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Calendar of state papers and manuscripts, ... existing in the archives and collections of Venice

Microform Collection

Location:  Microfiche Cabinet 19,  Drawer 2

Scope:  This collection contains documents relating to English affairs existing in the Archives and Collections of Venice and other libraries of Northern Italy from 1202-1675.

How to search the collection: There is an index at the end of each volume.  Each entry in the index has a number (or sometimes several numbers).  Use that number to find the document in the microfiche. 

Guides:   There is a detailed explanation of the scope and history of the collection on the first microfiche card.

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Subject Categories:

Archives -- Italy -- Venice -- Catalogs.
Great Britain -- History -- Sources  

Time Period:  13th Century  14th Century  15th Century  16th Century  17th Century

Subject keywords:  Great Britain - History

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