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Reports of Inspection of the Field Jurisdictions of the Office of Indian Affairs, 1873-1900

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Location: Microfilm E 97 U52

Scope: A collection of inspection reports from the Office of Indian Affairs. The inspections covered the extent to which the Indians adopted white civilization, reservation boundaries, the use of reservation land, the state of industry, the character and abilities of the agent and other employees, school conditions, the status of agency fiscal records, and enforcement or violation of the law.  Other topics included the health of Indians; the receipt of rations; the removal and treatment of Indians by agents and other officials; traders' dealing with Indians; Indian courts; building repairs; conditions of dormitories; water supply; fire protection; and sanitation and drainage.  Arranged alphabetically by Indian agency, superintendent, or school and then chronologically by date of document.

How to search the collection: The guide (Microfilm E 97 U52 Guide) lists all of the Indian agencies with their location on the microfilm reels and provides an alphabetical list of all of the agencies with their reports by date and number as well as a listing of all of the inspectors.  


Reports of Inspection of the Field Jurisdictions of the Office of Indian Affairs 1873-1900. (Microfilm E 97 U52 Guide)

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Indians of North America -- Education -- Sources.
Indians of North America -- Government relations -- Sources  

Time Period:  19th Century  20th Century

Subject keywords: Native American Studies

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