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Microform Materials

United States

Alexander's Magazine. (Microfiche Cabinet 19, Drawer 7)
Published from March 1905 to March 1909 in Boston, this national magazine provides an excellent background history of the black experience in America. While neither radical nor an advocate of accommodation, it commented upon national politics which concerned the race and served as a vehicle of racial pride.

America, 1935-1946. (Microfiche Cabinet 3, Drawer 1)
A collection of photographs of American life, 1935-46, sponsored by President Roosevelt under the New Deal, which records the realities of the great economic and agricultural depressions of the 1930's. A team of the most gifted photographers of the time took the photographs. 87,000 are reproduced in this collection. The index is on top of Cabinet 3.

American Indian Oral History: The Duke Collection (Microfiche Cabinet 3, Drawer 5)
Contains Oral history transcripts from members of the Indian Tribes in Oklahoma concerning their history, philosophy, and philosophy of life. The transcripts were compiled with the assistance of the Western History Collection, University of Oklahoma. The accompanying index entitled Duke Indian Oral History Collection is on 8 reels of microfilm. (Microfilm E 78 .O45 D8 1981)

American Periodical Series. (Microfilm AP 2 A31018)
Collection of rare American periodicals published 1700-1900. All of the 18th century periodicals are listed in Truman's Library Catalog. A guide to the collection is also available at Microforms AP2 .A3101835 1979.

American State Papers. (Microfiche Cabinet 27-28)
American State Papers are the first part of the U.S. Serial Set (see below) dating from 1789-1857. The indexes for these are in the Reference Collection: Ref Z 1223 Z9 C65. They are also indexed on the CD-ROM Congressional Masterfile I available on a workstation across from the Reference Desk. This collection is also available full-text and fully searchable on the Library of Congress American Memory website.

American Women's Diaries.
New England women. (Microfilm CT 3260 A49)
Southern women. (Microfilm CT 3260 A492)
Western women. (Microfilm CT 3260 A495)
Includes a guide.

Annals of Congress. (Microfilm J11 R396)
 Debates and proceedings in the Congress with an appendix containing important state papers and public documents and all the laws of a public nature from the First to Eighteenth Congress (178 9-1824). Compiled from newspapers and other records of Congressional proceedings.
Index: Microfilm Reference KF 35 Index

Benjamin Franklins’ Account Books. (Microfilm E 302.6 F8 F8 1977)
Includes Domestic accounts 1748-1787; Post Office books 1737-1768; Loan books 1776-1784; Business accounts 1730-1766; London 1757-1776; Paris 1777-1778; Miscellaneous accounts 1714-1874.

Black Newspaper Collection
Many of the foremost black publications are represented in this collection. The papers can be found in Truman's Library Catalog by individual title or by using the subject: African American Newspapers. For a list, see Newspapers on Microfilm.
There is an index to about 10 papers considered the core of the collection that covers the years 1977-19-1996. (Index to Black Newspapers Micro Reference AI 3 I46, continued by Black Newspapers Index Micro Reference AI 3 I462). 

British Foreign Office - U.S.: Correspondence 1930-1948. (Microfilm JX 633 U5 B7 427)
Consists primarily of communications between the Foreign Office and consulates in the U.S. These records are the London files, containing material received from abroad or from London departments, and drafts of material originating in and sent out of London. Also, included are public proclamations by various national leaders, governments, and other pertinent publications. Three printed guides are located with the microfilm.

CBS News 1976-1987. (Microfilm Cabinet 3, Drawer 3-4)
Includes CBS Morning News, Midday News, Evening News, News with Walter Cronkite, and Weekend News with Dan Rather. Also, some other News Programs and Reports, including 60 Minutes, Face the Nation, Special Reports, and others. Index can be found in Microform Reference PN 4888 T4 C64A.

CIS (Congressional Information Service). (Microfiche)
A complete library of Congressional hearings, reports, committee prints, etc. from 1835 to 1982.  Hearings from 1983 + are with the U.S. Documents microfiche.

Civil Rights During the Johnson Administration. (Microfilm E185.615 .C5845 1984)
Collection includes documents from the White House central files, the Equal Opportunity Commission, papers of the White House Conference on Civil Rights(1965-1966), records of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders and some oral histories.

Civil Rights During the Kennedy Administration, 1961-1963. (Microfilm JC599.U5 C55 1987)
Part one contains the White House central files, staff files and the president's office files. Part two contains the papers of the assistant attorney general for civil rights, Burke Marshall.

