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ERIC (Documents on Microfiche)

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Location:  Microfiche Cabinets 6-16

Scope:   The ERIC (Documents on Microfiche) is a microfiche collection  issued by the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) which selects, indexes and abstracts documents and reports dealing with education and educational research. Pickler Memorial Library's collection of ERIC microfiche covers the years 1953-2001 (numbers ED 000001 - ED 455358).

How to search the collection:  The microfiche are arranged consecutively by a six-digit  ED (ERIC Document) number (for example, ED 123678) in the microfiche cabinets 6 - 16 in the Microforms Room.   They are indexed in the ERIC database. 

All ERIC citations have an accession number, divided into ED and EJ numbers.
a) ED numbers refer to ‘documents’, which means all publications except journals ie. books, conference papers, theses, etc.
b) EJ numbers refer to journal articles. Journal articles are not available on microfiche.

ERIC documents are freely available full text from the Eric Documents Online database from 1993 onwards. There is also back-up microfiche of the documents for the years 1993 to 2001. Patrons can print out paper copies from the microfiche using the library's microfiche reader/printers.

To link to an ERIC document that is online, use the following URL and change the ED number at the end to the one you need:

Guides:  ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center), 1966+
        On the Web through FirstSearch
        On the Web through Educator's Reference Desk (formerly AskERIC).   Free to the public.

ERIC is a comprehensive database containing abstracts of journal articles, reports, curriculum guides, conference proceedings, etc. It covers all areas of education at all age and grade levels.   ERIC Documents 1993+ are available online through  Eric Documents Online database.   Documents before 1993 are on microfiche.  The library's microfiche subscription ended with ED455358. 
Coverage:  Click here to show journal list covered in ERIC.

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Education -- Research.

Time Period:     20th Century

Subject keywords: Education

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