race Bureau for Eugenic Segregation” ▪ [“Hitler should be made honorary member of the E.R.A.!!” handwritten at bottom left] ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1938 ▪ Carlos Concha
E-1-4:3 Notebooks
Myself: The Great Teachers of Mankind on The Nature of Mind and The Laws of Life ◙ Laboratory Notes in Cytology; Geological History of Man; Genetics ◙ Normal Notebook No. 600 [on front cover] History Notes ◙ Physiology ◙ Philosophy ◙ Experimental Corn Patch, 1912 ◙ Field Book No. 400 [on front cover], contains charts lists of useful information, calculations and exercises; index, dates from January 1908 ◙ Breeding Experiments ◙ Blair’s B&G Series, Blue and Gold [on front cover]
E-1-4:4 Unitarian Materials-Personal Collection   
“What Do Unitarians Believe? A Statement,” by Rev. J. T. Sunderland ◙ A Statement of Unitarian Belief ◙ “The Main Lines of Religion as held by Unitarians,” by Rev. Brooke Herford ◙ “Poor Humanity” [poem] ◙ “Requiem,” by Robert Louis Stevenson ◙ The Skull Speaks, Chuang Tzu was a Chinese Mystic Philosopher of the Fourth Century, B. C. ◙ To Mr. John Rodier his Skull [poem] ◙ The Questionnaire [interesting responses to appear in The Truth Seeker] ◙ Luther Burbank’s Belief [from The Truth Seeker] ◙ Photographs and negatives of plants ◙ Clippings
E-2-1:1 Charles Davenport--Papers--Bibliography  
Papers on Eugenics by Dr. Charles B. Davenport [handwritten bibliography] ◙ Bibliography of Charles Benedict Davenport, 1922 ◙ The Nam Family, a Study in Cacogenics by Arthur H. Estabrook and C. B. Davenport [abstract] ◙ The Hill Folk, a Report on a Rural Community of Hereditary Defectives, by Florence H. Danielson and Charles B. Davenport [abstract] ◙ Bibliography of Charles B. Davenport [handwritten] ◙ The Scientific Writings of Charles Benedict Davenport
E-2-1:2 Clinics in Human Heredity  
Bureau of Human Heredity, British National Heredity Council [list of members] ◙ Bureau of Human Heredity…”My Executive Committee invites your co-operation in making use of the service here announced…” ◙ Bureau of Human Heredity…”The object of this Bureau is collection on as wide a scale as possible material dealing with human Genetics…” ◙ Bureau of Human Heredity, Planning for Happier Humanity… ◙ Memorandum for reply to Dr. James C. Janney, on Marriage Study Assoc…”The outline which you presented for the organization…” ◙ Memo. For reply to Dr. James C. Janney, on Marriage Study Assoc…”The Marriage Study Association, according to the plans outlined…” ◙  Partial List of Speakers at Thirteenth Women’s Conference on National Defense for an Enduring America ◙ Looking Forward to Marriage [advertisement of pre-marital service of Institute of Family Relations] ◙ Human Heredity Committee [summary of July 18, 1934 meeting] ◙ International Human Heredity Committee [summary of July 16, 1936 meeting] ◙ Institute of Family Relations [brochures] ◙ Memo from the Executive Committee 12/1937 ◙ Correspondence 1937-38 ▪ C. B. S. Hodson, (7, 2 not dated) Gladys Mooney 
E-2-1:3 Correspondence--Deafness  
◙ Correspondence 1938 ▪ Herbert E. Day (2)
E-2-1:4 Correspondence--Eddy, Clinic of Human Heredity  
“’Eugenic’ Marriage Laws Passed,” Seattle Municipal News ◙ Study of Man ◙ Social Eugenics by Fred Hogue [“Newspaper Article” typed across top] ◙ Lecturer at U. Favors Strict Marital Laws, Dr. Kincaid Cites Dangers in Inheritance of Physical Defects from Parents ◙ Extract from the Kiplinger Washington Letter, September 10, 1938 ◙ II. Clinical Service in Human Heredity ◙ Giant Molecules: The Machinery of Inheritance by Barclay Moon Newman ◙ An Actual Sample Inquiry and Reply on an Intimate Problem in Human Heredity ◙ Handwritten Notes ◙ Correspondence 1937-39   James G. Eddy (36) C. M. Goethe (3) E. S. Gosney (3) George L. Streeter (2) T. H. Morgan E. S. Cox W. E. Castle  (2)
E-2-1:5 Correspondence--Goethe  
◙ Correspondence 1939 ▪ C. M. Goethe (5) 
E-2-1:6 Correspondence--Hereditary Diseases, Etc. [File Closed]  Correspondence requesting advise on various hereditary diseases
[CLOSED until privacy laws are satisfied]
E-2-1:7 Correspondence--Inventiveness  
◙ Correspondence 1927▪ Allan W. Forbes (3) Sanford A. Moss 
E-2-1:8 Correspondence--Marriage  [File Closed]
Correspondence from people requesting eugenical advice before marriage [CLOSED until privacy laws are satisfied]
E-2-1:9 Correspondence, 1938-39  
◙ Correspondence 1938-39 ▪ Marguerite Conklin Elizabeth Howe (2) Emil Leffler (2) R. Schick
E-2-1:10 Correspondence, Schedules--Descriptions/analysis of Patients 
American Nurses’ Association, Admission Requirement for Registrants, January 30, 1933 ◙ American Nurses’ Association, The Minimum Standard for Official Registries ◙ American Nurses’ Association, Suggested Registry Record Forms, June 1934 ◙ Form letters requesting descriptive schedules sent to the following: [list] ◙ Yale Clinic of Child Development [blank forms] ◙ Recording and Reporting for Child Guidance Clinics ◙ Proceedings for the Commitment of the Insane, Inebriates and Drug Addicts to the State Hospitals of Virginia [blank form] ◙ Training School at Vineland, New Jersey [blank forms] ◙ Certificate of Birth, Certificate of Death for Alabama [blank forms] ◙ Alabama General Laws, Regular Session, 1931, An Act to amend section 9302 of the Code of Alabama, 1923… ◙ U. S. Treasury Department, U. S. Public Health Services, Division of Sanitary Reports, Monthly Report of First Admissions, Hospitals for Mental Diseases [blank form] ◙ North Carolina State Board of Health, Physical Examination of School Children [blank form] ◙ Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Welfare admission cards [blank forms] ◙ Health Survey, Georgia Department of Public Health [blank form] ◙ Correspondence to/from Frink 1935 ▪ Lillian B. Frink (4) ▪ W. A. Plecker [includes copy of Virginia questionnaire] Mary Augusta Clark Frank J. Jirka R. L. McLaren   W. J. V. Deacon P. H. Bartholomew W. A. Davis G. M. Cooper Butler Toombs Robert Riley Edward E. Hamer Guy P. Jones Leonard V. Phelps Joseph V. DePorte  Martin B. Woodward L. L. Benepe Frederick Stricker John F. Cadden Christine Kinsman G. H. Preston Robert H. White Helen L. Rhinehart Elsie M. Waite I. C. Plummer Pearl Dillingham Clarence O. Cheney Dean F. Schloss to Frink Ella Best James W. Phillips J. Thomas McIntire Arnold Gesell
E-2-1:11 Correspondence, Schedules--Descriptions/Analysis of Patients #2  
State of New Hampshire, Department of Vital Statistics, Public Laws of New Hampshire, Chapters 285, 286, and 143 ◙ Common Sense in Living, Life Extension Institute, Inc [booklet] ◙ Common Sense in Exercise, Life Extension Institute, Inc. [booklet] ◙ Vocational Adjustment Bureau Application Blank and cards [blank forms] ◙ Psychogram, Vocational Adjustment Bureau ◙ Outline for Case Studies, For detailed analysis of each heading see Chassell, J. O., The Experience Valuables ◙ Pedigree forms [blank] ◙ Life Extension Institute [blank forms] ◙ Mayo Clinic Master Sheet & General History [blank form]; Neurologic Sheet [blank form]; Goiter Sheet [blank form] ◙ Correspondence to Frink 1935 ▪ Charles Duncan Joseph Berkson Lawrence G. Sykes Helen R. Smith Mary A. Wegener Mary M. Shively Emily R. Burr Esther Lloyd-Jones
E-2-1:12 Forestry  
Informal Report to Cellulose Advisory Committee ◙ Correspondence 1939  ▪ H. E. Barnard Institute of Forest Genetics Lloyd Austin
E-2-1:13 Herediscope--Graves, R. R.  
Herediscope [2 photographs] ◙ U. S. Department of Agriculture, Office of Information Press Service, August 1, 1927, “Herediscope is New Contrivance for Demonstrating Working of Inheritance” ◙ Clipping: “Herediscope Show Heredity a Gamble” ◙ Correspondence 1927-28 ▪ R. R. Graves (3)
E-2-1:14 Letters--Henry Fairfield Osborn 
Eugenics Review 24:4 (January 1933) ◙ “Aristogenesis, the Creative Principle in the Origin of Species,” by Henry Fairfield Osborn, Science 79:2038 (January 19, 1934) ◙ The Eleventh Sedgwick Memorial Lecture by Henry Fairfield Osborn, December 29, 1933 [program giving synopsis of lecture and illustrations] ◙ Series of Addresses and Communications on the Origin of Species by Henry Fairfield Osborn, 1925-1933 [bibliography] ◙ Correspondence 1933-34 ▪ Henry Fairfield Osborn (2) Ruth Tyler (2)
E-2-1:15 Miscellaneous Correspondence  
◙ Resolution in Reference to the Need of a Clinic in Human Heredity ◙ Family Allowances in Germany ◙ Bureau of Human Heredity [booklet] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence ▪ Leonard Darwin, n.d. A. Govaerts,1922 ◙ Correspondence 1937-39 ▪ George Draper Watson Davis (3) Helen C. Putnam (2) Eric M. Matsner C. Hodson M. E. Green Frederick Osborn Family Endowment Society H. L. Price (2) Hilton H. Lehr (3)
E-2-1:16 Other Institutions of Human Heredity--Correspondence  
◙ Report of the Committee on Human Heredity, March 16, 1936 ◙ Correspondence, 1934-38 ▪ Ivey F. Lewis (5)   Laurence H. Snyder (2) R. E. Coker (2)
E-2-1:17 Plecker, W. A.; Virginia  
◙ Correspondence, 1934 ▪ W. E. Garnett (2) Correspondence, 1939 W. A. Plecker (2)
E-2-1:18 Polydactylism   
◙ Correspondence 1939 ▪ Joseph M. Odiorne (2) [encloses Family-tree Folder, Polydactylism]
E-2-1:19 Reports of Eugenic Office, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934  
◙ Reports ▪ 1930 ▪ 1931 ▪ 1932 ▪ 1933 ▪ 1934 ◙ Memorandum, Outline of outside activities for the year ending June 30, 1932 ◙ Correspondence 1933-37 ▪ Charles B. Davenport (8)
E-2-1:20 Summer School Class, 192
Summer School 1913, June 25-Aug. 6 [handwritten list, lecture topics ] ◙ Eugenics Training Corps 1922 [list of students] ◙ Institute in Correctional Problems, April 19-May 8, 1915 [institute announcement] ◙ Rome State Custodial Asylum, Summer School Announcement, April 15, 1915 ◙ Scheme for Investigation of Psychic Autoamnese ◙ Pedigrees to be Charted in Class [handwritten] ◙ Mendelian Analysis and “Statistical” Study ◙ Record Booklet for the Stanford Revision of the Binet-Simon Tests
E-2-2:1 1930  Census Amendment Proposal  
Statement of the Galton Society on Making the Federal Census of Greater Use in the Racial and Family-Stock Development of the American People ◙ Statement of the Galton Society on Immigration Control in Relation to National Character ◙ Articles on Census in Am. Yr. Book ◙ The Board voted to urge the Congress of the United States ◙ Racial Integrity Laws, since survey in Eug. News of Aug. 1929… ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1929 ▪ Clerk of the House G. H. Tinkham G. C. Hamelin Bessie B. Wessel Jaques Cattell Charles B. Davenport Louis Dublin
E-2-2:2 Apportionment of Representatives after 1930 Census  