Civil War (1861-1865). (Microfiche Cabinet 58)
Comprised of documents from the holdings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Pamphlet material includes sermons, reports, personal narratives, speeches etc, mostly from Northern Printers. Comprehensive Scope includes war years, antebellum sources, such as slavery and state rights topics, and postbellum materials, including memoirs and veteran's pension petitions.

Columbia University Oral History Collection. (Microfiche Cab 3, Drawers 5-6)
Contains more than 1000 memoirs by 20th - Century political, social, media, scientific, artistic, and economic leaders. A guide with a name index and subject index with memoirs divided into descriptive topics is on top of the Cabinet 3.

Congressional Globe. (Microfilm J11 R 398)
Contains important state papers and public documents of the 23rd Congress to the 42nd Congress, 1833-1873. Messages of the President and reports of cabinet officers are included until the close of the 39th Congress. From 1852 the Congressional Globe can generally be considered as a verbatim record of proceedings. Index: Micro Reference KF 35 Index

Congressional Record. (Microfilm J11 R3992)
Provides a record of the debates and proceedings in Congress starting in 1873. This publication continues the earlier Annals of Congress 1789-1824 (Microfilm J11 R 396), Register of Debates in Congress 1824-1837 (Microfilm J11 R 397), and Congressional Globe 1833-1873 (Microfilm J11R398).

Conspiracy Trials in America, 1919-1953. (Microfilm KF 221 C6 C6 1978)
Legal documents from 23 famous trials including Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs.

Council Meetings of the Major American Indian Tribes, 1907-1971 (Microfilm E 76 .C 67)
Contains the official minutes of tribal council meetings and covers topics of importance to the tribes including claims, mineral rights, tribal funds, water supply and irrigation, proposed federal legislation, hunting and fishing rights, employment, and health and education. Accompanied by printed reel guides.
The library owns Part 1: 
Section 1 (1914-1956): Navajo; Five Civilized Tribes; Ute; Pueblo; Cheyenne; and Arapaho; Section 2 (1911-1956): Sioux, Chippewa, and Klamath.

Declassified Documents. (Microfiche Cabinet 5,  Drawers 8-10)
Declassified documents of the U.S. government from sources such as the Central Intelligence Agency, the White House, Justice Department, Department of Defense, National Security Council, etc. It includes documents from departmental archives and the presidential Libraries; some of them are 30 or more years old. Others are of a recent date.
Indexes: Micro Reference Z 1223 Z9 D36

Democratic Campaign Book. (Microfiche Cabinet 5, Drawer 10)
The Democratic Platform adopted during the presidential elections at the National Democratic Convention from 1876-1940.

Democratic Party National Convention. (Microfilm JK 2311 D4)
Official report of the proceedings 1-35, 1832-1968.

Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. (Microfiche Cabinet 5, Drawer 1)
Supplement to Print Volumes (General Collection KF 4502 D63). Includes peripheral and repetitious material for each state, such as (1) Photographic copies of manuscripts such as notes of debates, (2) Transcripts of letters with peripheral information, (3) Newspaper items that repeat arguments, (4) Copies of petitions, (5) Pamphlets that circulated primarily in state and are not already printed, (6) Miscellaneous other documents such as town records.

Draper Manuscripts. (Microfilm F 586 D7 1980)
Lyman C. Draper’s manuscripts and notes gathered for his historical and biographical research about the Western frontier prior to 1830. The state Historical Society of Wisconsin, for which Draper served as corresponding secretary from 1854-1886, now owns the collection of original 18th and 19th century papers of personal and official correspondence, diaries, journals, military records, surveyors’ notes, business and legal records, and maps.

Early American Imprints, 1639-1800. (Microfiche Cabinet 21)
Complete texts of books and pamphlets published between 1639 and 1800, based on the 13-volume bibliography of Charles Evans and Roger Bristol’s supplement to Evans’ bibliography. Each item is listed in Truman's Library Catalog.

Early American Newspapers. (Microfilm PN 4899 B6)
A Collection of several American newspapers published in the 18th century. Includes:
The Boston Chronicle 1767 to 1770    PN4899 B6 B6
Boston Gazette (weekly) 1719 to 1798    PN4899 B6 B66
Censor (Boston) 1771 to 1772    PN4899 B6 B6
Massachusetts Spy 1770 to 1775     Filmed with Boston Chronicle and the Censor
Rivington's New-York gazette: or, The Connecticut, New Jersey, Hudson's-River, and Quebec weekly advertiser 1773 to 1783    PN4899 N5 R6
Other early American newspapers held in Pickler which are not included in this collection are:
The Maryland Gazette 1745-1839 (Microfilm PN4899 A55 M37)
National Intelligencer and Washington Advertiser 1800-1870 (Microfilm PN4899 W3 N3)
Pennsylvania Gazette 1728-1815 (Microfilm PN4899 P54 P4)
Virginia Gazette of Williamsburg 1736-1780 (Microfilm PN4899 W54 V57)

Election of 1948. (Microfiche Cabinet 19 Drawer 8)
This collection provides documents and the perspectives of the four base camps from this election; the Republican Thomas E. Dewey, Democrat Harry S. Truman, Progressive Henry A. Wallace, and Dixiecrat J. Strom Thurmond.

