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William S. Gray Research Collection in Reading

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Location:  Microfiche Cabinet 4, Drawers 2-8  (in Microform Reader Room)

Scope:  This is a collection of 9,326 titles dealing with reading research documents  assembled by William S. Gray, a professor at the University of Chicago,  and others from journals, books, research reports, and other monographs published between 1884 and June 1976.

How to search the collection:  The collection has annotated author/chronological and subject indexes on cards as well as an author alphabetical index, in an instruction binder,  which also includes an introduction to the collection.  Each subject and author/chronological card will refer the user to a microfiche number. The microfiche are arranged numerically from MF00001 to MF03357. The digit following the slash on the MF numbers (e.g., MF00310/6) represents the exact location of the document on the specific microfiche (6th document on the microfiche numbered MF00310).

Guides:  There is a guide located on top of Microfiche Cabinet 4 which includes an introduction to the collection, instructions for using the collection and ordering materials, the Author Alphabetical Index, headings for the Guide Separators for both Author/Chronological Index and Subject Index, and a Copyright reminder -  William S. Gray Research Collection in Reading:  Microfiche Edition [Instruction Binder] (Microfiche Cabinet 4, Drawer 2-8 Index)

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Time Period:    19th Century   20th Century

Subject keywords: Education

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