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Great Britain

Anglo Saxon Manuscripts. (Microfiche Cabinet 19, Drawer 7)
When completed, this set will contain microfiche facsimiles of nearly 500 manuscripts containing Old English. A guide to the set is included with the microfiche.

British Foreign Office: Russia Correspondence, 1883-1945. (Microfilm DA 47.65 G74. Guide included)
A basic collection of documents for studying British-Russian relations during a period of fundamental change in international affairs.

British Colonial Office: Palestine Correspondence 1927-1934. (Microfilm DS 119.8 G7 B7)
A guide to this set is available on the shelf with the microfilm.

British Foreign Office-United States: Correspondence 1930-1948.
(Microfilm JX 633 U5 B7427)

Described in the United States section.

Camden Society Publications, Series 1 and New (second) series. (Microfiche Cabinet 3, Drawer 2)
The Camden Society Publications are a miscellaneous collection of British historical and antiquarian information. Some items go back as far as 1400. Some examples of materials include: "Historie of the Arrivall of Edward IV in England and the Finall Recouerye of his Kingdomes from Henry VI"; "Alliterative poem on the deposition of King Richard II"; "Plumpton Correspondence; a Series of Letters, Chiefly Domestick Written in the Reigns of Edward IV, Richard III, Henry VII, and Henry VIII"; "Moneys Received and Paid for Secret Services of Charles II and James II". 
Index is on top of the cabinet containing the microfiche.

Chaucer Society Publications. (Microfiche Cabinet 3)
Contains manuscripts, minor poems, tales and correspondence of Chaucer. Library has First Series and Second Series.

Cobbett’s Complete Collection of State Trials. (Microfiche Cabinet 3, Drawer 6)
Collection of state trials and proceedings for high treason and other crimes and misdemeanors from the ninth year of the reign of King Henry II (1163) to George VI (1820).

Cobbett’s Parliamentary History of England, 1066-1803. (Microfilm J 301 C6)
An account of the Parliamentary Proceedings, narrative of battles and sieges, and of domestic occurrences. These have been compiled principally from the Records, the Rolls of Parliament, the Parliamentary or Constitutional History, and from the most reputable English historians.

Documents on British Policy Overseas, Series I: 1945-1950. (Microfiche Cabinet 5, Drawer 1)
The most important calendared documents in the archives of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office relating to British policy overseas. The complete work will include both Foreign Office documents, as well as appropriate documents from the archives of the Colonial and Commonwealth Relations Offices. An accompanying print volume is in the General Collection: DA 566.7 A19

Early English Books 1475-1700. (Microfilm AC4 E19)
In two parts: 1475-1640: Beginning with the first book published in English through 1640, this collection contains over 26,500 titles. Includes the earliest editions of English classics, and contains a host of sermons, homilies, saints’ lives, and liturgies. In addition, A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland and Ireland, 1475-1640, by A.W. Pollard and G.R. Redgrave, is in Microform Reference: Z 2002 P77 1926A and Z 2002 P77 1976. 1640-1700: Contains books printed in Great Britain, British North American and in English elsewhere from 1641 to 1700. The indexes that accompany this series are housed on the shelves at the beginning of the collection. See also A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and British America, and of English Books printed in Other Countries 1641-1700, by Donald Wing, in Reference: REF Z 2002 W52. Some records for individual volumes in the collection are in Truman's Library Catalog.

Early English Text Society. Original Series and Extra Series.
(Microfiche Cabinet 17, Drawer 3)

Contains formerly unprinted Early English literature, also works that were already printed elsewhere but in limited and expensive editions. Examples include Charlemagne romances, reproduction of Beowulf, 16th century political and social writings, and celebrated works by Chaucer and Sir Thomas More. An index containing a list of the publications is on top of the cabinet.

Great Britain. Calendar of State Papers. (Cabinet 17, Drawer 6-7)
Foreign and domestic state papers, microfiche:
Henry VIII (Foreign and Domestic) 1509-1545. (Microfiche Cabinet 17, Drawer 6)
Edward VI, Mary, Elizabeth I, James I (Domestic). 1547-1625. (Microfiche 17, Drawer 6)
Edward VI, Mary, Elizabeth (Foreign) (Microfiche 17, Drawer 6)
Charles I (Domestic) 1625-1649. (Microfiche 17, Drawer 6)
Charles II (Domestic) 1660-1677. (Microfiche 17, Drawer 6)
William (William III) and Mary II (Domestic) 1689-1695. (Microfiche 17, Drawer 6)
Colonial: East Indies, China, Japan and Persia (1513-1634); and  America and the West Indies, 1547-1733. (Microfiche 17, Drawer 7)
Commonwealth 1649-1660. (Microfiche 17, Drawer 7)
Foreign and domestic state papers, microfilm:
Edward VI, Mary I, Elizabeth I (Domestic). (Microfilm DA 25 E3)
Elizabeth I (Domestic) 1558-1603. (Microfilm DA 25 E3)
James I (Domestic) 1603-1625. (Microfilm DA 25 E3)

Edward VI (Foreign) 1547-1553. (Microfilm DA 345 A43 1979)
Mary I (Foreign) 1553-1558 (Microfilm DA 347 A43 1979)

Great Britain. Challenger Office. Challenger Voyage Reports. (Microfiche Cabinet 17, Drawer 9)
Report on the scientific results of the Voyage of HMS Challenger during the years 1873-76.

Great Britain. Historical Manuscripts Commission Reports. (Microfiche Cabinet 17, Drawer 7-8)
Reports Series 1-81 (1870-1940) and Reports, 10th-22nd (1885-1946) describe privately owned collections of manuscripts of historical interest. A subject index, Guide to Sources of English History from 1603 to 1660 in Early Reports of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, is in Reference: Ref DA 25 M1 U6.