The Bureau of the Census has never analyzed its data on age, sex, and specific nationality… ◙ The Apportionment of Representatives in Congress by Edward V. Huntington ◙ Is the Mathematics of Reapportionment Difficult to Understand? ◙ Criticism of the Method of 1840 ◙ Correspondence 1926-28 ▪  Leon E. Truesdell Helen W. Linke W. F. Willcox (3) R. G. D. Richardson Edward V. Huntington
E-2-2:3 Census Appropriations, 1928 
◙ Cost of the Census ◙ Correspondence 1928 ▪ Secretary of the Treasury Assistant Secretary of the Treasury [encloses Statement of Appropriations made for the Decennial Censuses since the foundation of the United States Government to June 30, 1928] Mrs. V. A. Davis  ◙ Correspondence 1932 ▪ Treasury Department James M. Douglas
E-2-2:4 Census Reform Materials  
Registration of the Population of the United States ◙ Memorandum on the Population Schedule for the Census of 1930 ◙ Prompt Action Necessary if the Current Census Bill is to Provide for a Racial Analysis of the American People (2nd copy under title "Urgent Action ...") ◙ Memorandum on Eugenical Aspects of the Census of 1930 ◙ A Useful Census for 1930 ◙ Population Schedule for the Census of 1930 ◙ Draft of Provisions of Eugenical Value Proposed for Incorporation into the “Act to Provide for the Fifteenth (1930) and Subsequent Decennial Censuses” ◙ Use of the Proposed Amendment to the Census Bill ◙ Proposed Amendment to the Bill Providing for the Fifteenth and Each Subsequent Census ◙ Memorandum on the Additional Provisions necessary to make the Census of 1930…of the greatest use in Population Analysis ◙ Present Organization of the Bureau of the Census ◙ To the Committees on the Federal Census of the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States ◙ To the Hon. Samuel L. Rogers, Director of the Census of the United States, a memorial… ◙ Memorandum for use in replying to the letter of Director Steuart, dated July 27, 1928 ◙ Experimental demonstration of feasibility of securing data on European racial descents… ◙ Population schedule ◙ Suggested Amendment to Census Bill ◙ On April ___ we called your attention to a provision… ◙ The Eugenics Research Association has, several times in the past [“same 3rd letter, May 22, 1929” written across letter in red pencil] ◙ Besides the arguments enumerated in the memorial to the Director of the Census… ◙ Abstracts from the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the American Eugenics Society, November 29, 1927… ◙ A Useful Census for 1930 by Albert Johnson [draft] ◙ Clippings
E-2-2:5 Classification of Human Stock  
Eugenical Classification of the Human Stock [outline] ◙ Eugenical Classification of the Human Stock [manuscript draft] ◙ Classification Standards Followed in Preparing Data for the Schedule, “Racial and Diagnostic Records of Inmates of State Institutions” ◙ Classification Standards Followed in Preparing Data for the Schedule “Racial and Diagnostic Records of Inmates of State Institutions ◙ Committee on Immigration and Naturalization…continuation of its investigations in the relation between nativity and social inadequacy… ◙ The Social Inadequate ◙ Committee on Immigration and Naturalization…Institutional inmate record…[blank form] ◙ State of ____; The Socially Inadequate Classes [blank form] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Form letters, 1921, requesting table of handicap classifications used by each institution ▪ Scientific Temperance Federation ▪ American Prison Association ▪ Arthur L. Shaw, Nat'l Association for the Study of Epilepsy (2) ▪ Charles J. Hatfield, Nat'l Tuberculosis Association ▪ Winifred Hathaway, Nat'l Committee for the Prevention of Blindness ▪ Thomas J. Harris, American Otological Society ▪ N. L. Roberts, Nat'l Association of the Deaf  ▪ Alfred Gordon, American Medical Society for the Study of Alcohol ▪ Alexander Johnson, Natl'l Conference of Charities & Corrections ▪ W. W. Plummer, American Orthopedic Association Massachusetts Commission for the Blind ▪ Edward E. Allen, Perkins Institute for the Blind R.W. Woolston, Illinois School for the Blind ▪ C. A. Hamilton, New York State School for the Blind ▪ Edward M. Van Cleve, OH State School for the Blind ▪ John F. Bledsoe, Maryland State School for the Blind ▪ Miss A. L. E. Crouter, Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf ▪ H. T. White, Illinois School for the Deaf ▪ Frank Wheeler, American School for the Deaf ▪ E. G. Hurd, Rhode Island Institute for the Deaf ▪ David F. Weeks, State Village for Epileptics ▪ George G. Kineon, Ohio Hospital for Epileptics ▪ R. L. Dixon, Michigan Farm Colony for Epileptics ▪ Everett Flood, Monson State Hospital Volta Bureau ▪  R. Pintner, Teachers College, NY ◙ Hathaway response
E-2-2:6 Common World Government--Correspondence, Drafts  
American Peace Award [brochure] ◙ Clipping: “Bok’s $100,000 Now in Bank as World Peace Plan Prize ◙ Common Government of the World [2 manuscript rough drafts] ◙ Correspondence 1922 ▪ Archibald Kerry Coolidge
E-2-2:7 Correspondence with Commerce Department, 1918   
Pan American Union Press release 9/21/1918 Correspondence 1918 ▪ Louis Domeratzky (2) B. S. Cutler (2)
E-2-2:8 Correspondence--Census--1927-29 
Correspondence 1927-29 ▪ Leon E. Truesdell Director of the Census W. M. Steuart (8) Chief Clerk George H. Tinkham E. F. Morgan
E-2-2:9 Correspondence--Census--1929   
Correspondence 1929 ▪ W. C. Hefner John Q. Tilson (3) John Carson Joe R. Brewer Virginia Whitson Elden H. Dye W. Hawley R. Walton Moore (2) Sam B. Hill Harry C. Ransley (3) John N. Garner Anning S. Prall (2) Clarence J. McLeod (2) M. H. Thatcher Burton L. French Henry T. Rainey Edith N. Rogers (3) Jas. M. Mead Coel W. Mills Alice Hine LaFayette L. Patterson (2) M. W. Martin (3) Edgar R. Kiess (2) Paul John Kvale (2) Bess Boyd Addison T. Smith (2) Franklin W. Fort (3) John C. Schafer (2) T. J. B. Robinson Robert Luce (2) Melvin Hull Ruth Hanna McCormick (2) R. A. Green S. V. Ostberg John W. Summers Donald F. Snow T. Alan Goldsborough John Foscue Claive L. Keefe Francis Seiberling H. E. Rowbottom Ruth Pratt (3) W. R. Douglas John M. Nelson Gilbert N. Haugen (3) H. B. Steagall ▪ Moore (2) Miriam W. Fettis Jacobstein Harriet S. Plymale  V. H. Saunders Robert H. Kempton O. W. Callahan   William H. King Form letters to ▪ Lloyd Thurston ▪ Hays B. White ▪ Ralph P. Lozier ▪ Robert H. Clancy ▪ Samuel Rutherford  ▪ J. Howard Swick ▪  C. G. Selvig ▪ Frrederick W. Magrady ▪ McLeod ▪ Henry D. Moorman ▪ Hubert H. Peavey ▪ John E. Rankin ▪ Meyer Jacobstein ▪ Arthur H. Greenwood ▪ James M. Fitzpatrick ▪ Florence P. Kahn ▪ James M. Mead ▪ French ▪ M. C. Garber ▪John N. Garner ▪ Luce ▪ Sam B. Hill ▪ Merlin Hull ▪ R. A. Green ▪ Goldsborough ▪ Haugen; Kiess ▪ Fort ▪ Clarence F. Lea ▪ Pratt  ▪ Robinson ▪ Rainey ▪ Prall ▪ Patterson ▪ Nelson ▪ Schafer ▪ Rowbottom ▪ Rogers ▪ Seiberling ▪ Ransley ▪ M. H. Thatcher ▪ Summers ▪ Donald F. Snow ▪ Smith ▪  Stragall
E-2-2:10 Correspondence-1929--Census  
◙ Correspondence 1929 ▪ Wesley L. Jones (14) Stella I. Clodfelter Morris Sheppard (3) Jos. E. Ransdell (3) Frederick M. Sackett (4) W.C. Hawley Duncan U. Fletcher (2) Royal S. Copeland (4) W. M. Steuart (3) Lawrence D. Tyson Hiram Johnson D. H. McArthur J. A. Riehl A. J. Loda Bessie B. Wessel ◙ Form letters to ▪ Gerald F. Nye ▪ Arthur R. Gould ▪ Porter H. Dale ▪ Charles N. McNary ▪ Robert M. LaFollette, Jr.▪ H. Johnson ▪ Arthur H. Vandenberg ▪ Ransdell ▪ Sackett ▪ Sheppard ▪ W. E. Brock ▪ Furnifold M. Simmons ▪ Hubert D. Stephens ▪ Harry B. Hawes ▪ William J. Harris
E-2-2:11 Department of Commerce--Unemployment and Population Schedules-1930-35 
Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930, Population Schedule [blank form] ◙ Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930, Unemployment Schedule [blank form] ◙ Special Unemployment Schedule-1931 [blank form] ◙ Census Schedule for County and Municipal Penal Institutions: 1933 [blank form] ◙ Agencies Caring for Dependent and Neglected Children in Institutions and Foster Homes, Schedule 1, Children Received, Discharged, and Under Care: 1933 [blank form]; Schedule 2, Dependent and Neglected Children Under Care on December 31, 1933 [blank form] ◙ Institutions for Juvenile Delinquents, Schedule 1, Movement of Population: 1933; Schedule 2, Institutions for Juvenile Delinquents, Admissions, 1933 [blank form] ◙ Institutions for Mental Defectives and Epileptics, Schedule 1, Movement of Population, 1934 [blank form]; Schedule 2, First Admissions: 1934 [blank form]; Schedule 3, Readmissions: 1934 [blank form]; Schedule 4, Deaths: 1934 [blank form]; Schedule 5, Administrative Staff, 1934 [blank form]; Schedule 6, Financial Statement, 1934 [blank form] ◙ Hospitals for Mental Disease, Schedule 1, Movement of Patient Population, 1934 [blank form]; Schedule 2, First Admissions, 1934 [blank form]; Schedule 3, Readmissions, 1934 [blank form]; Schedule 4, Discharges, 1934 [blank form]; Schedule 5, Deaths During 1934 [blank form]; Schedule 6, Administrative Staff, 1934 [blank form]; Schedule 7, Financial Statement, 1934 [blank form] ◙ Prisons and Reformatories, Schedule 1, Admissions, 1935 [blank form]; Schedule 2, Discharges, 1935 [blank form]; Schedule 3, Movement of Population, 1935 [blank form]; Schedule 4, Institutional Staff, 1935 [blank form] ◙ Correspondence 1935 ▪ Leon E. Truesdell
E-2-2:12 Endocrine Glands Material 
The Relation of the Endocrine Glands to Heredity and Development, by Lewellys F. Barker ◙ Endocrine Glands Training Class ◙ Clippings
E-2-2:13 Free Trade and World Government 
To Hon. Robert Lansing, Secretary of State, Sir: The undersigned, American citizens representing varied groups of commercial, industrial and professional activities, respectfully request...adoption of free trade… ◙ Correspondence 1919 ▪ G. H. Putnam
E-2-2:14 Madison Grant--Correspondence; Galton  Society--1929  
It was duly voted that the Eugenics Research Association [“June 1, 1929…” handwritten at top] ◙ Statement of the Galton Society on Immigration Control in Relation to National Character [“Draft for Mr. Grant’s criticism” handwritten across top] ◙ Statement of the Galton Society on Making the Federal Census of Greater Use in the Racial and Family-Stock Development of the American People [“Draft for Mr. Grant’s criticism” written across top] ◙ Correspondence 1929 ▪ Madison Grant
E-2-2:15 National Police Bureau, 1924   
Address of Police Commissioner Richard E. Enright, New York City, By Radio, On Police Problems, September 12, 1923 ◙ 68th Congress, 1st Session, H. R. 8580, In the House of Representatives, April 10, 1924,a Bill to create a National Police Bureau ◙ Seven Hundred Municipal Police Departments Advocate a National Police Bureau [pamphlet] ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1924 ▪ J. J. O’Connell
E-2-2:16 New Found Traits

