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FBI File on the House Committee on Un-American Activities

Microform Collection


Location:  Microfilm E 743.5 .F358 1985

Scope"Spanning 37 years, from the later New Deal period to the immediate post-Watergate years. . .the file contains hundreds of substantive documents on such major historical issues and developments as the legislative-executive conflict of the Franklin Roosevelt and early Cold War eras; the Hollywood Ten hearings and the entertainment industry blacklists of the McCarthy era; and the civil rights, antiwar and black nationalist movements of the 1960's."  Introduction of the Print Guide to the collection
Established in May 1938, the House Committee on Un-American Activities was a permanent standing committee until 1975.

How to Search the Collection:  The collection is contained on 9 rolls of film.  The three page Introduction of the print guide to this collection provides a useful "outline" of  the three major sections of the collection and the time periods covered in each section.  The collection is arranged chronologically and the print guide provides timelines and the corresponding roll and frame numbers. 

One print guide accompanies the collection.

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United States. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities 

Subversive Activities--United States--History--20th Century

Time Period:  20th Century

Subject keywords: FBI Documents, U. S. Politics

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