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Register of Debates in Congress, 18th Congress Second Session, 1824 - 25th Congress, First Session 1837

Microform Collection

Location:  Microfilm J 11 R397

Scope: Comprises the leading debates and incidents of the Congress, 1824-1837, together with an appendix containing the most important state papers and public documents, laws enacted during the sessions.  It is the second of the four series of publications containing the debates of Congress. It was preceded by the Annals of Congress and succeeded by the Congressional Globe. Available full text on the computer at Library of Congress American Memory.   

How to search the collection:  There is an index to the collection.  It is shelved in Micro Reference at KF 35 Index.


Indexes to the Register of Debates in Congress. 18th Congress, 2nd Session through 25th Congress, 1st Session 1824-1837.  Micro Reference KF 35 Index.

Library of Congress American Memory: Register of Debates

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United States -- Politics and government.

Time Period:  19th Century

Subject keywords: Congressional Papers, U. S. Politics

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