References to Articles on Type of Inheritance in Relation to Various Diseases ◙ Memorandum of Traits to be Entered on the Trait List ◙  Siemens, Hermann Werner, 1921. Die Vererbungspatholoie der Haut [abstract of article] ◙ Clippings ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1919-22 F. L. Richert C. H. Danforth Mabel Earle 

E-2-2:17 Outline of Eugenics (1933)  
Outline of Eugenics 1933 [typed on file folder] ◙ syllabus of eugenics, 1933 [class syllabus] ◙ Exam. Questions Proposed by the Member of the Class, Eugenics (106)
E-2-2:18 Outline of the Organization, Staff, and Service Proposed for the Clinic of Human Heredity  
Notes on the Proposed Clinic in Human Heredity…June 9, 1938 ◙ The Herreshoff Family of Boat Builders [pedigree chart] ◙ Outline of the Organization, Staff and Service, Proposed for “The Clinic of Human Heredity” [“As originally drawn” handwritten across top] ◙ Outline of the Organization, Staff and Service, Proposed for “The Clinic of Human Heredity” [“With changes made” handwritten across top] ◙ 1. Notes on the Proposed Clinic in Human Heredity 2. A Clinical Service in Human Heredity. 3. Proposed Clinic of Human Heredity, 4. Report No. 1 Survey of the Human Resources [notebook containing mail lists]
E-2-2:19 Population Trends--Clippings, Etc 
Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, press releases: 08/04/31, “Population of the United States by Color or Race;” 08/14/31 “White Population of the United States by Nativity and Parentage;” 08/18/31 “Population of the United States by Sex, Color, and Nativity;” 09/08/31 “Population of the United States by Age;” 09/09/31 “Gainful Workers in the United States by Industry Groups;” 09/10/31 “School Attendance in the United States;” 09/11/31”Population of the United States by Age, Sex, Color, and Nativity;” 09/18/31 “Foreign-Born White Population by Country of Birth;” 09/22/31 “Foreign White Stock in the Population of the United States” ◙ Released for use of morning papers on September 5, 1931 “Urban and Rural Population, Illiteracy, and School Attendance” ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1931 ▪ Director of Census F. A. Gosnell  G. Pitt-Rivers
E-2-2:20 Racial Integrity Materials-Virginia, Specific Manerkonic Formula 
Eugenics in Relation to the New Family and the Law on Racial Integrity, Including a paper read before the American Public Health Association, 2nd  ed., 1924 ◙ Mongrel Virginians, a Scientific Study of Racial Intermixture as it Developed in the “Win” Tribe in Virginia [flyer advertising the book] ◙ The Physician's Part in Popularizing Breast Feeding and Reducing Infant Mortality ◙ January 20, 1843, A Petition from Citizens of King William County, Virginia, The General Assembly of Virginia ◙ IV. The Specific Manerkonic Formula for the Sire-Foal Resemblance in Racing Capacity ◙ IV. Curve-Fitting, i.e. Formula-Finding for Each of the Three Essential Structural Unites, of the ,Manerkon K=f(M,R), each as an Independent Function of M
E-2-2:21 Religious Census 1928   
Census of Religious Bodies 1926, General Eldership of the Churches of God in North America ◙ United States Census-1920, Country of Birth of the Foreign White Stock ◙ Press Summary, Released for use of morning papers, July 19, 1928, Department of Commerce, Washington, Census of Religious Bodies: 1926, Greek Orthodox Church (Hellenic) ◙ Congressional Record, 68th Congress, First Session, A Study of the Population of the United States by Capt. John B. Trevor, Extension of Remarks by Hon. Albert Johnson of Washington, June 7, 1924 ◙ Clippings ◙ Correspondence 1928 ▪ Director of the Census W. M. Steuart
E-2-3:1 Background Materials for Human Germ Plasm Article  
Charting the Linear Geography of the Human Germ-Plasm [draft] ◙ Notes 
E-2-3:2 Crossover Linkage    
Handwritten notes and calculations
E-2-3:3 Darwin's Lobe Inheritance   
Darwin’s Lobe [draft of chart, submitted by H. G. Baker] ◙ Questionnaire sent by H. G. Baker [blank form] ◙ Correspondence 1922 ▪ H. G. Baker (3) Albert Barnes
E-2-3:4 Deportation Bills; Committee on Immigration  
66th Congress, 2nd Session, H. R. 12320, In the House of Representatives, February 4, 1920…A Bill to provide for the protection of the citizens of the United States by the temporary suspension of immigration… ◙ 67th Congress, 1st Session, S. 1253, In the Senate of the United States, April 27, 1921…A Bill creating an Immigration Board and prescribing the Powers and duties thereof, and amending the Act of February 5, 1917… ◙ 67th Congress, 2nd Session, H. J. Res. 237, In the House of Representatives, December 19, 1921…Joint Resolution to authorize the Secretary of Labor to stay the deportation of certain aliens in cases of extreme hardship ◙ 67th Congress, 2nd Session, H. R. 11118, In the Senate of the United States, April 5 (calendar day, April 6), 1922…An Act to provide for the deportation of certain undesirable aliens… ◙ 67th Congress, 2nd Session, House of Representatives, Report No. 867; Deportation of Certain Undesirable Aliens, April 3, 1922…Mr. Johnson of Washington, from the Committee on Immigration and naturalization, submitted the following Report [to accompany H. R. 1118] ◙ 69th Congress, 1st Session, House of Representatives, Report No. 991, Deportation of Aliens, April 26, 1926…Mr. Johnson of Washington, from the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization submitted the following report [to accompany H. R. 11489] ◙ House of Representatives, Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, Legislative Calendar, 69th Congress, 1st Session, May 29, 1926 ◙ House of Representatives, Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, Legislative Calendar, 69th Congress, 1st Session, June 16, 1926 ◙ 69th Congress, 1st Session, H. R. 12444, in the Senate of the United States, June 7 (calendar day, June 8), 1926…An Act to provide for the deportation of certain aliens, and for other purposes… ◙ State of New York, State Hospital Commission, Report of Medical Examiner of the Bureau of Deportation, for the Year Ended June 30, 1923 ◙ State of New York, State Hospital Commission, Report of Medical Examiner of the Bureau of Special Examination, for the Year Ended June 30, 1924 ◙ State of New York, State Hospital Commission, Report of Medical Examiner of the Bureau of Special Examination, for the Year Ended June 30, 1925 [incomplete] ◙ “Deportation Law, Indiana Bulletin [1925?] [incomplete] ◙ Deportation Practices of the Several States ◙ Department of Commerce, Washington, Census of Prisoners: 1923 (Preliminary Report) ◙ Memorandum for Deportation Studies ◙ Memorandum, For the year ending June 20, 1922, the United Sates deported, 4,345 persons… ◙ Notes on Deportation and Other Problems of Immigration ◙ Clippings 
E-2-3:5 Dice-Casting Background Materials 
Handwritten notes
E-2-3:6 Draft of Model Eugenical Sterilization Laws 
Draft of Model Eugenical Sterilization Laws
E-2-3:7 Eugenics as an Art    
Prepare Formulas and Machine Showing the Working Out of Differential Fecundity [outline] ◙ Eugenics as an Art and as a Science [draft] [The original title, The Status of Eugenical Research is crossed out]
E-2-3:8 Eugenics Studies          
Memorandum on Books and Maps ◙ Memorandum on Future Eugenical Studies ◙ July 11, 1925, Memorandum on Selected list of Botanical Geneticists ◙ Genetical Notes ◙ Memorandum on Schedules Still to be Printed [list] ◙ Pedigree of Color Blindness [chart] ◙ The Family Distribution of Two Mutually Exclusive Sex-Linked Traits [draft] ◙ The Behavior of Two Mutually Exclusive Sex-Linked Traits (say Hemophilia or Color-Blindness) in the Same Family ◙ Handwritten Notes ◙ Correspondence 1925 ▪ Fred C. Stewart 