FBI File on Eleanor Roosevelt. (Microfilm with guide E 807.1 F35 1996)
As an outspoken woman, Roosevelt was a prime target for an investigation by J. Edgar Hoover. This file includes the usual correspondence, memos, and newspaper clippings.

FBI Files on the Fire Bomb and Shooting at Kent State. (Microfilm LD 4191.O72 F35 1985)
This collection provides memorandum, newspaper articles and other documents concerning the shooting of the four students during a protest of the Vietnam War.

FBI File on the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC). (Microfilm with guide E743.5 F358 1985)
This file contains substantive documents on such developments as the legislative-executive conflict of the FDR and early cold war eras. This includes the Hollywood Ten hearings, the entertainment industry blacklists of the McCarthy era, and the civil rights, antiwar, and black nationalist movements of the 1960s. Established in May 1938, HUAC was a permanent standing committee until 1975.

FBI File on Joseph McCarthy. (Microfilm with guide E 743.5 F355)
Documents herein detail the FBI’s observations of and involvement in McCarthy’s accusations. Organized chronologically, this collection includes correspondence between J. Edgar Hoover and senators, highlighting Hoover’s repeated denials that the FBI leaked information to McCarthy.

FBI File on Malcolm X. (Microfilm with guide E 185.97 L5 F23 1995)
This file documents Malcolm X’s life beginning with his involvement in the Nation of Islam until his assassination in 1965. It also contains memos on the motion picture about his life.

FBI File on Martin Luther King, Jr.   see  Martin Luther King, Jr. FBI File

FBI File on the Black Panther Party, North Carolina. (Microfilm with guide E 185.615 F35)
This file contains surveillance reports and investigative and legal memoranda covering the years 1968-1976. It also includes some publications and speeches from the Black Panther Party and digests of FBI phone intercepts.

FBI Files on the NAACP. (Microfilm with guide E 185.5 F 35)
These files on the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) cover the years 1941 to 1957, and reflect bureau investigations into the NAACP’s supposed connections with the Communist party.

FBI File on the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. (Microfilm with guide E 185.61 F355 1991)
The FBI maintained a file on the SNCC because Communists were believed to be infiltrating its leadership. This file comprises reports from nineteen cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco.

FBI Files on the Students for a Democratic Society and the Weatherman Underground Organization. (Microfilm with guide LB 3610 .F35)
Covering 1962-1977, this file provides descriptions of antiwar rallies and SDS-produced materials. It also has detailed information on the protests at the 1968 Democratic Convention.

Historic American Buildings Survey--Missouri. (Microfiche Cabinet 18, Drawer 7)
Includes the photographs and pages of written information produced by the Historic American Buildings Survey and transmitted to the Library of Congress between 1933 and 1979 for the state of Missouri.

Irish Echo. (Microfilm PN4883.5 I 7)
April 21, 1940 to June 27, 1970. Weekly Irish-American Newspaper published in New York. Incomplete.

Iroquois Indians: a Documentary History of the Diplomacy of the Six Nations and their League (Microfilm E99 .I7 I68)
This collection includes documents from the 1600s to the 1920s, such as minutes of treaty conferences, council meetings, and agreements resulting from formal meetings. The records document the diplomatic history of the Iroquois Confederacy and provide information on the role the Iroquois played in American political history in the pre-Revolution era. Collection has a printed guide.  

John F. Kennedy National Security Files. Latin America 1961-1963 (Microfilm F1418 .J75 1987)
Includes all available materials in all of the "Country Files" on Latin America in the National Security Files for this time period. The collection documents the Kennedy administration’s obsession with Cuba through the extensive intelligence reports on Cuba’s internal and foreign affairs and the activities of Cuban exiles in the United States.

