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Location: Microfiche Cabinet 16, Drawer 7

Scope:  Founded in 1864 by Frederick James Furnivall, with the help of Richard Morris and others, the Early English Text Society has maintained a program of publishing unprinted Early English literature.  The majority of the texts formed part of the Original Series.  Between 1867 and 1921 the Society also issued 126 texts in an Extra Series, consisting of works that were already printed elsewhere but were unobtainable except in limited and expensive editions.  The Extra Series contains many Charlemagne romances, books printed by William Caxton, several miracle plays, and numerous sixteenth-century political and social writings. The Original Series  cover Henry Sweet's collection of The Oldest English Texts  and a facsimile reproduction of Beowulf as well as works by Geoffrey Chaucer, Lydgate, Skelton, Sir Thomas More, and many other writers. Pickler Memorial Library has through no. 147 of the Original Series on microfiche with a few other numbers available in print.  Pickler Memorial Library has through no. 126 in the Extra Series collection on microfiche.

How to search the collection:  All of the Early English Text Society - Original Series and Extra Series  are cataloged in Truman's Library Catalog  and can be searched by author, title, series,  keyword or subject. The Library Catalog record gives the location as Microfiche Cabinet 17, Drawer 5 as well as the microfiche series number you will need. There is also a print guide arranged by series number located on top of Cabinet 17.

Guides:  The Publications of the Early English Text Society - Guide (Microfiche Cabinet 17, Drawer 5 Guide)

Time Period:   Prehistory - 12th Century  13th- 4th Century   15th Century  16th Century   17th Century  

Subject keywords:  Literature

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