E-2-3:9 Eurostometer; Seeing by Ware; Moving Pictures 
Eurostometer, an apparatus for measuring the mechanical horse power… ◙ Essential Specifications and Explanation of the Eurostometer ◙ Explanation of the Graduation of the Measuring Beam of the Eurostometer ◙ Clipping: “Seeing by Wire” ◙ Substances Made by Light May be Clue to Life’s Origin, Science Service, No. 105D, April 4 ◙ Patents and How to Obtain Them, a Book for Inventors ◙ Profitable Inventions, What to Invent, Testimonials ◙ Apparatus for Demonstrating the Action of Light on Selenium, October 1910 ◙ Eurostometer and scale [photographs] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1906 ▪ Augusta Ross D. S. Green Scientific American ◙ Correspondence 1914 Standard Scale & Supply Co.(2)  Messrs E. S. Goldberg and Co. (2) Messrs. Goat & Hibbs Park Row Bicycle Supply Co. Pierce Bicycle Company Swiss Watch Import Co. Nanz Clock Company Charles Ditson Music Co. Walter Goat F. A. Baker   Bennett Mfg. Co. (2) R. H. Forschner Co. Fred Goat Co. (2) American Auto Supply Co. (2) E. & T. Fairbanks Company Messrs. Robert H. Ingersoll & Bro. C. B. Schlittler Central Belting Co. (2) New York Leather Belting Co. H. D. Knowlton New York Leather Belting Co. (3) ▪ Messrs Charles Sirch & Co. ▪ Robert Moulton ▪ Fairbanks Scale Co.1914-1919 (20) J. H. Kellogg 1914-1922 (7)  ◙ Correspondence 1915 Watson E. Coleman George Spencer Sanitarium Equipment Company 1915-1919 (2) C. H. Stoelting Company 1915-1916 (5) ◙ Correspondence 1919-22 Battle Creek Sanitarium (4) Case Research Laboratory [encloses, “Thalofide Cell”] A. Schrader’s Son, Inc. ◙ Correspondence 1931 Dodge Bros. Motor Cars Standard Oil Co. of New York (2) W. J. Case Eastman Kodak Company (2)
E-2-3:10 Finkelstein, M.  I.--Reply to Special Committee on Immigration 
“Letter of M. I. Finkelstein, Secretary of the American Committee for Democracy and Intellectual Freedom to the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York, July 18, 1939, It was with amazement that we read the report of the Special Committee of Immigration…” ◙ The Coefficient of Prediction-Accuracy (C.P.A.), the Portion of Cases Common to Both the Particular Prediction-Distribution and it Subsequent Actual-Distribution of Measured and Counted Phenomena [graph] ◙ Committee on Sterilization, Progress Report [blank form] ◙ Record of an Individual Case of Sterilization of any Type [blank form] ◙ Simple Diagrammatic Explanation of the Phenomena of Heredity ◙ Laboratory Work in Eugenics, Tracing the Family Distribution of a Single Trait ◙ Mechanism of Mendelian Heredity ◙ Clipping: “Aliens Defended in ‘Race’ Dispute” ◙ Individual Test Sheet for the Seashore Measurements of the Elements of Musical Ability ◙ A Proposed Census and Population Registry Card [sample] ◙ Sample Census and Registry Card, used in the experiment census and registry conducted in one of the 169 town of Connecticut…
E-2-3:11 Human Stature--Manerkon  
Increments in Stature of Boys After 20 Years, Increments in Stature of Girls After 17 Years ◙ I. The Thoroughbred Horse: Racing Capacity, The Measured Resemblance of Near-kin is Racing Capacity show the development of Manerkonic Analysis… ◙ II. Adult Statue in the American Population [draft] ◙ Handwritten notes
E-2-3:12 Inheritance of Hair and Eye Color 
Nature and Behavior of the Hair Color Unit in Man [draft] [chart] ◙ Table showing Correlation of Hair Color and Eye Color [chart] ◙ Handwritten notes
E-2-3:13 Model for Mendelian Concept 1925  
An Abacus for Illustrating the Segregation, Elimination, Recombination and Descent of Ancestral Traits According to the Mathematical Principles Worked Out by Mendel's Law of Heredity ◙ Memorandum ◙ Eugenical code, Eugenical education, Eugenical conscience… ◙ Correspondence 1925 ▪ William P. Alexander Leon F. Whitney
E-2-3:14 Negro Immigration Data      
Memorandum on Compilation of Data on Immigration into the Western Hemisphere ◙ Bowman, Francis B. [resume] ◙ Correspondence 1936  ▪ Albert E. Wood (5)
E-2-3:15 Probability Overlap   
Handwritten notes
E-2-3:16 Race Assimilation by Pure Sire Method 
School Children, Moneague, Jamaica [photograph] ◙ John Hawley family [photographs] ◙ MacDonaugh Family [photograph] ◙ “Race Assimilation by the Pure-Sire Method,” by Harry H. Laughlin, Journal of Heredity 11:6 (July-August 1920) ◙ “The Relation Between the Number of Chromosomes of a Species and the Rate of Elimination of Mongrel Blood by the Pure-Sire Method,” by H. H. Laughlin, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, 1919
E-2-3:17 Special Research on the Deportation of the Aliens  
Special Research on the Deportation of Aliens, with Particular Reference to the Practices of the Several States [blank form]
E-2-3:18 Spermatogenesis Bibliography  
Handwritten bibliography
E-2-3:19 Statistical Data for Socially Inadequate Article
“A Statistical System for the Use of Institutions for Criminals and Delinquents (Report of Committee ‘J’ of the Institute,” Journal of the American Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology, November 1920 ◙ The Socially Inadequate: How Shall we Designate and Sort Them? [draft] ◙The Socially Inadequate: How Shall we Designate and Sort Them? ◙ “Classification and Segregation of Male Inmates in New York City Prisons,” by James A. Hamilton, New York Medical Journal, (May 18, 1921) ◙ The best Latin expression would be ‘Index ingeniorum innatorum’… ◙ Occupation Hazards and Diagnostic Signs, a Guide for Medical Examiners ◙  Institutions to be Recommended for Information ◙ Classification Based on Etiology ◙ Mental Classification ◙ E. C. Fischbein. A Classification of the epilepsies [abstract] ◙ Memorandum in Reference to the Individual Analysis Card for the Socially Inadequate ◙ New York State Commission of Prisons, Twenty-sixth annual report, 1920 [handwritten summary from report] ◙ Proposed standard form for criminal records ◙ Types of Congenital Blindness ◙ II. The Insane [list] ◙ VII. The Blind [list] ◙ X. The Dependent [list] ◙ Types of Congenital Deafness ◙ Classifications of Alcoholic Patients with Regard to Occupation, Nationality, Etc. in the Foxborough and Norfolk Hospitals, mass., and Bellevue Hospital, New York ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence ▪ American Journal of Sociology,1919-20 (2) Albion W. Small,1920-21 (2) ◙ Correspondence 1921 Frank Wheeler J. A. Hamilton (2) [encloses Causes of Blindness at the New York State School for the Blind…1920-21] Everett Flood Edward E. Allen Josephine B. Timberlake R. Pitner David Fairchild Weeks Cora Frances Stoddard Thomas J. Harris W. C. Heffner (2) Fritz Mildred Pellens Metropolitan Life Insurance Company ◙ Correspondence 1922 James Bronson Reynolds (2) Sam B. Warner and Laughlin (2) Ralph G. Hurlin (2) ◙ Correspondence 1932 New York Public Library H. M. Lydenberg Mr. Osborn (2)
E-2-4:1 Artificial Cell     
Handwritten notes
E-2-4:2 Coil-Spring Study--Correspondence
Second Preliminary Programme of the Third International Congress for Experimental Cytology, Cambridge (England) ◙ Bibliographic references ◙ Correspondence ▪ C. D. Darlington,1929 ◙ Correspondence 1933 B. R. Nebel (2) Miriam North (2) Thomas B. Fell (3) ◙ Correspondence 1934 A. B. Stout E. G. Conklin Ware Cattell (2) Y. Sinoto Yoshiharu Kuwada Howard M. Parshley (2) Andre Diaconoff Albert F. Blakeslee (2) ◙ Correspondence 1935 R. C. Cook (14) H. E. Walter (2) C. Leonard Huskins Copyright Office Jacques Cattell Donald C. Jones (4) J. McKeen Cattell
E-2-4:3 Coil-Spring Study--Notes   
Handwritten notes
E-2-4:4 Coil-Spring Study--Proofs   