Journals of the Continental Congress. (Microfilm J 10 A5 1965)
Day to day journals and records of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789, and also includes supplemental material drawn from other reports to Congress. The journals were subject to revision by committee before publication; see also the entry Papers of the Continental Congress which includes the Rough Journals, Corrected  Journals, and Secret Journals.
Index: Microfilm J 10 A5 Index 1976

Letter Book 1688-1761 of the Company for propagation of the Gospel in New England
(Microfilm E 98 M6 L47 1969)

The "Company for Propagation of the Gospel in New England" was formed to convert the New England Indians. The Letter Book contains correspondence between the company's directors, etc. in England and Commissioners in America. Arrangement of the letters is generally chronological by year. An accompanying guide, with a name index, is located with the microfilm.

Letters received by the Attorney General, 1809-1870: Western law and order. (Microfilm HV 8144.M37 L41995, includes guide)
Focus on the representatives of the federal government in the emerging territories west of the Mississippi River. Includes interpretations of treaties, public land disputes, slavery, claims against the US by other governments, Civil War and Reconstruction.

Letters sent by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1881 (Microfilm E 93 U547 1963)
Contains the letters that were copied into volumes known as "Record Books" and include instructions to superintendents, agents and other field officials as well as reports to the Secretary of War and other forms of daily communication.

Los Angeles Riots (Microfilm F869.L8 C15 1965)
1965. Selected documents from the Governor's Commission on the Los Angeles Riots. Incomplete. Includes Volumes 6-18.

Lyndon B. Johnson National Security Files. Latin America 1963-1969. (Microfilm F1418 .L85 1987)
Contains all available materials in all of the "Country Files" on Latin America in the National Security Files for this time period. For example, the "Country Files" for Brazil, detail the Johnson administration’s increasing tolerance of right-wing military coups, where the U.S. played an indirect but significant role in the 1964 overthrow of the constitutional Goulart government by a military clique.

Major Studies and Issue Briefs/Congressional Research Service. (Microfilm JK 1108 M3492)
Contains studies written for the U.S. Congress and not published by other government sources, 1916 to date. Providing information on the key legal, political, environmental, economic, social and international issues facing the U.S., this material has been used by Congress as background for Congressional investigations and legislative proposals. Each of these reports is listed in Truman's Library catalog.

Manhattan Project. (Microfilm QC 773 A1 M359 1977)
Official history and documents includes a guide.

Map Room Messages of President Truman, 1945-1946. (Microfilm J 82 D73 1980)
Communications between President Truman and: Clement Attlee, Chiang Kai-chek, Winston Churchill, Averell Harriman, Patrick J. Hurley, George C. Marshall, and Premier Stalin.

The Martin Luther King, Jr., FBI File (Microfilm E 185.97 .M34 1984)
This is a collection of about 17,000 pages of material concerning Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that was collected by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It includes memos, correspondence, logs, reports, press clippings, etc. filmed in roughly chronological order, starting in 1958 and continuing through 1977. Set includes printed reel guide.

Microfilm of the Herndon-Weik collection of Lincolniana in the Division of Manuscripts, Library of Congress. (Microfilm E457.H538)
The correspondence , legal papers, and other records of William Henry Herndon, Lincoln’s law partner and biographer.

Mission of Apollo 11. (Microfilm TL 789.8 U6 A55 1969)
Includes newspaper clippings from more than 50 U.S. cities, the NASA Space Center Educational Publication, Skylander (the newspaper for personnel at Ellington AFB), the newspaper serving NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center, Le Figaro, and Novoye Russloye Slovo. Covers July 15, 1969-July 25,1969.

National Inventory of Documentary Sources in the U.S. (Microfiche Cabinet 55 & 56)
Consists of published and unpublished finding aids to archives and manuscript collections. In four parts: Part I--Federal Records (including the National Archives, the Presidential Libraries and Smithsonian Institution); Part 2--Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress; Part 3--State Archives, State Libraries, State Historical Societies; and Part 4--Academic and Research Libraries and other Repositories. The indexes are housed on top of the cabinet containing the microfiche.

National Register of Historic Places. (Microfiche Cabinet 21 & 22)
The official list of historic properties recognized by the Federal Government as worthy of preservation for its architecture, its cultural importance, or as an archaeological site. Information on each is arranged by state, county, and vicinity.

New York Times--Listening to Indians Oral History. (Microfiche Cabinet 24, Drawer 1)
Contains transcripts of conversations with American Indians across the U.S. that took place in the 1970's. A printed  name index is shelved on top of Microfiche Cabinet 24. A subject index with memoirs divided into descriptive topics and tribes is on the first microfiche.

Oral Arguments of the Supreme Court of the U.S. (Microfiche Cabinet 26, Drawer 9)
Contains the transcribed argument of each case argued before the Supreme Court, beginning with the Warren Court (1953-54) continuing through the present.

