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U.S. Congressional Committee Prints, mid 1800s +

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How to search the collection


Mid-1800's-1969 -  Microfiche Cabinet 26, Drawer 5-6
1970-1982 - Microfiche Cabinet 29, Drawer 1 - Cabinet 30,  Drawer 8
1983+ - Microfiche Cabinet 60,  Drawer 9 - Cabinet 64, Drawer 9

Scope: "Monographic studies on topics of public concern; investigative reports often prepared to supplement information developed during the hearings process; section-by-section analyses of bills and comparative prints of bills; confidential staff reports and printed memoranda; directories, bibliographies, and other reference materials; reports on committee activities, drafts of legislative reports and other publications used by committees in their day-to-day work; hearings excerpts, digests, and, in some cases, full hearings texts issued as prints in unrevised or revised form." (CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Prints Index)

How to search the collection:

There are two indexes for finding information in the U.S. Congressional Committee Prints,mid-1800's-1969.  They are:

CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Prints Index (Reference KF 40 .C572 1980) has an index to: subjects, titles, Congress and committees, bill numbers, and Superintendent of Documents Classification Numbers.  It covers from the mid-1800's through 1969.

1.  Search for the title/name/subject that you want.  Write down the numbers you find.

Example from CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Prints Index

Admission of the state of Alaska into the Union

(86/1/57) H4916

"86" is the Congress, "1" is the Congressional session, "57" is the year,  "H4916" is the CIS Accession Number.

2. Go to  Microfiche Cabinet 26, Drawer 5-6.  Look for the House, Senate or Joint Committee Prints ( in this case House).  Look for the CIS Accession Number.

3. Go to Microfiche Cabinet 26, Drawer 5-6. Look for the House, Senate or Joint Committee Prints ( in this case House).  Look for the CIS Accession Number.

ProQuest Congressional

1. Use the search box in ProQuest Congressional to look up your topic.  The search engine will return a variety of documents; use the Narrow Results option on the bottom right to limit just to prints.

2. The record for any hearing will give you the CIS Number for the hearing.                                        

CIS Number Example

78 H702-1

The "78" is the year. "H" is for house. "70" the committee, office or special category; "2" = committee print; "1" sequential number of the publication.

3. Go to Microfiche Cabinets 29, Drawer 1-Cabinet 30, Drawer 8 to find the hearing that you want.


The best index  to find committee prints from 1983+ is the ProQuest Congressional Index.  It covers committee prints from 1789+.  It also contains some full text of prints.

1. Use ProQuest Congressional Index to look up your topic as described above.

2. Prints from 1983 and after are organized by SuDoc number instead of CIS number.  The record will give you the SuDoc Number for the hearing.

 SuDoc Number example

Y4.Sci2: 95/19

Y4.Sci2 is the SuDoc stem number.  Y4 always stands for a Congressional information. 95/19 is the book number.  (See Superintendent of Documents Classification System for details)

3. Go to Microfiche Cabinet 60, Drawer 9 - Cabinet 64, Drawer 8 to find the committee print that you want.


CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Prints Index (Reference KF 40 .C572 1980)

CIS Annual 1970-1998 (Reference KF 49 C62)

ProQuest Congressional

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