List of Persons Interested in Coil-Spring Study ◙ Coil-Springs and Chromosomes [draft] ◙ Coil-Springs and Chromosomes [draft] [journal of Heredity stamped on side] ◙ Coil Spring illustrations ◙ Note, The Coil Spring Postulate and its Consistent Phenomena ◙ Correspondence 1935 ▪ R. C. Cook
E-2-4:5 General Formula of Heredity Charts  
The General Formula of Heredity K=f(M,R), basic formula [chart] [photograph] ◙ The General Formula of Heredity K=f(M,R), II. The Two-Dimension Cartesian Geometry of the Several Elements of the General Formula [chart] [photograph] ◙ The General Formula of Heredity K=f(M,R), III. The Three-Dimension Cartesian Geometry of the General Formula. The Construction of the Manerkon [chart] [photograph] ◙ The General Formula of Heredity K=f(M,R), Trueness of Prediction [chart] [photograph] ◙ The General Formula of Heredity K=f(M,R), Solution of the Specific Formula [chart] [photograph] ◙ The Detection of Evolution [chart] [photograph] ◙ The General Formula of Heredity K=f(M,R), Solution ◙ B. Analytic Geometry of the Three Structural Units of the Basic Formula [chart] [photograph] ◙ A. The Analytic Geometry of the Fifteen Constants of the Basic Formula [chart] [photograph] ◙ Constituent Equations for the Three Structural Units [chart] [photograph] ◙ K=Kfc…Example I [chart] [photograph]
E-2-4:6 Institute of Forest Genetics   
The Institute of Forest Genetics [booklet] ◙ Correspondence 1936-38 ▪ Laboratory for Forestry Genetics Lloyd Austin (2) Harvey J. Sconce (2) James G. Eddy B. F. Williamson
E-2-4:7 Karakul Sheep  
Karakul Sheep, L. M. Crawford’s Ranch [photographs] ◙ Notes describing the exhibits of the Second International Congress of Eugenics…1921 ◙ Karakul Sheep by R. Owen Wahl ◙ “An Expedition to Bokhara, Russian Central Asia, to Study the Karakul Sheep Industry,” by Robert K. Nabours, National Geographic Magazine ◙ Karakul Sheep by F. R. Marshall, L. L. Heller, and V. O. McWhorter ◙ Karakul, Fur Bearing Sheep ◙ “Mendelism in Fur Sheep Cross,” by Russell W. Duck, Journal of Heredity 12:9 (November 1921) ◙ “Mendelism in Fur Sheep Crosses—II, by Russell W. Duck, Journal of Heredity 13:2 (February 1922) ◙ Raising Persian Fur in America ◙ Committee on Agriculture ◙ Travel 35:4 (August 1920) ◙ Karakul [Persian Lamb Fur] Sheep Exhibit [handwritten] ◙ The Karakul Desert Sheep [flyer] ◙ Correspondence 1920-21 ▪ Henry E. Barbour (2) J. R. Mohler W. M. Sell George B. Christian, Jr. Morris Sheppard James W. Wadsworth, Jr. R. K. Nabours and Laughlin (4) Colburn, Inc. t Henry Hoffman (3) F. E. Dawley [postcard] ◙ Correspondence 1922 A. E. Pendl   Grootfontein School of Agriculture ◙ Correspondence 1920-28 ▪ C.C. Young (8)
E-2-4:8 Mitotic Potential    
The Dynamics of Mitosis, the Mitotic Potential [notebook] ◙ Handwritten notes
E-2-4:9 Racial Betterment; Kentucky Academy of Science  
Program, Thirty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the Indiana Academy of Science…December 1 and 2, 1921 ◙ Abraham Lincoln, his Efforts to Make America a White Nation [flyer by White America Society] ◙ White America by Earnest Sevier Cox [advertising flyer] ◙ “Racial Improvement,” by W. A. Plecker, Virginia Medical Monthly (November 1925) ◙ Thirteenth Annual Meeting of the Kentucky Academy of Science…May 1, 1926 [program] ◙ “The Second International Eugenics Congress,” by Arthur H. Estabrook [“Read Indiana Academy of Science, Dec. 2, 1921” typed across top] ◙ The Principles of Eugenics, Abstract of address by Harry H. Laughlin ◙ The Principles of Eugenics [draft] ◙ Memorandum on Eugenics and History ◙ Clipping: “The Mongrel Bays at the Moon” [cartoon] ◙ Correspondence 1926-27 ▪ Kentucky Academy of Science W. A. Plecker A. M. Peter (5)
E-2-4:10 Racing Capacity--Correspondence  
1937 Thoroughbred Yearlings, property of Mereworth Stud, Inc. [sale catalog] ◙ Dec. 1937, Books and Records needed to bring the Salmon Library up to date for active current work ◙ Place-Prediction based on the quality of performance of the last previous race of each entrant in 23 six-horse races truly run ◙ Paradox; Shape of Probability Curve ◙ Clipping: “Expert Charts Racing Form of Unborn Colts,” Herald-Tribune, Oct. 2, 1936 ◙ Correspondence 1936-39 ▪ Donald McCoskey (2) Walter J. Salmon Secretary, Congress H. J. Wollner (3) Thomas J. Johnson (2) A. Brazier Howell (2) J. E. Klees Algernon Daingerfield
E-2-4:11 Racing Capacity--Horse--Notes  
Notes on the “black books” and the “brown books” [list] ◙ The Inheritance of Racing Capacity in the Thoroughbred Horse [blank form] ◙ These first-hand investigations have provided…[list] ◙ Handwritten notes and calculations
E-2-4:12 Tenderness-Sympathy Test   
Tenderness-Sympathy Test [chart] [handwritten] ◙ Handwritten notes
E-2-5:1 Aspects of World Government    
An Examination into the Historical, Geographical, Social, Cultural, Economic, and Racial Aspects of Practical World Government [draft]
E-2-5:2 Boundaries of 6 Continents; Boundaries of Pan America  
Declaration of the Territorial Boundaries of Pan America, and of Each of Its Two Component Continents of North America and South America ◙ Boundary of North America ◙ The Federal Constabulary, with Border Patrol and Coast Guard ◙ Boundaries of the Six Continent ◙ Draft of a Bill to Rectify Territorial Boundaries Between Existing States, to Establish Geographical Boundaries of Territories, to Prepare Territories for Statehood, and to Admit New States into the Union ◙ The Geographic Boundaries of Pan-America ◙ Special “Bureaus [list] ◙ 1. Declaration by the Pan American Congress of Geography and History, Rio de Janeiro, 1932 ◙ Atlas of the World [with pencil markings] ◙ Correspondence 1926-27 ▪ U. S. Geological Survey E. Lester Jones R. L. Faris
E-2-5:3 Common Government of the World  
The Common Government of the World
E-2-5:4 Common Government of the World--Proofs 
The Common Government of the World, a Draft of a Political Constitution for Regulating the Major Aspects of International Contact, Drawn in Accordance with Proven Federal and Democratic Practices, Logically Applicable to the World as a Civil Unit ◙ The Common Government of the World, A Draft of A World Constitution in Accordance with Proven Federal Practice and Unhampered Democratic Ideals [draft]
E-2-5:5 Correspondence--League to Enforce Peace  
A World Government Needed [pamphlet] ◙ Formula for International Disarmament ◙ Clippings: “Owen to Talk for League;” “Peace League’s Programme” ◙ Correspondence ▪ John Wesley Hill, 1912 ◙ Correspondence 1917-18 Margaret Alexander Robert Goldsmith (2) ▪ League to Enforce Peace  Harry G. Andrews George Creel Oscar Newfong ◙ Correspondence 1918-21 ▪ William H. Wadhams (9) Edward Cummings (2)
E-2-5:6 Correspondence--Map; Pan American Study 
◙ Correspondence 1936 ▪ John C. Merriam (4) Charles O. Paullin (3)   Gil Borges (3) Robert Redfield (2) L. S. Rowe
E-2-5:7 Correspondence--Pan American Study 
◙ Receipt, 11/07/36, Munson Steamship Line ◙ Memorandum concerning distribution of Analysis Volume on Pan American Immigration Laws and Regulations 10/28/1936 ◙ Correspondence 1929  ▪ War Department ▪ Lexicographer’s Easy Chair (2) ◙ Correspondence 1936 ▪ Munson Line and Harry Laughlin (2)  John C. Merriam (7) William Manger (6) George L. Streeter Cordell Hull ◙ Correspondence 1937-38 R. S. Rowe McKinley Publishing Company
E-2-5:8 Correspondence--Payment Request--Pan American Study  
◙ Correspondence 1935-36 ▪ John C. Merriam (6) Walter M. Gilbert (5) E. A. Varela (7) A.F. Blakeslee E. B. Biesecker (2) H. E. MacEwen (5) 
E-2-5:9 Descriptions of Various Countries 
