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Human Relations Area Files (HRAF)

How to research an ethnic group:

1.  Look up the group's name in the index of the Outline of World Cultures.
        Location:  Microfiche Cabinet 59, Drawer 8-10 HRAF OWC
        Note the letter/number code for the group --e.g. NF6 for Blackfoot.
        Check the description of the group--Is this what you are looking for?

2.  Check the list of groups by code to see if Truman has information on this group.

3.  Look in Microfiche Cabinet 59, Drawers 8-10.  They are arranged by the group code.
        On the left side of the fiche is the category or topic number:
                Category 116 will have copies of the complete documents on this people group.
                Categories 121+ will have excerpts from these documents arranged by cultural topic.
                        Paragraphs and pages from the original documents are cut and pasted
                        and arranged by these category numbers--The numbers for the categories
                        of cultural topics can be found in the Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM).

How to research a specific topic:

1.  Look up the term for the topic in the index to the Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM)
        Location: Microfiche Cabinet 59, Drawer 8-10 HRAF OCM
        Note the category definition of the topic in the text of the OCM.  Make sure this
            is the type of information you want to study.

2.  To identify which cultures in HRAF exhibit your topic, check the topic's category number
        in the Index to the Human Relations Area Files (Location:  MicroRef GN 25 I54).
        Under each category number, the letter/number codes of the ethnic groups are
        listed with source and author information.  The more sources listed, the more
        prominent the topic is in the group's culture.

3.  Look in Microfiche Cabinet 59, Drawers 8-10.  Locate the ethnic group by letter/number.
            Find the topic/category number on the upper left corner of the fiche.
            Put the fiche in the reader and find the excerpts from the documents that pertain to
                your topic.
Note:  When you are compiling your bibliography, you may refer to Category 111 in each
            ethnic group.  This category contains full bibliographic references for all of the
            documents in the microfiche.

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