Origins of the Cold War. (Microfiche Cabinet 5, Drawer 1)
Archival holdings of a half-century of Russian-American relations. These documents contain correspondence and accounts that reveal the persistence of anti ethical perspectives in Moscow and Washington. There are nearly 1500 documents in this collection. .

Pamphlets in American History. (Microfiche Cabinet 57, Drawer 1-2)
The library has: The Civil War 1861-1865; European War 1914-1918; Mormons & Mormonism. Each pamphlet is listed in Truman's Library Catalog.

Papers of Eleanor Roosevelt, 1933-1945. (Microfilm E 807.1 R48 P3 1986, Includes guide)
Correspondence during the White House years, with leading political and governmental figures as well as Eleanor's circle of personal friends. Covered are four major subject areas: social welfare and depression relief, race relations, women in American politics, and youth activities.

Papers of the Continental Congress 1774-1789. (Microfilm J 10 A5 1959)
Contains the Journals of the Continental Congress, including Rough Journals, Transcript Journals and Secret Journals, Reports of Committees, Foreign and Domestic Correspondence, and other items collected by the Continental Congress. The first reel contains a reel guide. There are also several name indexes available on the microfilm.  

Papers of the League of Women Voters, 1918-1974. (Microfilm JK3 P2, Includes guide)
Part I: Meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Committees: Minutes and Related Documents. Part II: Transcripts and Records of National Conventions 1919-1974, and of General Councils 1927-1972. Part III: National Office Subject Files, 1920-1932.

Papers of the NAACP: Part 4,The Voting Rights Campaign 1916-1950 (Microfilm E185.61 .P35)
Contains the NAACP legal department files and subject files, as well as selected branch files. Topics include: white primary cases; the grandfather clause; literacy tests, registration abuses, intimidation, and violence; poll taxes and legislative apportionment in the South; and women’s suffrage.  Includes guide.

Papers of the NAACP: Supplement to pt. 4 Voting Rights, General Office Files, 1956-1965 (Microfilm E185.61. P352)
Covers the top-level planning for NAACP voting rights drives and the state-by-state project files.

Papers of the NAACP: Part 7 Series A & B – The Anti-lynching Campaign 1912-1955 (Microfilm E185.61 .P35)
The national office files on the campaign against lynching and mob violence. Series A contains the records of the association’s investigation into lynchings and race riots throughout the country and especially in the South. Series B contains the records of the association’s efforts to raise American consciousness of the specter of lynching and to enact federal anti-lynching legislation as a means of deterring the practice.

Papers of the National War Labor Board, 1918-1919. (Microfilm KF 3444 U5 1984)
Still lacking an effective wartime labor policy in January 1918, President Wilson authorized Secretary of Labor, William B. Wilson to systematize federal labor policies. Secretary Wilson established a War Labor Conference Board and to enforce this body's recommendations, President Wilson appointed the National War Labor Board. The work of this board included recommendations for the standard eight hour day and equal pay for women who did equal work.

Papers of the St. Louis Fur Trade. (Microfilm F 474 S253 P3 1991, Includes guide)
Primary documents on the history of the Western Frontier, Native Americans, exploration, immigration, commercial development and the Chouteau family, prominent fur merchants and one of the founding families of St. Louis.
    Part I: The Chouteau Collection, 1752-1925
    Part II: Fur Company Ledgers and Account Books, 1802-1871
    Part III: Robert Campell Family Collection

Papers of William and Helen Sunday (Microfilm BV3797 S86 1978)
William Sunday (1882-1974) played baseball with the Chicago White Stockings but gained fame as an evangelist. The zenith of his career as a preacher is generally considered the WW I era. Includes a guide.

The Peers inquiry of the massacre at My Lai. (Microfilm with guide DS 557.8 M9 P428, 1996)
This includes the investigative report detailing the making of the Peers Inquiry, transcripts from testimony, and supporting documents from the criminal investigation.

Plains and the Rockies: Wagner-Camp Bibliography. (Microfiche Cabinet 23 Drawer 9-10)
Included are books, magazine articles, federal documents, some compilations and newspaper items of personal experience written between 1800 and 1865. The geographical scope includes the region lying between the Missouri River and the Sierra Nevada Cascades, from Mexico to the Arctic (with omission of Texas and what is now Western Louisiana and in Canada everything east of the Red River). Approximately 537 volumes are contained in this collection. An alphabetical index of authors is on top of the cabinet containing the microfiche.