Brief country profiles of ◙ Central and South American Countries ▪ Argentina ▪ Bolivia ▪ Brazil ▪ Chile ▪ Colombia ▪ Costa Rica ▪ Cuba ▪ Ecuador ▪ Paraguay ▪ Peru ▪ Dominican Republic ▪ Uruguay ▪ Venezuela ▪ Guatemala ▪ Mexico ▪ Surinam ▪ Curacao ▪ Nicaragua ▪ Panama ▪ Salvador ▪ Falkland Islands; ◙ United States Territories ▪ Alaska ▪ Hawaii ▪ Puerto Rico ▪ Virgin Islands ▪ U. S. Canal Zone ◙ Canadian Provinces ▪ Newfoundland ▪ Labrador ◙ Atlantic & Caribbean ▪ Iceland ▪ Bahamas ▪ Barbados ▪ Bermuda ▪ British Guiana ▪ British Honduras ▪ Haiti ▪ Honduras ▪ Jamaica ▪ Leeward Islands ▪ Trinidad and Tobago ▪ Windward Islands ▪ French Guiana ▪ Martinique; ▪ Greenland 
E-2-5:10 Incomplete Typescripts of World Government Papers  
World Government [incomplete drafts]
E-2-5:11 International Boundary Survey-141st Meridian   
International Boundary Surveys—141st Meridian ◙ Correspondence 1928 ▪ International Boundary Commission
E-2-5:12 Map Correspondence  
◙ Hand drawn maps of Caspian sea region (2) ◙ Correspondence 1918 ▪ Benjamin H. Sanborn & Co. General Drafting Co. W. F. Young Chief, Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce Samuel L. Rogers (3) Rand, McNally & Co. (3) Ellsworth Huntington (2) Ginn & Co.
E-2-5:13 Pan American population and Immigration--Partial Manuscript  
Partial manuscript of the Pan American population and immigration study [draft]
E-2-5:14 Proposed Constitution for World Government 
A Proposed Fundamental Structure for the Common Government of the World  [manuscript]
E-2-5:15 Spandrel of Master Map--Pan American  
Basic equation’s for the Master Map ◙ B. The Relation Between the Basic-Master-Map of Pan-America and the Standard-Equal-Area-Pan American-Grid [draft] ◙ (c) To Use the Standard Grid on other Basic Map-Projection-System [draft]  ◙ C. Special Qualities of the Pan American Projection System [draft] ◙ Formulae and instructions for ruling standard Pan American Equal-Area-Grid-Square system… [handwritten] ◙ Correspondence 1936 ▪ Frank M. Albert (2) Francis B. Bowman (2)
E-2-5:16 Tariff           
Key to Color Scheme Used on Tariff Maps, Prepared by Oliver C. Moles ◙ [Tariff] maps of: World; Africa, Asia, South America ◙ memorandum Regarding Maps Showing Tariff Discrimination, Prepared by Oliver C. Moles, February 2, 1918 ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1918 ▪ F. M. Halstead (2) Byron R. Newton Treasury Department United States Tariff Commission (2) Samuel L. Rogers Louis Domeratzky and Laughlin (3) Burt E. Barlow and Laughlin (4) ◙ Correspondence 1921 Charles Evans Hughes
E-2-5:17 World Government--Miscellaneous Manuscripts (Partial)     
International Law for the Control of Human Migration and naturalization ◙ The Attainment of International Peace by International Political Federation ◙ The Basic Principles of International Law in Relation to Human Migration and Naturalization ◙ Article I. Bill of Human Rights and Duties ◙ Article VII. The Distribution of Governmental Functions ◙ Judging the Principles.  The elements of civilization most liable to be deeply influenced by the principles worked out… [draft] ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1920 ▪ Atlantic Monthly Glenn Frank J. McKeen Cattell
E-2-5:18 World Parliament--Notes, Correspondence  
◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Correspondence 1917-20  ▪ Doctor Cattell Department of State Sidney E. Mezes Paul S. Tomlinson (7) Emerson McMillin (3) James G. McDonald (2) Gilbert H. Grosvenor (2) George A. Finch Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Macmillan Company
E-2-6:1 Actual Pedigree of Cataract    
Actual Pedigree of Cataract [chart]
E-2-6:2 Actual Pedigrees of Albinism   
Actual Pedigrees of Albinism, Illustrating the Manner of the Transmission of Recessive Traits [chart]
E-2-6:3 An abacus for Illustrating the Structure of the Human Germ-Plasm  
An Abacus for Illustrating the Structure of the Human Germ-Plasm, and for Demonstrating the Segregation and recombination of Ancestral Traits [chart]
E-2-6:4 Black Skin Pigment in Man   
Black Skin Pigment in Man [chart]
E-2-6:5 Diagram Illustrating the Continuity of the Germ-Plasm and Consequently the Continuity of Ancestral Traits 
Diagram Illustrating the Continuity of the Germ-Plasm and Consequently the Continuity of Ancestral Traits (after Davenport) [chart]
E-2-6:6 Eugenical Classification of Human Stock  
Eugenical Classification of the Human Stock [outline]
E-2-6:7 Four Generations in One Almshouse at One Time, at Yaphank, Suffolk Co., N. Y.--July 27, 1917 
Four Generations in One Almshouse at One Time, at Yaphank, Suffolk Co, N. Y., July 27, 1917 [simple pedigree chart with photograph of the four generations]
E-2-6:8 Fragment of Dwight Family--Inherited Scholarship  
Fragment of Dwight Family, Inherited Scholarship [chart]
E-2-6:9 Genealogical Cards   
Fifteen Population Census of the United States, 1930, and United States Population Registry registration card [blank]
E-2-6:10 Herediscope--Record Blank 
Herediscope record blank, Single Factor Inheritance [blank form]
E-2-6:11 Herediscope--the Multiple Factor Record Chart ; Four Pairs of Allelomorphs  
Herediscope, Multiple Factor Record Chart [blank form] ◙ Herediscope, Record Blank, Four Pairs of Allelomorphs [blank form]
E-2-6:12 Hereditary Predisposition to Mental Illness  
Hereditary Predisposition to Mental Illness, 1. Manic Depressive Insanity [chart] ◙ Hereditary Predisposition to Mental Illness, 2. Dementia Praecox [chart]
E-2-6:13 Hovel Type of Source of Defectives 
Hovel Type of Source of Defectives [chart]
E-2-6:14 Hypothetical Pedigree Consonant with the Known Principles of Heredity 
Hypothetical Pedigree Consonant with the Known Principles of Heredity [chart]
E-2-6:15 Kallikak Family of New Jersey   
Kallikak Family of New Jersey, Normal Line, Degenerate Line [chart]
E-2-6:16 Mathematical Model of the Three Dimension Manerkon; Sample Two-Dimensional Manerkonic Cross Section 
Mathematical Model of the Three Dimension Manerkon K-f(M,R)... ◙ A Sample Two-Dimensional Manerkonic Cross-Section when M or Racing Capacity in the sire = 114.28
E-2-6:17 Pedigree of the Counts Tolstoy [Chart]  
Pedigree of the Counts Tolstoy [chart]
E-2-6:18 Poorhouse Type of Source of Defectives   
Poorhouse Type of Source of Defectives, Actual Pedigree of Family Represented in the Skillman State Village for Epileptics [chart]
E-2-6:19 Sample Pedigree Chart Showing the Manner of Construction, and the Use of Standard and Special Symbols 
Sample Pedigree Cart Showing the Manner of Construction, and the Use of Standard and Special Symbols ◙ Study of Heredity of Weight [blank form]
E-2-6:20 Simple Diagrammatic Explanation of the Phenomena of Heredity  
Simple Diagrammatic Explanation of the Phenomena of Heredity
E-2-6:21 The M_H_ Pedigree   
The M_H_ Pedigree, Showing the Sort of Offspring Being Produced by an Insane Man until he was Sterilized upon being Discharged after a Short Commitment in the Boston State Hospital [chart]
E-2-6:22 World Maps and Charts     
The Six Natural Primary Territorial Subdivisions of the World [map] ◙ Delimitacion de la Frontera Natural Geografica de Pan America [map] ◙ 3. Asia, Representative Rating in the World Parliament [chart] ◙ 4. Australasia, Representative Rating in the World Parliament [chart] ◙ 5. North America, Representative Rating in the World Parliament [chart] ◙ 7. Summary: World [chart] 
E-2-6:23 Zygote Which is also Identical with the Germ-Plasm, Carried by the Soma...; Apparatus for Illustrating the Segregation and Recombination of....       
Zygote which is also identical with the germ-plasm carried by the soma which develops from it, and apparatus for illustrating the segregation and recombination of genetic units, each spool represents one chromosome [chart]

