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Vietnam Documents

Microform Collection

Location: Microfiche Cabinet 23, Drawer 8

Scope:  This collection includes over 19,000 pages of original and primary source documents on Vietnam. It has Vietnamese documents translated and released to the press by the United States Mission in Saigon, including some which were captured from the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces with the addition of reports of interrogations of Communist defectors and captured Communist troops.  It includes English translations of selected Radio Hanoi and Radio Peking broadcasts.  

Related microfilm collections are:
Vietnam Documents and Research Notes Series: Translations and Analysis of Significant Viet Cong/North Vietnamese Documents. (Microfilm DS 557.4 V553 1991)
Vietnam: A Documentary Collection--Westmoreland v. CBS. (Microfiche Cabinet 23 Drawer 8) 

Related Web sites are Declassified CIA Documents on the Vietnam War - providing an in-depth indexing of the CIA declassified documents on the Vietnam War  and, where possible, a link to the full-text documents available at Virtual Vietnam Archive (VVA).

How to search the collection: There is a subject index and an index to microfiche envelopes on top of  Cabinet 23.

Guides: Vietnam Documents Collection (on top of Microfiche Cabinet 23)

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Subject Categories:

Vietnam -- History -- Sources.

Time Period:  20th Century

Subject keywords: Vietnam War, Military History, U. S. History

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