Plymouth Court Records 1686-1859. (Microfilm KFM 2916 P55 A7 1978)
Court records for Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Accompanied by a printed guide.

Political Relations between the United States and Russia/The Soviet Union 1910-1941.
(Microfilm E 183.8 R9 U54)

Contains Department of State records from the decimal file which includes instructions and dispatches from consular officials, notes from the Department of State and foreign diplomatic representatives in the U.S., and memoranda and correspondence issuing from the Department of State to interested parties in the U.S.

Potsdam Conference Documents. 1945. (Microfilm J 82 D75 1980)
Includes President Truman’s Potsdam Diary; U.S. bilateral discussions with U.S.S.R and Great Britain; Recommendations from Joints Chiefs of Staff; Memoranda from President's records on subjects to be discussed at Berlin; Papers and minutes of meetings of the Combined Chiefs of Staff; Minutes of meetings of Heads of Government; Minutes of meetings of Foreign Ministers; Correspondence of President Truman with Heads of Government; and other documents. Guide: Microfilm J82 D73 1980

President Harry S. Truman’s Office Files, 1945-1953. (Microfilm E 814 A 346 1989)
The files from which this material was taken were kept by the President's personal secretary, Rose A. Conway. They reflect the various daily activities, the formulation and execution of policies, and the crises affecting the President and his administration.
    Part 1: Political File                  Part 4: Korean War Files
    Part 2: Correspondence File     Part 5: Truman Diaries and Handwritten Notes
    Part 3: Subject File

President's Mediation Commission, 1917-1919. (Microfilm HD 5504 A3 P75 1985)
This collection includes all records and reports housed in the National Archives. The commission was established in response to the growing spread of strikes with the accompanying widespread repression from state and local sources. Its guidelines recommended the promotion of AFL- style trade unionism, elimination of IWW locals and encouragement of industrial democracy.

President Truman’s Committee on Civil Rights. (Microfilm E 185.61 P674 1984)
Various manuscript materials in the Harry S. Truman Library at Independence relative to the President's Committee on Civil Rights, 1946-1948. Guide included.

Published Colonial Records of the American Colonies: CR 1-70 (Microfilm E 187 .P82)
Includes laws, court records and other documents of the following colonies: Connecticut; Delaware; Georgia; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New York; North Carolina; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; South Carolina; Vermont; and Virginia. See accompanying guide for titles.

Records of the British Colonial Office, Class 5 Files. (Microfilm JV 1016 G83 1981, Guide included)
Part 1: Westward Expansion, 1700-1783
Part 2: Board of Trade
Part 3: French and Indian War
Part 4: Royal Instructions and Commissions to Colonial Officials, 1702-1784
Part 5: American Revolution, 1772-1784 (transcripts of military correspondence of British Generals, letters, legal materials, correspondence of Colonial officials, etc.)

Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs: Central Classified Files, 1907-1939 (Microfilm E93 R43 1995, with guide)
The documents of the Central Classified Files are arranged alphabetically by the names of the agencies, reservations, and tribes that the BIA supervised. The library owns Series B Indian Customs and Social Relations, which consists of official and personal correspondence, tribal name lists, memoranda, petitions, agenda, reports, news clippings, pamphlets, minutes of meetings, press releases, marriage certificates, and congressional documents. Many of the documents and correspondence pertain to these subject areas: Indian conferences; feasts, festivals, and powwows; dances; language; marriage and divorce; government charters, constitutions, and bylaws; and amusements and athletics.

Records of the Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs of Palestine, 1945-1949.
(Microfilm DS 126.3 U54, 1985)

These files reveal the information on which U.S. foreign policy decisions were based and how these decisions were implemented. They also offer information about the affairs of Palestine.

Records of the Department of State Relating to  Political Relations between The United States and Russia and the Soviet Union. (Microfilm E185.8.R9 U54)
Primarily consisting  of instructions to and dispatches from diplomats and consular officials. The collection is divided into three sets by date, 1910-1929, 1930-1939, and 1940-1944. Subjects covered in the correspondence include Russian newspaper comments on American policy in the Far East, visits of American businessmen to Russia and general Russian-American political relations.

Records of the Southern Christian Leadership Conferences, 1954-1970 (Microfilm E185.61 .R292)
These SCLC documents include organizational working papers, internal memoranda, correspondence, minutes of meetings, field reports, press releases, pamphlet publications, questionnaire replies, statistical compilations, and many other documents relating to the civil rights movement.
Part 1 – Records of the Presidents Office
Part 2 – Records of the Executive Director and Treasurer 
Part 3 – Records of the Public Relations Department
Part 4 – Records of the Program Department

Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to Political Relations between the United States and Japan. 
1945-1949 (Microfilm E 183.8 J3 U54 1987)  
1950-1954. (Microfilm E 183.8 J3 R4 1987)

These files reveal the information on which U.S. foreign policy decisions were based and how these decisions were implemented. They also offer information about the affairs of Japan. Includes a guide.