Correspondence—1927-1929; Congressional Leaders [Census Registry]      

◙ Correspondence 1927-29 E. Hart Fenn (11) J. Robert Conroy (2) R. H. Norton Marion E. Martin Reed Smoot (3) H. D. Hatfield (2) Simeon D. Fess (2) John P. Robertson Thomas D. Schall (4) Charles W. Waterman (2) V. S. K. Houston (5) Bon Geaslin (2) Charles E. Jackson Otis F. Glenn (2) Alben W. Barkley (2) C. C. Dill (3) Henrik Shipstead (2) Hugo L. Black (2) Walter E. Edge (3) Mabel E. Griswold (3) Charles Curtis (5) Nicholas Longworth (6) John M. Wolverton (2) Smith W. Brookhart (2) William King (4) Ernest Hill Charles S. Deneen (2) Arthur Capper (4) S. O. Bland (4) T. A. Huntley (2) Thomas J. Meaney (2) Daniel F. Steck (2) Phillips Lee Goldsborough (3) Frank P. Bohn (2) Frederick W. Dallinger (2) William R. Coyle (4) Frederic D. Walcott (4) Riley J. Wilson (2) Roy G. Fitzgerald (2) Joe Crail (2) Carl R. Chindblom (3) Frank L. Bowman Robert L. Bacon (2) Hiram Bingham and Laughlin 6) D. M. Ellison S. Wallace Dempsey (3) Dorothy E. Duffey Elmer Thomas (3) David I. Walsh (2) Hamilton F. Kean (3) Edmund F. Cooke (2) Albert H. Vestal (2) Sol Bloom (2) Theodore E. Burton (3) W. F. Brunner (2) Albert E. Carter (2) S. M. Lee (2) Alice E. Harvey Robert F. Wagner Joe T. Robinson (2) Henry J. Allen (2)   Ellison D. Smith (2) D. A. Reed (3) L. S. Reid W. H. McMaster (2) Raymond C. Brown Lilien Kreiselman David K. Bent John J. Blaine Rene L. DeRouen (2) Paul H. Willingham George W. Norris Lois Wickham H. S. Crouch Dora M. Gullickson J. F. McCurain W. H. Sault Waterman’s secretary T. M. Stewart Coyle’s secretary L. Shepard Bacon’s secretary M. C. Edmunds a James H. Herrman W. M. Steuart