Great Britain. Acts of the Privy Council. (Microfiche Cabinet 17, Drawer 8)
Acts of the Privy Council of England, Colonial Series. 1613-1783.
Acts of the Privy Council of England, New Series, 1542-1628

Great Britain. Public Records Office. Calendar of State Papers, Venetian Calendar, 1202-1625. (Microfiche Cabinet 17, Drawer 9 )
Documents relating to English affairs existing in the Archives and Collections of Venice and other libraries of Northern Italy, volumes 1-38.

Great Britain. Statutes of the Realm. (Microfiche Cabinet 17, Drawer 9)
Great Britain Laws and Statutes 1225-1713.

Hakluyt Society Publications. (Microfiche Cabinet 17, Drawer 10)
Works issued by the Hakluyt Society, 1847-1849, contains both the first and second series. Deals with English navigation during 1589-1600. A listing of publication numbers is located on top of the cabinet.

Harleian Collection of Manuscripts. (Microfilm DA 26 H3)
Manuscripts of 16th and 17th century English history. Included are papers for the history of Parliament and its relations with the Crown. The documents include speeches, legislation, political trials and cases at Star Chamber and Chancey. Commercial and foreign trade are central to the collection, also items from Wasingham’s correspondence and a series of foreign newsletters 1563-1570. An index of Persons, Places and Principal Matters, appears on the opening reels.

Harleian Miscellany. (Microfiche Cabinet 17, Drawer 10)
A collection of scarce, curious and entertaining pamphlets and tracts found in the late Earl of Oxford's library, interspersed with historical, political, and critical notes. The collection was created 1808-1811 but the documents were all published earlier than 1808. The library has 10 volumes of these also in print in the General Collection: DA 300 H2902 1965. The printed set is not as complete as the microform.

History of England During the Reigns of King William, Queen Anne and King George I.
(Microfilm DA 435 R26 1746)

Published in 1746, this anonymous work covers the time frame 1689 to 1727.

Justice and Authority in England County Quarter Sessions and Related Records. (Microfilm KD 8295 C5)
Cheshire country collective jurisdiction of the justices at the county and Parish level. Includes a guide.
    Part I: Recognizances & Orders, 1559-1818
    Indictments & Presentments, 1557-1818
    Part II: Quarter Sessions, 1571-1603
    Part III: Quarter Sessions, 1603-1616

Parish Register Transcripts Vol. 1-87 (Microfilm CD 1068 A2 C53 1969)
Parish Register Typescripts prepared from parishes in London, Midlands and Southern counties. Contains marriages, burials, and baptisms in the parishes.

Parish Records, Churchwarden Accounts, and Vestry Minutes. Vol. 1-87.
(Microfilm CD 1068 A2 C53)
This is a microfilm of a manuscript which contains Church Warden Accounts and Vestry Minutes.

Parker Society Publications. (Microcard Cabinet 23, Drawer 5)
Publications of the works of the fathers and early writers of the Reformed English 1841-1855. A listing of publications is on top of the cabinet containing the microcard.

Parliamentary Debates  1066-1949 (Cobbett) (Microfilm J 301 C6)
Cobbett's series is a history of Parliament from 1066 to 1803, not a verbatim recording of Parliament. However, it contains excerpts of the debates and proceedings.

Parliamentary Debates 1803-1949(Hansard). Series 1-5. (Microfilm J 301 P36) Hansard's series is  not an official, verbatim report of the proceedings of Parliament, but relies heavily on newspaper accounts, until 1909  when it was declared the official document of the Parliament..
Continued by print volumes in the General Collection. House of Commons: J 301 P37; House of Lords: J 301 P372. Also available electronically from 1988 at

Records of the British Colonial Office, Class 5 Files. (Microfilm JV 1016 G83 1981, includes guide)
Described in the United States Section.

Royal Commission on Historical Monuments: England, Scotland, Wales.
(Microfiche Cabinet 23, Drawer 6)

An illustrated inventory of historical monuments, a concise account of monuments visited, and a list of monuments that the Commissioners have selected as especially worthy of preservation. Includes a glossary of architectural, heraldic, and archaeological terms; map showing the topographical distribution of scheduled monuments; and an index which contains a list of these respective monuments alphabetically arranged under heads of parishes: 1) Prehistoric and earthworks, 2) Roman monuments and Roman earthworks, 3) English ecclesiastical monuments, 4) English secular monuments, 5) Unclassified monuments.

Shakespeare Society Publications. (Microfiche Cabinet 23, Drawer 6)
These are of special interest not only because of their contribution to 19th century scholarship and criticism, but because of the notoriety of John Payne Collier. Because Collier was a forger, one must be on guard when working with the Publications. The collection contains material concerning the conditions under which Shakespeare and his contemporaries lived and wrote, material concerning the chronology of the plays, and the reprints of the plays themselves. An index listing the microfiche by publication number is on top of the cabinet containing the microfiche.

Thomason Tracts. (Microfilm DA415 T48 1977)
A compilation of books, pamphlets, newspapers, and manuscripts collected by George Thomason, a London publisher and bookseller who tried to save copies of everything published in England 1640-1661. Thomason Tracts contains a wealth of material for military, constitutional, political, or social study. The microfilm is accompanied by Thomason Tracts 1640-1661: An Index to the Microfilm Edition of the Thomas Collection of the British Library in microform reference. Call number: DA 415 T48.

Working class autobiographies from the British Library, London. (Microfilm HD 8393.A1 W67 1986)
A Collection of autobiographical writings from 1792-1920 which examines the economic life, diverse experiences and daily activities of Britain's working class. Includes a guide to this collection.

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