Records of the U.S. Marine Corps in the Vietnam War. (Microfilm DS557.4 R4 1990)
This collection contains the Marine Corps' command histories which document the significant events of a unit. These command histories include narrative and statistical information relating to intelligence activities,  training, personnel, air support, and psychological operations.
Part 1 Fleet Marine Force, Pacific Command Histories, 1964-1973
Part 2 III Marine Amphibious Force Command Histories, 1964-1971
Part 3 Divisional Command Histories, 1965-1971

Register of Debates in Congress. (Microfilm J11 R397)
Comprises the leading debates and incidents of the Congress, 1824-1837, together with an appendix containing the most important state papers and public documents, laws enacted during the session, and an index to the whole. Micro Reference KF35 Index

Reports of Inspection of the Field Jurisdictions of the Office of Indian Affairs, 1873-1900 (Microfilm E 97 U52)
A collection of inspection reports from the Office of Indian Affairs. The inspections covered the extent to which the Indians adopted white civilization, reservation boundaries, the use of reservation land, the state of industry, the character and abilities of the agent and other employees, school conditions, the status of agency fiscal records, and enforcement or violation of the law.  Other topics included the health of Indians; the receipt of rations; the removal and treatment of Indians by agents and other officials; traders' dealing with Indians; Indian courts; building repairs; conditions of dormitories; water supply; fire protection; and sanitation and drainage.  Arranged alphabetically by Indian agency, superintendency, or school and then chronologically.

Republican Campaign Text Book. (Microfiche Cabinet 23, Drawer 5)
Republican Platform adopted during the presidential elections at the National Republican Convention from 1880 to 1940.

Republican Party National Convention. (Microfilm JK 2351 R4)
Official report of the proceedings 1-29, 1856-1964.

Russia in Transition: The Diplomatic Papers of David R. Francis, U.S. Ambassador to Russia, 1916-1918. (Microfilm E 183.8 S65 F73 1985)
A valuable source on the Russian Revolution as seen through American eyes. These consist of reports and letters from Francis to the State Department, and to friends and associates in the U.S. A Guide is included.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. (Microfilm G1435 G475 S254 1983)
Fire insurance maps for Missouri held in the Library of Congress. All maps were published before 1950.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. (Microfilm G1435 G475 S255 1990)
Fire insurance maps for Missouri from 1950-1970.

Scopes Case. (Microfilm KF 224 S3 A4 1978)
Documents and transcripts connected with the trial of John T. Scopes. Also contains a bibliography of sources on the case.

Slave Narratives and Slave Narratives: Appraisal Sheets. (Microfilm E444 S522, guide included)
Also available in print (GENERAL COLLECTION E444 .F27 1976), the Federal Writer’s Project interviewed over 2,000 former slaves. The microfilm collection also includes the appraisal sheets and interview evaluations with more information on the methodology and goals of the Federal Writer’s Project.

Social Welfare Forum Official Proceedings 1874-1969. (Microfiche Cabinet 23, Drawer 6)
Contains the Proceedings of the National Conference of Charities and Correction (a.k.a. Conference of Boards of Public Charities) held in New York, May 20 and 22, 1874. Provides a look at the way the poor and "insane" were dealt with in the U.S. in the late 19th century. A name and title index appears in the last fiche card. (1874-1969 microfiche; 1970-1983 General Collection HV 88 A3)

Southern Frontier. (Microfiche Cabinet 19 Drawer 8)
Published between 1940 and 1945 by the Commission on Interracial Cooperation, this journal concentrated on the social aspects of American life. It was particularly concerned with higher education, the courts, and the role of the black worker and women in the war effort.

Spiro T. Agnew Case. Investigative and Legal Documents.
(Miscellaneous microfilm KF 224 A35 S73 1978)

All of the investigative papers of the FBI, IRS, and others, and the court records of the trial. Guide included.

Survey of conditions of the Indians of the United States. (Microfilm E93 U6773 1929)
41 volume report to the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs detailing the conditions of life and the effects of policies enacted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs on Native Americans. Covers the years 1929-1944.

Thomas A. Edison Papers. (Microfilm TK 140 E3 T45)
Includes correspondence, laboratory notebooks and other papers of the famous inventor from 1850-1898. A guide to the Papers is located next to the microfilm.

