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Parker Society Publications

Microform Collection

Location: Microfiche Cabinet 23, Drawer 5

Scope:  The Parker Society... for the Publication of the Works of the Fathers and Early Writers of the Reformed English Church contains reproductions on microcards of publications of the works of the fathers and early writers of the reformed English church.  The publications include writings of the founders of the Church of England, such as Thomas Cranmer, as well as the liturgy and ritual of the Church of England. 

How to search the collection: Each publication in the collection has been individually cataloged in Truman's Library Catalog  and can be searched by author, title, keyword or subject. The Library Catalog record gives the location as Microfiche Cabinet 23 as well as the publication number you will need.  The 55  publications in the collection are arranged alphabetically by author. There is  a guide located above Microfiche Cabinet 23 listing  each of the publications in the collection.  Also a complete list can be obtained by doing a title search on "Parker Society Publications"  in the Library Catalog.   


Volume 55 is  A General Index to the Publications of the Parker Society, compiled by Henry Gough.

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Subject Categories:

Church of England.
Reformation -- England -- Sources.

Time Period:  Prehistory-12th Century, 13th-14th Century, 15th Century, 16th Century

Subject keywords:  Religion and Philosophy

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