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Harry H. Laughlin Papers
Manuscript Collection L1

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Truman State University alumnus Harry Hamilton Laughlin was director of the Eugenics Records Office in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, New York from 1910 to 1940.    After his death, his family gave his library and collected papers to Pickler Memorial Library.  While the books in the collection can be accessed through the Library Catalogue, the following finding aid can be used to locate uncatalogued items of interest.

Scope of the Collection

The Laughlin Collection, 25 linear feet, contains Harry H. Laughlin's professional files from the Eugenics Record Office, 1910-1939. These files contain: institutional correspondence, memoranda, and reports; general correspondence; correspondence and printed materials related to the eugenical organizations to which Laughlin belonged; working manuscripts; notes; some photographs; and miscellaneous collected printed materials. Laughlin, as one of the leaders in the eugenics movement, was interested in every aspect of genetics, genetics research and the furthering the eugenical cause. The collection reflects Laughlin's very strong interests in the identification of the "socially inadequate," genetically caused diseases, eugenical sterilization, immigration restriction, and the establishment of a common world government Laughlin was also involved in thoroughbred horse breeding studies, a practical application of genetics. 


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