Photographs of Siblings  

◙ Family Photographs   Dr. Nimrod Dickenson Laughlin Dr. William R. Laughlin Anna Elizabeth Laughlin Lane, “Aunt Bessie” Dr. Earl Laughlin, Sr. Dr. George M. Laughlin ◙ Kirksville Photographs Model Rural School Garden Adair County Agricultural Society exhibit, October 11-16, 1909 ◙ Adair County Historical Society membership certificates Dr. George M. Dr. Blanche Still Laughlin


Finding Aids to Eugenical Materials in the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Archives

◙ Finding aids to the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Archives; including Publications list - Eugenical News, Bibliographia Eugenica, Bulletins  Carnegie Institute of Washington Publications list - the monograph series Finding aid for the Davenport/Harris papers      


Indiana Eugenical Materials  

Eugenical materials found in the Indiana State Archives.  Includes photocopies of published articles ◙ Vasectomy as a Means of Preventing Procreation in Defectives ◙ Medical and Legal Aspects of Sterilization in Indiana ◙ Mental Defectives in Indiana, Second Report of the Indiana Committee on Mental Defectives, (1919) ◙ The Sterilization of Degenerates ◙ The Severing of the Vasa Deferentia and its Relation to the Neuropsychopathic Constitution

Eugenics Articles      
Allen, Garland E., “The Eugenics Record Office at Cold Spring Harbor, 1910-1940, an Essay in Institutional History,” Osiris. 2nd Series, 1986 2:225-264Born or Bred,” Newsweek, Feb. 24, 1992 ◙ Bird, Randall D., and Garland Allen, “The JHB Archive Report: The Papers of Harry Hamilton Laughlin, Eugenicist,”, Journal of the History of Biology 14:2 (Fall 1981) ◙ Cordasco, Francisco, Dictionary of American Immigration History, pp. 484-485 ◙ Cravens, Hamilton, Triumph of Evolution: American Scientists and the Heredity-Environment Controversy 1900-41, pp. 177-180, 184 ◙  Cummings, Michael R., Human Heredity, Principles and Issues, pp. 421-424 ◙ Cynkar, Robert J., “Buck Vs. Bell:  Felt Necessities v. Fundamental Values?”  Columbia Law Review 81:1418 ◙ Kenny, Michael G., “Toward A racial Abyss: Eugenics, Wickliffe Draper, and the Origins of the Pioneer Fund, ” Journal of the History of Behavioral Sciences 38:3 ◙ Ludmere, Kenneth, “Genetics and American Society, a Historical Appraisal” ◙  McDonald, Jason.  Making the World Safe for Eugenics: The Eugenicist Harry H. Laughlin's Encounters with American Nationalism. Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 12:3 (July 2013), pp 379-411 ◙ Pfeiffer, David, “Overview of the Disability Movement: History, Legislative Record and Political Implications, ” Policy Studies Journal 21:4 ◙  Quinn, Peter, “Race Cleansing in America, ” American Heritage (February/March 2003) ◙ Shapiro, Thomas M., Population Control Policies, Women, Sterilization, and Reproductive Choice , pp. 35, 37, 40


Lombardo, Paul--Eugenics Articles

“Medicine, Eugenics and the Supreme Court: From Coercive Sterilization to Reproductive Freedom,” Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy 13 (1996) ◙ “Carrie Buck’s Pedigree,” Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 138:4 (October 2001) ◙ “Facing Carrie Buck,” Hastings Center Report, (March-April 2003) ◙  “’The American Breed’: Nazi Eugenics and the Origins of the Pioneer Fund,” Albany Law Review 65:3 (2002) ◙ “Taking Eugenics Seriously: Three Generations of ??? are Enough,” Florida State University Law Review 30:2 (Winter 2003) ◙ “Pioneer’s Big Lie,” Albany Law Review 66:4 (2003)


Eugenics Articles--Newspaper

“Physician Flays Eugenic School” Kansas City Journal, August 2, 1914 ◙ Hardin, Peter, “Eugenics Gains second Chance?” Richmond Times Dispatch, April 27, 2002 ◙ Adler, Eric, “Missourian Played Key Role in Old-Time Eugenics Movement,” Kansas City Star, April 27, 2002

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