Truman Presidential Document Series. (Guides included)
1) Map Room Messages of President Truman. (Microfilm J 82 D73 1980)
2) Potsdam Conference Documents 1945. (Microfilm J 82 D75 1980)
3) Official Conversations and Meetings of Dean Acheson 1949-1953.
(Microfilm E 748 A15 A31 1980)

Truman Presidential Oral History Collection. (Microfiche Cabinet 23, Drawer 7)
After President Truman left office in 1953, the organizers of the Harry S. Truman Library captured recollections of his life and times through interviews with hundreds of his political associates and advisers, family and friends. The last fiche card has an index to the collection.

United States Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.
(Microfiche Cabinet 23, Drawer 7)

Contains ACIR policy reports on microfiche from 1961 to 1974.

United States Army in the World War, 1917-1919. (Microfilm D570 U56 1971)
Published in 1948 by the Historical Division, Department of the Army. Contains a widely representative selection of the records of the American Expeditionary Forces in WWI. Some examples include General Pershing’s plan of operation, a depiction of U.S. Army training with French and British forces, and complete sets of general orders and bulletins issued by General Headquarters.

U.S. Military Intelligence Reports: Surveillance of Radicals in the United States, 1917-1941. (Microfilm HN90 R3 U5 1984)
Materials filmed from the National Archives and Records Series files 10110 and 10058. Includes FBI Intelligence Bulletins and Army Corps Area Reports with substantial coverage of labor unions. However, this collection does not include reproductions of printed radical materials or information about African-American radicals (this was included in a separate publication). Guide included.

United States Serial Set. (Microfiche Cabinet 27-28)
A collection of U.S. Government publications compiled under directive of the Congress, 1789-1969. Includes Congressional publications, Executive branch publications, Non governmental publications and Miscellaneous publications. Hearings are generally excluded. Computerized index available on workstation across from Reference Desk: Congressional Masterfile 1.

United States Statutes at Large. 1789-1963. (Microfiche Cabinet 23, Drawer 7)
Containing the laws and concurrent resolutions enacted and reorganization plans and proclamations. Continues in print to the present in General Collection: KF 50 A3.

United States v. David T. Dellinger Trial. (Microfilm KF224 D37 C6)
Complete transcript of the trial of the "Chicago Seven," 1969-70. Dellinger helped to organize the antiwar demonstrations at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, August 1968.

U.S. Army Build-Up and Activities in South Vietnam, 1965-1972.
(Microfilm with guide DS 558 U8 1989)

Originally classified as secret, these two successive weekly report series allowed the secretary of the army to track various activities in support of the army’s Southeast Asia operations.

Vietnam: A Documentary Collection--Westmoreland v. CBS.
(Microfiche Cabinet 23 Drawer 8)

This collection from the 1985 libel case held in federal district court includes testimony from civilian and military leaders of the Johnson administration, Vietnam-era documents, and CBS news executives. It is divided into multiple categories; Pleadings, summary, judgment, depositions, Aflidauts, joint exhibits, and Trial Transcripts. Accompanied by printed guide.

Vietnam Documents and Research Notes Series: Translations and Analysis of Significant Viet Cong/North Vietnamese Documents. (Microfilm DS 557.4 V553 1991)
Captured documents that provide information on political as well as military aspects of the war. It includes the full text of Vietcong and North Vietnamese political and military reports, treatises, resolutions, directives and more.

Views of Selected Puritans 1560-1630 on Marriage and Human Sexuality.
(Microfilm HQ18 G7 S35 1969)

PHD Thesis by Robert Victor Schnucker for the University of Iowa, 1969.

Watergate Cover-Up Trial Transcript. (Microfiche Cabinet 23, Drawer 10)
Microfiche edition of the trial transcript which begins with the proceedings for October 14, 1974, the first day of the actual trial. Material from October 1-14 covers preliminary motions and jury selection. When this collection was filmed, material from the first proceedings was not made available for reproduction because the Courts had closed the records. All other proceedings including the sentencing proceedings of February 21, 1975, have been included. Contains a chronologically organized sequence of abstracts and a composite table of contents put together from the individual tables of contents in each day's trial proceedings.

Witchcraft in New England. (Microfilm BF1575 W58 1980, guide included)
This microfilm collection covers the printed history and interpretation of witchcraft occurrences in New England from 1648 through the end of the first quarter of the 20th century. This collection represents over 7,000 pages of information gleaned from the over 1,500 item Salem Village witchcraft collection maintained by the Danvers Archival Center of Massachusetts.

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